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  1. StargeezerTim

    M52, Lobster, Bubble et al, HaRGB, Star 71 and 100D

    I have found that in targets where there is a lot of nebulosity, Something like 3hrs ha and one hour rgb gives a much smoother and nicer image than I could get with 4 hours rgb. The processing is more challenging though!
  2. StargeezerTim

    M52, Lobster, Bubble et al, HaRGB, Star 71 and 100D

    Get one of these... they really work https://www.firstlightoptics.com/misc/zarkov-cloud-gun.html
  3. This is my first contribution for over a month, what with holidays and the weather. Imaged last night, 19 X 10 min Ha (12nm) iso 1600 and 25 X 3 min, iso 400, uv/ir filter. Stacked in DSS and processed in PS. I would say this is my best effort at this area to date. Progress not perfection!
  4. StargeezerTim

    IC1396 Elephant's Trunk Nebula HaOiiiSiiLRGB

    To my mind, this is a wonderful image. It has an mysterious, eerie quality that I can't quite explain but it is unlike any other image of this target I have seen.
  5. StargeezerTim

    Rho Ophiuchus - DSLR

  6. StargeezerTim

    Sadre with Butterfy. Star 71 and 100D HaRGB

    Cheers... Astro dark returning here from this sunday...
  7. I got just under 3 hours of Ha a week or so ago. Here is the post:- I have been literally cloud dodging trying to get some RGB to add and have only managed 15 X 3 min subs, iso 400, since. Thats a total of about 3 hrs and 35 mins integration time. I guess the Ha allows a smoother image than would have been obtained with RGB only, I would love to get more RGB but the weather is turning and the moon is coming into play. Here is the combined result. Here is a version that I pumped a little harder!
  8. Thanks, but I have to confess that I didn't need to do anything. Just some general stretches etc. Ha is great with troublesome stars. No doubt I will have more problems when I get some rgb to add to it!
  9. StargeezerTim

    Bubble Mosaic Ha

    I just pour cold water over it! It was about 16C at 2.00am last night. Subs still usable though .
  10. StargeezerTim

    Pelican Nebula - Narrowband - Bi-Colour

    Very nice...
  11. StargeezerTim

    Bubble Mosaic Ha

    I do things live leave Bhatinov masks on and use incorrect camera settings (30 sec exposures captured when 10 minutes was asked for!), all when entirely sober .
  12. Thanks. Its the star of this image so I'll add it to the title!
  13. 17 X 10 min, iso 1600, Ha filter, stacked in DSS and processed in PS. This bit of sky is so dramatic and benefits from being displayed in grayscale. Nevertheless, I shall try and get some colour tonight and probably ruin it! Does any know if the dark nebula underneath Sadre has a name? I can see the cluster above is NGC 6910 but stellarium doesn't name the nebula.
  14. StargeezerTim

    A quick session around Sadr

    Thanks for posting the autosave. I love this bit of sky and might have a go myself tonight! You have got the North American Nebula and the Crescent Nebula nearby. It would be worth trying out your 70D on one of those. Here is my rendition:-
  15. StargeezerTim

    A very faint Bat. HaRGB.

    Thanks... here is a version with green reduced.

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