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    That's a wonderful M27, good work again Peter, what filters (nm?) are you using down in Spain ?
  2. Late to catch up on this one Sara, it's all been said above - lovely image and a deserved APOD, wonderful stuff again.
  3. Welcome Steve, there is a dedicated binocular forum with lots of advice, This site http://binocularsky.com/binoc_choosing.php may be helpful. Steve Tonkin also keeps a monthly newsletter you may find handy
  4. "Although hard to compare" both look great to me, good work Yves.
  5. Has anyone tried making these DIY OSC CCDs?

    I have glanced (in the past) at a thread on IceInSpace started by Brendan, covers the same camera's I believe. A long read at 42 pages and it's part 2 !! Looks good work from everybody. (as a btb - always good diy stuff on iceinspace)
  6. Zwo Peltier cooler

    I can remember you stacking Peltier's @Gina did you find a difference in the cooling, I can remember being surprised at the time but now understand it's common practice.
  7. M27

    Yep, like that - so nice to see the stars before/behind the nebula.
  8. Zwo Peltier cooler

    Just a thought, when we threw together a Gary Honis for our DSLR years ago (heavy but worked -25) we found the for the peltier to work well we needed to get rid of the heat from the hot side, this allowed the cold side to drop a bit more - obvious I know - but bigger fan and heatsink were our solution. Gary's suggestion of coolbox parts or (we used) secondhand minifridge had everything we needed. Great project and will follow your progress.
  9. recommend me a heq5 pier adapter

    URL not working for me @prusling Had a look online for dimensions, SGL thread here and a disc
  10. M27 - 7nm

    Nice M27 Mr Lion, crisp and sharp, good work. Fun with the GIF - like that as well.
  11. Fantastic Olsin, we did ours when SGL was young and used Sheeny's guide from the Australian forum IceInSpace here and here, we switched from resistors to nichrome (from ebay) easy to sandwich between 2" velcro. Once on you need hardly any heat at all. Good stuff, mick
  12. todays Prom action 17-10-17

    That's a great set of images Charl, good work again - many thanks.
  13. M20 reprocess using Mark's Arcsinh method

    aarrghh, it's pink stuff , I do prefer the blue nebulousness in the second, looks right - as if we would know - but I suppose the filters used should help with that decision. Nice Carole, good work.
  14. M20 reprocess using Mark's Arcsinh method

    The first seem brighter the second more blue stuff to the right of the red stuff....... interesting, thanks
  15. I am wondering if FLO will have to upgrade the Stargazerslounge servers to keep up