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  1. That is worrying. I guess that my iPad hasn’t updated yet…..
  2. Great write up. Glad that you are enjoying your new scope. It may be heavy, but that beats having a bendy scope! You’ll find the light shroud a subtle but definite improvement. I got one for my 10” flextube Skywatcher and was pleased with the increased contrast. Paul
  3. Nice write up Nick. What scope were you using? Paul
  4. You have certainly wrung every last bit of use out of that frame!!! Perfect timing! Paul
  5. Nice report John. The ED120 is truly a versatile scope! I haven’t had a decent session on the nebulas for ages. Must get out under the moon rather than not bothering because I can’t see faint galaxies. Paul
  6. Very nice. Plenty of mirror for those faint fuzzies! I treated mine to a light shroud. Improved contrast and kept foreign bodies at bay. Enjoy. Paul
  7. Cracking images. Almost 3D! Thanks for posting them. Paul
  8. Sounds like a fun session. You did well to catch the Hamburger with only 100mm. Paul
  9. Transparency ok here. Just an enjoyable romp through Leo/Vergo area for me. Particularly enjoyed the Markarian’s chain. Paul
  10. Sounds like a great night. You really bring it to life. Paul
  11. Got to wait for the family to go to bed and switch the house lights out. Then looking forward to a galaxy fest! I’ve got the Dob out cooling with a freshly washed mirror. Paul
  12. An incredible number of galaxies! An outstanding image. Paul
  13. Glad that you enjoyed your new filter. Just wait until you see what it does on the Veil! Paul
  14. Nice steady seeing here too! First day that I’ve had the solar gear out in ages. Paul
  15. What a productive year! You should be very proud of that set. Paul
  16. You won’t regret going large on your finder scope. I have a Celestron 70mm travel scope strapped to the side of my Dob. Teamed with a Telrad to get roughly in the right spot, it works a treat! Paul
  17. +1 for the Berlebach Uni idea. A real quality product.
  18. Love the fun ranking table. That is a new one on me. Paul
  19. You are unlikely to spot it with the moon washing out the view. Try again on a moonless night. Paul
  20. I went from the ES82° to the 14mm Delos and have been very happy with the move. However.... you can see the lovely crisp field stop due to the long eye relief. The Ethos will give the “floating in space” feeling which encourages you to get really close in to explore the view. I haven’t tried the ES92° range. Paul
  21. So good, I watched it twice! Thanks for posting. Paul
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