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  1. It is a fab location, ideal for astronomy as it's way up in the hills and very, very dark!! Stunning work, Paul. Glad you were dug out of the snow eventually...
  2. Portable, clear views of planets, nebulae and double stars; what's not to like! You can take a frac by foot to a remote, dark hillside...and as an observer for many years, have found my observational skills have improved to the point where I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw with the 8"...so smaller telescopes should not be written off! Enjoyed reading your post; thank you. 1 + for the Frac Pack although I am an honourary member of the Dob Mob (honourary as I have big dobsonian telescopes haven't been to a dobfest yet).
  3. Thank you for taking the time to explain this.
  4. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    What a fabulous site and a stunning location. Hope it stays clear...there's clouds coming over my way tonight but at the moment it looks unlikely!
  5. Must do this one day

    You've just won the internet award of the day.... Just love seeing the LMC in images. Must have been mind blowing not just to see a different part of the night sky but to be in one of the most light pollution-free areas on earth. Are you going back there, Dirk?
  6. Must do this one day

    Dob mob's next outing! Darkest skies in the world...it's got to be done if the money's right.
  7. WOW!!!! That is an amazing image. Looks like you've been getting more clear nights than us chumps in the West. Do you mind telling us how you blended the two images? I'm hapelessly having a go at this nighttime stuff and although the images are OK, I am having a hard time blending the images without it looking too processed. Thank in in advance for any pointers.
  8. Nobody is Going to Believe Me!

    What an incredible read! I believe you totally as I had a fantastic session with the 12" a few years back where I was able to see incredible detail in Jupiter - whorls, barges; the lot.
  9. Spaceguard Centre Knighton

    Been over there a few times over the years, including a visit to an astronomy club that meets there/used to meet there. The tours are pretty good which includes a planetarium show, a look at meteorites, a talk about impact events and a look at the gear they are using to track NEOs, which is the primary function of the observatory. I think a large Schmidt was installed recently and I haven't been back to have a drool at it. Jay Tate (the proprietor) is a real character with lots of knowledge and his wife is lovely. Where are you staying? I'm very familiar with the area. Hope the snow melts for you next week - quite deep ATM!
  10. Nice read. It's great when you can quickly set up and get out there when there's a brief opportunity! Honestly, it's amazing how well a small scope can perform in dark skies. I have been very pleasantly surprised.
  11. 20 inch Dob, 'Sir Isaac.'

    I would make an offer but cannot get to France, as I have been on the quiet lookout for a larger scope. No annual leave coming up and no passport...
  12. Dob build 16"

    Thank you. I really love your interpretation of the truss telescope and hope you are getting good use out of it. The main concerns with getting the telescope to focus is not just cutting the truss poles to size...it's making sure the primary and secondary box/cage aligns properly, too! So many factors that can go wrong. Very, very similar to a handbuilt guitar singing for the first time. Quite heady stuff. I admire those who start further back with the ATM process, with mirror blanks and fabrication of their own cells/spider vanes; it must be very nerve wracking getting an ideal Ronchi test result...
  13. Kidderminster newbie

    You'll enjoy the 200p. It's a great scope for the size and price; very portable, good light grasp and the mirror is excellent. You can lug it around the garden, chuck it in the car...plus the fact it holds collimation well if gently handled (you have to adjust the tilt of the mirrors to achieve good alignment and optimum focus - it's not too difficult a job).
  14. Wow!

    Pretty amazing compsite image with some very hard work put in. Don't think I've seen the entire galactic plane expressed this this before.
  15. Dob build 16"

    Thank you for your kind words @estwing I'm already there, mate..