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  1. This is continuing my static tripod experiments. 50 X 19 sec, Darks, iso 1600, F 4.5, Stacked in DSS and crucified in PS! Loads of DSO's here, double cluster, heart and soul, 7822, wizard etc... I do find these difficult to process.
  2. NGC891, TEC140.

    That is a wonderful and awe inspiring image!
  3. More DSS help needed!

    I know its frustrating, but i hope the calibration stacking cures the halos. Thanks for sharing your workaround, that could prove very useful when i next have problems...
  4. More DSS help needed!

    Yep, just registration if i remember correctly. I also remember having a simalar problem shortly after where that didn't work. I've had no trouble recently, it seems to be just in images exposed to the right. Best of luck... when DSS works its great, when it doesn't, its a pain.
  5. That is the iconic 'Parasol' Nebula.... NGC 12345...
  6. Have a Heart! IC 1805 with DSLR and Star 71

    You have given me an idea . If I get a splitter or Y cable so I can control both cameras, then I can piggyback my camera and lens onto the scope and the images will benefit from guiding and dithering . I've just cleaned up the stars down the left side a tad and applied some luminence sharpening. (Why do I keep tinkering! LOL)
  7. I took 100 25 sec frames to stack but when I looked at them 95% had cloud. I processed this single frame and am pleased with the result. It was very clear last night. I took this on a static tripod, F 3.5, 25 secs on a modded 1200D.
  8. Have a Heart! IC 1805 with DSLR and Star 71

    Cheers... Regarding using both scopes at the same time, I have given it a little thought but I'm not sure how practicable or inexpensive it would be. I got the Star 71 as an upgrade, presumably I would have to combine images but the optical quality of the Star 71 and the 72 EDR are very different. There are a few practical issues that you might have solutions to! 1. I have a cheap dual dovetail but wouldn't be able to adjust the 2nd scopes aim with it. 2. The cameras have different sensors and are not compatible in the same stack with DSS, so I would probably have to buy extra software to combine the images in stacking. 3. I don't use a laptop so would have to work out a way of controlling both cameras from my MGEN. Even if I got over the technical challenges, I'm not sure about combining images from scopes of differing quality. I'd welcome your thoughts...
  9. IC 1805 from last night. 6 hours of cloudless skies... 50 X 7.5 min, iso 800, UHC and UV/IR filter, Star 71, 100D, DSS and PS. Off to a dark site next week (Devon), lets hope the clouds have a heart and stay away.
  10. Cheers, wish I could resist the urge to keep processing
  11. Elephant's Trunk Nebula bicolour two ways

    Well I havn't a clue about the technical aspects, seeing as I just use dslr's, but they are beautiful images. I particularly like the red/blue version...
  12. Cygnus constellation

    Very nice... I am thinking of getting a Sky Adventurer at some stage. I see they now have a 'mini' version which is interesting. I'll have to try my 15-85 at f9. At 5 or 5.6 there is a lot of coma, it will interesting to see if stopping down reduces it.
  13. From Last Night, my first for a few weeks, 72% Moon and fairly close so I am quite pleased with the outcome. 34 X 7 min plus 1 X 5 min sub, iso 800, UHC and IV/UV filter. Dithered, flats and bias. DSS, PS. Comments welcome. Gamma Cas was really out of control so I dealt with it by cloning etc so have taken quite a liberty with many nearby worlds and civilizations. Edit.... with a bit more aggressive processing...
  14. Elephant's Trunk

    Gorgeous Image...
  15. Another M31. 8hr autosave added.

    Thanks Steve, I did manage a reasonable image after using DBE to create flat fields for each channel but subtracting them in PS rather than PI. I probably would find it difficult to replicate the process but I remember using the blue channel curve in adobe Raw filter that seemed to make a difference. Pleased with the final version anyway. It lacks your finesse but at least I found some blue! I noticed the red channel of the image had a lot of streaking and noise that has affected the quality of the background. Great thread this, thanks for the help.