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  1. alan potts

    Nagler 31mm ep

    I too have owned the 31mm for a good few years and have used it in many scopes. I really don't see how I can enlarge on what fellow Mod John had to say, my views would really be just a copy/paste. I also use a 35mm Panoptic which is about my oldest eyepiece, not much wrong with that either. I did have a 30mm Meade UWA in the place of the Nagler and this too is a very good eyepiece and heavier, it was only when the scopes got fast that you could tell them apart and even then we were talking subtle differences, the Nagler is a very expensive eyepiece but I have only bought it the once and it was secondhand, If I did wish to sell it I would easily get my money back. I did write a review on the Meade 30mm and the Nagler 31mm about 5 years ago which will be deep in the review section somewhere.
  2. alan potts

    TSA120 first light

    Congratulations on your new telescope and mount Gerry, look forward to reading more from it. The TEC 140 is meant to be a stunner but very expensive.
  3. alan potts

    Do I need another eyepiece

    A question I have also asked myself many times and found the answer was always YES. I used a 17mm Nagler for a few weeks at the back end of last year, very good addition to any case in my view. I owned the 17.3mm Delos for some time too, again top draw.
  4. alan potts

    Jupiter, GRS . 2-6-18

    It's been clear most nights for the last month, I am just too tired out to do a great deal with the work I am doing on the lawn. Sometime big is not so good with about 600m2, I set out to repair the patches caused by ants running of with seed. There was me thinking it was a 5 minute job, one month later. I have to be up at 5.30 ish to water it all so the seeds are at least damp for what are very hot days, 35c now as I type. Alan
  5. alan potts

    Best of the year , So far

    Have to say living out here now I do miss going to a decent pub and fish and chips, in Hull there are a few really good one. Nice report too.
  6. alan potts

    Jupiter, GRS . 2-6-18

    Sorry, I am no expert at AP but I think they are very good.
  7. alan potts

    Lunar mono & rgb + close ups and V 22-05-18

    Very nice shots there John, nice and sharp without looking over done if you know what I mean, should look at the moon more than I do, tend to view it as a pain when above 1st quarter. I do love to view the first days of the new moon, always in turbulent air though. alan
  8. alan potts

    Nebula's and Galaxies 23/05/2018

    Some there I have not seen before. nice shots.
  9. alan potts

    The Cocoon galaxy

    Nice shot, not one I have seen before. Alan
  10. alan potts

    Messier 13 with a 12" scope

    I agree with you John, it looks just wonderful in my big Dob, in general I never tire of globular clusters Alan
  11. alan potts

    Birthday, beer and Jupiter

    A really nice report and a very late happy birthday. Corona, when i was a child/ teen there were 2 types of soft drinks in the Medway area maybe Coke too , R Whites and Corona, I rather fancy your type was the beer though. Alan
  12. alan potts

    A start on the Owl

    Very nice and knowing you it will only get better, I have an owl in my barn that don't need such long exposures.
  13. alan potts

    M106 and friends

    Very nice image, I do rather like the spikeson the brighter stars and love the colour difference in the orange a blue stars at the bottom of frame, it's not over done. Alan
  14. alan potts

    100 Degree Eyepieces - How many do you need?

    Going back to the OP, i would say 3 eyepieces would cover most scopes, depends on F/L as to which you choose but I would say 21mm 13mm and 8mm, (which is why I have 8). For me they come into their own when used with a Dob. Alan
  15. alan potts

    Tak FC-100 - what will I gain?

    Whilst I personally would never pour water onto peoples dreams, and mine too maybe, I feel the 120mm is a very good scope already. You could argue that the stars may well be shaper and tighter, as Tak optics are up there with the very best. I feel fellow Mod John is the one to ask as he has a Tak and I believe he also has a 120mmED, I am sure he will be able to give you firsthand information. Alan

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