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  1. NGC 2237

    Having shot this a few times since I started it make a nice change to see it a different colours with the various filters, a beautifully captured set of images Steve.
  2. Rosliston Star Party March 2018

    I know they can make it with machines and resort have them but I believe up to mid to late January there had been very little in the way of natural snow, then it fell for days in Feb and melted, odd year all round.
  3. Rosliston Star Party March 2018

    I Bulgaria March is called the womens month, because it is so unpredictable, only a man could have come up with that. We had -24 on the 1st March and +16 or so two days later, we have had sun and rain, then more sun up to 26 degrees and now it's raining again with cold to come. I don't think this is what you would expect in southern England at this time of year and I feel very sorry for all those that made the effort, it is enough to put anyone off the hobby
  4. Carina Nebula Narrowband

    Beautiful images there, and what makes them nicer for me is they are ones we don't see ever day because of where you are. Did you actually find the SN, I did read the post?
  5. Cacoon

    I never used it to its full extent, I am not good enough but the technique on one of the stickies in one of the section here seemed to make a very good effort at removing the stars, this used ""Dust and Scratches" filter in PS. I have never actually gone back to it to try it again now I am somewhat better in the program but it looked a decent way of doing it, It was posted by Martin I believe. It was one of those times when I got lost 3/4 of the way through but someone like yourself that clearly know what your doing may well be able to expand on my poor effort.
  6. Cacoon

    Beautiful image you have there. For what it is worth, my opinion is that with so many stars the background is of a much lower importance. I was trying to imagine making a mask and removing them then deal with the backgeround, OK if you have nothing to do for a month, Great image, forget it.
  7. Best quality clamps and dovetail bars.

    I have a fair amount of ADM kit and I find that very good, solid stuff, there is cheaper but for the little amount I always go with ADM
  8. The silly thing is all the time I have been thinking it is me and blaming myself and it's not. I wasted a long time trying to guide with the wrong cable, sold to me as the correct one about 5/6 years ago and then had a new faulty camera which can happen but don't stop you thinking why me. I have at least managed some decent shots with the mount alone and it has been a part of the learn curve, pretty good with PShop now which I thought was going to be my main problem area with so much in it. Still I am very pleased for you and hope it's not long before I see some great shots from you, I will keep an eye open. I have to say though it would have never worked because of the cable on the Mammut from Brightstar, trying to guide/calibrate with the cover on the guidescope for over 2 hours makes me laugh now. Like you I want to go onto a better camera than the 40D mod that I use but I want to ground myself on this first, also with the new CMOS type up and coming I want chance to see where this goes before shelling out a great deal. Alan
  9. That is great news maybe for Christmas I will get mine to work, BTW just found out a brand new camera is faulty, this is the latest thing to go wrong. The ST4 cable was not making all the connections or at least that is my opinion, so me throwing money at it, albeit not a massive amount didn't work, back to the drawing board. Alan
  10. I am running the latest PS and the same happens to me, I tend not to bother with using them as many things now I can muddle my way through and as its raining it gives me something to do.
  11. Two new toys

    I have a 9mm BGo myself as well as a few of the others, I bought them largely on the back of what John had to say about them. I know he liked the 10mm Baarde Classic that is still on the market but I feel in general terms you have to spend a lot of money to make any improvement to this eyepiece and I do mean lots. I have never seen a 12.5mm since I got mine which was about 5 years ago maybe the rarest but the 9mm is not so common. Hope you enjoy.
  12. I realise that funds could be short after buying a new scope, if your going to buy a cheshire buy a decent one. I have a Deluxe model from FLO, it's red and well made, it's about 32 quid I think, even though I do use a laser much of the time this may well be all you ever need. I must just explain I have a good few scopes so need different options.
  13. Golly I have had mine about 7 years and that's the first I ever knew of it, I'm a man, instructions what are they.
  14. Paul, I know exactly how you feel, I have been trying to guide since the end of November and for one reason or another fail, I am thinking of just wrapping it in and be happy with the picture i take with 60 second subs, they please me and that is what matters. Alan
  15. Guiding other than with ST4

    Is there no way to do without this cable, I cannot get one here and to get one from anywhere cost as much as the cable again. I have a RS232 ported laptop, I had half an idea you could conect to the handset. I can try this route maybe at a later date when I order other items.