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  1. A link to help you check sky darkness at the time of your travel:
  2. I had a #80A blue filter on Jupiter the other night, I thought I made a lovely image - just took a bit of glare out of the planet and added a bit of contrast - not tried it on the moon yet
  3. that third one is tricky. It took me at a dark site. (NELM about 5.6 - I estimated the other night) and an experienced observer to describe it for me.
  4. as another option, I use Jupiter 2 by astrosurf on the PC. nice spots though, it was lovely here last night, but being out til 2 the previous night and up early with the kids, I was falling asleep on the sofa.
  5. how about mounting a reflective camping mat in a light-weight frame and put that over your concrete?
  6. Same use for a dark secluded spot as you guys! Heading up to the Forest of Bowland
  7. Got them both on my list for this evening, so hopefully I will get them bring my total to 3! Sky Tools 3 now has it at Mag 8.6 (and 41p at 7.1)
  8. There are loads of satellites that move through that area, but going as slowly as you calculate, i'm not sure that would be it.
  9. Ok, I set Stellarium to 1am last night, got to about your view around the triplet, started time running and at 1:00:29 satellite FLOCK 2E'-8 comes shooting through the view
  10. I've already arranged to head off up into the woods, otherwise I would have joined you.
  11. have a look for a Windows Desktop app called "Jupiter 2.0" by AstroSurf, it'll show you when you can see the GRS, where the moons are and when they will transit. I love sticking the time in fast forward mode and watching the moons dance around.
  12. I need to stop reading this thread; it's upsetting me that I can't come Hope you all have a really good time, the forecast looks great. And I'm coming next year!
  13. hi Bernard, I've got sale pending unfortunately, but if I don't hear anything today, then you are second in line. sorry
  14. Just watched this video, might help: