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  1. Heritage 130 on Barnards Loop

    Everything I can see so can you What is your next challenge? Thanks btw Neil!
  2. Heritage 130 on Barnards Loop

    I can observe for a few hours usually but in the extreme cold the eyes will start to go sometimes - a signal to get warm.Most really cold sessions are 2 hours or so and the real problem is the eyepieces, they will frost up badly when the eye gets near them. This happened last night during my second session. All told I was out for 4 hours last night. I tried the Eridanus Loop last night but the H130 needs a shroud to protect from reflected starlight on the snow. I have hope that the H130/shroud can pull out the E Loop. The 200mm will give it a go very soon...
  3. Heritage 130 on Barnards Loop

    I have previously caught a shade edge up there when panning through the area, I will try this one soon
  4. First the ending...the H130 is in the house frozen to the mount and the mount frozen to the tripod, yes, it's cold-and clear, with temps dropping to -30c this week possibly. The H130 performs superbly in these temps actually and tonight it was strutting its stuff! Many objects were observed, warming up the eyes for some dimmer objects. The HH was a swing and a miss and while a tiny bit of IC434 was seen, I hold no hope for this object with this telescope but that's OK as the table top newt pulled out Barnards Loop very well tonight. It is very capable on these large nebula and I followed the Loop roughly 6 deg using M78 as the midpoint and locator, the curve in the Loop was followed along the near edge to M78. The H130 showed Barnards Loop very well. The successful eyepieces were the 32mm TV plossl,25mm TV plossl and the 25mm Super plossl and with an Astronomik Hb and the DGM NPB. Yes, the NPB shows the Loop as does the excellent Astronomik. The 25mm Super plossl has a harder time on M78 with the Hb but on the target it did a nice job as did the 25mm TV. The 32mm TV plossl gave more TFOV and exit pupil which for me really added to the view. So good that... Seeing the Loop was not difficult with the Astronomik Hb and 32mm plossl. I don't want to sound flipant here- the fact is under these conditions of extreme transparency (snow washed skies) and darkness 21.7 (snow on ice) this telescope gave surprising view of the target. Anyone with this telescope or a similar one can see these objects I report- just find some dark skies. Have fun out there!
  5. Defining the Cone Nebula

    A few years of trying to see it defines this object for me. Success came thankfully and this one isn't easy-for me anyway. Helix has good information on the Cone and what can be seen, hopefully she will chime in. Another excellent thread Iain.
  6. Isn't it great when the sky co operates! Last night I viewed the Pleiades Bubble using a 2.8 deg to 3.2 deg TFOV and it takes on a 3D quality and is stunning. I see the "bubble" very much like this sketch, which to me gives the best visual representation of it. I spent an hour on this object last night with the 200mm f3.8, what a sight! For me, with my eyes a filter only kills the view of this reflection neb. This object is worth pursuing and can be one of the best IMHO.
  7. Observing session with 15x70 Binos and Heritage 130P

    Yes I'm considering something too- I'm going to try a hvy 12.5mm widefield to see how it is- at 18 oz it de collimated the scope enough to prevent Epsilon Lyrae from splitting though. With other scopes I have used surprising mag on the Merope. The interior of the Pleiades is jet black, beautiful really, intermixed with the glow of the other stars nebs and then the finger like glows subtly interrupting the blackness . The Merope itself will extend into the outer neb glow. Eagerly waiting further reports on the Merope as well as the Pleiades and its "bubble"!
  8. Observing session with 15x70 Binos and Heritage 130P

    Congrats for a great beginning on the Merope nebula! 2 questions: can you see the center of the Pleiades as darker than the immediate outer area? Do you have a 1.25" eyepiece in the 14mm-18mm range? Sometimes when looking at the Merope specifically a bit more mag defines it better.
  9. Observing session with Skywatcher Heritage 130P

    This is VG news Neil!
  10. Observing session with Skywatcher Heritage 130P

    I like to approach the bright side of the moon and watch to see any field lightening before it comes into view. Also, a really widefield full view of the moon will show the light blown all over with scatter. Do you always observe the terminator? The ES 24/68mm should show more along the terminator with out a filter ( I have a NEO too) IMHO, unless the filter is reducing a pile of visible scatter... My 18ES 82 is fine with no filter (other scopes/2" EP). Eagerly waiting your report!
  11. Observing session with Skywatcher Heritage 130P

    I own the 32mm TV and 25mm TV plossls...same results. I'm thinking I need a tight OIII with good transmission, like yours. If you compare the scatter on the moon with your orthos vs the 24ES how much more does the ES have?
  12. Observing session with Skywatcher Heritage 130P

    I like all thoughts on things Neil, yours are much appreciated. I can see parts of Pickerings Triangle with the NPB but there is more to gain here I think. One feature that is a bit underwhelming is the split in the broom- how well do you see the western Veil? Do you see structure in the eastern Veil?
  13. Observing session with Skywatcher Heritage 130P

    Thanks Mark. I'm puzzled with the view of the Veil through this scope- its good with the NPB but not great- it should be better considering the views of the other nebs. How are other H130 owners seeing the Veil? what filter is used?eyepieces?
  14. Observing session with Skywatcher Heritage 130P

    Mark, I have a few more comments on the H130 but I don't want to hijack your thread! Permission to proceed? Your excellent report has opened the Heritage floodway lol!