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Knight of Clear Skies

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  1. Knight of Clear Skies

    Start with Astrophotography

    For AP on a tight budget, have you considered imaging with camera lenses rather than a scope? Shorter focal lengths are more forgiving on tracking, reducing the mount requirements.
  2. Knight of Clear Skies

    Getting entire lunar image

    You could try taking multiple shots and stitch them together with Microsoft ICE, which is a free download. If you give this a go leave plenty of overlap between each frame, which will improve the chances of them stitching together correctly.
  3. Knight of Clear Skies

    Impossibly Faint.

    These targets came out quite nicely when I imaged then with an old 135mm Super-Takumar M42 mount lens (1960s vintage). This is 38 minutes of data in 2 minute subs. Shooting at f3.5 helps improve the signal-to-noise ratio. Some of these vintage lenses make good budget options. This is a what a single exposure looks like, with a quick process:
  4. Knight of Clear Skies

    Canon 70-200mm f4 vs Canon 200mm f2.8

    I have the 200mm L f2.8 and I've never been that happy with the stars it produces, even stopped down using step-down rings. I don't think it really deserves its reputation for astrophotography, the Samyang 135mm f2 may be a better bet.
  5. Knight of Clear Skies

    The Centre of the Milky Way

    Amazing image, no idea what those filaments are. Here's a link to a higher resolution image (click on thumbnail at top right).
  6. Knight of Clear Skies

    2018 Astronomy photograph of the year winners.

    Congratulations. Great detail and I love the framing, so many different types of feature in one shot. Can anyone tell me which major craters are in view please?
  7. Knight of Clear Skies

    Google Doodle - Georges Lemaitre

    Oddly, my google is doodleless. (Now there's a very 21st century sentence.)
  8. Knight of Clear Skies

    Its been a while.....

    Very nice, even at 135mm focal you've managed to pick up something of the Pillars of Creation.
  9. Knight of Clear Skies

    IC 1396

    I definitely prefer the colour balance of the final version and it's interesting to see the progression. What focal length was this taken at please? I can relate to that.
  10. Knight of Clear Skies

    Imaging DSO in July

    If you go for high surface brightness (rather than magnitude) targets you should still get decent results. It's the fainter stuff that becomes increasingly difficult with twilight, LP or Moon glow. Your 314 should cope better than a DSLR due to its higher dynamic range. Gradient removal software is a great help. Narrowband filters are another option for out of season imaging.
  11. Knight of Clear Skies

    North American and Pelican. Ha Star 71 and 100D

    Very nice indeed, plenty of depth and definition. Fills my screen with a clean image, it's only when I zoom in that it starts to become visible.
  12. Knight of Clear Skies

    M78, Barnards loop and LDN6122 - Breaking the 100 hours

    Really well composed, with the loop as a meandering river between the two objects of interest.
  13. Knight of Clear Skies

    Space - Surprisingly Greasy

    Scrub well folks: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/jun/27/space-is-full-of-dirty-toxic-grease-scientists-reveal
  14. Knight of Clear Skies

    Expanded Hertzsrung-Russel Diagram

    Wrong thread?
  15. Knight of Clear Skies

    Expanded Hertzsrung-Russel Diagram

    Today's is quite relevant as well.

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