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  1. Tommohawk

    Jupiter + GRS, 14th June

    That's very kind of you- thanks! This year I'm using a 250mm aperture rather than 200mm as in the past, so I was hoping to see some improvements. I guess this year its a bit lower, so maybe that's it. I had hoped to drive over to Spain or Portugal to gain some elevation, but that hasn't been possible. BTW this is last years effort with 200mm which I think is better. Just checked and this was 33deg rather than 23, so that probably makes the difference.
  2. Tommohawk

    Jupiter + GRS, 14th June

    Thanks Carole and David and thanks all for the likes. Those frame rates seem slow David. Depends on the camera and pc of course - you need highish gain and reduced exposure time and the minimum size ROI you can get away with. Not sure what settings u use?
  3. Tommohawk

    Jupiter Evolution -7 & 9th May 2018

    Sorry, my typo!
  4. Tommohawk

    Jupiter + GRS, 14th June

    TBH I wasn't expecting a straightforward session because I'd only just got my software set up again after my Windows failure of a few weeks back. It took forever to get it all reloaded and then all the correct settings applied. Amazingly, Stellarium and Stellariumscope + the ASCOM software all decided to co-operate and the basics all went well. I have a 40 minute slot between the trees where I can catch Jupiter just after the meridian so still about 23 deg elevation, but I have to work really fast - locate Jupiter with camera only, then switch in the powermate - fingers crossed that its still in the frame, and then focus double quick , and then go go go! Actually I discovered a neat trick on my previous session for locating Jupiter if its out of frame once the powermate is switched in. If I rack up the gain, and deliberately defocus, the resulting image is much larger and some part of it is usually in the frame. From there by just moving slight E/W or N/S I can usually locate it precisely. Anyhow the one thing I did forget was to set the USB traffic in Firecapture down to 80 - I've no idea what this actually does, but the net effect was that the early AVIs the FPS was sorely reduced. I think I solved this previously by using the RAM buffer rather than changing the USB traffic settings, but this time I didn't get to experiment until after the event. Seems to work well with both USB traffic reduction and RAM buffer so that's what I'll run with next time. In the end I got just short of 200fps for red and a bit less for G and B. Anyhow this is the end result - the seeing looked very good given the poor elevation but the end result somehow doesn't quite match up to my expectation. In the end I processed just one 2 minute run for each of RG and B. Quattro 250 with Powermate x5, ASI290MM (gain 390)+ ZWO EFW, Wavelets in Registax6, stacked in Autostakkert (best 15%), derotated in Winjupos, and a bit of final fiddling in PS. Hope u like it, grateful for any thoughts/comments.
  5. Tommohawk

    Jupiter Evolution -7 & 9th May 2018

    Very nice Jupiter images! Surprising amount of detail for an 6" scope.
  6. Tommohawk

    Jupiter from Bembridge 14/06

    Nice job.... last years was nicer though! Hopefully you'll get your kit sorted before Jupiter pushes off for another year.
  7. Tommohawk

    Europa transit - 6 June 2018

    Nice images Geof especially given the low elevation. Shame about the dew band issue - the last one would have been great!
  8. Tommohawk

    Jupiter 19th May - slow process!

    Thanks for the likes and comments folks! I really wanted to check out the Quattro 250 to see how well it would double for planetary - I think this proves it's passably capable, but it's not up to the same standard I got with my 200PDS last year. The low elevation and limited seeing doesn't really make for a fair test, so I cant really tell whether the extra aperture is helping. In any event, I've found the Quattro 10S a bit of a beast so I may revert to a 200 for DSOs and a dobbie for planetary. That's the current plan anyhow..... next week's plan will be different of course!
  9. Tommohawk

    M16 from Astro campsite

    Hi Carole. Very nice and the crop works well!
  10. Hi All. Last couple of years I've had great views to the south and managed some pleasing Jupiters, but now back to a very small southerly window and struggling to get anything much esp with Jupiter so low. I went to my my local dark sky site for this - not so much for the sky as just to get a view to the south and South east so I could get set up in plenty of time. Clouds rolled in at 11.30 so this was shot a while before maximum elevation. Tried again a couple of nights later from home and the set up was good - I get about 40 mins on Jupiter between trees but the seeing was awful. So this might be my best shot this time round. Then I had the windows update debacle and lost my set - up though not my data fortunately - and have only just got round to processing this. On holiday in the Algarve at the moment as luck would have it with great views of Jupiter and wishing Ryanair would have somehow made room for my planetary set up. Anyhow this was a single 2 minute run of RGB processed with Autostakkert (best 15%) Winjupos (R as Lum 60%) and Registax with a tiny tweak in PS and 10% image size reduction. I tried combining multiple 2 minute runs but the earlier ones were really pants and the single latest was best. Kit was Quattro 250 with trusty powermate x5 and ASI290MM. Hope you like it, all comments gratefully received. It's the boring side - no GRS, and no moons or shadows.
  11. Tommohawk

    Windows 10 April Update 1083 - CAUTION!

    Hi Dave - OK thanks I've just looked at that thread. Hobsey has exact same problem. Next time theres an update I'll hold off and do a search here first. Could have saved myself all the grief!
  12. Tommohawk

    Jupiter (Again!) from 19th May

    OK just wondered , not everyone seems to know about it!
  13. ok I never saw that. Fwiw I got pretty good results capturing in colour. Might be worth a go if you're disappointed with your existing result?
  14. Tommohawk

    Jupiter (Again!) from 19th May

    I'd say thats a nice result given the poor conditions. Are you using the EOS 550d in crop mode?
  15. It may just be the low altitude and poor seeing as others have said. I had an ASI290 MC before my mono ASI290MM and TBH I found the results not a million miles different to the mono - IMHO it's a good camera. Your log file looks OK though normally I have high speed set to on (with the mono) If it's not a silly question, why are you capturing in mono - is it maybe to get brighter image/higher frame rate?

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