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  1. Raining all night here...
  2. Looks familiar! Fab detail...
  3. One can only dream.....
  4. Sorry for lowering the tone of this esteemed forum but I got so fed up with clouds that I processed the one sub of NGC 7000 I got the other night. 5 mins, iso 800, flats and bias applied. PS. I jogged the mount, hence the odd stars, sadly not able to use sigma clipping on one sub Anyone brave enough to add their one sub efforts?
  5. I don't seem to be getting any decent opportunities for good exposure times because of the clouds... Anyway, here is 7 X 5 mins, iso 800, uhc filter, DSS and PS. I'm always saying I'll return and add to these short runs, but in this case, the window of opportunity for M16 from my garden is very limited and, given the weather, that might be all I can get this year. I quite like the image though and there is some nice detail on M16 if you zoom in. The Star 71 seems great, its only my third use of it but all is good!
  6. Nice one... its incredible the detail you can get with 20 mins data. I've got 40 mins of M16 to process as well. It"s a good job you can image on 20 mins as with our weather, any more than that seems a luxury at the moment!
  7. Very nice... out of view for me with all the neighbours trees but I'll have a go at M16 if i ever get another clear night!
  8. Looks interesting to me, especially as i want to avoid using a laptop. I will check, but my hunch is a modded, mono, cooled DSLR won't be cheap!
  9. I just use DSLR's Rodd. RGB only for this laptop free technophobe! I do find star processing difficult, especially in images like this one. If I process the stars and background separately, then I have trouble with halo's in the lighter areas but if I do them together, they end up taking over.... Practice will improve things, no good having a great scope and average processing skills. Cheers. Tim.
  10. Thanks Rodd, It is an impressive scope and its given me motivation to develop the processing skills further. Here is another version where I have done some more star work, tried to remove the L/R gradient by creating and subtracting a gradient in PS and more stretching and selective smoothing. I'm sure it looks really overdone now but I had fun with it, albeit I would have preferred some clear skies and more data...
  11. Cheers Mark....
  12. This is my second light with the Star 71. Like the first light, the weather intervened and I only managed to get 15 X 5 min, iso 800, subs. Stacked in DSS and processed in PS. That Sadr is a difficult beast to tame
  13. Last night promised much but clouds rolled in at 1.00am to spoil it all. Canon 70-300zomm at 70mm, 1200D, 10 X 3.5 min subs, iso 800, F5, DSS and PS. Must return this this soon and see if I can capture and create a more dramatic image! And while I'm at it... here is one of M 17, 16 etc. Had to abandon collection after 5 X 3.5min subs because of clouds etc. I never get good views south from my garden because of skyglow from Harlow and London, so i suppose its nice to get anything at all!
  14. Lovely image... think I'll have a go at this myself tonight, clouds permitting. I love this bit of sky, it looks like an almighty conflagration, like what Zaphod et al must have seen from the Restaurant at the end of the Universe... the end of the world is nigh...
  15. 22 panes! Thats two football teams worth of panes to be stitched together. Well beyond the astroimagers call of duty. Have a rest and a cup of tea and congratulate yourself on a job well done! Lovely image Chris...