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    Astronomy duh! Photography, overlanding/four wheeling , I play bass too (badly)
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    Dobsville, Sutton, S London, UK
  1. Hello from South London

    Hi Jeremy and welcome to the stargazers lounge
  2. M33

    Moved to imaging
  3. I concur with others above. Going from a 5" scope to a 10" is a huge upgrade (went from 4.5" to 10" myself) massive improvement and lots of "WOW!!!" moments lie ahead....... Enjoy
  4. I hope you aren't thinking of a little camping trailer they bounce around like crazy. You could end up with a trailer full of broken Dob
  5. Question for Dob Mob

    I use a 6'x3' heavy waterproof ground sheet (pegged down with tent pegs)
  6. ..........I would sell it. From a NELM 6 site there will be a noticeable improvement from 8" to 12" Your call though
  7. Buy the 12" Dob.
  8. National Forest Star Party ,November 2017.

    Will be in Skye with the rest of the mob, sorry Nick I'll have to pass on this one Good on ya for organising it though.
  9. But it’s not real astronomy...

    What a stupid thing to say.......... Maybe he was trying to be funny............and failing Ignore the fool and enjoy the hobby
  10. Aah! but I said "points at it"......Not observes it Finding it's location is easy.........observing it not so much. Conditions have to be good. They seldom are when we go observing
  11. I think I've seen it in all the dob mobs scopes (18"-22"). If it's up one of us usually points at it at some point to check sky darkness/transparency. It's a good indicator of the quality of the sky you are observing from.
  12. Trying to compensate for something

    No worries It is a shame that we cant have our cake and eat it I know One day those bigger exit pupil bins will pave the way for similar eyepieces I hope.
  13. Trying to compensate for something

    How? All scopes of the same aperture have the same minimum magnification. They may use different eyepieces to get there but the end result is the same. Dob's are visual instruments we are not imaging.
  14. Trying to compensate for something

    Not sure I follow you Stu? The lack of stepladder I understand but after that I'm kinda lost.
  15. Where would you live?

    I would stay in London. I would spend the money on other things TBH. I'm quite happy with where I am astro wise. I have all the kit I ever dreamed of and observe exactly how and when it suits me