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  1. Yes as happy kat said, RAW (and there are a few flavors) can be considered what the sensor recorded, camera would normally save this as jpeg and apply all sorts of adjustments, compression/balance. You will get to do this bit yourself in post processing - fun fun fun. You will find RAW's take up lots of storage, memory card etc. Do check 'long exposure noise reduction' you want this off, make your own darks if you need them. Mirror lock up, screen off etc. Nice lens, photoshop has 'lens correction' whatsits for straightening the distortion you will see in daytime use, not sure what software you will be using. We have found 800 or 1600 iso worked well on our crop Canons. Must be close to your holiday - enjoy.
  2. Brilliant, given that it's Sydney and a bit milder than blighty looks mighty comfortable, good on yer.
  3. Kit lens is would be a good buy, I guess I would go with the mpb lens above (I don't know camerajungle) - f3.5 or f4 won't make much difference to you, you will be able to shoot astro (short exposures stacked) and star trails, play around during the day taking holiday snaps and learning. What fun. Holiday snaps set save to jpeg for astro set to raw (big files), get as much playing in before you go, the internet is full of guides. Back when dslr's were film the 50mm lens was supplied with most cameras because that was thought to be what we see out of our eye. The Canon 'nifty 50' lens is thought to be very good value for money and the f1.8 means twice as fast as the kit lens = half the exposure time for same shot perhaps - with astro you are juggling with exposure - f stop, iso, time (speed). Best advice is keep it simple.
  4. Still nice Ludd, you following me up from poets corner, nicer skys here
  5. Nice Ludd and from Forest Hill, good stuff.
  6. 'single 5 min exposure without any processing' very nice, what a great start
  7. On my way to the IAPY award ceremony

    As above, well deserved and enjoy it, I am sure you will.
  8. M27 The Dumbbell Nebula in bi-colour

    OK, so I take the blame for this sorry Janie. The more I look at pictures of this nebula on the net the more complicated and varied it seems to get - let me add a disclaimer in here: I am no imager and have no understanding of processing, I do like a nice deep space picture and enjoy seeing the technology for acquiring them advancing. So pleased I don't have to buy filters and stuff. Just came across this page on the astrodonimaging site, Don Goldman's M27 in a Different Light NII. I guess some of you may have seen it before, taken in 2008. Don is convinced the outer shell is NII, the interesting fact (new for me) is that the wider Ha filters (above 5nm) pass the NII wavelength, with Ha 3nm & NII 3nm a small overlap occurs but the emissions are different. I am cluttering up this thread enough, time for bed.
  9. Sol 6-9-2017 ha updated stack added

    Nice work Steve, as I page down the shots seem to get better and better, wowsers - thanks.
  10. APOD

    Nice pictures, the APOD and in the link. Food for thought Olly, your not far from the mountains
  11. M27 The Dumbbell Nebula in bi-colour

    Agree, I was looking at a few M27's yesterday and so much red & blue in a lot of them. I like these a lot, supple colours in both. More data may help as you are suggesting, I hope we shall see, are the 3nm filters limiting anything ? just a thought freak-out-version love it.
  12. The Italian Job

    'damn TV aerial' not part of the ISS then ? Nice work Gav, enjoyed.
  13. the lovely double AR today 6-9-17 "updated"

    Nice to see you catch this Charl, good stuff
  14. Is the post an expansion of your byline ? Contentment, it's nicer than that. Well done, like that a lot, so nice to see these spots snatched between the cloud.
  15. I had a look on Sat24 this morning, looked like the only lightly place pictures would come from was The Netherlands and that on the edge of the clouds (we's got rain again). You have not disappointed me Michael. Monday morning as well, great set of pictures - thank you