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  1. Good work Freddie, interesting use of phone and apps. thanks.
  2. Wow, good work again form Steve & Barry, almost feel that jellyfish.
  3. That all sounds awful Thomas, almost freezing in the Spanish night air, long drive in the Nissan and only just able to squash your kit into the boot. Wish you all the best with it - looks wonderful, expect you will have more data than you have time to process, thanks for the report.
  4. Comprehensive guide to making your own here https://www.blackwaterskies.co.uk/2013/05/making-your-own-nichrome-dew-heater-bands/
  5. Welcome Crowey, had to google Rayleigh, what a great place to work. Used to live in the area many moons ago - shame the pub has gone that was special back in the day, another story.
  6. I was seeing the same as you Graham, turned off my add blocker & Avast for 10 minutes, seemed to make no difference, loaded the Straton page again and chose 'show original' in the translate popup, download page opened, software (demo) downloaded OK. Also on that page is the same link as Carole's above to pay for full version, I have used digital river before and would like to think its the same, no secure connection warning from Avast (back on).
  7. I find most a bit bright even in red mode, this one has first on red, second white at half power and third press full white. Long hold on button switches to off from any mode, so on/off red is easypeasy.
  8. There are some snaps with/without in this thread that may be of interest.
  9. I should think much the same applies, early Canon cameras had a one piece filter that was often replaced with clear glass to protect the sensor and maintain focus, newer cameras the filter is in two parts, remove one for increase to red light remove both for full spectrum (infrared) - that's my understanding and ........... Great link from @wxsatuser Do you know what the clip in filter is ?
  10. Perhaps your Canon 300D is 'full spectrum' modified ? There is a range of modifications to Canon DSLR's, removing the original filters in front of the sensor and possibly replacing with filters with higher pass filters to extend the range for astro or daylight infrared. Spend some time on Gary Honis's pages, I am sure he modified 300D's way back then. (EDIT: try this page for starters ) You may be able to adjust the white balance in the camera or processing software.
  11. Difficult jonnydreads, I think you may even struggle with the 300D on windows. You could try a bahtinov mask but the 300D has a small screen.
  12. Found this HERE and there may be others, also look HERE and something like HERE but may be windows only. Also this HERE but all may not be helpful (but should keep you busy), I expect there will be more replies.
  13. Interesting how the roof hinges onto 'brackets' (bit of a hazard in the dark), wonder if it's much more difficult to make it fold down completely and still seal and have a run off/overhang, nice to see the end wall flaps down with both roof sections open. I am with @LeeRich and would do home build, not so hard.
  14. Good picture, no hats for me - but......... (downloaded and renamed with .jpg extender, opens everywhere)
  15. I was thinking some 18mm ply sheets to form internal walls would stiffen it up, possibly don't need all the roof to move, eight foot to play with. Love the link @JamesF not seen a drill like that !!
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