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  1. I've done that on the web, but the Android app always goes to the Home tab instead of Current.
  2. When I see clear skies forecast only to realise that it's set to FLO HQ, Devon, fools me every time!
  3. Welcome to all

    I did enjoy it. Looking forward to next time with less moon and less cloud
  4. Jupiter and scorpio's claw in morning twilight. 10 Seconds at ISO 400.
  5. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    It's useful for something Damian. And don't worry, I won't tell everyone on SGL about your mammoth luna session
  6. Keeping busy with a high haze. ISO 800, 10 second single shot. Galaxy s7
  7. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Some blue skies
  8. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Right, I'm on my way, see you all in about 4 hours. Can you do a sun dance please, so that it's not raining when I put my tent up. Thanks
  9. I don't get a lot of use out of it I'm honest, it's good, but I much prefer the 14mm. I've got a dob too, which means much nudging at the smaller fov - that's why I invested in the 9mm, I'm hoping it will be a good compromise and nicely fit in that gap
  10. I got the 9mm a few weeks ago (belated Christmas pressie), and I haven't used it yet... It's my 3rd one, and probably my last ( for the time being, anyway)
  11. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    I've booked us some clear skies for Friday and Saturday - I hope they get here in time
  12. Argh, should have waited!
  13. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Hope that snow clears for next weekend... Sounds like you are getting a bit of decent sky though.
  14. Maybe not really what you are after, but if you listen to podcasts, then I can recommend Astronomy Cast