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  1. Scott

    Takahashi scopes???

    The OP seems to have made his mind up and further "discussion" seems to be pointless, It seems to be a good point to close things off. Thanks all for your contributions and let's hope the op is happy with whatever direction he chooses
  2. Scott

    Takahashi scopes???

    Olly's images are among the best you will ever see. He is one of the few imagers who can pull out all the detail the data has to offer. This is why he can justify owning the scopes he has. I think you have plenty of information to make an informed opinion. Now's the time to decide if it's for you or not. I have nothing more to offer here
  3. Scott

    Takahashi scopes???

    And clearly you decided it's not worth the effort only to fall short or you would not own the scopes you have quoted. To be clear, I'm not saying you need a TEC or Tak to achieve good images
  4. Scott

    Takahashi scopes???

    As I said earlier Sara, I agree with this mostly and I believe anyone with minimal experience with AP would be ill-advised to spend silly money on equipment. That said, I also don't believe a good processor would take a second look at 'mediocre' data. Of course, very good data can be achieved without spending tak money. I would be surprised if 10%-20% of imagers would have the processing skills to get the most out of a high-end scope. I certainly don't believe they would get any more out of a Tak than an Esprit.
  5. Scott

    Takahashi scopes???

    This is true, however, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear
  6. Scott

    Skywatcher ED80 Pro

    what camera are you using
  7. also. ccds are extremely sensitive to light. anything but fully dark skies runs the risk of oversaturation
  8. try and measure from the front lens to the imaging sensor to make sure you are very close to focus. You may need an extension tube to achieve focus.
  9. Scott

    Sir Patrick as the new £50

    It's a nice thought but I couldn't, in good conscience vote for PM when there is a real scientist by the name of Stephen Hawking. As influential as PM was to the astronomy world, at the end of the day, he was an amateur astronomer with a very good TV show. I'm not even sure he if he has any scientific qualifications
  10. Scott


    Hello and welcome to SGL.
  11. Scott

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    Well, votes are in and it was pretty damn close. Winners are as follows. 1. @MartinB 2. @PhotoGav 3. @johnfosteruk Thanks all for entering and who knows... One year we may even see some stars (Not that it really matters). Can the winners please P.M. Grant with a postal address and prizes will be shipped asap?
  12. No way. I'm an astrophotographer and the way I see it, I tells computer program to find something and it does it (every now and then). Visual guys are, in my eyes, the elite. They do so much preparation for a session, they know the sky far better than I do and more often than not, rise to what can be a very difficult challenge. I do think there is something to be said for the instant gratification newer members get when looking on pics here at sgl. You can't show your friends/followers your observing report. Well you could but don't expect any oohs and ahhs
  13. Scott

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    Some good entries here. we'll give it till Sunday. winners to be announced shortly after
  14. Scott

    A big thank you

    I would say it was the best star party I've attended bar none. I can only echo previous comments regards to the marquee, talks, company and food. Clear skies might have made it better but not by much. Thanks to everyone for their hard work. It really is appreciated.

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