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  1. I remember being out with @mapstar one evening, he was trying to persuade me that there was a galaxy in the eyepiece; I remain unconvinced On another occasion, someone more experienced talked me through observing the Leo triplet; I'd go the two messiers easy enough, but with him talking me through where the other was and what I was looking for I eventually saw it. Moral of this I think, is that some times you just need to know what you are looking for. Another occasion I was at an open evening with the local astro group looking at M57. It was obvious and clearly visible, yet one person, who had never looked through a telescope just couldn't see it until we told him to look for the smoke ring.
  2. I may have just ruined it for everyone by buying a new telescope. Sorry (not sorry). Hopefully there are some great skies to give it a good run out.
  3. I've quit my job to make sure that I get a few days here this time - kind of true, my contract ends on the 30th, I'll be there on 31st. Probably stay until Monday. Not sure what you'll think of this, but I'm going to be bringing some Welsh whiskey with me... Getting excited now. I haven't had my scope out, or been on the forum for about 6 months.
  4. I'm going to book for 3 nights next week. I've hardly been out with my telescope this year
  5. have you been smoking before you observe? I do think you need to give us a bit more info to get you the help you need
  6. I had them ready to take and then forgot to pack them too many clouds for aurora, on our way home now
  7. I'm currently stood under what I am certain would be the darkest skies I will ever experience.... and it's a near full moon! I've seen the blackness of the clouds, but tonight is clear, so I've had a wonder out with my mk1 eyeballs and it's gorgeous, just a shame about the moon. #Lapland Merry Christmas
  8. I use an ironing chair, but it's not easily adjustable, so may start looking for alternatives in the new year
  9. I use the one that John linked to. It's just at the right level of detail for my 8" dob. I keep it in one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00LTLCC5K/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_6EofCbVZDSXZP
  10. Is it a better telescope? Yes. Is it better for you? That's more complicated. It has way more light gathering ability, so can see fainter objects, but it is bigger and heavier and thus less mobile, so it depends on you. If possible try and see one IRL and make an informed decision about if it will be best for you.
  11. I've got the ExSci82 24mm with mine and it's great. Not tried the 30mm. Well within budget and a great EP
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