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  1. Salisbury Spire and Orion...

    It's funny, I don't mind cropping out stars in images but Photoshopping Salisbury Cathedral seems like wanton destruction! I'll do it tomorrow, can't bear to flatten a cathedral on a sunday.
  2. From friday evening, just before the clouds came! Shot with my 550D and 15-85 zoom. 20 secs, F4 iso 200, 26mm on tripod and the stars still trailed!
  3. Thank goodness I ALWAYS do a few test shots

  4. Rosette one year later

    Very nice. I wonder how much of the improvement is down improved processing skills?
  5. M44 - The Beehive Cluster

    Very nice image and terrific write up...
  6. M42 HaRGB with 100D and two scopes...

    You are too kind! It's striking but I've lost a lot of colour info towards the core. I don't know where the white surrounds came from, on other images the whispers are redder. I did get some data on my Star 71 last night. It seems to be pretty good but I'll have to wait a week or so till I process it. :-(
  7. M42 HaRGB with 100D and two scopes...

    Posted too soon me thinks! I seem to have lost a lot of colour in the nebula. I'll hopefully be able to grab some data with the Star 71 tonight.
  8. And another Horsehead...

    Very nice...
  9. I managed to get photoshop to align the Ha image from last week with an image from about 15 months ago captured with a 72 ED-R scope. It's quite noisy and I'm sure that more RGB data from the Star 71 will lead to a better image, but here it is anyway. Its heavily cropped as the two images were not that well aligned. I'm not sure what I think of it! The Ha has added some drama to it and the background is much more defined than RGB alone but the nebula itself is quite gaudy! The core is blown, as is usual for me Here is the original RGB image for comparison.
  10. M81 and M82 etc widefield. Star 71 and 100D

    Look forward to seeing your image...
  11. Deep sky imaging showcase 2017

    Here are a few from me. The main changes last year are that I got a Star 71, a great scope that is so easy to use, and I also got a Ha filter and started experimenting with that.
  12. M81 and M82 etc widefield. Star 71 and 100D

    As I said, look closely and there are very tiny distant galaxies... fabulous that these can be picked up from my garden... I've learnt how to do arrows and show just a few of them here... :-)
  13. M81 and M82 etc widefield. Star 71 and 100D

    Look forward to seeing your image!
  14. From last night, the sky was clear as a bell for a change. 42 X 5 min, iso 400, DSS and PS. This bears a close look as there are some real tiny galaxies embedded in this image.