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  1. Mick J

    Prints on aluminium.

    Just had this back from bonusprint, 30x30 aluminium, bear was pleased. (you may remember this @ollypenrice) This is matt finish and quite nice, bonusprint have a promo using code BPXMAS that's 50% off until end Jan 2019 I have just ordered an acrylic print same size/subject to compare, gloss finish. Not used photobox but looking at the prices may be cheaper........
  2. Mick J

    Win 10 Fall Update

    A little update on my 'unactivated' Win10Pro problem described here, after a period of slow internet, email not opening and web slow it seems to have disappeared as if it never happened, Windows is back where it was a few days ago and I have an activated Win10Pro licence as before. Expect that was being adjusted while everything seemed slow. Happy Days.
  3. Mick J

    Win 10 Fall Update

    Thanks again Louise, this morning the grey overlay bottom right of screen is back and still the alert in my settings popup, apart from that no real problem and looking around the net it seem common and random. I believe Microsoft are working on it and will wait until. It's just time wasted following the alerts that lead to nowhere, but been there before.
  4. Mick J

    Win 10 Fall Update

    Hi Louise = my bad a typo it was KB4462933, not sure if it's the update seems to be a microsoft server thing. Grey alert has gone after a reboot - but 'Windows isn't activated, Activate Windows now' link on my settings page. I can downgrade to home or buy pro from store ! Microsoft Store will not allow me to buy Pro, it cannot link to that.
  5. Mick J

    Win 10 Fall Update

    A BIG WATCHOUT ! Sorry for the capitals, update this morning (KB4464933 edit oops KB4462933 slipped a 4 in without checking, thanks Louise) Win 10 pro 1803 64bit, may or may not be the update, possibly new Windows server problem. I am now being advised my Pro licence is fake (I paid Microsoft for Win8Pro and then took the free update to Win10Pro) and I am being asked to downgrade to Win10 Home and whatever....... runs around the room screaming........ don't seem to be able to navigate to anything useful from the current desktop alerts. Found these sites with some info : ZDnet Forbes there may/will be others, guess I just wait until Mr Gates stops playing with his toilet and sorts it out. I would advise to wait a while before updating at the moment, living with a grey alert bottom RH screen asking me to activate windows home, when I try I am asked to go to the store and pay for pro, it's overlayed on everything.
  6. As Rob says, sorry to see you go, always useful and interesting posts, kit should go quickly at that sort of price.
  7. Mick J

    Moving to Spain - Primary Phase

    Looking forward to reading about this adventure, all the best with it, is that a double stacked bathroom cabinet on the back wall ?
  8. Mick J

    One for any electronics experts

    You will find the plastic coating comes away easy enough, more of a problem is the soldering, you need to be quite quick and not cook, short or damage the strip, bit of shrink over after looks good. Clip on connectors are available for led strip.
  9. Mick J

    Win 10 Fall Update

    I installed 1803 at the end of April, I am just downloading & installing '2018-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4462919)'. Suspect I will be on 1809 soon enough. Win 10 pro.
  10. Mick J

    Dumbell Nebula M27

    That's super nice, always enjoy images of M27, always slightly different, good star colour and subtle colours in the neb, good work thanks.
  11. Seems to be plenty of events in Wales, would you be better of at an organised group event, this looks interesting.
  12. Another for Sugru, can make it quite pretty if you want, slow cure over night and remains flexible, and cheap enough.
  13. Mick J

    Has anything changed on SGL? Tablet slow!

    Android tablet atm, not seeing any problems.
  14. Have a new phone with a good camera and was looking for a simple app that would allow me to delay shutter opening and time when the shutter will close, still looking. But did find on Google play store a beta if you like app that looks more than useful, DeepSkyCamera able to set number of shots, length, intervals etc, insists on saving in raw (phone needs to support) and free download and use atm. Cannot link to play store but here is a home page :. https://www.deepskycamera.de

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