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  1. Got to be honest, it's great to see a 12" dob return in solid tube form.
  2. Would love to read a report of your astro adventures abroad. Hope you have a great time .
  3. Bortle 2 dilemma... It's amazing how much you can see with even small-apertured equipment in such dark skies. If it were me, I would take something that's grab-and-go, so you can either sit and scan the skies or have a little wander away from outdoor lighting. The key is, you are on holiday to relax, so the setup has to be as light and easy to use as possible. 10x50 binoculars are ideal; large enough to see a lot of stuff plus the image is steady enough not to be frustrating hand held. Enjoy the night sky with the unaided eyes as the Milky Way will be a sight to behold!
  4. Gotta be NGC6960...might take me that long to find it!
  5. Those very brief moments of extreme atmospheric clarity...gets you hooked.
  6. Visual observer here who thinks people prefer a pretty picture than paragraphs of text. Hence, I tend to write 'reports' and not publish them. However, published observing reports really are incredibly useful to compare what can be seen through different optical equipment/skies. The amount of times I have researched online for comparative visual accounts....
  7. I take SQM readings at 14 sites across a 186 sq km area and have only noticed around a 1% - ish reduction in light pollution over the year. Reduction in light pollution is most likely more apparent in more densely populated areas due to reduced night driving during lockdown...
  8. Let's just say I'm a kid that moved to the sweet shop...
  9. I have a full army softie set, that goes over multiple layers. It's a duvet in a suit. Plus it doesn't shed fibres which is ideal for keeping handy eyepieces in the pockets...I found walking boots ideal too, as the raised heel/sole insulates against the cold in the ground seeping up...
  10. @tooth_dr - That dome is a thing of beauty!
  11. Yep, you could have a serious KO experience if you forget you have that setup installed in the Feathertouch!
  12. The 200p is a great telescope! Also well within the sweet spot of decent aperture and portability! I wheeled mine a mile up the road to access some light pollution-free skies... It's a bit of a strange experience when using scopes of smaller aperture. You initially feel disappointed with the decrease in size but as you become more experienced in observing, it's amazing what you can see. I have observing equipment of various apertures and gave had satisfying observing sessions with all of them, whether it's viewing a planet through a 20", seeing nebulae though 8, 12 or 16" of aperture, right through to spotting M31 through 10x50 binoculars during a quick session. The only thing I can attribute to this is years of experience perhaps making me more adaptable? I don't know but is this some sort of recovery cycle from aperture fever?
  13. Nice looking building... where did you buy it? It's an ideal size for something I have in mind...
  14. @Ken82 that's a fab image. Very surprising as I've seen so many good images with the Sony Alpha series. Funnily enough, when I was talking with many photographers for DLS R advice (come across quite a few in my line of work) they always say "Get the 6d or a D850 but a D750 if you can't afford the 850)" ...
  15. The secret is to have other interests....or sometimes you just burn out....
  16. Another fan of the 135mm Takumar...here's one I took on a static tripod...lovely lens. (stacked images). Funnily enough I bought this lens off a member of this very forum.
  17. Lovely set of sketches; really captures what can be seen through the eyepiece. I've seen that scintillating nebulosity of the Pleiades through 8 inches of aperture in a dark sky....
  18. Indeed, it is a problem when some of us work FT+...but the pain and regret at missing out on gazing into the night sky, or missing rare astronomical events seems to outstrip the need for sleep, coupled with the rarity of clear skies at night in the UK.. Life, work and stargazing seem to take their turns in priority and somehow it works...but how I long for more free time!
  19. I own both (300p) 12" Skywatchers: flextube and solid. There are pros and cons to both. The flextube definitely requires more frequent collimation although once set up for an observing session, the truss design is stable. The benefits to this design is space saving, although you may get questions asked, such as, "what are you brewing in there?". In addition, you can use binoviewers with the flextube as there are two stop positions, fully extended for eyepiece use, partially extended for binoviewers. The flextube is also slightly heavier. The two stop positions don't exist with the 400p and I don't know about the 250p. You will also need a reinforced shroud due to the three truss design letting in stray light (astrozap is the go-to brand for these) I like both types of telescope...the solid tube can hold collimation for a few sessions although it is good to check every time. Oddly enough, I prefer the flextube design...
  20. Ouch! That's a heck of an impact to dent the ota edge ring! It looks like it's melted!
  21. Great thread. That concrete base was crying out to be an observing pad, glad you saw the potential.
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