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  1. Astrodon loveliness

    I guess it's no worse than golf, once bitten by the bug I spent some silly money on the game, but I imagine for the Zeiss of the imaging game you have to have deep pockets without short arms, and I thought Astonomik's were expensive. Alan
  2. Surprise Package: 40mm "Big Easy"

    Ah John the QX 26mm, yes I think that is the worst I have seen, it was Quite Xasperating to use, I was only pleased I never bought one. Alan
  3. Surprise Package: 40mm "Big Easy"

    Maybe I had a duff one John but for me it was one of the worst eyepieces I have ever laid hands on, it was not at all bad a F10 but F 5.26 was another matter.I wrote a review on it and never posted because it was so negative. Alan
  4. Guide issues and M45

    Well after having swallowed the shame of leaving the lens cap on the Baader Vario finderscope that I was using as a guider with the Mammut and locking onto a hot pixel before the cooling wiped them out, I was not finished with setbacks. Second night out cloud was wizzing across the sky as well as the target pictured and the goto seemed to be steering it to where ever the scope pointed most of the time. I picked M45 as a test and didn't bother to frame anything in the efforts to get PHD 1 or PHD 2 working. So I took time to polar align which I guess I must have at least got right with these 90sec exposures. Cloud cut short any further attempts to do anything but I did at least get a so so piture of M45, which I later found out is unguided. Maybe it will be 3rd time lucky, OK, I am not an IT person but simple to use isn't really true all the time. It is a pity that I could not get more exposures as I feel the halos are caused by the thin clouds that are in the stacking. Have not messed with it much in PS, just curves and levels and a bit of extra bleu, as the French would say. This is about 20 mins from 25 at ISO 1600 with a Canon 40D, some of the frames have cloud crossing and one even an aircraft. Alan
  5. 20 minutes Rosette

    Amazing for 20 minutes, well done. alan
  6. Spaghetti Nebula

    A new one on me, never heard of it before, looks good to me.
  7. This is beyond weird.

    I would go for Dark forces at work, if you find out it is something in PHD, let us know. I am battling away with it at the moment and find it don't work at all if you leave the cover on the guide scope.
  8. Mount Stops Slewing

    Geoff, I have many UK things working here and Amazon will send just about anything but FLO told me they were prevented from send one by the maker, they are trying to source an EU version I believe.
  9. Mount Stops Slewing

    As Peter has said, power. I have had two SW mounts and had problems with both for very short periods of time and both times it was power related. I didn't actually believe the guys when they gave their answers but even down to poor pointing is a good indicator that the battery is getting low. I now use a mains transformer and would love another one from somewhere but sadly FLO are unable to send UK stock to me due to voltage I imagine. Alan
  10. Good all sky camera?

    At the end of the day whats 50 quid, I was looking at little extentions tubes to things this morning and they were nearly as much, gotta be worth it really. Alan
  11. I am rather assuming the two at the top are your eariler takes on the the two targets which though very good images are too red for my personal tastes, the last two shots are for me in a different league, very nicely done. Alan
  12. F4.6 vs eyepieces

    As long as you are not going in the land of Ethos then I would say no, mine is faster and the effect it shows is worse than yours and at 68 degrees, as I said, I can live with, I feel you will be able to as well.
  13. F4.6 vs eyepieces

    I have a larger F4.3 and to be honest 68 degrees in the shape of Panoptics in my case I can live with which are of course 68 degree fields. It is when I use a Nagler or even worse Ethos I find the Paracorr comes into its own. Alan
  14. Sky at night observing chair

    If I had to pick just one eyepiece with my Dob it would be the 21mm Ethos but with the Paracorr in place. I lived in Hull for 30 years BTW, both sides.
  15. Dob DSO photography.

    Well furry socks, I have an 18 inch Dob and you can't see that red colour with that scope, at least not with my eyes, so I would say that ia a result. I can see colour in M42 but not to that degree. Alan