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  1. Weed barrier fabric and a sewing machine makes a wonderfully useful, light and cheap blackout curtain and folds up to quite a small size.
  2. Looking at Google maps it looks like you've got some lovely open moorland to the South of Elgin. I'd be scouting around during the day to look for any sort of layby or old forestry tracks to set up as there's not much light pollution southwards....as long as your vehicle can get there and back...
  3. In this age of social media and wanting to have an audience it appears that AP is more popular than OA/stargazing. We all want a tangible result and a picture tells a thousand words. Observational astronomy, however, can only be expressed in words and the online world does not have the patience to read reams of text. Shame, as it's a rich store of knowledge to find out what can be seen through various optical apparatus under a variety of skies. I for one, use the search function often for that purpose as it aids my own observing journey...
  4. That's the word: bolide... I was trying to remember what the term was! Yes, I also saw pieces breaking off, like molten metal...
  5. Amazing - wish I had seen it. Saw a green fireball at 6am one morning, a few years ago. Very similar to this (please excuse the 'quality' source): https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5282970/wakefield-green-fireball-sky-yorkshire-video-new-years-eve/ You just don't know what to think when you see it - a very surreal experience, especially when it is so silent!
  6. @quaoar....absolutely amazing. Well caught!
  7. Yes, me too.. I was going to go out tonight to try again but have to plan for an astronomy event. Ohhh, the irony...
  8. Yup, wanted a first light on a new dob but after a very physically active day, was too tired to make the trip. Day job also gets in the way!
  9. Breathtaking image! How is the Sony compared to the 5D iii? (If I recall correctly?)
  10. Try Shropshire Astronomy Group: http://www.shropshire-astro.uk/events.html They have events about 40 minutes' drive away. (Little Ness/Rodington) Great group - I was never a member as I moved but loved their outreach events. A very enthusiastic bunch of folks!
  11. I had no choice but to chicken out at midnight as the most rolled in...last night was variable; moments of great transparency with a lot of humidity and 'mushiness'. NGC7789 (Caroline's Rose) looked spectacular, in addition to observing the Veil Nebula without an OIII filter. Managed to study plenty of targets in a couple of hours.
  12. Yay, welcome back, @Photosbykev! Some of us are still around...
  13. I've recently had a 20" dobsonian mirror and secondary coated/overcoated with SiO with VCSM coatings. http://www.scientificmirrors.co.uk/vcsm-Aluminising.html I was pleased with the service and Terry keeps you updated. For £218 including return shipping and attention to detail it really was a no brainer for me. The whole process from door to door took 6 weeks as the old coating was tough to remove..
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