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  1. If you like to repair it Stu I tell you to the top back round again take around 20 mins.
  2. I say if you take the top part off and the bent arm the will go back to round as I can not see any dents that will hold it in as it just a bit of work on the top part and repaint.
  3. Are you running by hand set, or to mount with out the hand set.
  4. my old Heq5 pro mount was very good I could do a 1 shot for 1 hour spot on (on a good day) So may be the nobs I said about was one thing that was a down side and the encoder the way it work just did not like it so sold it . So it work out at £100 a hour and I got to the point trying to set it up as I wanted it to do I pack it up and back in the box for the next 2 years and said I not going use that any more.
  5. I did not like my AZEQ6-GT and sold it after 5 hours of use for 40% of list price.
  6. Yes the 2 locking nobs the wires from the mount when it move round get caught on the inside of the nobs , do that help. Les
  7. The AZEQ6 -GT have 2 nobs one each side and the cables do not run over them I made 2 cones to go over the top .
  8. Somthing like this. I been out of Astro a long time hard to say if this will work work of not.https://www.firstlightoptics.com/all-astro-imaging/sky-watcher-evoguide-50ed-guidescope.html
  9. If you can come up with a drawing I can see what it like in the way of size on the plan as well.
  10. As I see it 2 battery must be the same to set this like 2 gel as you can only put 1 number in , it look for the low battery and send more to the low one I set as 50/50 it spit the solar by 2
  11. There is a free one can not rember the name , it work be you ask then to take photos of what part of the sky and there send you a email of it when done in RGB so you can do the work in your own time to get the end photo.. I did put a link in on here got to be 4 years ago .
  12. Was thinking with today modem technology was there a good way , back in the 80s 9os I was using my old proton detector .
  13. I think I still have 2 eq1 mounts in the shed I go and look on Friday .
  14. No I do not remember video disks , I have a 2000 that record on 2 sides
  15. Is that not the way of the world today, I give up 2 years ago and I see it as just rubbish to go in the bin when I have the next clear out.
  16. Spot on, been there not only a extra weight a long bar as well ,and it will not hold in any wind at all , Heq5 and PDS 250 is a pain you can do with out.
  17. I just use them big poly boxes that shops get the veg come in .
  18. It look like same one I got 3 years ago went back after 2 days was told it take 16 gb of memory 4 hours later thay give up and i got the mac i7 for the wife just to use on ebay so her £600 chrismas ended up as £1800
  19. I see it like this and when I went out side and see the Sun to my left , thinking what is that then.
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