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  1. Don't see whats "Oops!" about that........ Enjoy
  2. swamp thing

    Little and large

    Some shocking brick gauge aligning there Kerry. Nearly half a course out Nice scopes though
  3. swamp thing

    New Dob - Further Impressions

    Pleased you are enjoying your new Dob Doug I remember my first night with one.......what a revelation it was after years messing about with EQ's. I just kept roaming all over the sky with a huge grin on my face, free at last from wrestling with tube rings and awkward eyepiece positions.
  4. You cannot beat being out with some buddies and enjoying a bit of banter whilst you observe. Have fun out there.
  5. That is a very tempting to add to my Dob... Thanks for the info Mark
  6. swamp thing


    Always good to try out new (darker) observing sites. Great practice for when the skies become darker and you can start to really reap the rewards.
  7. swamp thing

    Newts , planetary killers !

    In that case ignore me Nothing wrong with wide field scopes to enjoy wide field views ( I have one). I just thought you were thinking off buying a scope for one deep sky objet and that seemed a little strange. Carry on.......
  8. swamp thing

    Newts , planetary killers !

    I tend to agree with Cal. Buying a scope for just one view is kinda daft. Go to a star party or invite another SGL member to an observing session with you. Both of these are far cheaper than buying a scope. If you then decide you like the entire veil in one FOV then buy a scope that will show it
  9. Not sure I fully agree Mike. Remember what they say "power without control......" You want control with large mirrors. Poor mechanics may bother you far more than not having premium optics. I remember owning a large commercially made Dob it was not the lack of premium optics that bothered me so much as the awful framework and shoddy movement. TBH If I'd had the opportunity to put premium glass in it......I wouldn't have bothered as the framework would have meant I would not have been able to utilise them properly anyway. You cannot get the most out of premium optics if the Dob has horrendous backlash and handles like a wheelbarrow with a flat tyre Premium glass is great but it's the package that makes an outstanding scope.
  10. After watching that video I agree that height looks okay. (unless that guy in it is 6' 4" What I meant was. Look at where the focuser is on my 20" Dob. The focuser comes out on the side. look at where the focuser is on the scope in your first post. The focuser is at an angle. If the focuser was on mine at an angle I would be on a ladder nearly all the time. As it is I only need a small step when it is pointed right at the zenith. Hope that makes sense
  11. If you notice the focuser it is on the UTA at an angle. This means you will probably need a step ladder when the scope is pointed near the zenith. As you will have to kinda lean over the scope tube to look into the eyepiece. I know that is kinda tough to understand but trust me as someone that has used quite a large number of large Dobs. Most large Dobs place the focuser on the side making the eyepiece more accessible at higher altitudes. Obviously it makes it more of a grovel when the scope is near the horizon but few observe down there. When choosing focuser position it is one of the things you have to weigh up. As I tend to use my scope at higher altitudes I opted for the side positioning
  12. swamp thing

    10" Bresser Dob Has Landed!

    Great stuff, 10" Dob = happy astronomer I do like the look of a mass produced commercial Dob with sensible sized alt bearings Enjoy
  13. swamp thing

    Jupiter & Venus

    ........and that is what it is all about have fun out there.
  14. swamp thing

    First Light With the 12 inch Dobsonian.

    Yeah....... Your going to find that buddy. Welcome to the dob mob

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