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  1. You would get less red stuff... but still nice images... Stacking and processing is the key... it takes time for skills to develop but its worth it...
  2. This is from a few nights ago, my first go imaging in the UK for some months. For some reason (probably naff skies!), I didnt pick up much Ha with my modded 100D. I had intended to try another night with a UHC filter added but it looks like the clear skies have dissapeared until further notice. I took 21 X 5min, iso 400, F4.5 on 50mm 1.8 lens, DSS and PS. Tracked on EQ5Pro. The first is from image is from the best 7 subs and the second is from the best 13 subs. You can just about make out the nebulosity around the Elephant, to the right and below the garnet star in the bottom mid to right region. Iris is top right but at this focal length it really is tiny and difficult to locate. NGC 7160 is in the star cluster mid image. I hope to try again and pick up some more of the red stuff.
  3. Yes... I have a 1300d modded as well and it gives good results
  4. Trouble is, the trees look artificial! On the stacked image the foliage is just a bĺur but adding the trees from a sub also looks naff!
  5. This is 55 X 20 sec, 15-85 zoom at 15mm, iso 3200, F 5.6 Dss and PS. Static tripod. Carina nebula to the right... Thats all my pics from Oz... Hope I have better luck next time...
  6. 71 X 10 sec, F4, Canon 50mm 1.8 lens, iso 3200. DSS and PS. Static tripod I think this is the Carina neb, but no doubt someone will tell me if I'm wrong! Imaged from my daughters garden which is a few yards from a major Melbourne Highway. Despite the LP, the skies are definitely better, even in the city suburbs, than they are in my UK home. I hoped to get lots of images with my 100D and Lens combinations but shortly after this, I got I'll and spent the last 6 weeks of my Aussie adventure in and out of hospital and was, at times, seriously ill. So this is also my first submission for about three months. Hope to get back into the swing of stuff in the next weeks and months. I also imaged the MW at 15mm and will have a go at processing that soon.
  7. Our house by Andy Williams. Genre crossover i think (though there arn't that many of us who remember Andy Williams). Its great the way you have managed to freeze the motion of the house!
  8. I use dslr controller to display and help with focusing. Its free, if i remember correctly. +1 for movie crop mode! I have had several years of use of my 550d, astro and terrestrial and its a great camera. Built like a tank and has never failed me, even after i dropped it on the slabs...
  9. I have gone to Sydney for a few days. I am staying with daughter in brighton east and am here with family for a couple of months. I'll pm you... a trip tp to Mount Eliza sounds appealing. Shame i came here with nothing more than an amazon basics tripod, dslr and two lenses
  10. And another from Essex/Herts border here. Welcome.
  11. 26C when i took this.... the 'cold drinks' help with providing courage to face up to the various garden creatures!
  12. No contributions from me of late because I am visiting family in Melbourne and decided not to buy a star adventurer or anything and see how using lenses on my modded 100D comes out. I regret not bringing a decent laptop. I am using an old slow netbook and have downloaded DSS and GIMP and it really struggles! It took two and a half hours to stack this image. The skys seems much better than at home, even though I am staying on the outskirts of Melbourne. This image was taken in the garden, less than 5 or so yards from the Napean Highway, A six lane highway with lighting and traffic lights etc. This image is, I believe, centred on the Carina Nebula. it was 65 X 10 sec subs, F4, iso 3200, 50mm 1.8 lens, 20 Bias and 20 Darks. Processed with difficulty in Gimp. I am really missing PS . Not quite sure what happened bottom right... but you should have seen the first effort
  13. 12 fabulous images, they are truly inspirational and yours is a worthy inclusion in a stunning line up.
  14. I was also underwhelmed using my scope for visual. I took up imaging with DSLR a couple of years back and am continually amazed at what I can see through the camera. It is expensive when you get into into and start wanting to produce professional looking images, but you will be amazed at what a DSLR can see from your back yad that is invisible to visual astro. And join a club or society if you havn't already...
  15. Thats odd! Looks like a reflection of a bit or bits of dust. It seems to move so stacking with sigma clipping should get rid of it. Good first widefield image.