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  1. Looks like a bright ISS pass tonight 25th at 23:49, quite clear here atm.
  2. Have fun with it - but be overcareful, I am sure there are lots of how to's and what not to do's around.
  3. Good to see that jacket again, welcome back. You may have some catching up to do, look at Sharpcap for polar align perhaps.
  4. What a sweet post and a sweet picture, that's very nice Paul, many thanks
  5. Do also try HLVG as per Ibbo's post above, it's a free plugin for photoshop, donate if you like, instructions on this page
  6. I think you will have to email thermosensedirect for your answer, what temperature do you want the box to get to, how will you control it - possibly one of those cheap led dimmers or do you want temperature control in the box. Lots of variables, ambient, insulation, run time, a small box is how big and made from metal/wood/plastic..... Looks an interesting site and good prices, sorry for not being helpful.
  7. Very nice Stefan, nice long subs and lots of em, I do like a nice M27 - thanks.
  8. Looks wonderful, love the staggered rolloff.
  9. I was just thinking much the same as McCabe, family holiday in the Canaries, you bum off for a short time on the ferry or something, you may need a car or airb&b. Don't forget how bright that moon can be. This may be of interest. good luck with it.
  10. Looks really good, great video as well
  11. Well I could only run to 'student' on offer at the moment (often offers with Corel) x9 out soon. But as I am on win10 older versions have glitches and Corel won't patch em. The drawing side of the package great for scale technical drawings, prints out spot on, almost cad but.........
  12. I have used simple drawing apps to print onto sticky lables, makes cutting projects easier, sketchup is popular, Inkscape may work for you or even gimp or paintnet will do squares, circles and lines quickly. (I have CorelDraw and it's great).
  13. Ian is well involved in the linked posts above, before his blog page's with pictures -
  14. Would be tempted to file or grind the side of the bolt a bit, possibly remove the thread.
  15. That looks fantastic Chris, unfortunately I would like to see a video if you please, have to do these things properly Are you worried regarding the roof spreading ? would a brace between the two 3x2's or a triangle of ply - perhaps you feel it's strong enough and I am being silly, great work with the runners.