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  1. The core of M31 is really bright, and it's first on the list, so doesn't really do well as a baseline guide. However, have a go at M81/82 in Uma - they are pretty bright. And M sixty-something in Leo (another close pair - actually 3, but the third one is much fainter). You should be able to get the Ring Neb, in Lyra too.
  2. rockystar

    A big thank you

    Here, here.
  3. rockystar

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    Agreed, it was an excellent talk.
  4. rockystar

    SGL 2018 Pitch Plan

    You missed a patch of clear sky last night, managed to get about an hour in, but transparency was poor and it wasn't very dark - still, I've used the telescope. More tonight hopefully
  5. rockystar

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    Some blue skies... (And a rogue finger)
  6. Glad you got out and allowed yourself to make an informed decision. Seeing them in action really is the best way. I see second hand 200 dobs coming up for sale fairly frequently - either from someone who had never seen one before and it is just too big, or from someone who has had great use out of it for 3 or 4 years and is no longer big enough - so I'm sure you'll be able to pick one up soon for about £200. as mentioned above, best thing I ever bought for mine was a RACI good luck in your purchase
  7. rockystar

    SGL 2018 Pitch Plan

    Thanks Stu. It's up now, but I'll be standing by with camera for when you get here
  8. rockystar

    SGL Bring,Buy,Sell

    Hmm, tempting...
  9. rockystar


    And how is it looking today?
  10. rockystar

    SGL 2018 Pitch Plan

    If people see me flying away while I'm pitching my tent, please grab a leg and tent peg
  11. rockystar

    Newbie help needed

    As great as the advice on here is, sometimes is better have some personal help. Is there an astronomy club near you that you could attend? I'm sure they would be only too happy to help get you going. If not, then we'll keep doing our best. As happy-kat says, it sounds like you're still not in focus properly
  12. This is what I use https://www.telescopehouse.com/accessories/eyepiece-adaptors-and-extension-tubes/revelation-50mm-extension-tube-2.html
  13. rockystar

    Weather - oh no!

    I've just a good forecast for Sunday too. And I'm booked 'til Monday
  14. Are you accepting card payments on the day?
  15. And this is where we need to decide for ourselves the definition of "grab and go". For me, I would need to be able to pick the whole thing up in one hand, comfortable, without struggling, and start observing pretty quickly. I can do my 8" dob in three parts (with all the extra bits), making it fairly grab and go, but I would like something smaller that I can plonk down and use for 1/2 an hour, and I would do that with my dob (mainly because it's in the garage)

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