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  1. alan potts

    EQ8 and Focal Length

    Is there such a thing as a focal reducer for the Tal, I have one for my Meade but still gives me F/L of 1920mm. My original idear was the mount the Meade on an EQ8 but have the freedom to mount other scopes like the 115mm APO and the 190mm M/N, I even bought the mounting rail for the Meade which I doubt I will ever use now. Alan
  2. alan potts

    EQ8 and Focal Length

    I am hoping I have had every possible problem thrown at me one way or another. First off I was provided the wrong lead for a camera that I have thinking it was the ST4 guide lead, not FLO I may add, wrong, that took a month to work out, then I bought a new but faulty camera. I did get some reasonable pleasing (for me anyway) shots of a good few targets but only using the mount at 60s-90s subs. It is a good way to learn your setup though, even though I am now totally bald. Alan
  3. alan potts

    EQ8 and Focal Length

    Don, It was just a thought which even after posting full realised you would have already considered. I like your "Finding target is a doddle and auto guiding is easy ", I could write a book on the nights of hair tearing I had trying to auto guide. Most of the issues were of my making as I am nothing but a novice. I have a new guide camera now and have not used it because the mosquitoes are eating me alive this year, no matter what I spray on me. Weather is set to turn much colder by night which will slow them down so I will be able to get back out and have a go soon. I fully intended to also buy an EQ8 but I just can't get on with using the observatory for imaging, I have tried 3 times now. I completely removed the LX200 12 inch and have now put it back. For some odd reason I am quite at home listerning to to the laptop talking the exposures away whilst I use the 18 inch Dob, good luck with what ever you do Don. Alan
  4. alan potts

    EQ8 and Focal Length

    Why not mount both on the EQ8, together they would be well within limits.
  5. alan potts

    New Range of Tele Vue Filters

    I actually went down the path of Astonomik's largely on the back of what John had to say about his Olll at the time and got an Olll, also Lumicon always seemed hard for me to get out here which put me off. I do have the one Lumicon filter which they called their Deep Sky Filter I believe, though I understand it was aimed at LP for the most part. I have found it helps on galaxies with my 12 and 18 inch, just a little but any help is nice
  6. alan potts

    New Range of Tele Vue Filters

    That's from a pretty big TeleVue fan too, can't do much at the moment the mosquitoes are terrible, I went out to water the lawn the other night with Autan on and came back looking like Spotty Dog, they must wear gasmasks. Alan
  7. alan potts

    New Range of Tele Vue Filters

    Can't say I have heard any bad reports anout Astonomik though , I have a few of them and have always been happy though very much doubt that I would swap for a more expensive cherry picked on with a different name on it.
  8. alan potts

    New Range of Tele Vue Filters

    Lets hope so though I doubt they will be cheap.
  9. alan potts

    The Universe in a box....

    Superb report Stu, hope you liked John's mirror, mine is a cracker. From what I see of others reports about them he knows his onions. I like the location picture as it makes my lawn look like Lords. Wish I could get out the mosquitoes are not getting less, it is terrible here after dusk. Alan
  10. I would say for anything that gets close to serious an EQ mount is a must for imaging, there are many people on here whos mounts cost many times what their scopes cost, though of course some have dug deep for both. As for a scope I was wondering what you would think to a nice S/H Dob, could get something nice for 600 quid though imaging would be very limited
  11. alan potts

    Going hyper-wide with the Tak

    Nice report John, I can't get out at the moment for mosquitoes, they are all over the place, seems millions of them this year.
  12. alan potts

    Impromptu session and the power of this hobby

    Very nice report, I would like to get out more myself but the mosquitoes this year are terrible after a very wet July. They never nromally bother me that much but my blood is very tasty to them and this year I am high on the menu. Could do with some cold to kill them off. Alan
  13. alan potts

    Ring Nebula with ST80

    As other have said a very good spot with an 80mm scope,not an easy target at all, even with a bigger instrument. Alan
  14. Maybe Stu but the point I made after a fair bit of research was purely with regards to eyepieces. In view of the fact the only issue I saw was vignetting then with a NV unit, which I know nothing about, it may well work. Though I am fair;ly sure FOV with be restricted somewhat.. Alan
  15. Peter, you can't, I made that mistake 10 years ago, bought the LX200 12 inch, and a 40mm SWA as well as the reducer and thought I would be able to see my feet. You can only go down to 27 mm 68degrees with the redicer before you get vignetting. I also got away with the 24mm 82degree Meade UWA. Never use it now, the reducer that is.

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