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  1. Lovely work Paul, second one just edges it for me. Interesting cairns, what are they doing there ?
  2. Perfect, launch & landings - impressive
  3. It has a chunky general work book for processing, for astronomy some video and macro's on James Ritson's web pages HERE A SGL member Dave Eagle has an Affinity guide HERE Dave did a StarGaZine talk on Affinity V1.8 HERE
  4. 'May never get finished ' Know that one
  5. That's nice, 153 images into ICE - wow , well done. Love the screen shots.
  6. Hi @Kasper and welcome to SGL, I am not super good with Ascom but these url's may help : Ascom APT When Ascom installs it will download a few extras, APT is software for capture control, you will need software for processing the captures. You may be able to use Nina or other capture software with Ascom - I don't know. A lot to learn and you will have lots of questions but you will get the answers you need on SGL. Have fun Edit: A utube from one of the SGL's Sunday Zoom meetings (StarGaZine) covered Nina
  7. Some Astrophotography macro's for Affinity on James Ritson's web pages HERE
  8. I saw the 'homebrew' and it looks doable, good luck with it.
  9. I don't do this stuff and may be wrong but I don't believe increasing iso allows catching more photons, may well add noise. DSUSB cables, may be easier to get a cheap Canon DSLR
  10. Time for bed, wonderful stuff
  11. Then it was gone..........
  12. Small fire, but all back - fantastic
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOQkk3ojNfM EDIT : Looks like 10 minutes, that's 23:14 ish
  14. Nice to know it works @vineyard just pointed someone else that way, I downloaded the msi but did not use to install. New lappy arriving soon so will need it myself.
  15. Possibly buried in yesterdays posts, second post down in this thread
  16. I have V 2.03.0 64bit installed on windows 10pro, I also downloaded the msi from yesterdays post, just ran my installed and stitched three snaps quickly and saved as jpg & tif, no mention of online resource here.. Alternatives mentioned in that post, good luck.
  17. I have used Hugin and AutoStitch sometimes it seems a different programme will give a better result, I don't stich astro.
  18. @vineyard Found this thread, possibly same as @Mognet - thread here - second post down.
  19. Found a thread on CloudyNights https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/623451-svbony-sv105/ It may help or you may have found it yourself, some nice snaps taken with a C14, Have you looked at the Sharpcap forums https://forums.sharpcap.co.uk/
  20. What a nice box, love the sash window catch - I'm sad I know...........
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