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  1. Thats nice too, but image now maybe a bit small to see detail?
  2. Thanks... stage one of the cam plan is complete; convincing myself. Stage two is convincing the accountant...
  3. OK thanks for that. I guess the way for me to find out exactly how different it is would be to try it for myself - especially if it simplifies things.. I'm all for that!
  4. Excellent - no criticisms at all then!
  5. Hey thats really good - lots of fine detail. If you're up for criticism the right side has slight rings, but thats being uber picky. Out of curiosity did you use winjupos?
  6. Thats very nice - and collimation of an SCT isnt something I'd want to tackle! Also looking at the info I see you have AS!3 - I thought that was a typo but looking it up I see theres a new version. How did you find it compared to v2?
  7. Agree with everyone else - nice detail and like the processing too. Are you using any barlow - would a x2 be too much do you think? Also wonder why the ASI120 and 224 images seen different scale when pixel size is the same. Can I ask what frame rate you get with the ASI224, and is it USB3 or 2? Sorry - lots of question!
  8. I've had some good experimental results from the EQ3 - but my two trips abroad both got clouded out so not extensive experience. Unguided works OK on bright targets like M42 - from memory I think at F2.8 I can do 2 mins unguided, and with fairly short exposures you get plenty of them so can afford to discard a good few. But I'm expecting to guide for most targets, especially if using filters. That said I'm using a DSLR - with your ASI1600 you may get away with shorter exposures (unless doing narrowband) and maybe with a 180mm lens you could go unguided for most targets - see what others say. TBH you may get away with Star Adventurer mount like MattJ above especially if not guiding. The Tamron lens has quite a decent hood so dew hasn't been an issue but TBH it hasnt really been put to a severe test. I might knock up a DIY heated band. Regarding dew ingress I believe some lenses are classed as weather sealed where otheres arent - not sure about your Nikon. PS as a special favour I'll swap my EQ3 for your Avalon linear if you like!
  9. Excellent - nice write up!
  10. Hi all. Well the weather forecasts were all totally wrong - they all said cloud and I got lots of lovely sun in the afternoon and a nice clear sky 'til 1a.m. Fabulous. Seeing was a bit iffy as GRS hove into view but fortunately settled nicely - well as nicely as can be expected at 31 degrees. Did a series of 210 second clips with no gaps - I've found that this allows me to use short clips if the seeing is iffy or join them together again in PIPP for longer runs if the seeing holds. In the end I joined just 2 clips giving a 7 minute run. BTW I experimented with NTSC format which gives 60 fps rather than PAL which only gives 50, but found that PAL is consistently better - absolutely no idea why. Tried adding more clips and derotating but the result was no better and gave rings. Pleased with the result - I reckon this is as good as I can get with the Canon, and hope to update soon to a dedicated camera. In fact I have a cunning plan... For now: SW200P with Televue PMx5 (gives ~ x7) 7 minutes MOV file at 50 fps in video crop mode, (1/60 exp) ISO 400, best 2% only. PIPP, AS!2, Registax, light twiddle in PS. Hope you like it, happy to receive criticism.
  11. Very nice! The derotation thing does seem a bit variable. I'm just about to post my effort at Jupiter and derotation didnt help at all.
  12. Another fabulous image Avani - keep em coming!
  13. Agree with all this - processing needs some tweaks - but at least youve got the data!
  14. Quick follow on - Stellarium centres correctly and maintains centration in AZ mode. It only wanders if I switch to EQ.
  15. Yes, take your point - it could be out in either direction but from what you its its retrograde now. As you say the differences between planets is probably due to their different respective "year" lengths / relative angular speed cf Earth. Re Stellarium - the plot thickens! If I go to any star near Jupiter (or any star in fact) on Stellarium and centre it, and then wind the time forward, its position shifts away from the centre. This makes it difficult to judge if Jupiter is moving WRT the stellar background. Maybe I'm missing something obvious - again! - but why doesn't Stellarium maintain the centre position? Its very obvious when zoomed in. The same problem is evident even if going to sensor or ocular view, and selecting the NCP. The location seems to change. How can this be?