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  1. StargeezerTim

    M16 Modified Hubble Palette

    Ouch! thats a gorgeous image...
  2. StargeezerTim

    Jupiter from last night (21st May)

    I just tried the linked wavelets setting and followed the tutorial on the AS 6 website and got my most detailed result yet, I think!
  3. StargeezerTim

    Jupiter (Again!) from 19th May

    It's just luck I got the 550D with the crop movie move. When I got the camera it was before I got into Astro and when I started on this lark, I was pleased to find the 550 D is one of the only cams with this function. The camera is really old now, with trim falling off, and I'm going to replace it soon, but I'll keep it just for planetary imaging...
  4. StargeezerTim

    Jupiter from last night (21st May)

    Me neither, I used the settings on this page... https://www.awesomeastronomy.com/tutorials/planetary-imaging/60-a-step-by-step-guide-to-processing-planetary-images
  5. StargeezerTim

    Jupiter (Again!) from 19th May

  6. StargeezerTim

    Jupiter from last night (21st May)

    Arrrrrrgh... wrong forum. Would mod please move it? Cheers...
  7. StargeezerTim

    Jupiter from last night (21st May)

    Thanks, the processing is the tricky bit. Here is a reprocess of one I did a few nights ago. An improvement!
  8. Here are another couple of efforts. The seeing wasn't as good as earlier in the week but I have got a couple I am OK with. 150 PDS with a Canon 550D in crop movie mode. I'm getting the hang of wavelets a bit more...
  9. StargeezerTim

    Jupiter (Again!) from 19th May

    Here are a couple from last night. Both iso 200, one (with less contrast) was about 1800 frames and the other 3200 frames. The seeing wasn't as good as the previous night but its nice to any imaging at with these twilight nights. 200.tif
  10. StargeezerTim

    Jupiter from last night

    Here is another one of a 3 X barlow with lower iso from last night. About 4000 frames this one.
  11. StargeezerTim

    Jupiter from last night

    I focus on the planet in live view... I try and get to a point where moving the focuser either way makes it worse.
  12. StargeezerTim

    Jupiter from last night

    This is my first go at planetary imaging for a couple of years and I'm amazed I still remembered which software to use! 150 pds scope, EOS 550 D, crop movie mode, Here are images obtained using a 2 X and a 3 X Barlow. Processed using PIPP, Auto stakkert, Registax for wavelets and PS to finish off. both images were about 1200 frames. My guess is that my processing skills are pretty basic so any suggestions welcome! 2 X barlow 3 X Barlow
  13. StargeezerTim

    Iris and Ghost

    Lovely image. I've spent more time on this target than any other over the past few years but have yet to get an image I'm happy with. Any hints for uncovering and processing the dust in PS? Also, what length subs did you obtain?
  14. StargeezerTim

    Crescent HaRGB, 150pds and 100D (Reprocess further down!)

    Here is a reprocess. I basically used 'lighten' mode before adding Ha to the red channel (as per Olly's suggestion elsewhere) and used 70% Ha as luminence with the Ha stars. Its quite a striking difference but the gradient issues on the right hand side have affected the image a lot!
  15. StargeezerTim

    Crescent HaRGB, 150pds and 100D (Reprocess further down!)

    Cheers Simmo... I see you got a nice Jupiter on the planetary forum. Weathers changed, hope its not another 3 month wait

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