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  1. Word salad. A whole lot going on but nothing of substance
  2. This is very helpful for anyone setting out. A great guide to what eyepieces are useful.
  3. This thread is in the for sale section. It's being derailed. If you don't wish to buy it then don't post. Thank you Mods
  4. If it's just the mount you plan on leaving outside a plastic garbage bin would do the job nicely
  5. persistence has paid off. It's not that long ago that I can't remember the struggles I had first with finding and them framing images with no goto. It's hard work so congrats.
  6. generally in AP, the things that are edited out aren't there to begin with such as hot pixels, camera noise etc. removing stars etc because they are a blight is a different story. Imagine a horses head/flame nebula image without Alnitak
  7. This was the first image I ever took and was really happy with it at the time. I still think it's a reasonable first attempt. well I did until now. You see, I borrowed my daughters dslr and my sisters tripod so I guess it's not mine by your reasoning. Hell, thinking about it, I even borrowed my mums laptop. I'm not interested in remote imaging but that's solely because I like the hands on aspect but to say it's cheating is just wrong imho
  8. I'm not sure if Lucksall is open yet but I'll let @Grant know your asking
  9. I guess these are for those who don't do RPiindikstarsekosblahblah. Not everyone has the time, knowledge or inclination to learn then implement such things.
  10. The detail in each pane is lovely. I would look for a better programme for stitching. I've had great success with maxim DL and I believe pixinsight does a good job as well, however, neither is cheap.
  11. I got an email from them @Helen. Sounds very interesting. Would love to know the price.
  12. Haha, Well my wife is only 5' and a fag end so she might be confused with a small child . Sadly, it's all manual. Still, it takes about 60 seconds to open or close.
  13. ok. let's take a deep breath. This is about helping the op, not which is the infinitive design. Personally, I would be using good ol' fashion set-up/strip down, for at least a yr. this will give you some idea as to whether astronomy from home is even viable. It will also allow you to work out which area is the best for an obs. I was a little limited for space so went for a roll-off shed. it's only about 4'6" and the whole thing rolls off. I'm an imager so tend not to "baby-sit my gear. For this reason, I'd only own a dome if it was fully automated. That said, there are plenty of dome owners who seem quite happy keeping things manual. this was mid build
  14. And if you think a new mesu is worth £1000 you'll never be a buyer until demand dies and prices drop. Does this make your price correct? It's exactly the same. Now all that's needed is for someone to explain to me why one persons price is more right than anothers. Seems to me, people think a seller wants to sell an item more than buyer wants to buy. Why?
  15. Real world? Not selling an item for less than I'm happy with IS real world to me. No. It's both. what the seller wants and what the buyer is prepared to pay. I don't understand how people don't get that if a seller is NOT prepared to sell for less than X, then that's how much it's worth to him. Now if anyone can explain why a buyers opinion is worth more than the sellers, well that's a different story
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