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  1. Mick J

    Looking for some where in Wales

    South west, would AstroAdventures be of interest.
  2. As Steve said above the mount is very important, good reliable tracking and can be a major cost. Will the new telescope also be used for visual ? and what camera do you have in mind ? Remember that a dslr and good lens would give you a good start.
  3. Mick J

    Worthy stars.

    Right click on images, context menu will give options to save or copy.
  4. Mick J

    Free Kindle Astronomy book

    Yes a good find, I have been dipping in and out of it, easy to read and some very good illustrations. From OpenStax and a PDF is available if you don't want an ibook/kindle also the opportunity to read online.
  5. Mick J

    PSA - 20% off Affinity Photo

    Until Monday 7th, three tries with the url and cannot get it to link from here? I give up.
  6. Mick J

    Flashing a Toucam pro 2

    Hi Russ and welcome to SGL, you are going back a few years with the use of Toucams, good luck. I found an old thread that may or may not help you and if you search the diy pages you may find others. Can I suggest another camera the early xbox camera is very cheap and easy, but if you can get the Toucam to work the quality will be better (good ccd chip). Mostly these days astro cameras are easily available, back then modified web cams were almost the only way. I am sure more advice will be forthcoming.
  7. Mick J

    Lenovo Thinkpad

    Running Thinkpad 100 Win10 never seen that one, search may (may) suggest tablet mode related or as simple as mouse buttons reversed in settings. Good luck
  8. Mick J

    ZWO ASIAIR For Windows Tablet

    Google play is Android only, had a quick search on Windows apps but from the ZWO site 'ASIAIR supports both IOS and Android systems' Another solution may be cheap android tablet.
  9. Mick J

    Upgrading HD Desktop System with SSD Drive!

    At that price get another and clone the new drive (regularly), new drive pops and a quick swap out.
  10. Mick J

    Favourite eea camera?

    Great pictures from Don & Paul, best get yourself out to Hawaii or Bendigo Louise
  11. Some of the latest phones have a cracking camera, my Huawei 9 has more options than I've looked at, something called 'light painting' with a sub menu including 'star track', couple of screen shots of menu and results, short and longer exposures - I think it just keeps going until I switch it off. Results from chucking the phone on the garden table and picking it up later.
  12. Not sure about closed, Google link for android install on smartphone/tablet and developers english website link. Good descriptions on the webpages, latest update yesterday (26/11) beta extended till April 2019, free while in beta.
  13. Mick J

    The 14" build is finally underway

    Looking great Dave, that MDF is new to me - replacement for marine ply, looks useful but expensive but then...........
  14. Mick J

    Prints on aluminium.

    Shame about the scratch Ciarán, I think the acrylic looks vulnerable but has more pop. Spent up for now.
  15. Mick J

    Prints on aluminium.

    Hi @Xiga, this is not going to be very helpful, I have had both outside in cloudy diffuse light, inside with more reflections than seems possible, I don't like any of the snaps I have taken. Over all I prefer the gloss of the acrylic - looks bright and more like on the screen whatever that means. A little more expensive than the aluminium and remember to add £6.99 for postage. With BonusPrint the aluminium is printed on the top surface, with the acrylic it's printed on the rear, other company's may differ, there is no colour adjustments made, they print what you give them, personally I think the red in both has come out a bit to much, the acrylic version has a blacker background more towards grey with the aluminium. Both have glued mounts and screws/plugs included. There is still the discount code above at 50% 'BPXMAS' tho there always seems to be some sort of discount. I asked Photobox and their aluminium is also matt finish. Snap shows acrylic on top of the aluminium, edge detail etc.

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