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  1. Very nice report, it is raining here though I got an hour outside last night.
  2. Very well done Alan, it is not an easy object and viewing the star at UK values from here I have only split it twice. When it gets high here though I have done it many times. I spent about an hour trying to see it with my piggyback mounted 70mm ED and I would not say for sure but I was half sure I caould see it from time to time. It has been split with 60mm so I have read but that may well be from a location where it get high in the sky. I have just had three nights with stable seeing and Sirius was very still which as you say is rather rare. alan
  3. John, couldn't get them all in the same FOV but I saw them all last night by pure luck and it was about the last thing I looked at as I got ready to call it a night. Alan
  4. If you don't mind the barn your always welcome, not the best designed house in the world conisdering the size of it, lack of bedrooms but many conversation points and of couse 5 scopes. Alan
  5. Nice report Mark good to hear that some clear sky seems to have shown up, I have had two crystal clear nights, even saw the HH again and the flame, don't see it for two years then twice in a month. Alan
  6. Congratulations on you new eyepiece, hope it is not with free clouds. Alan
  7. I would go for the ExSc range in the 82 degree FOV. I had all bar the 18mm in the Meade range which have the same elements and found those very good for the money, they also come up secondhand often for less pennies, so either them or the Meades UWA will set you up for life really. Televue are very good but at a price. Alan
  8. Very well done with 7 hours, I have not managed that this year. We did have some very good clear skies but with over 3 feet of snow on the ground could not get out, now it's wall to wall cloud.
  9. Looking at the fine data that has been supplied, if I make it to 2044, it may well be a tricky target being so much closer to Siruus. I guess if your going to see it from the UK and it's often not so clever seeing, the next few years are the time to try it. Alan
  10. Well done John, Sirius is all about conditions as I have said before, I am helped too by the 11 degrees I am further south. I can only imagine in parts of the world where it appears overhead it is not that difficult as I have split the star a good few times with fairly low power below x100. Alan
  11. Never noticed that Gerry, if the clouds ever clear off I will have a look. Alan
  12. Gerry, I am always drawn to look at Sirius with whatever scope I am using, even tried with the 70mm piggyback ED but so far drawn a blank. I can\t say I have noticed a star in the nearby FOV but I fel that would onlt be due to not really looking. At the moment weather is not being kind so no observing at the present. Alan
  13. The seeing here is awful and it's raining on me John. Alan
  14. As Calvin said, nice information, no chance at the moment of looking at anything unless I can get above 20,000 feet or so. Alan
  15. I have found Venus a few times during the day, and Jupiter. I also found Mercury when the sun was setting but I guess that don't count.