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  1. Damian Peach's C14 for sale on ABS

    James you're right - all those photons must have mullered the optics by now. He didn't post any images that he'd taken with it, so I reckon it's shot. £2500???.... you're 'avin a larf. Yes,that would do it. Probably got fed up with the excess baggage costs.
  2. Just noticed Damian Peach has his C14 up for sale, if anyone's got their Christmas bonus early! Goodness knows what he's replacing it with!
  3. ISS from 5th October

    OK thanks - I'm probably overthinking it! But with so little clear sky I always try and plan everything to the nth degree!
  4. Hello from Grand Rapids, MI

    Hi and welcome! Let us know how you get on!
  5. ISS from 5th October

    Couple of further questions if you don't mind! I'm planning a go at imaging the ISS with a mono camera and wondering if I should use a filter, maybe LUM or IR block? No idea what would be best! Is your ASI120 mono, and if so did you use a filter? Also I read somewhere that global shutter is better, because rolling shutter can cause distortion - I guess if you're not panning this could happen. Your ASI120, like my ASI1600 and ASI290 is rolling shutter so clearly it's possible. Any thoughts anyone?
  6. cheap DSLR

    I think you want one of these. One side goes to your camera and the other has a female 42mm thread - your focuser should have a 42mm male thread to connect to that. You can get one like this - which has a removalble 1.25" nosepiece which can go in same as your eyepiece would - BUT you may not reach focus as it brings the camera about 25mm further out. As has been said there is a 48mm version for use with a coma corrector, but maybe just get the 42mm version for now.
  7. ISS from 5th October

    Hi Don - and thanks for the guide! One other thing. I experimented doing a dummy run with my scope on an EQ mount and found it really awkward. Did you use an AZ mount?
  8. cheap DSLR

    Mine is a black tube 200P, but focus is same as yours - need to be about 1/2" out when connected direct.
  9. cheap DSLR

    BTW just noticed there's a 550D for sale on ebay current bid £121 - ends in 1 hour 12 mins. No idea what its like though, but seller has good feedback.
  10. cheap DSLR

    It seems its the inward travel that some folk found to be a problem. I have a 200P - which I subsequently converted to DS - but even as standard it would reach focus OK. BUT dont use the 1.25" nosepiece to connect otherwise you may not get close enough - the EOS converter connects directly to the 2" connector on the focuser.
  11. cheap DSLR

    Hi. Dont get too fixated on the number of pixels. If you're going with an APS-C format the sensor size will obviously be the same for all of the camera types youre considering. In practice if you're viewing the image on a PC / laptop the image will be "reduced" to fit on the screen - so having a bazillion pixels wont really help, excepting that it allows you to crop a section if required without losing resolution. Sorry if that may be obvious! Couple of other thoughts. There's a good website for astromodded cameras here. He has a 1000D for £185. I know that's outside your stated budget, but maybe you could hang a while! Also if you can get a Canon 550D cheaply that possibly an even better bet, because if you want to do planetary it has a videcrop mode which gives full resolution videos. I've has some very good results with this. The problem is that if you budget too tightly, you may want to upgrade pretty soon and then it will have cost you more in the longer run. That said, if you buy carefully you can always sell on afterwards and only incur a slight loss, or even make a small gain. And you can definitely get some great pictures with any of the cameras you're considering. One other thought for what its worth. The most exciting result i think I ever got was with an unguided 150PDS and an unmodded camera on an EQ3 - probably 60 second subs from memory. I captured the supernova in M82 at its best just by careful polar alignment and a bit of planning. Technically not my best pic, but probably the most rewarding. So don't be talked into overspending! Good luck and have fun!
  12. More DSS help needed!

    Hi Tim I had similar problem - not quite the same but very similar. The problem seemed to be fixed by reducing the number of stars - BUT adjusting the slider to change the star detection threshold in itself didn't fix it. It also needed the "Reduce noise by using a median filter" option ticked. Do you have that checked I wonder?
  13. ISS from 5th October

    Thats crazy!! Howd you do that?? I cant image locating the ISS on a relatively small chip like the ASI120. Do you mind sharing your technique?
  14. Flaming Star and Tadpoles nebulae in Ha

    I've read lots of reports of IS type issues - so obvious question perhaps, but cant you switch the IS off?