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  1. Today's Sun - AR2671 is H U G E !!!!
  2. A clearing sky after overnight rain: 17 August 2017 stacked.tif
  3. A break in the clouds but very "wobbly" seeing today:
  4. A few clear spells this morning and a "new", quite complex AR coming into view!
  5. Todays Sun with a last view (this time round!) of AR 2670. (Sorry about the alignment - I seem to be a few degrees out today for some reason! - the image is about 2-3° anti-clockwise from true)
  6. The Solar Photosphere - 13th August 2017

    Lovely images!
  7. Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    I didn't bother with rebar for my pier block but I did "hollow out" a couple of inches deep all round the base of the hole to that the bottom of the block was "anchored". i have no idea if this was a good idea!!!! However my pier is solid enough after about eight years in the ground.
  8. White Light Close-Ups 6th August

    Nicely done!
  9. Solar filter crisis

    I suspect that getting a Solar filter will be quite difficult so close to the Eclipse! However all is not lost if you have a small refractor and can get a suitable* eyepiece (old style Ramsden or maybe Kellner) as you can project the Suns image onto a sheet of white card placed behind the eyepiece. The so-called "projection method" - very old-school but it will work and is perfectly safe! *suitable means without any cemented components that would be damaged by the heat - also a scope with no plastic components!
  10. Slightly hazy today but 2670 is still putting on a show:
  11. I had to wait most of the day for the clouds/rain/thunderstorms to clear but they finally did and the result is below:
  12. Seeing poor again but 2670 is still putting on a show:
  13. Microsoft lifecam studio HD lens removal

    These articles may help you: http://dslrmodifications.com/lifecam/lifecam2.html
  14. A bit of shower-dodging today. However it was worth it as the seeing was excellent for once!
  15. Looks like AR2665 has made it all the way round! Seeing was awful today!