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  1. Stunning Peter, not seen M45 presented like that before.
  2. From your other post, are you ipad processing ? is there a converter that runs on the ipad ? Be nice to see your results.
  3. You can contact Pro Digital support, I have always had a quick answer. Some cards/banks charge more than others for this type of transaction.
  4. I don't think any version of Affinity will open Fit files, not very helpful I know.
  5. I was bored enough to watch.............. and enjoyed, thanks xx
  6. I did the trick of just changing the extender, MOV to MP4, played well in VLC and (as above) the 'save/convert' menu allowed me to pick AVI. Much smaller file but seems to run - video H264 and mpeg sound. Love the fit on the cupboard doors and the Rainbow RST-135 mount is nice. IMG_2501.avi
  7. That's a bit of weight, and well looked after, let's hope it's returned to it's owners.
  8. A cracker, 24hrs with cmos wowsers, great stuff.
  9. That looks very nice, not very far from AsroAdventures near Kimworthy, a few years back but had great sky and time there.
  10. Great result from 4hrs and the starless image is a nice addition, thanks.
  11. First one for me, so nice to see the stars in the Nebula, good work.
  12. 11.30pm soft occasional flashing of light to the northwest, seemed quite low, some cloud. Couple of fast Perseids gone quicker than a blink of the eye, neighbours lights not helping. I was thinking Birmingham/Coventry was to far, but. Floyd at Finsbury Park, was that really 1972!! wonderful show.
  13. Post gets better as you page down, nice work.
  14. Fantastic work as usual Darryl, thanks for posting.
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