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  1. Many thanks Alan, I will try what you suggest when I get a chance to use the scope again, I can't do flats again until I change the camera over and focus on a new target. I use a T shirt stretched over the front of the scopes and a photographic light box, clearly I have been exposing too long and will try to aim for what you suggest next time I do them. Weather is not great at the moment but there looks like a break coming Tuesday. Many thanks, Alan
  2. Alan, This is all getting very technical, on the flats I run the APT flat helper. This basically suggest I need not less than 500ms and not more than 2 seconds, now that's a fair range. Thinking back I may well have done a combination of these times so probably selected a longer one, I've posted the master. All of these need to be redone now anyway, so any advice you can give would be great. I tried to get a shot last night but was often with very thin cloud, it's a poor image and I am far from pleased with it. In fact I feel this Borg is better with the 071 and overall I am not pleased with it at all. I know I am not a great imager but i feel this scope is a lot of money new for not great results, well at least from me. I intend in March to buy the new FLO 85mm Stella Mira. So this is Master Flat minus 5, maybe I need to do them again when I put the 071 back on MasterFlat_ISO0.tif This is a frame of the 25 I took , at minus 10, maybe the focus is again off, this really is so so hard to get right. It is a shot of the Cone Neb, at least I think it is. L_2020-02-13_21-06-07.fit Weather is turning a bit now so maybe no clear sky for a few days. Many thanks Alan, Alan
  3. I tried this myself on the 183mc a good while back and stretched the image in APT and seen this on darks, end up pretty much like the one you have worked on. I feel I have given you a very early 2 minute Dark here where I see this fault too, maybe I was not careful back then, there is no light leak as far as I can see now I have changed my method. First the Obsey is dark with lights off, the lens cap is on the scope and I cover the lens cap with a very thick cloth, then cover the whole scope with a thick velvet curtain. I would have said now leaks were impossible. I don't cover the camera for fear of loss of cooling. I think I made a mess of these and have not dumped them, sorry to have wasted your time. Here is a flat for the 071, would it be better for you I post Masters for you? This is a single. F_2020-01-04_13-02-26.fit Here is a shorter 2 min dark that I took with the 183mc a good while ago D_2019-10-12_14-30-28.fit Here is a Dark I took yesterday with the 183mc, this is 3 minutes at minus 10 (getting adventurous) see if that the same, it looks better as I see it. For the life of me if it is I can't think what I did to cause that on the other one other than me not being careful then.. D_2020-02-10_13-18-42.fit Many thanks, Alan
  4. I also should have said and sort of along the lines of your reply, it is the most disappointing visual object I have ever looked at, even in my fairly large 18 inch Dob. Alan
  5. Yes saw it myself Dave, Antares is fairly well south south east by then and in dark sky as I get up around 5.45am. Alan
  6. You really are very good Steve, a lovely image with just the right amount of everything that I try to do but always fail and even though aware of it over saturate. Great image, why didn't I get an Esprit 150 when I could have for 3k. Alan
  7. The Gain is set to zero on both cameras, as it comes up in settings at best dynamic range, I thought this was best and have done it pretty much since I got them. I believe there are 3 pre-sets, Best Dynamic range, Unity and Lowest read noise, this equats to zero, just below mid-way and max on the slider. I don't believe I have mixed the darks as I keep them in different folders now, have done it in the past though. Here is an 071 dark and a 183 dark. These are from the old darks at minus 5 not the new one I did yesterday. 183mc D_2019-10-12_13-09-50.fit 071. D_2019-10-12_10-29-52.fit Alan
  8. Alan, I have decided to do a complete set of new darks and flats, maybe tomorrow I will have a clear sky, last night was not going to be any good, and cleared in part only for a short time. The Borg 77EDll has it's own filter draw infront of the reducer lenses, it is a 2 inch Astronomik's L2, which we have said may not be quite strong enough. I have been shooting on zero gain settings and I think the off set is also zero, I use the same on both cameras. I am going to persist with the 183mc for the moment so I can see if we get that right. I am sure it is me causing these issues as Borg is meant to be somewhat better than the normal run of the mill scopes, I didn't pay this but this scope combo would have cost about 2000 USD, so should be decent, unless something else is not correct that we don't know of. The shot with the 071 on the Flaming Star and partner to me at least suggests things are not so far away. I am not sure what to really look for on these Darks so I will post one up for you when I manage another image to look at. As I am sure you know all these darks, I shot 4 sets, have amp glow in this right side area, though this does not apply to the 071. Thank you so much for your time and help Alan. Alan
  9. I agree with our friend from Australia 10mm Delos will never disappoint. The Pentax is also a stunning eyepiece. Alan
  10. Alan, I am fairly sure the focus was not locked when I took this so I am, maybe wrongly, assuming that the blackness is cased by the slight bend in the optical alignment. I also seem to have gone through a period of clipping blacks I never had when using my other scopes. Why I have no idea. Extension tube wise I am just using those supplied with with the 071, unlike yourself I have M42 on the rear of the Borg adapter, at least I think I have. I can't check now due to snow still. There is just the one sleeve in the mix as I was told I need 37.5mm of backspace and the chip is recessed 17.5mm. So there is just the 20mm sleeve. I see the vignette on most images and at the moment do not have a software to remove them though I do try a vignette removal in Raw Camera Adjustment a part of PS, which helps. I will have a look at this in the next day or so as things are melting a bit and sort of getting back to normal. I am using flats and dark flats too but they could be dark on that side too as I may have had the focus lock untightened, dare say Darks are the same.. Been and checked!!, the M42 20mm fitting/spacer that is in now is much larger internally than the Zwo 21mm fitting and this shot was taken with the Zwo 21mm, so things should now be better. May have a go tonight if clear. Alan
  11. Thanks Dave, many would give up on me. I am a hopeless case. Alan
  12. Thank you for that, yes I have seen 55mm quoted on reducers and flattener, simple mistake for the likes of me to make, must see if I have a T2 nose piece now, guess I still require the IR/UV filter? Alan
  13. That looks nice and more like my own colour but better definition, I guess those Takacashi's are worth the price tag, would still like one. The sharpness of those tiny outer stars is just quite brilliant. I would say this is a beautiful shot of a lovely object, I don't really see anyone could criticise it, for sure not me. Alan
  14. Has anyone set up a Sky-Watcher M/N 190mm with either a 183mc 0r 071mc and are there any special considerations with regards to spacing. Forgive if this is a stupid question and you just connect the camera and use the focuser but I genuinely have no idea. I was considering trying the 183mc at 2x binning, this again a new venture for me to get into. If it helps back focus of both cameras is 55mm and the F/L of the M/N is 1000mm. I am also considering trying the Zwo OAG on this set-up in an effort to help the guiding, though I could of course resort to the guide scope at 242mm or try a 70mm ED at 420mm, I have a few option open to me. Alan
  15. Rodd, as superb an image that it is and maybe you did over sharpen the original, though to me it looked fine, very fine in fact. On this latest image to me the outer stars look a bit pink/purple which I have not seen before on any image of this target and for sure not mine (not in your class). That is how it is coming across on my monitor, which is a very high quality one and is meant to give accurate colour rendition. Any thoughts? Alan
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