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  1. Thanks Chris...
  2. Thanks Tim...
  3. Thank you Barry... Just had a play with LAB colour...
  4. This is too small a target really for my gear but I thought I would have a go anyway. I've tried this in the past and blew the core so tried three different exposures, 45 secs for the core, 5 mins for the middle section and 10 min for the rest. I tried blending in PS so this image took a few hours to process! I don't know if the twilight affected it but when I have not captured any blue in the arms of the galaxy. Perhaps the CLS filter affected the colours also? 22 X 45 sec, 21 X 5 min, 20 X 10 min, all iso 800, 150 pds, 100D (modded), DSS and PS. Widefield:- Here is a crop:- Even 45 sec exposures blew the core!
  5. I did try once to dither without guiding but it didn't. Try it if you havn't, you might have more luck than me. Why do little bits of metal cost so much in astronomy!
  6. Thats a very vibrant image! Like it...
  7. Thanks soon as I posted it I thought it was far too pink. Here is another rendition, I flattened it as well to get rid of the gradient... Thanks.... I think you need to guide to dither. I have the camera and guide scope side by side on one of these:- p.s. I'm not promoting the retailer (though they are good), just showing a solution...
  8. A cracking series of images Charl...
  9. From last night. This was a bit of an experiment as we have no astro dark here now. Didn't come out too badly. Its 43 X 5min, iso 800, CLS filter, dithered, flats and bias. DSS and PS. 100D and 150 pds. I love the galaxy and stars bottom left.
  10. I get the same on my dslr crop sensor! From the pics it is too close to the sensor but adding spacers makes no diff. I am using a 72 ed-r scope with a AA or a hotech flattener. The aa flattener gives blobby stars near the corners and the hotech gives a coma like pattern seen above. The same cameras used with the 150pds and coma corrector are fine! I'll look at the thread with interest. I've more or less given up hope of getting good corners. Both the scope and aa reducer have been replaced but the problems persist. Like the poster said, my gear is not super expensive but i would love to solve it! A by product us that my star processing have come on leaps and bounds.
  11. Great animation. Glad i wasn't too close to it!
  12. That is a fabulous image. I thought it was just a bright blob!
  13. Thanks Olly... I can see an eagle with open wings... but a seagull will do!
  14. Yep...I just worked it out... Another trick in the box... Many thanks... p.s. what is the DSO in the image, that is a beautiful scene...
  15. Thanks, it worked I used 'apply image' in PS. The only problem i had was that PI LE saved the background model image at about half the size of the original image so I had to reduce its size before I subtracted it. I'm sure I'll be able to work it out though as normally DBE'd files are same size as the originals. Thanks... Tim.