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  1. I picked up a Dell OptiPlex 340 mini tower (slightly bigger than the SFF above) on ebay around christmas, very pleased with it. Not much room for extras inside the smallish case but came with 1TB drive and usb3 with 10pro. Watch the drive size the above is 128ssd and you will need lots more storage (hard drives are cheap). Win 10pro works for me and the next major (Creators) upgrade will allow even more flexibility when scheduling minor updates. The HP linked by Hugh looks a good buy.
  2. sharkmelley has a thread here, I don't know how you match these things to scopes, may be helpful.
  3. We went Nicad - NiMh - Lipo and brushed to brushless motors (10th off road Oxon), NiMh were known to explode, I think think the tech was just pushed to far. Lipo and brushless provided so much power and run time we were putting weight in the cars to keep them on the ground, awesome. sorry off topic, did we find the connector?
  4. Not to arduous looking at all the lovely pictures Darryl, rest of thread needs to be come back to - but boring it ain't, many thanks. 'taking it easy lately with lots of fishing etc' sound good to me.
  5. just like 30 years ago - just get a can of magic smoke and refill the controller ...........
  6. Bit unsure on this, but think you need to load the file into PIPP and then can save out as something else or process in PIPP
  7. Or some of the swept bends you cannot get anywhere else for your cables.
  8. As a quick tip, couple of diy focus (stepper/arduino) in the DIY Astronomer threads. If you are handy can be super cheap.
  9. Don't recognise that, not that I know much. What's on the other end of the cable James, battery ? Think you may be snipping off & replacing, example may be the male ? good size - same as your thumb.
  10. Sorry Nova, quick response from me not helping. Telescope is attached to a tracking or guided mount that may be attached to a tripod or fixed device, something like a skywatcher neq5 or neq6 is common depending on budget. Long exposure may require good tracking as you know, narrowband and ccd's even more so. The ASI1600MM-C that Ken suggests is cmos and shorter exposures seem to work (this camera/technology is still new to imagers - still pushing the envelope so to speak). Search around and read up all you can. This equipment is thought to be expensive here in the UK, how you find it in India astounds me.
  11. How are you going to mount this Nova ? Have I missed that somewhere, perhaps in another thread.
  12. Tomorrow looking a bright pass (not transit) and BBC has clear - I know, 20.23 to 20.30 -3.6 You may have time to practice Scosmico.
  13. Very nice James, nice balance of light levels, sky & ground, quite smooth no jumpy cuts or change of pace, I may watch that again
  14. Ouch, feel for you Ray - if that's any use.