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  1. As I said I couldn't read what type of file it was but the APT just didn't open at all and kept trying to find the file time and time again Error showing with the message. Once I closed it all setting for camera dither etc were gone, Two times now, it's annoying. I think I will uninstall the program and then re- install it. Its work fine for ages, just don't understand it. Alan
  2. Thanks Dave, never thought about the flattener, of course I can rotate the whole lot no matter what I have in place. I can do it on the Borg too. The one thing I struggle with is how to do them properly. I know a good while back you looked at a flat of mine and said they were way too light. I read something last night about using the histogram, I must experiment with this to find out the correct exposure, I have a good light box so setting it up is not difficult. Some how I got into my head with dithering you don't need them, wrong again. Alan
  3. I have APT on my laptop and it has been there with various updates for about 3 years and worked very well. The last two night is has failed to load saying a file cannot be located, now I can't say which because I could not read it a I didn't have my glasses. The upshot is all setting are lost completely, it's damn annoying. Anyone had similar or have any idea what it may be. Alan
  4. Three nights on the bounce, rare in England at this time of year. I often get it out here but weather has turned. Last night I had hazy cloud everywhere i wanted to be. Alan
  5. I am past worry with Borg, reading about them drives me mad. I banged in the 20mm spacer and a 4mm Borg spacer as well as the first piece on the camera which is 11mm, so as you said the chip is recessed 6.5mm. I think the 4mm spacer brings the mounting ring level with the back edge of the last element of the reducer. All in all I have about 36.5mm which seems to bang on the money, I have 0.3 and 0.5mm shims to fine tune but it looks OK. I may well have mis-read the 55mm back focus at some point in the past. Someone on site told me it should be 37mm and it appear he was correct. Many thanks, Alan
  6. Now that turned out really nice, do like these wide shots. Alan
  7. Really need to know what type of lighting you are having problems with as they require different filters. I have a small LED light issue from the town 4 miles away, for this I need the IDAS LPS D2, I am considering buying one in the next couple of days. Orange street light require a different filter I believe. Alan
  8. I guess reading what you say I do, in truth I have forgotten what does what Tony, I do put a dark in the stack every time but was blissfully unaware that as you point out Dither has a great affect on hot pixel and the like. Must try to do a set. My trouble is i am always turning the camera to fit things in, like last night, made a start on the Soul but had to turn the camera to get it all, this would mean I would require another set of Flats. Do you need both dark and lighter flats, or is that something else I have mixed up, too much rakia is my problem. Alan
  9. I do have a bit of LP to the south east from the LED's in town which is 4 miles away. A fair bit of this data was shot with as much as first quarter and a day after. Alan
  10. Lovely shot Dave can see the improvement over my effort. I dither between shots so don't bother with flats. I know I should but I haven't really pulled off taking a decent set. We had this conversation a fair while ago. Mine were ways too dark I think it was and you gave me help and told me what to do. The trouble is I am often changing things about and as you know new flats are needed every time. Must give it try though. I mounted the Borg on the scope the other day so I will be doing a run of data with that scope, weather has other idea though. Take care, Alan
  11. I do find it interesting just how many different versions you can get from the same data, some of the others got brown lanes in that I couldn't you have more purple in there that I didn't really see at all, even though I always have a play with colours individually Thank for have a go, very nice image too. Alan
  12. I used an 800mm APO, at it's native focal length, I do sometimes use it with a reduce which drops it to 635mm but I seem to get some odd flare from it that ruins the captures. It comes from a LED that is about 100m away, it use to be covered by a very large walnut tree, but they cut it down. I have tried an extended lens hood which seems to help but pointing south is off the menu now. Alan
  13. Yes they do pull rabbits out of hats, some people like Olly are truly exceptional but also very modest about their skill. Alan
  14. This is the trouble with Borg, a million parts and ways to put them together. I found something last night where he had excellent results using 38.3mm on a specific camera. I know I bought a 20mm spacer for this to get a certain distance and a 0.3mm and 0.5mm spacer. I wish I had written down what I did. I must have a play and try things out, it is clear tonight and the moon is a bit too big so ideal time really to mess. Thanks for you input, Alan
  15. I know about Gradiient, I am just a little reluctant to use cards on the Net to buy things. Alan
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