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  1. Looking for one of these scopes with mount and wooden tripod. Not too fused with ota/mount/tripod condition (within reason) providing optics are good. Ideally north east of England but will travel once able for the right one
  2. Best of luck on the full package however if you sell seperate I'd be interested in the scope + flattener.
  3. Looking for one of these with polarscope and bag. Inbox me your price. Ta
  4. Took the little one to a darkish camp site last night and she was in awe at the sky and seen her first "shooting star" which was the cherry on the cake. She's suggested some binoculars to help her out but i spend most my time imaging and clueless about visual so need some help. I've bought some opticron 10x50 for myself as they seem highly regarded for price/quality any idea of something similar for an 8 year old? Ideally something that won't break the bank as it might not stick but sething good enough to show her whats there? Thanks Matt
  5. Just curious to see if anyone has one of these in good condition before i buy off ebay. Thanks
  6. I think if you stick it up it will almost be an instant sale
  7. Thanks for the answers that makes total sense. I'll hold out for them to come back in stock then just wanted to make sure the 2nd gen wasnt coming in a month. I think the only thing it improves is wifi? Thanks
  8. Hi, im trying to get my hands on a star adventurer pro but they seem out of stock almost every where. Im wondering if this is in preparation for the v2? My question is should i just wait for the newer version to land in the uk? Or is it still some time off in which case I'll keep looking for the v1 option Thanks
  9. Just another update I've messaged everyone back and its still for sale. Mount is going on astrobuy tomorow. Good luck!
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