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  1. La Palma, I like to think the island is shaped like a wedge - thick end in the north with the observatories on the top. If you are in the south at sea level the beaches may be easier to get to, staying half way up the wedge you may be above the cloud but the Roc is still a twisty road away and the beach a twisty road in the other direction. The walking is fun and can be steep, people are wonderful, roads are mostly empty and the sky stunning - avoid that moon if you can.............. thinking should go back.......
  2. Guide scope Shpock bargain

    An interesting site, put telescope in the search box and lots to see, thanks
  3. What to do with my Lunt 80mm?!

    Hope you get what you want from this Ian, I have always enjoyed your work here, always interesting results and solutions. Laters, Mick
  4. Total lunar eclipse montage

    Well Andy, you can tell the wife that people on the other side of the world like it good work, nice composition, thanks
  5. It was 404ing when I saw it just after it was listed, wonder who was on the button if it has sold.
  6. Wow, that looks a good buy, resisting...........
  7. Super Blue Moon

    Good work Alex, very nice
  8. EOS 1000d Astro-Modification Report

    Been a great read John, good to see you still have your eyesight and thumbs. you will notice a difference - look forward to seeing the difference - looking for Ha filters is the next step, 2" will do I believe (too much pink in that room John, carpet, couch and who has pink doors.........) @icebergahed take it slowly and carefully, we worked via Gary's instructions and video and kept notes.
  9. Canon 450D mod ??

    It was along time ago when we did ours (my disclaimer), I am not sure what John decided to go for - we shall see. I can remember having to break the filter out of the plastic surround and breaking the filter, I am pretty sure it was the one marked 'IR Cut Filter' and believe we left the Low Pass Filter -1 alone. We replaced the filter with an Astrodon filter to help keep focus, if I were to do it again I would not replace, camera is only used for astro. Hope that's helpful, expect John has taken pictures and will post later.
  10. Canon 450D mod ??

    Two other threads modding a 1000d, much the same as the 450d - first - second. Worth a look over (especially as John may be starting this afternoon and updating later) the same filter picture is discussed in one of those threads. If you go for it good luck, I think most manage first time, mark a line on the ribbon cables with a felt tip pen then reset to same depth on reassembly, most problems seem to be badly connected cables.
  11. Modding EOS 1000d

    I think that's about it John, we did a 405d a few years ago - took it slowly and over the moon when it worked first time. Just took the first filter as the Gary Honis instructions, keep the screws in pill box's, marked the internal cables before removing. It's usually internal cable's being reclipped that causes problems, often see posts that suggest worked on second or third time putting cable back correctly. Good luck with it, watch the video and keep notes as you go.
  12. Hello Again

    A few more peeps have joined and the software has changed once or twice Welcome back
  13. Copyright Enforcement - Advice

    Greg Parker has a page on his web site of what you cannot do with his work, newforestobservatory.com I am sure this is quite comprehensive, if it stops his pictures being ripped off only he can say. Good luck with this.
  14. 24 hour gear for my base help see photos

    Wondering if you can control the motor speed electronically, great linked site - will have to stay off that - And welcome aboard captain.