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  1. Ouch! That's a heck of an impact to dent the ota edge ring! It looks like it's melted!
  2. Great thread. That concrete base was crying out to be an observing pad, glad you saw the potential.
  3. Wow? Where was I when this happened? Ah right, blind drunk in the student union bar...
  4. I found it last night with the 12" during a quick session before an early start - it does look oblong shaped with no coma.
  5. Don't forget Mercury, rising in the SSE as this conjunction is happening. :)
  6. Dave Eagle's book is great for astrophotography - highly recommend it. It's great that the Affinity suite of software, especially Affinity Photo, is getting more recognition and is a cheaper, viable alternative to the Adobe suite (Which I have through work...). On a professional level and out of curiosity, I published a few design projects, printed and digital using Affinity Designer and was pleased with the results.
  7. Those who are able to obtain a copy of a legacy photoshop program could also use DNG converter to enable newer RAW files to be opened in them. Convert from RAW to DNG, then open the DNG in Camera RAW to edit. https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/photoshop/using/adobe-dng-converter.html
  8. Absolutely stunning, Boren - understand totally about the lack of time to do what we enjoy! Life is getting more busy!
  9. Great work, Tim - amazing to see the brightness difference in 11 months.
  10. Very evocative of Stephen Baxter's "Glass Earth Inc." story from Phase Space..
  11. I'd be interested in your findings. Unfortunately, the weather here is too 'complex' for a planned remote session at the moment! Have been quite inspired by this thread as I don't venture into the Monoceros region much and with very dark skies a very short drive away, (or a walk with a dob on a sack truck), these seldom talked about visual targets are intriguing. After many years of observing I am ashamed to say that M1 is the only DSO I am familiar with from your list!
  12. What observing equipment will you be using for these targets?
  13. Thanks for the kind comments, Marvin. The Ursids are normally not much to write home about but it's got the benefits of no Moon getting in the way for a while during the peak, unlike all the other meteor showers this year! First of all, the photo is a little 'blurred' due to image quality loss - the original TIFF is sharper! The info is as follows: Canon 6D (apparently great at picking up H-alpha in its unmodded state) Samyang 14mm f/2.8 at f/2.8 12 x 25 seconds on static tripod, ISO 6400 Painfully stacked in Sequator (to eliminate Mr Musk's latest venture ) and slight tweaks in Adobe Photoshop 2020.
  14. The weather has majorly sucked this astronomy season. The amount of rain, snow and hail we have had since October is hard to be believed. So no Geminids observed here and out of all the meteor showers we have had this year, managed to catch one, lonely Monocerotid (image below)... Oh well, let's hope for clear weather during the Ursid peak of December 23rd...
  15. Go for it James, that's a lot of aperture for free. And a lot of manageable aperture, too, still at the 'grab and go' stage... The generosity of folk on this forum astounds me.
  16. The white cylindrical altitude bearings? Diameter: 20mm Length: 18mm I believe it takes an M6 screw. Over the years I've owned telescopes across the Skyliner range, from 6 to 16 inches and it seems the bearings are all the same size.
  17. Minus 5 last night, remote location, 12 inch scope, army softie suit, lots of layers, hot flask, stunning clear skies = bliss. I don't care how cold it is, as long as I am well away from man-made light pollution!
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