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  1. What an incredible amount of data on one site!!! Not sure that I’ll be rushing out to get the hard copy though.... Paul
  2. Biggish Dob outside cooling!!!
  3. You wouldn’t get much improvement in image quality over the BSTs. I found the narrow fov of the zoom quite claustrophobic in a similar speed Dob. However, the zoom is very convenient. Paul
  4. The 11mm is terrific value second hand. I have a set of TV Plossls and the 11mm gets the most use. Paul
  5. This may seem obvious, but pointing the scope at exactly the right point in the Sky helps. The micro star hop can yield some really faint stuff. You can spend ages chasing ghosts in roughly the right spot rather than resolving the nearly smudge which is the target. This, together with much averted scope wobbling, finally bagged the Quintet a few weeks ago. Paul
  6. Sounds like a great session. Those planetaries really reward some magnification. Interesting re the VIP. I have one but had no idea that it is so flexible! I should use it more. Paul
  7. Splendid write up Stu! The Veil is the gift that keeps on giving. Great little / big Dob too. Can’t believe how small it packs down. Paul
  8. I’ve vowed to steer well clear of GoTo. Great idea, but it would drive me up the wall! Hope that it works better next time out. Paul
  9. I had a crack at the Quintet last night from OK, but not dark, sky (could only see 5 or 6 naked eye stars in the big square).Took my time perfecting the brief hop from Ngc7331 so that after 40mins. I was 100% certain that I was in the right place. Mag upped to 200x and gradually one possibly two little fuzzy patches appeared. I was delighted! Granted. Visually it was heroically underwhelming, but it’s the first time that I’ve caught anything. So happiness was assured. Paul
  10. Looking good here. The Dob is lucking in the garden all collimated and ready to go!! First proper session for ages Cue the clouds. Paul
  11. Good catch. I’ve had a load of goes at the quintet with my 16” Dob, but so far drawn a blank. To catch all 5 is going some. Think that I’ll leave the Bubble for those with bigger scopes and darker sky! Paul
  12. Why not go for the ES 82° 24mm??? It is bang on budget and works very well at the f ratios you mention. I went for this over the Panoptic due to the flatter wider field (I do really rate the Panoptic though). Paul
  13. Don’t be tempted by an ex Demo tent that has been out in the sun & rain since April!! Otherwise they do some great deals. Paul
  14. If you don’t need to move it. Go big! I started with an SW 250 flex tube which got quickly modified with light shroud, dew heaters on the secondary, duel speed focuser, Telrad Finder to complement the RACI finder ...... all worthwhile upgrades. I now have a 16” which makes observing the faint stuff far easier. Paul
  15. A 6mm Vixen SLV might fit the bill. Very comfortable to use and pin sharp. Won’t break the bank either! Paul
  16. I had a 100mm F10 and an ED120 on one quite happily (White Light and Ha). Paul
  17. And there was me thinking that the ED120 was a big scope!!! What mount were you using? Paul
  18. My f4 16” Dob needs an expensive coma Corrector to keep things under control. But, the eyepiece is generally at a very convenient height for a standard observing chair. These scopes are big enough already without making them even more cumbersome!! I couldn’t use it without the corrector (Parracor in my case). Paul
  19. It is amazing to think that we can see moons over such a vast distance Good spot. I struggled with that one with 10”. Paul
  20. Hassle free is a must for an “only one mount”. So a humble Sky T ii atop of one of Berlebach’s finest would do me. Agricultural but bullet proof. The smooth slo-mo is an added bonus. It can handle a couple of 100mm solar scopes happily. That Losmandy AZ8 does look the business though....... Paul
  21. No one scope does everything well. There are always compromises ....... unless you have a scope for every occasion . This thread is about choosing the scope with the least compromises given the poster’s observing preferences. Different preference/targets, different scope. Paul
  22. Zoomin’ ‘s cheatin’ !! 17mm Ethos. Needs to be Wide and needs some magnification! Paul
  23. 10” Dob for me. Does a bit of everything. Goes deepish, goes widish, portablish etc etc. Although 90% of the time, I use a 16” Dob....... Paul
  24. Love the old galaxy shots; especially when you consider the work/gear that went into them. Here is a similar publication from my bookshelf:
  25. Yes Telrad And finder scope. There are loads of other bits and pieces, but getting it pointing in the right direction is a priority. One of these will be on your shopping list at some stage: https://www.365astronomy.com/Lacerta-Dual-Speed-1-10-Microfocus-Upgrade-Kit-for-Skywatcher-Crayford-Focusers.html and one of these light shrouds. It keeps out stray light (and spiders): https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/AZ-1305.html Then you’ll want to look at dew heaters...... The best accessory is a smart phone/tablet and SkySafari Pro. Paul PS. Like the carry handles. Very simple solution.
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