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  1. Impressive! I've done a bit of daytime Lunar imaging, but I didn't even know daytime Jupiter imaging was a thing!
  2. It must have been terrifying trying to keep everything exactly square when sawing, so I'm glad you had some help with that! Brilliant result, well done, enjoy!
  3. They look just the job for those of us who erm? somehow? accumulate numerous telescopes....I just don't know how it happens?!
  4. Very nicely processed, Dave I've heard good things about the 553mc like no amp glow worries.
  5. Glad you got sorted, you were in safe hands Any chance of a first light report once the clouds clear off?
  6. The thought of a 6" refractor as a finder did make me smile, then again I guess it is when you consider the focal length of the 16" SCT!
  7. Yes indeed, pixel scale is a function of focal length (which is why we need match cameras to telescopes)I did have this in mind, only I thought they were playing with the same focal length. Having looked at the question again, Noah has 1000mm (2000mm x 0.5 with the reducer) and Jemima has the native 2000mm I'm still not sure who the winner is? is it the person who's arcseconds per pixel best matches their seeing conditions If it's Jemima, I hope she wins a massive mount and obsy for that telescope!
  8. This is such an open ended puzzle Olly has put forward Who wins? I guess that depends on what assumptions we make! I assumed it was DSO imaging because this is Olly we're talking about here, and I also assumed the camera was the same, so the same arcseconds per pixel and same binning etc.
  9. Excellent right up! : ) FLO have the AZ gti mount heads without tri[pod in stock, and I'll be giving them a lot of thought over the weekend. I'm also smitten with that new Starbase 80 classic refractor package FLO have just added to their site. It's a gateway drug to Takahashi's lol
  10. No worries It's a classic and classy looking scope. Should be a very good grab n go lunar/planetary scope, and maybe some doubles and brighter DSO's I've been away and read a couple of user reports and owners seem to love it for what it is. I can imagine chilling out under a waxing Moon with this scope, a hand full of Ortho's, and a glass of wine. I once wanted a bespoke Moonraker refractor for that role but I reckon this scope would also fits the bill!
  11. Sounds like a plan! If I may? What's your opinion of the AZ-GTI? I'm looking at putting together a portable rig that can at least track, and I'm torn between the AZ gti and the iOptron Skyguider Pro.
  12. Nice buy! Did you get a tripod with it? I can't see from the photo's? Also consider getting a 0.96 to 1.25" diagonal or adaptor so you can use modern 1.25" eyepieces (if not included) The SR eyepiece stands for Symmetrical Ramsden, and they were fine for their time, but eyepieces tech as moved on in leaps and bounds since, so the SR might leave you wanting more cheese Gromit
  13. Hi Jock, good spot! I was rather pleased to see FLO adding this to their site too Even though the Starbase 80 is contracted out rather than made by Takahashi themselves, the quote below from Takahashi America shows that the Starbase 80 is intended to get people into the Tak ecosystem. Therefore it makes sense that the Starbase 80 would need to be decently put together, with nicely figured and mounted optics etc in order to achieve that goal. I also don't think they would throw Ortho's at bad optics The Starbase 80 is not manufactured or designed by Takahashi Japan. It is made for th
  14. My word, I've just noticed these appear on FLO's site! it looks like Takahashi have thrown the budget conscious a bone Plus it comes with two nice Ortho's I notice. What a classy looking grab n go setup, I think I want one! https://www.firstlightoptics.com/scopetech-telescopes/starbase-80-refractor-and-mount-package.html EDIT: Well it's made in Japan and has the livery even if it's not strictly a Tak.
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