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  1. Nice result. Must be pleasing for it to come out so well.
  2. Given the issues I have with a 'clucky' RA drive, I wish I'd gone with the EQ platform option
  3. Looks good for the UK. Jupiter is just too low here to get anything better.
  4. Hi Elena, welcome to SGL
  5. Everyone will have there own version of the 'one scope'. For my it's a 250mm tracking Dob, which is why I have one. It has decent light grasp, resolution, high power, low power. It's also portable and not too heavy. SCTs and refractors are only about 2/3 of the way there. The SCT cannot do widefield and the refractor doesn't have light grasp.
  6. The StellaLyra Dob is a great choice. It has excellent quality for the price. I wouldn't bother with the secondary. You will rarely, if ever, have to collimate that. For the primary I prefer a laser collimator, but a good Cheshire is also fine. I wouldn't bother with a Barlow right now. A good 6mm eyepiece is all you need. With your 30mm and 9mm, that will give x40, x133 and x200 - plenty there for wide field, deep sky and planetary.
  7. If we are talking about a specific retailer then let's be careful regarding content of that discussion. If you want to speak of a named company and the quality of their service, good or bad, then that needs to be in the Supplier Review section. If you just want a whinge then that's best done on Facebook
  8. The only value an object has is what someone is willing to pay for it. If you think the price is too high, then don't buy! It really is that simple. Moaning about what someone else does serves no useful purpose.
  9. They may be good quality but they really shouldn't be calling them orthoscopics when they are clearly a Plössl variant.
  10. I wouldn’t touch mine unless absolutely necessary and required. There’s always the danger of over cleaning causing damage to coatings.
  11. I’d use whatever has you grasping the least. Nothing more frustrating waving your hand around in the dark trying to grab something that isn’t there.
  12. https://www.vixenoptics.co.uk/Pages/slv_eyepieces.htm
  13. With my previous 250mm Newt (about 8-9 years ago) I had a 4mm NLV (same optics). The views I had of Mars were the best ever. Same on the moon. Lovely crisp views. Is still have the 12, 10 and 9mm. I also had a 10mm Radian. I compared the 10mm Radian to the 10mm NLV and sold the Radian - enough said The 4mm is definitely 45°.
  14. I first joined 47 years ago. I was a lot more active than I am now though.
  15. It's a difficult choice and there are reasons for choosing each. I had the same choice this year - 120mm apo or 250mm Dob. I went for the Dob, mainly for the extra resolution when conditions allow and for better contrast on the moon. But wait, don't apos have better contrast? No, they have better MTF. Contrast is the difference between the brightest and darkest parts of an image; MTF is how contrast is applied to detail. This is why a lot of people prefer refractors for planetary observing. Take a C14 as an example. That 350mm gives it huge amounts of contrast compared to a 120mm apo. However, the large central obstruction gives it a poor MTF curve. Practically the C14 will resolve a lot more detail on Jupiter for example, but the apo will show darker belts and could give the impression of more detail; the comparatively 'washed out' views through the C14 could disappoint, especially in moderate seeing. However, imaging overcomes this and is why you see so many excellent, high resolution planetary images, from the C14. I'm aware the 250mm I have shows Jupiter with slightly 'faded' belts compared to the 120mm apo I was considering, but, this isn't evident on the moon which is my main target. Of course, with unlimited funds, it's wise to have one of each... ...or, with unlimited funds, a 600mm f4 Newt with a sub aperture mask of around 240mm to avoid the central obstruction. Just imagine a 240mm f10 apo and what it is capable of on planets, as well as a 600mm f4 for deep sky.. You can see where my lotto funds are going
  16. Sensible choice. No amount of advice can replace actually looking through an eyepiece. Once you have an idea of your needs, you can decide at which focal length you need the extra quality of a more expensive eyepiece.
  17. Still looking for a 6 and a 5!
  18. To go with the Dob. Got a little tired of crawling on the patio to line it up. Arrived in a couple of days - well done FLO
  19. CFF do classical Cassegrains up to 400mm - also RCs. They look very nice too http://www.cfftelescopes.eu/products/reflector Not many places you can get a planetary f20 these days.
  20. That first image has a lovely tonal quality. Very special indeed.
  21. Very nice. For some reason it reminds me of a film image. Good to see people imaging clusters. They are much neglected.
  22. A lovely set of images. Very nicely processed too.
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