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  1. Nice to know it works @vineyard just pointed someone else that way, I downloaded the msi but did not use to install. New lappy arriving soon so will need it myself.
  2. Possibly buried in yesterdays posts, second post down in this thread
  3. I have V 2.03.0 64bit installed on windows 10pro, I also downloaded the msi from yesterdays post, just ran my installed and stitched three snaps quickly and saved as jpg & tif, no mention of online resource here.. Alternatives mentioned in that post, good luck.
  4. I have used Hugin and AutoStitch sometimes it seems a different programme will give a better result, I don't stich astro.
  5. @vineyard Found this thread, possibly same as @Mognet - thread here - second post down.
  6. Found a thread on CloudyNights https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/623451-svbony-sv105/ It may help or you may have found it yourself, some nice snaps taken with a C14, Have you looked at the Sharpcap forums https://forums.sharpcap.co.uk/
  7. What a nice box, love the sash window catch - I'm sad I know...........
  8. Very nice, very much enjoyed the animation - smooth and left wanting more, thanks.
  9. Welcome Ash, here's a link to a big book, free to download and read. I think you will get a lot of help from this forum, remember SGL likes questions.
  10. Was thinking the same, lots of short exposures. I am sure I have seen examples on the internet.
  11. Good work @malc-c, stay with us.
  12. We were lucky our 450d worked on reassembly, this was years ago. I can remember the seating of the ribbon cables caused most problems. Not helpful I know but you have our sympathy. Take it to bits and try again and better luck next time.
  13. This is worth a look even if your computer cannot implement, https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/501733619/
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