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  1. Beulah

    site worthy of a gander

    Yep, it's a great site with a handy planetarium to boot!
  2. Nice report on Jupiter! It's a great excuse for a grab and go session. I'll have your flatulent horses and you can have my midges! They like to go for the eyes... Observing's out for me at the moment...
  3. Beulah

    New location - new opportunity

    I'm interested in how you got on too, @osbourne one-nil
  4. Beulah

    Society Obsy feasability study

    A warm room is a must if building it for outreach and relevant H & S and risk assessment stuff/fire protection/access for disabled users, toilets, tea and coffee making facilities. The obsy might have to be larger than a home one as you'll need room to host a talk if cloud stops play. Unless there is a building on the premises you can use for that purpose (such as a village hall) then you are laughing - a dome and warm room should suffice. Depending on what you go for, it may need planning permission. Would be great to have a resident photonic bucket, as massive telescopes will bring the punters in and gives a great focal point and purpose of the observatory. Not an impossible task but a good idea to assess - pardon the pun - the scope of the project. Overwhelming at first but just needs a lot of consultation/planning. Good luck!
  5. Beulah

    Dobsonian weightwatchers

    I removed the circular 'edges' from my 300p and there are no issues with balance, etc. Weight loss is minimal but easier to cart around on a sack truck!
  6. Beulah

    JamesF's observatory build

    OoOooh an osby build. Bookmarked.
  7. Beulah

    Sky Quality Meter

    Agreed on all counts!
  8. Beulah

    Sky Quality Meter

    Good idea and there could be a 'guess the MPSAS' competition...
  9. Beulah

    Sky Quality Meter

    Globe at night accepts the 'Loss of the Night' app for mobile devices which must mean the apps is okay to use! Certainly saves some dosh!
  10. Beulah

    Sky Quality Meter

    I think I remember that site, it was a user created one. Didn't know it vanished. I use this: https://www.globeatnight.org/maps.php 2018 map: https://www.globeatnight.org/map/
  11. Beulah

    Sky Quality Meter

    Pm sent
  12. Beulah

    Sky Quality Meter

    As a user of an SQM in a professional capacity I have found exactly the same. And another thing, there can be a slight variance in 2 SQMs! I have use of at least 2 SQM-Ls (one of them being my own) and a few SQM-LU-DLs, too. The 2 SQM-Ls produce a consistent difference of .21-.23 MPSAS....it's not a precise art but it provides useful ways of determining how dark a site is, if used properly. Other things to consider: low battery power can produce false, high readings. Disregard the first reading due to initial sensor temperature being out of whack with ambient - several readings should be taken and draw out the average. A fabulously but cloudy dark sky with little to no light pollution can produce readings in excess of 22 MPSAS...22.55 about six weeks ago! Another phenomenon discovered with a lot of SQM users is that readings tend to improve after midnight...
  13. Beulah

    Focus a DSLR and lens ?

    Same here. You'll need a USB Mini B to USB Micro B lead/adapter to connect the DSLR to the mobile device. Larger the screen, the better as you can really fine tune the focus (x10 mag on the DSLR Controller App), although I prefer to use the ancient Moto-G due to it fitting in the bag nicely. DSLR Controller is only available for Android.
  14. Yep, you've inspired me to move to warmer climes, looking at the lighting in your photographs...always loved Spain and the lifestyle...gotta win the lottery, first.

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