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  1. Blimey, weather and other stuff has been awful here. Tries to image this area tonight as a break in the clouds was forecast. Actually managed just one 10 min sub before play suspended so I processed 17 X 8 min Ha subs that I obtained about a year ago. Its not brilliant but at least its a contribution from me., the first for well over a month. Weather looking dire, clouds wise, for next week or so so it looks likes setting up the gear tonight was, not for the first time, a waste of time!
  2. No, the little humpback bridges you sometimes see in rural England...
  3. Nice image... I think this should be called the "hump back bridge" nebula..
  4. One last edit! I managed to boost the galaxy colours without doing too much damage to the stars. I think this is the best result I've had for M31. It shows the value of imaging without CLS or other filters, also how a little added Ha can give a much better colour balance. Its looking like clouds here now for the forseeable future so back into hibernation I go...
  5. I've added 80 mins worth of HA captured a while back. Its given it a very different colour balance! (I'll add it to the first post as well).
  6. 4 hours of 5 min subs obtained this evening at iso 100. DSS and PS. More colourful than my last attempt at M31 when I used a CLS filter. I have discovered that it is possible to image at 100 iso and could well get up to 10 min subs in my light polluted skies without using LP or UHC filters. No blues or yellows in the galaxy but lots of star colour. Edit... Here is a re-process after adding 80 mins of HA captured a couple on months ago. 2nd Edit! Boosted colours without doing too much damage to the stars.
  7. Hope you don't mind. I just tweaked the highlights slider in the PS Camera Raw filter. Its a lovely image. Such a deep image of this fantastic bit of sky!
  8. Thanks Peter, I'll try that next time. I tend to use levels to shift the black point after curves instead of your second curve. I've also done a better job just now. The stars are still bloated but I have retained more colour and brought out more nebulosity. I'll attach it to the first post.
  9. I don't have the full pixinsight, but did something similar in PS by creating a star mask before three lots of curves and levels. I'll have another play with it. I do have lp here and there was a nasty gradient after stretching that needed working on.
  10. Cheers, it will be interesting to see any obvious diffs. I'm actually happy that iso 100 seems to have captured a fair amount of the nebulosity. The autosave files are nothing to look at but they could be stretched more before noise reared its ugly head. I'll try the same on andromeda tonight if the clouds stay away.
  11. This is another experiment with low iso subs from last night. 47 X 5 min, iso 100, DSS and PS (with DBE for gradient). I'm not that impressed with it. I find this DSO difficult to process without really over stretching the stars and creating large halos. Anyone any tips on keeping the stars and halos under control when processing M45? Edit... Here is a reprocess where I have retained more colour and it looks more natural i think.
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