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  1. Try this OpenStax book, downloadable in different formats, Astronomy from Rice University.
  2. As above, do look at APT as per @tooth_dr above, lots of info and is for canon mostly, good info on the canon matrix page.
  3. Used an RC charger like you linked to above HERE, we would just crocodile clip onto the battery and plug the toy's battery in, did not notice the car battery getting low until packed up and ready to go home. We used a small petrol generator after.
  4. We used to have RC toys, charged the toy batteries off the car battery when out and about, over a long day we managed to flatten all the toy batteries and the car battery, stuck in a field late afternoon !! Someone nice jump started us and we drove around for a while expecting to stall at a junction, see where I am going with this Caravans and small boats have circuits/controls for multi batteries, power for essentials and run the lights and TV off another battery, some sort of circuit that balances the charging. This may not be the most helpful post but the last thing you need is everything flat.
  5. 'That bit of carbon fibre at the top is a joy to behold' I do like a bit of carbon fibre ;-), looks wonderful, great stuff.
  6. Nice, and runs smoothly for me, good work.
  7. Second for me, nice to see stars in the nebula, soft colours.
  8. I get the same, 502 bad gateway
  9. Good to have you back Kev and all the best with the camper and setup, looks a good start.
  10. Ouch! feel for you Graem, lets hope it all drys out OK, suspect it may take a while.
  11. Good work Skarpen, they just get better and better, but then you know that . I do like a nice M27, many thanks.
  12. It was the SPC880NC that Morgans were knocking out super cheap in 2010 that was flashable on a WinXP machine, flashing updated it to SPC900. There was also something that enabled different modes - WcRmac a search on sgl for SPC880NC will find some old postings, also sadly some lost threads are to be found (or not found). Some other web stuff on this camera also disappeared. Good luck with it Barkis. Edit: just tried two 880 flashed to 900 cameras from the back of the drawer, plugged into my Win10pro desktop, device manager shows 'unknown device' no attempt made by windows to plugnplay.
  13. Love the little Tortoise observatory, slide off roof ?
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