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  1. Spotted some Maxvision on eBay, may be helpful.
  2. Great stuff as usual James, looking forward to the full report & timelapse Love the view from the kitchen.
  3. That's great, love the way the foreground is static as you say, car headlights passing and everything slowly darkens. Edit: looking at the faeries-sculpture link above and the infrared picture, I am guessing that would be @melsky
  4. Just noticed a link on HUKD suggesting library card holders can borrow a telescope, also a number of astro related talks at Leicester Square. May be of interest if you are local, good on Westminster. Edit: just found a using video...........
  5. Mick J

    Help! 550d disassembly problem

    Screwdriver for mobile phones ? just guessing here.............
  6. Mick J

    Last one in the M27 series, I promise.

    That's nice Andy, can't have to many M27's.
  7. Outrageous Graem, wonderful stuff, the result and then the concept
  8. Wonderful again Yves, I like it lots as well looking at Flickr that looks like just over 21 hours exposure.
  9. Mick J

    M27 RGB 5x5m each

    Hallingskies is correct, you are a brave man Andy - setting up in a public park. That's a nice M27, good size and colour for 75minutes.
  10. Great shot Peter, nice and natural.
  11. The 70-200 is a great lens, good price/performance, another favorite is the 'nifty fifty' cheap, plastic & sharp but that's not your question, a second hand 70-200 f4 has served us well over the years, daytime nightime etc.
  12. Thanks for bringing this thread back to life (enjoying the LRGB thread as well). Nice to follow you guys playing together
  13. Mick J

    Hello from sunny Malvern

    Welcome Polaris, you can get all the answers here and may find a steep learning curve - always umteen ways of doing things, what fun ! Malvern, what a nice place, walked those hills a few times, you are not far for the SGL starparty in October.
  14. Mick J

    The Dumbbell nebula

    That looks great, thanks Alex. 15hrs cmos narrowband and 2hrs RGB from DSLR, good work
  15. Cracking image as usual Maurice, nice work

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