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Nice Mallee Mars...but better Saturns! ;)

Kokatha man

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Hi SGL'ers, fresh on the heels of a surprisingly reasonable outcome for Mars from our backyard on May 31st we took a punt on the old sports ground at Sedan in the Murray Mallee...low jetstreams but dubious regarding transparency...like at home on the 31st May, the 2nd June showed the possibility of a tiny porthole out there (200km from home) but also the likelihood of 3mm of rain overnight!   :shocked:
Off we went & were greeted by misty skies - but by early evening the rain forecast had been rescinded so we were hopeful that we wouldn't cop a shower during the night...but for such a dry area there was a lot of moisture in the ground from recent heavy rains...
Seeing for Mars was not that flash but we could at least see good detail onscreen...just that little "litmus test" areas such as Nodus Alcyonis etc would not crack into sharpest definition/focus...nonetheless it was pretty reasonable. :)
Constant mist was also affecting some captures quite badly & I let Pat adjust gain on the fly to compensate - not what you really want to do but this was the only way to maintain some sort of uniformity...
I would have started worrying about my eyes & not being able to get a really sharp focus except that Pat was in complete agreement re this - really sharp focus would have meant very good seeing, but we just kept on taking avi's & adjusting the gain for mist dimming the onscreen image until Saturn was almost culminating...although a couple of Mars sets were almost mist-free. :)
Swinging to Saturn (no collimation check after the initial one for Mars - these planets being so close in the sky) displayed pretty good onscreen images but the 4th set started with a very good red...followed by a similar green...& then a good blue...& the next set surpassed that! :) 
That was it for us...after a quick return to Mars for 2 more avi's where the seeing as well as the elevation had dropped quite a bit, the mist rolled back in & we were really tired to boot...here are the images with an iR Mars & Saturn still to process...sometime soon! ;)
Probably need to click on these images - the first Mars with another image showing all the individual channels...of particular interest in the Mars images are those "amazing" winds sweeping the Martian skies. For Saturn the numerous storm features on the disk are testament to both the seeing & great elevation we enjoy in Sth. Oz. :)






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Thanks for all the kind words folks...very Wintery weather ( well, for us!) atm but hope to still get some more Mars' opportunities...it'll be Neptune & Uranus soon with Neptune already high up before dawn - but there's  a limit to our masochistic behaviour..! :)

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