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  1. Many thanks for the encouraging comments Guys, much appreciated
  2. After a long absence from astro photography, couldn't resist a high gibbous moon and shot a few of my favourite moon features: Plato region, Sinis Iridum, Gassendi, Copernicus and Clavius region. Fair seeing. C9.25 QHY5L-II mono red filter. F15. 200 frames from 2,000 each, AS2 and Astra Image Plus.
  3. The good seeing has helped you bring out the very best out from this imaging run. Your excellent capture and processing has resulted in a very detailed image that many with a larger scope would be more than happy with (me included)
  4. Very good Michael. The stereo image holds very well and does appear to enhance the detail.
  5. An excellent testament to the superb C8 optics and the absolute value of very good seeing, and of course expert processing
  6. Very nice Angie, well worth the early morning effort
  7. A great collection of very fine shots there Neil especially under bright skies. You must be very pleased with that scope, filter and camera combination!
  8. Nice one Simon all things considered, low altitude etc. Looks like we will have plenty of time to get really good at lunar imaging over the next few years until the planets, apart from Jupiter next year, reach acceptable elevations
  9. Another superbly detailed shot from the big scope Luc especially considering the sky brightness.
  10. Many thanks for your comments guys, glad you like it
  11. Just another pretty crescent moon shot 127 Mak, single frame Canon 1100D.
  12. Very impressive, look forward to the Mars ones.
  13. No depressing isn't it. Let's try to get crowd funding for a communal villa (observatory !) in the Canaries
  14. Beautiful sharp image !
  15. Great image Pete especially under UK skies !
  16. Beautiful images John, very jealous
  17. Excellent images especially at such a low altitude, thought it was bad enough here at 14 degrees ! Second Stuart's point about imaging for longer due to their slow rotation but you may also want to try stacking 500 frames or more from each colour from this capture as 100 from 2000 would normally be far to few.
  18. Good capture Stuart especially at this late stage, and better than anything I managed this time around.
  19. Excellent shot Avani good to see your perseverance rewarded !
  20. Some very fine shots
  21. Many thanks for your kind comments guys. If you are looking for a new camera John you could do worse than get a QHY5l-II mono, they have come down in price to around £160.00 now. A couple more shots taken at the same time, same processing etc., thought I would add them here rather than start a new post -
  22. Hi Luis, Good to see the big Dob in action, great shots of all my favourites I use the QYH5l-II which uses the same chip as the ASI120MM and I agree its a brilliant lunar (and planetary) camera.
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