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  1. Are we talking about Vodka?
  2. Tropical fish shops or aquariums. Thats what I've used before.
  3. You can use RO water matey
  4. You're beyond help mate
  5. I cannot speak for the other guys (my friends) in the dob mob. But for me it's certainly not about setting any benchmarks. It's about inspiring others to get out under dark skies regardless of whatever aperture scope they have. Let us not get caught up in kit snobbery telling people whether or not their scope makes the benchmark lets just get out there and observe. No, I'm not selling my 20" Dob. The 10" is an excellent deep sky tool but the 20" is better. I hardly see a 20" Dob as a benchmark that any professional observatory would be seeking to compare itself too either.
  6. Don't worry buddy. I actually own a 20" scope and it is not THE BENCHMARK for DSO's, to even suggest it is, is frankly ludicrous. There are a huge number of very successful deep sky hunters out there using far smaller kit. I also have a 10" scope just like yourself. It makes an excellent galaxy hunter.
  7. I have one of those handy screen dimmers in my van for his laptop if it's too bright.......
  8. I hope it is the way the term 'pretty picture' is being used rather than the term itself that upsets you Olly. What I mean is I could have easily unwittingly used the term as a genuine compliment in regards to an astro image........?? To think the imager may have been seething with rage and thinking me a patronising git when I am genuinely complimenting them is a bit unsettling.
  9. Nice report and an enjoyable read thanks for sharing
  10. Seeing as I'm a Nikon guy ......... We do seem to be thinking along similar lines though
  11. Mike To put your perspective into perspective......most of my friends don't "blink an eyelid" either, instead they almost go into cardiac arrest when they have to reach for their wallets in order to go and watch a game of football
  12. Another great haul of Galaxies and another great report. Thanks for sharing Damo Keep em coming me old China
  13. Not exactly. Yes a bigger scope does collect more photons than your eye. More photons = bigger image at the same surface brightness.
  14. I think you are confusing Ha for the much more useful H-Beta line which the lumicon UHC allows to pass. BTW it was Lumicon that first used the term UHC to describe their narrow band filter. So their narrow band filter is actually the definitive UHC filter
  15. This is the best accessory you can ever have. NOTHING beats dark skies buddy. Go for it.