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  1. alan potts

    Give the Mak credit where its dew.....

    I wanted one of those scopes Stu but out here it was not possible for the reason there was a Y in the day of the week. I bought a SW 180mm Mak and I have found it to be excellent. It was to stop me wanting a 6 inch APO refractor, which didn't work, still want one. I have found though keeping it outside helps no end with cool down as it is always witnin a couple of degrees of open air temperature. I can imagine bringing it from the house would take at least 90mins to cool off and probably longer. Alan
  2. alan potts

    Photographic Atlas Recommendations

    The Ineterstellarum guide is excellent and I have this, for me it's miles above the other 5 I also own but it's not a photographic atlas as OP asked. I have not actually ever seen or heard of one. On the Inter book, I feel it is worth every penny of what I paid for the Desk Top version, 58 quid I think from Amazon.
  3. alan potts


    Nice shot Steve, I'm sure you will get the data. The good thing about AP is you can come back next week and it hasn't flown away.
  4. alan potts

    How good are ES 82 series Eyepieces?

    I feel the term Space walk can be used with eyepieces like the Ethos range which are 100 degrees, though on those I can see the field stop if I try, but the shorter 4.7mm and 3.7mm with their 110 degree field really are made for that term. Aalan
  5. alan potts

    Bad timing

    I always prefer M31 on low power, in fact I maybe even prefer it through my 10.5x 70 bins. Alan
  6. alan potts

    Televue plossl pushed beyond its limits

    Gav, feel you must bear in mind, as I am sure you have F 3.3 is very very fast for any eyepiece, TV I believe quote F 4 as about the limit for edge sharpness. As for the photo above all considered I feel the 41mm, which I also use a lot, has done a fine job. Alan
  7. alan potts

    How good are ES 82 series Eyepieces?

    I had most of the Meade 82 range and we all feel these are the same optical elements as the ExSc, maybe coating differ though but they were made in the same place until Meade hit choppy waters. Quality wise I would say they were a small step down from Televue but well worth owning, as i did for some time. The 30mm is a whopper though. I found the 30mm Meade matched up very well to the 31mm Nagler, I even read a review where the guy preferred the Meade. alan
  8. alan potts

    Meade 65mm 2" EP

    I have used a 55m televue and found that a cracker on the same scope and on my LX 200, well made, even survived a drop on to concrete with only minimal damage, I have never seen the 56mm from Meade but have seen a few about over the years. Alan
  9. alan potts

    Just increased my Clave family

    Rare to see so many Doc, well done, great collection. Alan
  10. alan potts

    TeleVue 13mm Nagler Type 6

    Great prize Steve and a great eyepiece, I had this myself for a good while before I got Ethos Fever, no cure for this as you know.
  11. alan potts

    M33, Trapezium E&F, Plus Doubles!

    Nice report Doug, love the line, clearly seen as a faint spec. Alan
  12. alan potts

    TeleVue 22T4 Nagler v 27 Panoptic ?

    The 27mm is the only one I have not had out of the range, but I know a few on site that would not swap it for anything, saying it is the gem of the range. I have had the 22mm and it was not my favourite Nagler, I have also owned all the Naglers around this focal length. I use Panoptics in my Dob and often without the Paracorr 2 and find I can get on with this. I hate soft focus at the edge in any form, why pay for top quality and accept less than even if coma is scope induced. I personally would go for the Panoptic, an eyepiece that rarely shows up 2nd hand and still about the only on I would add to my collection. Alan.
  13. alan potts

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    Golly, send it here we need it, why can't the weather gods look on your parties with a kind face for once.
  14. alan potts

    COMPLETED - Tele Vue 8mm Radian

    Nice high quality eyepiece Robin, I still have 3.
  15. alan potts

    The farthest planet in the eyepiece

    I'm fairly confident I have seen Pluto with the 18 inch but by no means sure which dot it was.

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