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  1. We didn't have as much chilli this time Cheers all for a riot Put pics up tmz.
  2. Best stay well away from the Dob church then
  3. As above. I believe the 10" Dob is the Goldilocks size.
  4. You are not going to see H-alpha light in a nebula visually. It's far too dim in the available light from an emission nebula. So Ignore the H-aplha pass of any nebula filter for visual use. The difference between a UHC and an O-III filter is the UHC passes O-III & H-Beta lines (both of which we can see). The O-III filter obviously passes just the O-III lines.
  5. And I feel privileged that you deemed to share that with us.
  6. Looks like you're all out of excuses now mate............. Lest be having you at some DARK SKIES Come join the mob.............. We don't bite......much!!! Nice job
  7. Great job, looks ace in White
  8. 1st tip for deep sky...... Use the money you get from selling that 120ED to buy yourself a nice big Newt Seriously; Dark skies are the best tip I can give you. If you're going to do deep sky you may as well do it right. Have fun Jules
  9. Maybe, but you have those Canadian skies Gerry You have the true wilderness that nowhere in the UK can complete with......... I envy you buddy
  10. And don't you just look the picture of happiness.......Ya misery
  11. Looking good Daz I leave my 10" assembled for storage. When moving it about I carry it in two parts though (it's just easier).
  12. Just had a gander at that Peach guys images. If SCT are not capable of producing good planetary images he aint listening very hard. They look passable to me
  13. Congrats on the HH Alan Now the cone................
  14. Great report Damo. Very nicely written