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  1. The Celestron "white paper" explains what they did to reduce mirror flop etc, it is a very informative piece of work. I might wonder if Celestron could "cherry pick" the better mirror sets for the Edge?
  2. I put the 2.5" CFL on my 120ED as it gave the needed extra in focus for my Baader wedge. It also holds a pile of weight.
  3. Thanks for the offer Dave but Ive just moved on from that Hb and will just purchase something else when needed.
  4. I just got my Glatter (RIP Howie) tublug/laser and holy cow does this thing work! and it makes primary collimation so easy espc for my truss dob. In comparison to the Catseye cheshire it is very close, if not the same. My Catseye triangles seem made for the tublug. I think I'll change the triangles to hotspots down the road though as I heard us collimation fanatics can get a bit more accurate with them. ATM I run all red triangles. Of course I could always pull out the AC
  5. Its back Dave and locked.
  6. Yes I don't doubt it, your filter specs are superb! and better than mine
  7. Hey Iain, I'll trade ya?!
  8. We have a Heritage 130P dob and its fantastic, both on DSO and lunar planetary. These scopes punch way above their weight IMHO. Keep the eyepieces on the light side-the ES 82 6.7mm weight is fine and the supplied Super 25 is actually pretty good, showing us the Rosette neb,Veil neb etc under dark skies with a UHC filter. The supplied 10mm leaves a bit to be desired... I use a cheshire combo tool, but the sec has never been off so we use a cheap refractor collimator (image) -works great. This scope has a Vixen dovetail and can be mounted on a variety of alt az mount/tripods. These are VG scopes.
  9. Thanks for mentioning this, I just printed it.
  10. I'm hoping the Lunt will allow me to wade through the nebula around Sadr like the 21E does... edit: oops forgot this
  11. Glad to hear this Mark, there are a number of people who really like these eyepieces and when I saw Vogel using them in his DSO pursuits I knew there must be something to them. The 30ES 82 is VG, but behind the 21E, the 18 ES 82 vs the 17E is the same result. There are few eyepieces that match Ethos performance with filters but the Lunt might be one of them.
  12. Uh oh... maybe the Lunt will go!
  13. I read your excellent report the other day John and I'm intrigued by a few user reports that these eyepieces go a hair "deeper" than ES 82's. My main interest is with the filters- and for some unknown reason different EP's work better with filters (to me). The little f3.8 200mm is a good but harsh test platform for many EP qualities, but I'll be able to tell immediately if the Lunt equals the Ethos on some nebs, the Pelican is a good test. The Ethos pops the head into view superbly, like a grey photograph really. The Lunt is lighter than the 21E as well which will be nice for my short little dob.
  14. Well after hearing about this eyepiece I wanted to see if it offers Ethos contrast with a OIII/UHC. ES is good but behind the TV in this respect so we'll see... I wonder if the 21E is in jeopardy?
  15. Thanks Mark, I hope to get some insight on these telescope designs I don't have any experience with and just came across the thread. I am particularly interested in the Intes scopes in comparison with the C8 SCT class. The posts have given some good info already- I really need to look through these type scopes some how.