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  1. Mick J

    Lifting the Lid

    Sounds like a plan Hugh, I can second the comments regarding Acrows, they can be heavy old things with a mind of their own (hang on, sounds like me!) but they are designed for lifting (no that's not me). A bit of grease on the threads may make your life easier - builders will hate you, and do double make sure they are secure, base, middle & top, would you want to screw the base to the floor? I am thinking twisting when winding. What could possibly go wrong
  2. I think it will work both ways, but Skipper Billy's looks a better bet and I would go with that
  3. eBay search '12volt car timer' gives things like this (V3 12v), easy to chuck a cigar connector into the input and depending on load the relay may be up to it. Hope this will do 'on' for 4hrs not just switch 'on' in 4hrs...... may be helpful.
  4. Mick J

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Looking really good Kev, surprising how much time and timber these things take, you have loads of room under the floor for cable trunking before you put the floor down.
  5. Mick J

    Adjustable tension pivot bolts

    Great game - so is it a piece stolen from a cheap vice but possibly with a finer thread and a longer version for altitude adjustment. Not this or this or this just quick search there must be loads of others........... is that clamp an addition to the cradle mount in the picture ? half a turn then do it again if you can reach it. Edit: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bike-Bicycle-Chain-Splitter-Breaker-Repair-Rivet-Link-Pin-Remover-Tool/361006766381?epid=1133532233&hash=item540dae192d
  6. Mick J

    Adjustable tension pivot bolts

    Do you have a picture of one or perhaps more than one picture ?
  7. Mick J


    There are a few tutorials listed on Grischa Hahn's homepage (not all for imaging). Looking over Darryl's (Kokatha man) site the latest Jupiter 2018 animation is a sharp as you like and there is a tutorial using the ASI224MC with Autostakkert processing - may be of interest.
  8. Mick J


    Just for interest, a link to the web site HERE not sure I can see a reference to winjupos but lots of interesting stuff to be found.
  9. Mick J

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Looking really good Kev, nice to be working in the sunshine.
  10. Mick J

    Possible adhoc observing meet

    I see @AkseOne is up that way this weekend
  11. Mick J

    DIY OSC CCD (cam86)

    Here's the ice in space topic - got time ? Brendon at it again................... links in the first post to other sites........ well it's a holiday weekend and what's 45 plus pages between friends
  12. I am no expert and may not know what I am talking about but why should that stop me...... stacking - your lens is wide and you can take shorter exposures and stack lots of them and not get any trailing, I am not sure what your routine should be but someone will know exactly. You will need to get out of London and are you a Windows person (version/laptop/whatever). You may be able to glean something from the Widefield threads. Good luck with it, lots to learn I think, but deffo doable. Edit: Lonely Speck is usually recommended reading. (and don't get tempted by those darn Sony A7s cameras)
  13. Mick J

    DIY OSC CCD (cam86)

    Welcome to the forum Hendy, looking at @abhorielposts looks like last on 11th April, you may be advised to send a personal message from here.
  14. Would the Night Skies Network be of interest assuming you can catch a broadcast from someone, a link to a SGL thread, may be helpful. My lad is in NZ now and a quote from email "the skies are unbelievable at night when it's clear.... and I hardly recognize anything, which is funny! the milky way was visible straight away. The large and small magellanic clouds as well. Orion is upside down!"
  15. I'm win10pro and now offered 18 hours as 'active hours' (up from 12 hours).

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