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  1. Thats lovely... I am playing with the idea of getting another filter to add to my Ha and you have 'sold' the OIII to me!
  2. IC 405 and 410. HaRGB with Star 71 and 100D

    And here is another version. Not quite sure how I got here but it looks OK, if a little pink. I think I added a luminence layer twice! No more reprocessing... honest!
  3. IC 405 and 410. HaRGB with Star 71 and 100D

    Here is the image with RGB stars:-
  4. IC 405 and 410. HaRGB with Star 71 and 100D

    I more or less used the Ha stars, hence the loss of colour. When I submitted this, it looked OK on my computer screen, but it looks awful on my phone screen, about 500% over saturated!
  5. I added 20 X 5 min, iso 800, subs to the Ha image posted a few days ago and came up with this. Stacked in DSS and processed in Photoshop. The Ha was used as a luminance layer for the RGB image. Hope you enjoy it...
  6. NGC281 Pacman Nebula HST

    Thats very nice...
  7. IC 405 and 410, Ha with 100D and Star 71

    Thanks Gents... I got 20 5min subs of rgb that I havn't looked at yet. Hope to add and process in a day or two.
  8. Arrrgh.... Left Bhatinov on!

    I have trouble seeing the big ones!
  9. Another completed last night after adding 16 X 5 min, iso 800, RGB subs to the existing Ha of 9 X 12.5 min, iso 1600. I don't think that this combo is great for such a smallish target but I tried!
  10. From last night, 15 X 10 min exposures before disappearing over my roof (iso 1600). 12nm Ha clip in filter used. DSS and PS. Came out quite well, there is a couple of tadpoles in there somewhere! I did get some RGB to add but that's for another day...
  11. Arrrgh.... Left Bhatinov on!

    We are not famed for our multitasking...
  12. Arrrgh.... Left Bhatinov on!

    Here is one. Looks like I got good focus...
  13. Arrrgh.... Left Bhatinov on!

    Oops... this post seems to have been submitted 4 times! My computing as well as my imaging needs careful attention! No doubt a mod will tidy up...
  14. The title says it... first clear night for what seems like ages. Just went out to check and discovered my hours subs of Pacman are useless! Oh Well....
  15. My next filter... S11 or 0111?

    Thanks folks... so O111 it is. Do you need longer subs with O111 than Ha? I am already taking 10 min iso 1600 subs with Ha. Thanks, Tim.