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  1. Alan, I did a comparison review in the equipment section about 3 years ago as I had both at the same time. In brief the PC 2 is better but there is not a lot in it, PC2 was better with the Ethos rang as when the PC 1 was marketed the Ethos didn't exist, still very good I would say. The trouble is I think there was actually 3 paracorrs from TV and I had the very first, never been able to substantiate that though. Alan
  2. I have always said why pay TeleVue money and then put up with coma. Alan
  3. Match made in heaven, 21mm E and the paracorr. Don't be afraid of going away from the markings for various eyepieces, I actually feel the 31mm Nagler is better a little away from where they say. Alan
  4. I am only joking really, still learning the new CEM 60 mount and 071 and 183MC, you get better results than the Canon but I find processing a tad different, I'll get there. I also get a bit fed up on one subject matter all night, still it keeps me out of trouble. Alan.
  5. My son just saw it and said, a word I cannot use follow by your getting very good daddy. Alan
  6. Lovely image Steve works so well in mono, sort of makes want to delete the 3 hours I did with my Canon, which didn't pass muster compared with this. Must try harder. Alan
  7. Not understand it fully I see this almost stops you including a bright star in frame, I too would not wish to take 100's of subs, though some do. One to look out for though sort of pleased mine are not affected. Just wondering how you can really do the HH with out having Alnitak, though you did a nice take on it in my view. Alan
  8. I am getting fed up of reading these offers the seller has made her point and please show some respect for her loss. The asking figure is fair and in any case in the spirit of the forum an offer should be made by MP, please lets have a stop to this as apart from anything else it could be causing un-necessary upset. Alan.
  9. Good point Alan, careful please Ladies and Gents. Alan
  10. Great capture, can you believe I aligned on this last night and focused but only a 2 second exposure, so I imagine it would not have been visible, for sure with 4x4 binning of 071, if Halley's had been there I doubt I would see it. Alan
  11. I did this the other night on a recognisance run and clearly only got part of it, this is a lovely wide field shot of what must be a fairly large object. Alan
  12. Beautiful image that you have taken there, if you find Olly's post can you put a link on here I couldn't find it. Alan
  13. Gina, yes the centre is burnt out really, I may have another go at it as I still have the data, I actually just improved the one from the other night getting that hazy layer out of it, I need to get some better Grad tools too, I tend to make my own in PS but they don't seem to work so well now. I feel it is also me needing to get more use to processing data from the 071 and 183, the old Canon seemed so easy. Alan
  14. I see it now, that would annoy me. Alnitak is always a little wotsit to deal with in the HH, I was given a way by Olly to remove the various halo's it creates and it worked fairly well. There was a technique by one of the Mod's, Rob but I could never follow it though it appeared to work very well indeed. Alan
  15. I am pleased with the mount though I have found it a little hard to set the clutches just right, very much a hit and miss affair from what I see. If they are not just so you tend to get a horrible noise and slip, harmless by all accounts but annoying. Guiding in general with the exact same scope and guide camera is better but maybe not as good as I thought it may be, one member suggested go for a OAG to nail the guiding, I do have one. It is true I have jumped around the sky a fair bit and imaging low down I don't see it as any better than than AZ EQ 6 was. However higher in the sky last night I was down to 0.22 Sec in DEC and 0.30 in RA, for long periods too, it only came off the rails a bit with very high passing con trails, even then it only dropped to about .7 sec and mainly in RA. Sometimes the AZ wasn't any better than that all night. I have resisted touching too much as I tend to create my own problems. My next step it to include on the mount a duel rig with either a 70mmED or the 77ED ll Borg that I have as well as the bigger APO. either one was intended to carry the 183MC as camera. On a different matter I am still struggling a little with exact focus using APT though I tend to get reasonable results taking my time, I also feel the i5 laptop could be better as it seems to lock up from time to time. Maybe it's time to get a proper desk top in there with bigger RAM and faster processor. Alan
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