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  1. Sounds like your hard work paid off M32 needs you to know what and where to look, but it's pretty easy once someone has pointed it out. M110 needs some darker skies.
  2. WADAS forum 4

    I know, it was borrowing one of yours that made me start my own collection I don't think I'll get more than the 3 I have though
  3. WADAS forum 4

    I got my 9mm yesterday, haven't been waiting 2.5 years for it though. So clouds this way too
  4. Show me your eyepiece cases

    The arrival of the 9mm yesterday fills the gap nicely, and i'm done (for now.... )
  5. M81 & M82?

    I can see M81/82 in the glare of Manchester, with my 8" dob. If you can start at 23UMa it's not too bad a star hop, it does sometimes take me a couple of goes though.
  6. Taken afocally at mag x80 (ish), hand held with my Samsung Galaxy S7. ISO400 (i think) very short exposure. Edited using the Galaxy Gallery app, cropped and added a _nostalgia_ filter to bring out a bit of colour and the moons
  7. Blinking Planetary Nebula

    Now there's an idea, I'll try that next time. Thanks. It keeps getting reported to me (by Sky Tools) as "easy", but it still eludes me.
  8. Does any one have a sketch of this, to give me an idea what I'm looking for? Or another nebula that is similar size? Is it Ring size or Eskimo size? I had the right area in view last night, but couldn't see it. I understand that it's an averted vision object, and looking straight at it makes it vanish - hence it's name - does this make it harder to find, or should it still be pretty obvious?
  9. I have no doubt that there are some on this forum with EPs of the same length in different brands and FOVs She has the same shoe in different colours! I don't question it anymore, then she can't question it when a new FLO box arrives at the door.
  10. First Planets Today

    Very nice; I reluctantly got out of bed too, as the scope was still out from last night. Mars was a definite orange disc, not very big, and no detail, but I didn't go very high mag. Same view of Jupiter as you, you got those bands; I had to look closely and they were in and out of view with the seeing, as they are still pretty low.
  11. Or my wife and her shoes!
  12. orion

    I had E a couple of weeks ago, for the first time. It was in and out with averted vision, but definitely there - and only seen because I knew where to look. I couldn't get F though.
  13. And definitely stay out of The Slaughtered Lamb. http://www.astroadventures.co.uk

    I've been up to Dunsop Bridge a few times, it's pretty dark up there. M31 is normally naked eye visible and I've had a very good view of The Whirlpool galaxy up there. Check out Central Lancashire Amateur Stargazing Society (C.L.A.S.S) on Facebook.
  15. ngc 206 - a star cloud in M 31

    Very nice, it's amazing that we can capture clusters in an entirely different galaxy.