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  1. Coming along, loving the block supports and string/strap arrangement to the ceiling, router story sounds horrendous, big power tools eh.
  2. It will be hardwork, waiting for clear skies, new telescope and camera not to mention all sorts of software to process the pictures you produce. Remember the lens that came with the camera can be used for wideangle views of the sky and a longer telephoto lens can produce outstanding star/planet pictures.
  3. Go for it Chris, what a good idea and great way to remember your friend Marc.
  4. Fascinating, and well put together, thanks
  5. I would say it's all to much hassle, a guide here to update the firmware this may or may not work or even be needed......or may even break something. We used to use a WinXP netbook with a range of Philips webcams, toucam/SPC880/900 also have an Astronomisers LongExposure version we have never got to work properly.......... secondhand netbooks are cheap............ Astronomiser rehoused the internals from Philips or possibly other cameras (logitec ?), mod used a serial lead, the usb adapter (as above) came in different types, some worked. What software have you tried the camera with, or perhaps you just plugged into a usb port and expected plug and play. Sorry not to be more helpful, things have moved on a lot since 2006 and I think these webcams have been left behind, may be an idea to start a thread asking for guide camera suggestions, I am not really up to date but am sure some suggestions would be helpful.
  6. A link form Cloudy Nights looks like it may be a SPC900 modified with a Black&White chip, nice thing to have back then, you could try and contact Andy at http://www.astronomiser.co.uk/ Good luck with it, may not be worth the hassle with modern cameras available, or perhaps modify a cheap cmos webcam.
  7. I may be wrong but these cameras hail from 2006 and were hot stuff back then, I expect Win10 has no support for them and you may need to run under WinXP or may be lucky with Win7.
  8. Outstanding work (looking for a zoomed in view) love the colours, neb and stars.
  9. Have a good look over the Cheap Astrophotography web site and also contact Juan, I am not sure of the what and why of 'colour filter array' ? Lots of information on the Gary Honis site, well worth a read.
  10. Try this OpenStax book, downloadable in different formats, Astronomy from Rice University.
  11. As above, do look at APT as per @tooth_dr above, lots of info and is for canon mostly, good info on the canon matrix page.
  12. Used an RC charger like you linked to above HERE, we would just crocodile clip onto the battery and plug the toy's battery in, did not notice the car battery getting low until packed up and ready to go home. We used a small petrol generator after.
  13. We used to have RC toys, charged the toy batteries off the car battery when out and about, over a long day we managed to flatten all the toy batteries and the car battery, stuck in a field late afternoon !! Someone nice jump started us and we drove around for a while expecting to stall at a junction, see where I am going with this Caravans and small boats have circuits/controls for multi batteries, power for essentials and run the lights and TV off another battery, some sort of circuit that balances the charging. This may not be the most helpful post but the last thing you need is everything flat.
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