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  1. Beulah

    Most satisfying observations?

    1) LIke you, Hale Bopp in 1997. I was only in my early twenties and working hard so didn't get much time to do astronomy; so seeing it was a great fix - and it was extremely beautiful and awe-inspiring to see at the same time. 2) M42 through a 16" mirror in dark skies 3) 4th Feb 2019 - Monday night in remote location with 10x50 binoculars in one of those rare, clear, transparent and still skies (you get around two of these a year under UK skies ). Winter Milky Way stretched from horizon to horizon; something I had never seen before living in a small, lighted community. The open star clusters in Auriga looked amazing. Even M42 had a discernible shape! Will never forget that night. Do wish I had one of my massive light buckets with me, but you can't have it all.
  2. Beulah

    Tell us your sky quality

    AWESOME!!! I managed 21.75 in Mid Wales a few nights ago....your 21.9 is nothing short of breathtaking! :)
  3. Have you thought about installing a wooden fence along the fence to mitigate that concern? This happened to me and I was so glad to have put a fence up! Good to take control!
  4. I imagine the truss design for apertures as small as 6 inches would make an excellent backpack dob.
  5. Why stay in bed on a cold morning.... ....Because it was extremely foggy and the Moon looked like a mouldy fingernail through the murk? Beautiful picture @Radman40!
  6. Beulah

    Clouded out in Hereford

    Was clouded out here, too. Cleared at dawn.
  7. Waaah! One 20" is enough, let alone two!! What an incredible bit of technology. I imagine collimating the thing would be very interesting.
  8. Beulah

    First snow -ish...

    Lovely bit of countryside there, do you get out often on the hills? We had some snow but the rain washed most of it away. Not a big fan of snow; it disables the whole of the UK and reflects light pollution...
  9. Beulah


    Definitely not a dream, Ron. My council are also installing replacement warmer white LEDs when older, cooler units are faulty. Down lit, warm white LEDs are great but no lights at all is even better
  10. Beulah


    You can also request part-night lighting, depending on the tender mercies of your local councillor who has to authorise it. Also rig up a blackout shield around your observing area - it does a marvellous job of making your area spot nice and dark.
  11. Beulah

    Huge Meteor

    Fantastic. Must have been a good night for them - just seen another one at around 5:45am around 20 degrees up, in the southern sky, travelling from east to west. Must have been extremely bright as the sky was pretty overcast with thinner cloud/ clearish patches.
  12. That is an incredible image. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. What an incredibly rich area of nebulosity!
  13. Beulah

    Astro themes for a study/snug - ideas?

    Think it's called Atlas of astronomy.. https://rebelwalls.com/uk/wall-murals/categories/nature/sky/atlas-of-astronomy
  14. Beulah

    Astro themes for a study/snug - ideas?

    Maybe a feature wall? Or https://www.muralswallpaper.co.uk/wall-murals/space-mural-wallpaper/

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