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    Astronomy duh! Photography, overlanding/four wheeling , I play bass too (badly)
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  1. Peter I owe you a night driving my scope so if you and Stu organise a night somewhere dark give me a shout. It would also be great to observe with you again buddy
  2. Nice report Adam, I enjoyed reading that Must say personally I find M25 about as dull as it's namesake road but I guess we are all different. M24 on the other hand OMG what a sight that is Wonderful area of sky down there though. Have fun out there.
  3. My view is, if you can observe with lots of people with different scopes it saves the expense of buying them Cheapskate me?.......................the cheapest
  4. Ronin The UHC filters pass of interest to visual observers are the O-III and H-Beta lines. The Ha light from diffuse nebulae is far to dim for the human eye to detect, so the filters performance on this is of ZERO interest to any visual deep sky observers . To appraise the performance of a visual UHC filters pass curve you need to look at the O-III and H-Beta lines not the Ha
  5. I could do that. I will do dark skies
  6. Well, you'll get no argument from me on this one There are some places on the south downs that are not bad. It's cheaper than going to the IOW for a quick dark sky fix Dunno where you are in S.London but it takes me around an hour and a quarter from Sutton to the downs
  7. I find that the UK weather prevents me from using eyepieces enough to ever worry about that.
  8. Hi Dex and welcome to the stargazers lounge. From Steve, south of the river
  9. Hi to you too and welcome to the stargazers lounge. From Steve in sunny Sutton
  10. Good stuff Gerry. I too find the UHC trends to show more extent in many nebulae but I often see more structure within an object with an O-III. Obviously all filters work best from those dark skies so get out there people
  11. Yeah........
  12. Would be a no brainer but who wants to give OO their hard earned cash???
  13. Please heed Phil's own warnings here folks. This is extremely dodgy and the smallest mistake will mean it's "New mirror please" You have been warned.
  14. Then you will have purchased an excellent 8" scope Welcome to Dobsville