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  1. Off to Elan....

    In other words, prepare for storms
  2. Meade 16" Starfinder Equatorial

    I was thinking more like a set of these to help. You could use this system instead of regular jubilee clips as this will go to a metre diameter
  3. Awesome mate. Well done on the tick removal
  4. Meade 16" Starfinder Equatorial

    The next job I'd do, would be to make up some tube rings. So I could turn the tube easier to allow for better eyepiece access. Fighting with a 10" on an EQ was bad enough without them, but that beast
  5. How should m13 look?

    From a moderately dark site I have observed a subtle granular look over the surface of M13 with my 4.5" Scope as well as some individual stars in the outermost halo.
  6. Favourite summer DSO?

    Triffid nebula.
  7. I always wondered what that little slot was for.....

    How posh.......a glass
  8. Meade 16" Starfinder Equatorial

    That is a beast and a half Have fun with it.
  9. I want a visual reflector

    Okay time to put this to bed....... As I already said the T34 was originally made with the TMFD-7 telescopic sight (not a maksutov cassagrain) Later versions of the tank were not fitted with a maksutov cassagrain either........ If you look Here half way down the page is an image of inside the turret of the later T-34 85. This was a later up gunned variant of the tank and you can clearly see the main gun sight as a long optical tube alongside of the main gun. There is no Maksutov cassagrain in sight. Now lets get back to astronomy
  10. I want a visual reflector

    As far as I am aware. Tank commanders of WWII mainly used periscopes and vision slits with only the gunner having access to a telescopic sight. I believe that the soviet T34 was somewhat different with the commander having access to the main telescopic sight...... That said , the soviet T34 (mainstay of the red armies tank divisions during WWII ) used a TMFD-7 optical gunsight. this is not a Maksutov telescope. The later IS series of tanks didn't use Maksutov telescopes either as far as I know............ Perhaps your "studies" reveal otherwise? But I digress from the point of this thread, my apologies
  11. Dew on everything last night

    TBH in the UK, you've gotta expect dew every time you observe and be ready to combat it. I never set up my Dob without the anti dew kit on it nowadays. If I don't need to fire it up that is a bonus but being ready is mandatory IMO. Have fun out there.
  12. Interesting Truss dob on eBay

    That link works fine Mick Not to worry mate. I'm hardly in the market for a truss dob
  13. Interesting Truss dob on eBay

    Oh well As long as everyone else can see the page?
  14. Interesting Truss dob on eBay

    Says the item has been removed when I click on that link @Stu
  15. New shroud

    For a set of Meade S3K plossls I'll dispose of it for you