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  1. 6 inch steel tube

    I went to a local engineering (Steel fabrication) company and managed to pick up an off cut. failing that, if you have a local scap merchant, you could ask them.
  2. My father-in-law was around today and knowing my interest in astronomy began telling me how the moon over the week-end was a special one as it was quite a bit larger than the norm. After stumbling over the right words to use I settled on mumbling something about the effects of the atmosphere closer to the horizon and quickly asked about his old 1964 ford anglia. Sometimes it's just not worth it Nice pick Tom although I'm sure said father in law would see it as confirmation
  3. Many will tell you that buying a £1k+ mount is the way to go because it will future proof your ap by allowing you to add more weight in the future. the problem with this is that it doesn't future proof YOU. not much use having a top draw mount sitting in the garage because you've realised it's not for you. your chosen mount will be a perfect starting point. add to that the book "Making every Photon Count" (sold at flo for around £20) and you're set to go. Honestly, the book is a godsend for anyone starting out in astrophotography.
  4. Price required please. no starting prices are allowed. ebay is the place for auctions
  5. Rosette Nebula

    As the title says, this is the Rosette Nebula. I was always under the impression that it's designation was NGC 2244 but when setting up I discovered that it is a combination of many different objects so I'll stick with the Rosette from now on . It is found 5,200 ly away in the constellation of Monocerus and is about 130 ly in diameter I began imaging this back in early January using Sequence Generator Pro with it's mosaic wizard which @daz pretty much set up for me from scratch. I would have been lost without his assistance. By the end of the month had gotten no further than the Ha. @steppenwolf was kind enough to let me use his Oiii data (and tolerated my incessant badgering for processing advice). This image is important to me because it shows how much people in astronomy and in particular SGL are prepered to help each other. If you've made it this far.... Details as follow. Ha (me) 6 pane mosaic, each pane consisting of 6X15min subs Camera: Atik 414EX Scope: Skywatcher 80ED+reducer/flattener Filter: Baader 8nm Oiii (Steppenwolf) 24X10min subs Camera: QSI 683 wsg Scope: William Optics FLT98 Filter: Baader 8.5nm
  6. New puppy naming challenge

    Keith . . . . . . As in moon
  7. Get one mate. I'd like to try it with the 414 ext time I see ya
  8. But it’s not real astronomy...

    Them folk at nasa are cheats using them there "space telescopes" I mean, whats Hubble ever done for us? there are still those in photography that insist digital slrs are the spawn of the devil. If it can't take film it's not a real camera .
  9. SGL Starparty Scopes?

    But what a one
  10. 15/1 winner at Randwick race course . Kidding, I don't use then often but I guess it would be similar to Ian. scanning the MW in outback Oz
  11. Where would you live?

    no question. back to Oz. with or without astro. I would miss my new pommy mates although I miss my Aussie friends and family now
  12. Star71 ii back focus

    I think the confusion is that spacers tend to go between flatteners, fw,chips etc where extention tubes are used to reduce focuser travel. of course I could be and probably am wrong
  13. very nice mate. Very nice indeed. Particularly like the bubble
  14. Can't focus my CCD and 80ED!

    As Olly said, get a tape and measure as best you can from the lens on the 80ed to the chip (13mm from front of camera). this will give you a pretty good starting point. also, I'd start with a lum (for night) then when thats right, redo for required filter best of luck