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  1. thread closed. any more discussion to be done via pm thanks
  2. Where would you live?

    no question. back to Oz. with or without astro. I would miss my new pommy mates although I miss my Aussie friends and family now
  3. Star71 ii back focus

    I think the confusion is that spacers tend to go between flatteners, fw,chips etc where extention tubes are used to reduce focuser travel. of course I could be and probably am wrong
  4. very nice mate. Very nice indeed. Particularly like the bubble
  5. Can't focus my CCD and 80ED!

    As Olly said, get a tape and measure as best you can from the lens on the 80ed to the chip (13mm from front of camera). this will give you a pretty good starting point. also, I'd start with a lum (for night) then when thats right, redo for required filter best of luck
  6. Very nice indeed Martin. I think the accolades have been pretty well covered above so I'll just add, Retirement clearly agrees with you sir
  7. FoV Calculator Settings

    I must admit camera lens' confuse me. we have the aperture relating to the glass front and then we have the aperture regulated by the blades. I was wondering if the light from the glass aperture is "bent" to suit the blades. Anyway, I'll shut up no coz I'm just confusing myself .
  8. FoV Calculator Settings

    f/ratio is focal length aperture so aperture is focal length f/ratio 50/ 1.8 = 27.77 There's every chance I'v got this completely wrong so check first
  9. I believe as it stands, it is limited to mono cameras. if your dslr is mono then thats fine. if anything changes, we'll post it here. Sorry
  10. Sky-watcher 150 Esprit

    Ah yes. Now I feel like a right fool šŸ˜‚
  11. I know the tape you mean Olly. I can only ever recall seeing it around xmas time though.
  12. perhaps if you try a complete unit in working order you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve. there's not a manufacturer to my knowledge that hasn't let the odd duff through the net.
  13. Shortlisted!!

    well done Michael, wishing you well mate
  14. All you need is 6 inches

    I'm mainly an imager as my home skies don't really lend themselves to visual apart from some of the easier nebulae and with only an 8" newt, globes don't really jump out at me. That being said, most of my greatest experiences with astronomy have been the result of visual work and looking through various friends huge dobs at star parties account for a lot of those experiences. I guess if I'm honest, if it wasn't for big dobs then I'd be completely (or very nearly) missing out on visual astronomy. Or maybe it'd be just planetary/lunar from my garden whilst the camera does it's thing . Please understand, I'm not complaining. I know many people who have skies MUCH worse than mine who still manage to enjoy their astronomy. All in all, I'm happy with my lot. Now about them damn clouds
  15. It's actually a triple star system I believe but who's counting