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    Astronomy duh! Photography, overlanding/four wheeling , I play bass too (badly)
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    Dobsville, Sutton, S London, UK
  1. Attention fellow South Wales Astronomers.

    What is it these dark sky reserves say...... "Come and enjoy our wonderful dark skies...............NO OVERNIGHT PARKING ??? Hows that work?
  2. TBH buddy, any newt of 12" and over is going to need collimating every time you move it, be it a solid tube or a truss scope. It's to do with the mirrors weight.
  3. So far...................don't tempt fate.
  4. Totally agree with John on this It also prevents stray objects from falling out of ones pockets and onto ones prime mirror There is little comparison between a SW flex tube and a scope with larger trunnions Eg I can swap from a huge 31mm 2" Nagler to a tiny 1.25" plossl and not need to adjust any counterweights or the balance set up of my scope in any way. Edit; guess I should explain......I have a scope with large trunnions
  5. You and me both mate. It was my bogey object for the first few years of observing as I searched in vain with my little 4.5" Tasco newt. The thing is, it's position looks easy to locate so I just couldn't work out why I couldn't see it. Round and around it I went on too many occasions to remember without seeing a darn thing..... When I finally located it's faint glow, it really was an OMG "Is that it!!?" Moment. Needless to say, I ignored it for years, that was until SWSP two years ago when I happened to observe it in Cal's 18" scope. This time it was OMG "is that it!!!? moment. Have fun out there
  6. Its a bit of a wash if you ask me. Both work. Personally I see little point in truss scopes under 12" unless one is looking at a high portability suitcase variety (the flex tube is certainly not this) For me the "flex" idea is a bit of a gimmick TBH as the stored version takes up exactly the same amount of floor space as the solid tube version. IOW what's the point, if you are storing it under a shelf/table, get the flexttube, otherwise just get the solid tube and save yourself some money
  7. First trip with the 12"

    Nice one buddy. A very enjoyable read Very encouraging to read those last two sentences. Good on ya matey
  8. Anyone using 6mm Ethos in a big dob?

    You don't need to sell them to me buddy, I know how good they are Calvin constantly lets me use his..........and I swear he gets a kick out of my reactions when I use them. He even rubs it in by borrowing my 31mm T5 and then umming and ahhring as he looks through it........ (the git)
  9. Anyone using 6mm Ethos in a big dob?

    Be awesome matey I use a Nagler 12mm + 2x powermate a lot (20" f4 Dob with SIPS paracor). Ethos would be better due to the wider AFOV
  10. Mark your eq mounted Newtonian.

    Great idea Nick. Used to do this when I used an EQ mounted newt many moons ago.
  11. More supermoon hype...

    I actually enjoy observing the moon. Sssssh!!........It was my Apo he used to take the pic
  12. Great stuff Always nice to see a large Dob in it's natural surroundings...........A dark sky
  13. More supermoon hype...

    Wow!! a whole 2.3%? On a side note, if it gets people outside and looking up............can't be a bad thing.
  14. Remind her that scopes are for looking through not at. Besides, it will be dark when you use it anyway A telescope is an optical instrument not a household ornament.