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  1. Geez Steve, you make it hard for a bloke to keep his wallet in his pocket. Tempting indeed
  2. La Superba

    tell her you'll keep one scope if she keeps one pair of shoes
  3. damn fine image mate. so much detail.
  4. Signature?

    No worries. I'll let you know when I do.
  5. Signature?

    g'day Mr Timn, Being a moderator I'm embarrassed to say I'm not sure, but I seem to recall something like ten posts before a signature can be edited. I will try and find out
  6. Deep sky imaging showcase 2017

    Very poor year for me. Just the one worth posting and that's a team effort. Oiii- Steve Richards (Steppenwolf) Ha- Me
  7. The Core of the Rosette Nebula

    Very nice Mr R. So much to see
  8. Me and M42!

    very nice indeed. there is a plugin for photoshop called HLVG (hasta la vista green) that does a good job of removing green
  9. you're only saying that so you can grab it cheap 2nd hand when things don't work out
  10. sorry but I think looking at a 12" scope for a first off is madness. especially if you are lookjing at imaging nebula. If you want to spend money willy nilly, buy a mesu mount and chuck a smallish refractor on it and a descent ccd/cmos camera and filters. At the end of the day, it's your choice but for anyone to recommend a monster scope is not doing you any favours.
  11. Is DSLR divine ?

    either should do it. as long as you can achieve longish exposures. of course you will be needing a mount to run it on.
  12. Is DSLR divine ?

    looks a cracking camera to me and I'm guessing in the manual setting it can be operated remotely. Did the camera come with any software to allow laptop control?
  13. After having a usb hub misshap resulting in a fried guide camera and a ruined laptop, I've opted for a pc tower in my obs. To remove all usb hub options I need to add a usb card to the tower. All current usb slots are usb2. Is it possible to add a usb3 card or do I need to stick with usb2. Also, are all usb cards equal? I notice very few usb cards on ebay/amazon. Thanks in advance Scott
  14. mighty fine mate. mighty fine indeed