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  1. Now to convince the wife that this is what I should spend our unexpected bank refund on don't think she'll go for it though. Would love this though.
  2. rockystar

    Anymore galaxies?

    No. The Hubble ultra deep field photo (which took about 5 months to take ), is one of the deepest images taken, and covers only one thirteen millionth of the sky. So only 12,999,999 more to go oh, and we struggle to see through the dust of our own milky way, so we'll probably never see them all in that direction.
  3. rockystar

    Grab and go

    Here you go: https://freestarcharts.com/messier Nice report @Ags
  4. Just a thought but you might need a 2" to 1.25" adapter as well, for your 5mm ep.
  5. rockystar

    SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    Eventually got round to booking...
  6. That looks about what I was looking at too. I thought it might have been GRS, but couldn't convince myself, and didn't know where it was. So must have been a large festoon maybe. Maybe some noctilucent clouds too?
  7. rockystar

    moon filter

    You don't need a filter for observing the moon, you can't do yourself any harm. And many will say they don't use one at all. Personally I find it a bit bright and so use a variable polarising filter. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/moon-ne
  8. This is what I use in one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LYHZ8AH/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_u0-cBbK8QYN8Y
  9. rockystar

    Moon orbital pattern

    Conservation of angular momentum. The solar system was made from a big cloud of rotating gas and dust, so anything made from that cloud will retain the same momentum and rotation. Venus and Uranus where likely struck by a large planetesimal during the early days, and flipped over on their head and side respectively.
  10. Been thinking of getting one of these, if I do should I also get the matching tripod, or go for something else?
  11. rockystar

    Daystar Quark

    Couple of years old now. Be interesting to see if FLO get anywhere the £800 quoted in the article, last time I looked they were over a grand
  12. rockystar

    Eye piece holder

    Done; just removed the washers that I'd it put on to prevent it from doing that
  13. rockystar

    Eye piece holder

    Eyepiece are for looking through, not looking at i know what you mean though, some of them are beautiful to just look at. I found I was just plonking them on the side of the base and kept worrying they would fall off. This should solve that issue and they are now right where I need them
  14. rockystar

    Eye piece holder

    good thinking. Thanks.
  15. rockystar

    Eye piece holder

    My little DIY 2" eyepiece holder mod.

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