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  1. An hour using both eyes

    Nice report John, I often have a 15 minutes with my 70x10.5, very much the same though maybe yours are better quality, gets the old arms though even though I am fairly strong. Alan
  2. venus and Mars

    Up at 6.00 am this morning to a clear sky and a chill in the air, cats came fussing around feeling they were getting an early feed, I am going to be a cat next time round. Had the 70x10.5 binos on the subject matter and it was not long before Vania and Daniel were out asking where Mars was as it was starting to lighten up in that direction. I don't think I can ever recall a conjuction as close as that before, it really was nice to see, the rest of the family were somewhat less impressed feeling it was not worth the getting cold. Sadly the only scope I can get up and running quickly has a tree in the way from where it is placed so was not worth the effort, lovely with the binos though. Alan
  3. Sutton bank season starter

    Nice report and always a pleasure to read about your observations, last time I was up there I was doing a walk called the White Rose, me a 14 other nutters. Just trying to imagine what you would have thought hearing a different mob moving in from the south, albeit a peaceful one. Alan
  4. The higher the better for the famous five.

    I was able to see the 5 separate galaxies with the 18 inch but never got a look at the other, seeing 5 I thought that was game over, must try again. Alan
  5. Outreach Report, Oracle State Park, AZ 9/23/2017

    As I thought you gain an extra 10 degrees on me and that would put them nicely above my horizon. I can see pretty much all of most of these areas but trees do not help the situation and now someone is building a house down that way which will cut out one of my best areas. The trouble is that very low down it is never going to be wonderful viewing with all that atmosphere to look through, a mountain range also steals some of the south too. I have seen some of these constellations overhead from my travels but of course never had a scope with me and though I mostly carried a camera a pair of binos would not have been a bad idea, a bit late now though. Alan
  6. Outreach Report, Oracle State Park, AZ 9/23/2017

    Another great report from you Jim, I bet The swan looks great from down there, I have 10 degree on anywhere in the UK but I imagine it is about another 10 or so higher in the skies for you, a lovely object. The likes of M13 we have almost overhead and is superb in any instrument. Alan
  7. One of the best reports I have read this year, thanks John. Your right about retire, I stopped work in 2004 and have never done so much in life, my trouble is I am aways up at about 5.30 so often tired in the evening, my home made Rakia don't help though. Alan
  8. The higher the better for the famous five.

    It is a nice target Olly, I am lucky that I can view them overhead with my Dob standing on no more that a 12cm brick, though to take your point I would not like to be on a ladder, I like to feel my feet on something solid. Don't believe I have ever tried them with my 12 inch, should be visible without a problem. alan
  9. Have I got an Eyepiece Obsession going on?

    Like John I have 3 cases so I don't think you have a serious peoblem, I also have a spare case that once was full of Delos'sssss, it said to me earlier Fill Me. De-lite looks like an option Alan
  10. NIKON NAV SW eyepieces

    I guess the point at which eye-relief becomes an issue with the wearers of glasses is also affected byt the glasses design themselfs and the degree of correction. I often tested eyepieces in reviews with my own reading glasses just to see if I could see the FOV but being that I don't wear them normally this was a bit half hearted. I feel that people that have to wear glasses to observe are at a great disadvantage and we that don't, don't fully understand the difficults they face. Alan
  11. Galaxy hunting

    Very nice report, I would be happy the swap my night after night and day after day of clear sky, for some rain, the taps are almost dry. On M31 I personally like with my 10.5 X70 binos more so than with some of my larger scopes. It is also very nice with the 190mm M/N as I can view it at x23, so get it all in. Alan
  12. NIKON NAV SW eyepieces

    Much the same as my findings John, I did put a 3.5mm against my Delos and I have used the 7mm against my then Nagler as well as owning the 5mm. For some reason that I can't put a finger on I stayed with the TeleVues. As you well know difference are very subtle and so small, it could also be argued that in some areas they are slightly better. Alan
  13. Unexpected hour out without clouds!

    lovely report Alan, I must try some of these, the cave sounds one to start with, weathers a bit cooler now so no so many things to eat me. alan
  14. In Pursuit of Barnards 142 & I43

    Very nice report, I have never seen any of these dark areas, fear of dark forces. Alan.
  15. What a Sight

    Saw it myself, lovely view. Alan