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  1. I spent a good hour in those two last night, as you say some wonderful sights to be seen, the Swan was absolutely superb with the 18 inch. Alan
  2. Nice report Piero,can't say I have heard M29 called the cooling tower before.
  3. I never had any luck being able to get hold of Lumicon filters, I had pretty much all of them on order at one time or another, UHC, Olll and HB. After a period of about 4 months in each case cancelled and opted for an Astonomik's, which came within a week. The only Lumicon I have is a Deep Sky filter that I find helps out on galaxies, though some disagree that they do, I believe it is just there name for a street light filter, as i do not have any to talk of it doesn't really help in that area but as it was S/H it did not break the bank.
  4. Nice report we are having a very up and down weather period, two days ago it was 34, yesterday was 18 and today a bit warmer but rain on the way
  5. Very nice report but have to join Paul in the I have never heard of it camp. I must have a look.
  6. A very nice report, though with the title I thought I may well be reading about a new pub.
  7. Calvin, Got to confess I have never seen anything but will check it out for where it is. When I think how many times I have used vega then M57 for a tests when reviewing eyepieces, will need at least the the 12 inch though, if it ever stops raining. Also consider the hours I have looked for the centre star though power may well have taken it out of FOV.
  8. Lovely photo if I may say so. Alan
  9. Nice report, always good to catch the moons either going behind, coming from or travelling across the gas giant. Alan
  10. Well done,it is one I have done but with a much bigger scope.
  11. Don't mention storms, I have had them up to here. Nice report BTW.
  12. Nice luck John, I have seen a few from here over the years, some even seem to have a sound track, space trucking maybe.
  13. Really good report and interesting to read, my seeing is even worse, you just can't see through cloud, terrible year so far.
  14. I bought the 10mm Delos and 6mm as it happens when they first hit the streets. Both are superb eyepieces.
  15. If I could invent such a filter I may well be using a 20 inch refractor this time next year. I felt the Lumicon had a good benefit going back to when the SN was in the M81/82 group, I find it works best with my 18 inch scope but it may just be more light more effect. I also found M33 was improved a fair bit too.