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    Astronomy duh! Photography, overlanding/four wheeling , I play bass too (badly)
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    Dobsville, Sutton, S London, UK
  1. Reckon he needs to ease off on that dew heater a tad
  2. If you only had one ??

    I guess the 120ED for me.......... I need a new flue pipe for me boiler
  3. 20" Dob roll out from the obsy (ok, "shed")

    Looks like fun Enjoy
  4. Need help please

    Hi Most larger scopes have a 50mm finder scope attached and TBH they show many nebulae, galaxies, clusters etc. In fact they show some of the larger objects very nicely Have fun out there
  5. Covering a scope at the end of a session

    Really?? you could have fooled me. Mine leaks!!!
  6. Losing the love

    I try to do exactly that once a month. It keeps me keen I'm of the quality rather than quantity observers
  7. Truss tube 200mm dob

    If you have your heart set on a manual flex tube dob, why not go for the 10" version?
  8. Newbie from Surrey

    Hi Toby and welcome to the stargazers lounge.
  9. Dobsonian base table

    Good stuff
  10. Who owns the Dobs above Steve?
     reading from left to right.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. barkis


      I'm simply a fan of large aperture scope Mike. Seeing them all lined
      up gives me Goose Pimples. Largest mirror I ever made was a 14", I did a 16", but never 
      got around to finishing it. It was a thin plate glass  blank anyway, so I wasn't too confident
      it would be a successful outcome.. I'm in the threshold of  Digital Imaging, and 
      the bill for that was large, so all the gear and no Idea is where we are at presently, but strides 
      have been made, and hopefully I'll get there.  Bottom line is, If it doesn't work out well, 
      I'll have a good sale, and go into  Big Dob Land myself. :biggrin:.
      Hope you and all the Big Eye guys have a Brill. 2018. :icon_salut:

    3. Beulah


      I love that pic. All of those dobs are beauts.

      My own 16" DIY truss Dobster is nearly finished...just got to apply the heatshrink tonight and tweak the alt bearings to lessen the stiffness and I am good to go...hopefully!

    4. swamp thing

      swamp thing

      Great stuff Sam, Hopefully see you out on the battlefield soon then ;) 

  11. Attention fellow South Wales Astronomers.

    What is it these dark sky reserves say...... "Come and enjoy our wonderful dark skies...............NO OVERNIGHT PARKING ??? Hows that work?
  12. TBH buddy, any newt of 12" and over is going to need collimating every time you move it, be it a solid tube or a truss scope. It's to do with the mirrors weight.
  13. So far...................don't tempt fate.
  14. Totally agree with John on this It also prevents stray objects from falling out of ones pockets and onto ones prime mirror There is little comparison between a SW flex tube and a scope with larger trunnions Eg I can swap from a huge 31mm 2" Nagler to a tiny 1.25" plossl and not need to adjust any counterweights or the balance set up of my scope in any way. Edit; guess I should explain......I have a scope with large trunnions