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  1. If you are not prepared to provide evidence for your accusations then do you really think it's right to cast aspersion?
  2. Well I'm damn impressed with that mount but tell me, what's your tv reception like Thanks for sharing it with us. Do you have an engineering background?
  3. Thats pretty stunning Rodd.
  4. Just looking at your Samyang 135mm F2 lens set up (attached). 

    I have the Geoptik adapter but can't fit it on the back without a spacer as the foot of the geoptik gets in the way of the EFW when screwing on.

    What spacing does this give you and what are your stars like? 




    Samyang set up.jpg

    1. Scott


      I couldn't sqeaze a efw in so did mainly Ha. Flo now sell an adapter designed by Rob Preston, which does require swapping out the canon bayonet but its a doddle and i can now use my efw :D



    2. carastro


      Thanks, I am going to hang on for an EOS to CCD adapter as that locks and doesn't have a foot, and with the EFW I have been told this is pretty much the perfect spacing.

      Will use the Geoptik while I am waiting (as it is made in China and Bern is out of stock), and will just use an inserted Ha filter until then.


  5. I'm guessing here are also private obs in the USA as well as commercial. Any building, shed, shack, shanty that houses a permanent setup Is an observatory
  6. As you can see, this ad has been tidied up. Can members please remember that this is the for sale section and NOT the equiptment discussion section. When someone posts an item for sale, they don't do it with the expectations of being badgered. The seller has made it clear the price she wants. If it's not what you want to pay, make an offer. If it's not accepted, walk away. Your reasons for thinking YOU know how much an article is worth means nothing. Whether the seller decides to revice the price is up to them.
  7. Cheers Adam. Can't recall exactly the f/stop but it'd be around f/3.5. Of course shooting in ha helps and the fact that they're mosaics all contribute to the star size
  8. Good to hear from you again Kev.
  9. No such problem where I was. Sat on the floor in the hall at Loftus Primary School watching with all the primary students (the infants kids just weren't grown up enough ). I must have been enthralled because I usually only remembered how cold my bum was . I was 8.5 yrs old and although the gravity of the situation was lost on me, I remember it pretty well.
  10. It's quite small when seen in the context of the constellation.
  11. That's really come up a treat Steve. The amount of interesting targets in the Cygnus region is incredible. If only we could get more Dark hrs on this constellation...
  12. Even more so when considering it's quite low down in the murky UK skies
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