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  1. To replace your 1000D the current model would be the 2000D (The 4000D really counts as a "special" as it is a stripped down version to achieve a low price point). Currently the 200D is £325 on "camerapricebuster" but can be found slightly cheaper from a couple of suppliers listed on that site but without prices (you will see what I mean if you go to the site).
  2. Bird, bat, Chinese lantern, Weather balloon, satellite?
  3. I use a 6v lead acid rechargeable battery for my EQ5 with basic drive motors. I think it is sold as a lantern battery. You need a 6v wall wart charger as well. Cheap and cheerful and does the job. I think mine is 4Ah (may be 5Ah) but it has never run out even on a full evenings use.
  4. Just thought that I should mention "0BA". This is a British Association thread - so Imperial? Not a chance! It is 6mm diameter and 1mm pitch - so metric? Not a chance! The thread angle of BA threads is 47 ½ degrees, metric are 60 degrees - so they are incompatible!!
  5. Not too sure of your exact kit but if the screws are about 1/4 inch or 6mm diameter then the likelyhood is some are 1/4" BSF (1/4" diameter and 26 threads per inch), some 1/4" UNC (1/4" diameter and 20 threads per inch)and some M6 (which is 6mm diam and 1mm pitch). This problem stems from most people being metric but the UK and USA still holding onto the old imperial system. As you have found out they are not quite interchangeable !!
  6. A bit of a bodge today as my usual Canon 1100D cannot be recognised by my laptop! This Thread is the ongoing discussion. So I had to resort to my old, Astro modded, 1000D. At least I have a record of the Sun but I suspect I will have to raid the piggy bank soon for a new camera body.
  7. Progress!! I thought I would try my old astro-mofdified 1000D to see what would happen. So I set it up and recharged its batteries (not used it for 4-5 years!) and uninstalled EOS utilities again, rebooted and re-installed. Connected the camera (1000D) which I knew to be working off the computer and Hey Presto!! full camera control via EOS utility. Now all I have to do is collect all the settings/attributes of the 1000D and see where they differ from the 1100D. Hopefully this is progress.
  8. I've now tried loading new firmware (v1.06) and the laptop now sees "EOS camera" but I still can't connect to it with either EOS utility (which has been uninstalled/reinstalled) or APT. So a small change but not yet the complete solution. I can't "boot" the camera (even taking the battery out for an hour) as I think there may be an inaccessible small "memory" battery within the camera that it is impossible to get at? Some sites seem to say there is one and some say the 1100D doesn't have one! Still stumped.
  9. I only have the EOS utilities that came with the camera - these are the ones that worked OK yesterday! Thanks for the idea though.
  10. Unfortunately EOS utility cannot see the camera either - it just forlornly asks me to "connect an EOS camera"
  11. OK - I now have a "removable disk" when the camera is attached to the computer. But still no recognition that it is a camera from either the desktop or Canon utilities or APT. BTW thanks for your help so far.
  12. Yes the camera works and i can use it normally. Whilst not recognised by my laptop it DOES appear on my desktop under device manager as a portable device called Canon DC. I suspect this is a left over from using "freeshuttercount".
  13. No effect. P.S. I also have APT installed and this doesn't recognise the camera either - if you click "connect" nothing happens.
  14. I think I may have made a booboo! I've tried using a piece of software called freeshuttercount to get a shutter count of my Canon 1100D camera body. Now I find that I cannot connect the body of the camera to my laptop. The EQ6 connects, as do my ZWO imaging camera, Canon point and shoot camera and an old webcam - its just the 1100D that the computer won't recognise. I have been having a look on the net and have tried reloading the drivers but Windows 10 says "you already have the best drivers installed". The Canon site does not provide a driver to download as "the camera should be automat
  15. In "white light" viewing or imaging all wavelengths of light are observed. The only filter used is to reduce the amount of that light to a safe level. In my case I use a Baader ND5.0 solar filter, a Herschel wedge has the same effect but using a prism (and often additional filters). In my images above you should note that even though the images are taken with a normal colour DSLR camera the orange colour is entirely false! The true "colour" of the image is seen in the image with the Long/Lat grid superimposed.
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