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  1. Nice one; I have four inches to catch up on you. Totally agree regarding transportation - fair play to the Dob Mob!! Congratulations on your latest purchase.
  2. Thanks for the timely heads up! I've just checked the telescope shed; lo and behold, a queen busy at work with a half made nest... jam jar and lid later and the shed is wasp free...for now... Don't mind wasps as they are excellent pollinators and there's plenty of room in the garden for more nests... just not in the shed...
  3. Here's the evidence : https://www.cpre.org.uk/media-centre/latest-news-releases/item/4314-new-interactive-maps-reveal-england-s-darkest-and-most-light-polluted-skies https://www.nightblight.cpre.org.uk/images/resources/Night_Blight_cpre.pdf 'Other activities' do indeed occur as they do anywhere - but I've not yet seen anything except other astro folks enjoying the night sky over the years.
  4. Elan Valley: https://www.elanvalley.org.uk/explore/dark-skies/where-go It's getting much busier on the estate these days, so remember to close /shield your eyes when cars are going by to preserve dark adaption. Out of all the sites listed, Teifi pools is the most peaceful, with strong Milky Way structure visible and is away from thoroughfares. Craig Goch is a truly lovely site to set up in but the busiest with lots of photographers around. There is no/poor mobile signal although emergency available at elevation and you might pick up a 4g signal. It's dark everywhere on the Elan Estate. Don't know about the Brecon beacons. Hopefully someone else will provide good locations to set up. The county of Hereford is known to be the darkest in England so in addition, it's worth exploring the rural northwestern county border to Wales/Shropshire.
  5. I've been following the aurora forecasts closely during the last few days and there's been not a peep in the area of charged particles hitting our atmosphere... Wonder whether there was some sort of light show somewhere else in the city? It would be interesting if there was something on the camera or see what your son comes up with. Would be cool if you did see it...
  6. I wish, Stu! All work and no play ATM... Not tonight but maybe sometime this week...
  7. Good luck, Ron. Please let us know how you get on.
  8. Yes, I have fallen victim to the magnetic tool strip and weights trick, too! ?
  9. Local light pollution very present in my area...and even a conservation designation does nothing to mitigate it...a local industrial unit has changed their downlighters for eye-piercing square bulkheads! Light path shines up and horizontal, but not down, where I am sure most people would like to see where to put their feet. No wonder SQM values have declined in recent years (I measure night sky quality as part of my job)...
  10. But great at improving sky contrast and limiting light pollution...
  11. Excellent work, Peter! Drooling at the 6 inch bins! These parallellogram mounts are excellent and well worth making at home. This setup I made last year can take 25x100 binoculars and not break a sweat (the model pictured are the 15x70s). Fabulous to take to a dark site and observe...makes you almost want to sell the light buckets....almost...
  12. Managed to capture it on Tuesday night at a remote location. It can be seen with the unaided eye - in my area that averages around 21.5 MPSAS without local light pollution, the Zodiacal light is discernible but the cone becomes more visible with averted vision.
  13. They are having a laugh, surely? Tim, I seriously think it's time to find a new home. Or at least contact the local authority and complain about light tresspass affecting sleep. That is a valid complaint that is taken seriously.
  14. 1) LIke you, Hale Bopp in 1997. I was only in my early twenties and working hard so didn't get much time to do astronomy; so seeing it was a great fix - and it was extremely beautiful and awe-inspiring to see at the same time. 2) M42 through a 16" mirror in dark skies 3) 4th Feb 2019 - Monday night in remote location with 10x50 binoculars in one of those rare, clear, transparent and still skies (you get around two of these a year under UK skies ). Winter Milky Way stretched from horizon to horizon; something I had never seen before living in a small, lighted community. The open star clusters in Auriga looked amazing. Even M42 had a discernible shape! Will never forget that night. Do wish I had one of my massive light buckets with me, but you can't have it all.
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