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Planetary Nebulae: a little guide


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Should it not be in Observing - Deep Sky not Observing - Planetary however ?

They are after all nothing to do with planets.

Actually Physics, Space Science and Theories would seem to be more appropriate.

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What a beautiful read, it's not very often I stay in my little room to read from the computer screen but this was too good to leave till later.

Thank you for giving my kids an excuse to get their own back for me telling them to switch their laptops off and do something use full.


Andy( bad daddy for playing on his computer when he could be doing something better )

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Thank you all for your kind words and support. When I knew things were going bad at work and that eventually I would lose my job, I closed down 'superfluous' bills which might have trapped me in any untoward debt or borrowing. One of the decisions was to cut the telephone line.

Whilst all that was going on, I still wanted to be a part of SGL and I figured if this wasn't possible in person, it might be at least in spirit. During the summer months I thought it would be a nice idea to swot and write up on planetary nebulae, some of the sessions I've had with a microscope, and to keep an observing journal to share with you guys when I returned. What I didn't realise was just how long I was to remain off line.   

Anyway, I am sorry for the delay and I hope this entry will be of some use and that perhaps something new is learnt.

Thank you all again,


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