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  1. Beulah

    Observing Comet 46P

    Saw it last night through the 10x50s and 25x100s in 6.4 NELM skies from various dark sites. What an amazing comet this is. Currently looks like a face-on galaxy with a small, bright core with a thick, fuzzy coma and much larger than you think. It was also tricky trying to catch it through the clouds! Fabulous meteor display and Moon/Venus conjunction in the morning - so glad to have been aware of it all as it was a great night.
  2. Tomintoul and Glenlivet – Cairngorms Designated First International Dark Sky Park In The Scottish Highlands (Gold Tier) https://www.darksky.org/tomintoul-and-glenlivet-cairngorms-becomes-designated-first-international-dark-sky-park-in-the-scottish-highlands/?fbclid=IwAR3yEJm7XmvQ8T_xeCEd9OcuNkWmW29ggzQLcPEhQxOvZRIkQKCEYfoSk1k
  3. Beulah

    Sagitta and friends

    I can see the Coathanger!
  4. Beulah

    The Tropics of Scotland

    Great report - I really enjoyed reading it. M42 is jaw-dropping when observed in an area with low light pollution. You don't have to drive far from Welshpool to find similar quality skies...
  5. Beulah

    Prints on aluminium.

    Great work @Stub Mandrel; really love this natural, hand painted style of interpretative boards. Good to see people still painting! I do get a bit weary of vector art sometimes...
  6. Beulah

    Is there a 'map' of the visible Milky Way?

    Sometimes the Milky Way, a recliner and dark skies are all you need.... really mesmerising!
  7. Beulah

    Stellarium question

    Brilliant software - I used the Ocular plugin the other day to rehearse an 'observing run' to find Stephan's Quintet in a certain eyepiece. Cool stuff!
  8. Beulah

    light pollution issues

    If you don't ask (nicely ) , you don't get... Good one!
  9. Beulah

    Dream job

    Interesting that it's made it to local media...maybe there aren't many applicants. As someone said before, it's going to be tough to find someone with all the desired credentials. If you can handle grant funding in third sector environments, coordinate and manage projects, run events, have good marketing skills with an interest in astronomy, I think you'd be in with a good chance of making it to interview. There might be people who fit the bill, but this is such a niche subject, Snowdonia might have a problem finding the right person if they stick to the strict person spec... As it's a local authority post, thse two years might be extended, funding and service needs dependant...
  10. Beulah

    Dark Skies and the moon

    Don't completely rule out a full moon at a remote site. It depends what you are there for. A full moon in a dark sky has unique quality of its own; the stars seem a little sharper - maybe due to better transparency/less local pollution - and of course, the gently lit , peaceful landscape is a wonderful experience. Good excuse for a recce for darker nights, methinks.
  11. Beulah

    A dream job for someone?

    It's a pretty good salary for Wales, trust me!!
  12. Beulah

    Prints on aluminium.

    Aluminium printed astrophotography is jaw-dropping. I curated an astronomy art/photo exhibition last month and one exhibitor has used aluminium for some of his prints. @XigaThe top 2 and one below (mono) on the left are aluminium; note the reflections from the high gloss finish in the two top images. It truly represents what you see on a screen.
  13. Beulah

    A dream job for someone?

    You never know...someone has to get the ball rolling.
  14. Snowdonia, the Llyn Peninsula and Clwydian range and Dee Valley are looking for a Dark Sky Officer: http://www.snowdonia.gov.wales/authority/job-vacancies/job-details/north-wales-dark-skies-activity-officer It looks like a really fulfilling job!

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