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  1. ..........or into the classifieds
  2. Just up the Rd buddy
  3. Hi Scott and welcome to the stargazers lounge.
  4. Is that a downside?
  5. I should have added that to my post It goes a long way to explain the lack of necessity of a case full of glass. One scope and targets of similar size negates the requirement for an extensive eyepiece collection and I am not suggesting others do it. As has been said you need variety when observing different objects and in different conditions.
  6. Or just too lazy to change em
  7. Me 31mm 20mm 12mm All Naglers Powermate. Thinking of flogging the lot (except the powermate) and getting a 17mm Ethos. Might just do me.
  8. A telescope you can take on a bus........ This is not an easy one. TBH I'm struggling a bit to know what to recommend. I would urge you to try to go somewhere where you can see some scopes. Recommending a scope for someone to travel with is very much dependent on the person who it's going to be travelling with, and the conditions one is travelling under. What I mean is some peoples travelling limitations could be very different from others. Travelling on an empty bus is very different than a bus packed with people if you catch my drift. You and your dad could possibly manage an 8" reflector between the two of you on a bus with only a few people on it, but trying the same thing on a bus rammed full of people would be a different matter altogether. How far from the bus station/stop are you? is another consideration. Walking a mile or more with a scope of some size is going to be a chore. TBH I think you need to look at some small refractors first.
  9. Do you honestly think we would be so tactless as to stand around your new scope (at the time) and run it down? You no longer own it so I figured you would be unbiased now.......... I do not assume that everyone wants the same scope as me. I am happy to recommend any UC design that works. Damo's is nothing short of excellent and I would be the first to recommend a similar scope to anyone looking at the UC design. There is zero flex in Damo's scope and it moves beautifully. It is about as good as a large aperture scope can be. It is very compact and yet moves as smoothly as any classic Dob i've tried. I am a massive fan of it. I should add it looks stunning and the craftwork is staggering. Watch his head swell up now As for does flex effect the views. Try tracking at high power with a scope that flexes. You will soon find the experience frustrating. So yes it does. Put it this way. would you be happy with your Tak if it flexed as you tried to track planets???
  10. The truss poles flexed in the mirror box every time you moved the UTA. It was not rigid Stu. I used it, as did Cal, Dan and Mike. We all felt (and saw) the flex in it. That flex gives a sponginess to the movement. If you are happy with that then that is fine. No one is writing off Sumerian. We are simply reporting what we experienced. It did give fabulous views, no one is saying it didn't. It was easy to handle, but it was not rigid and the movement was spongy because of it.
  11. No I would like a nexus system at some point to help identify exactly which Galaxy I'm looking at. It is sometimes difficult to be sure of which one is which when in a large group of them but Goto nah!
  12. Note the other advantage of a big Dob...........when the sun gets too much it provides cooling shade, try that with your frac
  13. I thought you might Peter is well Helen. Was great to see him again
  14. Blast!!! more like a ungodly stench............coming from you Was a laugh and great to see everyone again, pity the observing session was so short. Next time............
  15. +1