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  1. Bizibilder

    Sun shots 21 and 22 April 2018

    That is very good indeed! You have captured the surface granulation and faculae (the bright streaks) around the Sunspots. The orientation looks pretty good as well.
  2. Bizibilder

    EPDM rubber roofing

    I used "shed" grade EDPM and it did the job well. It is now four winters old and is 100% waterproof. It is heavy, so really a two person install is easier - especially lifting it onto the roof. The glue I used resembled thick treacle but worked well - I think it was water based as it had no discernible odour. Mine was bonded directly onto plywood. The only issue was a black mold of some sort on the underside of the ply after the first winter. A liberal coating of anti-fungal paint has stopped that in its tracks.
  3. Please read the instructions in the first post of this thread and put each of your entries in a new topic. Pictures posted in this thread will not be judged.
  4. Bizibilder

    The Sun - 19th May 2018

    Spotless - even so, good images in both lights.
  5. You may find one on a site like Astrobuysell or try our very own Wanted section.
  6. Bizibilder

    How many wheels for a rolling roof?

    It appears you intend to bolt the wheels in place - this will allow you to align things before tightening as you suggest. I would also recommend using either a drilled plate or very large washer(s) on top of your timbers so that tightening the bolts does not simply crush the timber rails. I wouldn't leave things loose as any slop will just encourage wear in the timber and could lead to embarassment in the future!
  7. Bizibilder

    As Close As I Can Get

    Close enough for a good picture!
  8. Bizibilder

    How many wheels for a rolling roof?

    I would also suggest the six wheel layout. That said, whether using four or six, if the structure is rigid only three of them will ever be taking the load!
  9. Bizibilder

    Weather protection - Creocote or Bitumin ?

    I assume you mean the exposed wooden rails that the roof will roll onto? Mine are simply painted with shed paint which has lasted well so far - about 3-4 coats as I recall.
  10. Bizibilder

    The Sun 7 May 2018 white light

    AR 2708 is still eeking out an existence today:
  11. Bizibilder

    First attempt at Solar (white light)

    That's good - exposure and focus both pretty much spot on.
  12. Bizibilder

    The Sun 6th May 2018

    Nice ones! CaK seems to be showing 2 AR's but white light only the one.
  13. Bizibilder

    First attempt at Solar (white light)

    If you convert your image to JPEg it will show on the forum (or PNG). At the moment we cannot see it.
  14. Bizibilder

    The Sun 6 May 2018 white light

    Date now correct - silly me!!
  15. Bizibilder

    Building a telescope!

    If you dismantle an old (or cheap/damaged) pair of binoculars (10x50 or 10x60 or similar) you can make two small refractors of the "cardboard tube" variety. Done well you will have quite a decent little pair of scopes. Discard the prisms and use the Object lenses and eyepieces to get a simple "straight through" optical path. A plywood altazimuth mount and timber tripod should make a stable mount for them. I just had a look at "for spares or repair" on a well known auction site and a very few pounds will get you a pair of well used and grubby bins that would do the job.

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