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  1. I too had a Tasco 60mm and used to open my bedroom window on the old 2 story house and half crawl out on a porch roof below to use this bad boy in the very early '70's.
  2. This is a delicate beautiful object with many "circular" lanes revealing the "Rose". This is a goto favourite object. M37 in Auriga is another spectacular object that likes mag and a widefield.
  3. Absolutely true. also @Orange Smartie this object likes mag with a widefield eyepiece. Try upping the mag once the smattering of stars is found IMHO.
  4. Excellent! We have similar dobs, did you track somehow to image this? native or barlowed? I'm going to try imaging soon I hope and might try my dob.
  5. I need no filters to view up to 15"- the 24" is too bright for me. I use binoviewers in my scopes which "halves" the light to each eye. Low power bino views are amazing.
  6. Youre welcome Goran! The dark nebs are a hobby in itself for me, from seeing those around the NAN and also in it, over to Aquila and there are some very nice displays.Then the area around M24 has splendid dark ones to see. I just checked the size roughly- what size is the DN B14? I think I need around 3 deg to see it properly.
  7. Excellent Goran! Thanks for the map identifying these- I'm going to check and see if theres a chance visually on this, size basically.
  8. My south view over looks Voyageurs NP, 5 km away across the lake, Quetico is not far, the boundary is about 40km so yes I live in the dark skies of NW Ontario. I sure hope we can protect these types of skies across the globe Jeremy.
  9. Very good news for the world- Quetico has been awarded the IDSP designation along with our neighbours to the south including Voyageurs NP and the Boundary Waters Canoe area. We need more, and not just in national parks. NW Ontario Canada and northern Minnesota still have pristine skies that need protecting. https://www.darksky.org/quetico-provincial-park-awarded-international-dark-sky-park-designation/
  10. Lots of time in the future Vlaiv, no rush. Shack Hartman or Zygo? and... do we really want to know how bad or good are scope is anyway? one thing for sure- if the test results on a scope aren't that good- look out! the test or tester will take the blame... Actually I eagerly wait for you to figure this out so I can try it.
  11. Heres one of the maps from NASA https://ozonewatch.gsfc.nasa.gov/Scripts/big_image.php?date=2021-02-20&hem=N&section=HOME
  12. Great report Stephan, your 12.5mm eyepiece is also a favourite of mine- very high transmission and contrast. Markarians chain... what an excellent visual object set, congrats for a fine session!
  13. Hardly any traffic and limited industry but I looked at the ozone map and its was a big swath across much of the west, coming from the north and over in Russia too. It was yellow on the map, I'll try to find it again. I don't know much about ozone but I do know its good high up and not so good down low.
  14. Excellent! thanks for mentioning this. We actually had a "poor air " warning because of this- ozone somehow came very close to the ground on a few very cold nights. I could notice it as climbed my hill.
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