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  1. Scott

    Doomed Dome

    I've never done that... well not this week anyway
  2. Scott

    Doomed Dome

    Don't worry too much Tim, It's an 11 year old thread. I'd hope it's sorted by now
  3. Scott

    Counterweight woes

    I used sports/jogging weights around the OT (The ones around wrist/ankle)
  4. Scott

    Usb hub question

    short answer is yes but as with everything quality matters. be sure to get a powered hub if this is the way you go. Personally, I prefer to have everything running straight to the pc. Just one less thing to go wrong
  5. stick with your explore scientific eps
  6. Scott


    There are as many ways of getting started as there are astronomers so I'll let others share their methods. One thing I will add is, try and get everything you can connected and working IN THE DAYLIGHT. That way, when it's dark, there will be far less things to sort out such as plate solving and guiding.
  7. Mate, EVERTHING I saw from Skye was the best I've ever seen. If anyone ever told me that the Crab would look like a photo, I'd have been very dubious, but there it was in all it's glory.
  8. Scott

    M17--The Swan?

    This is how I see it too. You could have said Swaneske and none would have been the wiser
  9. Scott

    SP2018 - Topics for talks

    Night time photography with a DSLR on a static tripod. Some of the milkyway stuff I've seen here and elsewhere are amazing.
  10. Scott

    An early Pickering's Triangle

    Once again Steve, a lovely image accompanied by an informative report, Terrible the way underlings were treated back in the day
  11. Scott

    Aliens- do they exist??

    Possibly . Only we humans could measure intelligence by ones ability to destroy ones self
  12. Scott

    Aliens- do they exist??

    I was talking about intelligent life. But I'm sure you know that.
  13. Scott

    Aliens- do they exist??

    The real question is "will it ever be possible to travel at or beyond (circumvent) the speed of light" . If the answer is no then the existance of alien life is a moot question. At least in the context of interaction.
  14. Scott

    Width of Esprit 150ED?

    Thought you'd be along sooner rather than later
  15. Scott

    G'day from down under!

    I'm aware of the dreamtime mythology around the MW but whenever I see the southern milkyway, all I can see is an echidna mooning me Welcome to SGL @Ian Taylor. I'm also an Aussie although been living in the UK for the last 16 yrs

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