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  1. I have done when I was 17yo, use to lay on the grass there in Hull, neighbour knew I was nuts so it didn't matter. Would I do it now I am 60, not a chance. Alan
  2. All I have here it the GWP, great wet puddles.
  3. Well good while it lasted a John, we have had some clear stable air here now for a few night, even Sirius looking fairly normal, well not normal if you know what i mean.
  4. Nice one Nick as always from you, I saw Saturn this morning at 4 O'clock as I got up for a moment or two, very low though even from here so must be poorly placed from the UK. Alan
  5. Having owned all the Meade range and most of the Panoptic range I would say the TeleVues are better at the edges but only in faster scopes, at F10 I can't say there was a massive different and I have reviewed most of them and written them up on site.To this day I wonder why I kept the 41mm Pan over the 40mm SWA as the Panoptic vignettes on my 12 inch SC whereas the Meade didn't. Unless you are going faster save you money.
  6. I have found Delos and Pentax XW as very good planetary eyepieces as well as Radians of which I had quite a few. However any improvement will only be very subtle indeed and all do not come free with cornflakes. I now mainly use Ethos but only due to the large field of view in my biggest scope. I do still hold on to the Delos and Radians though for my shorter scopes in the 6mm and less F/Ls
  7. Nice report and two very nice scopes you have there. Alan
  8. Nice report and sorry to hear that you have not been well, lets hope the session made you feel better. Alan
  9. very nice report with the big scope. M13 will only get better once the wall is knocked down. In my slightly smaller scope it is stunning. Often wish I had gone for the 20 inch which I could have at the time. Alan
  10. I have tried a few things including the tray which alas I find too small for the eyepieces I own. Now I tend to use a combination of the eyepiece cases so I have them on hand and a photographic vest that I have had for a number of years, oddly never using it for photography. The vest is a high quality one made in Britain as it happens, with large and many pockets all of which I hoover from time to time.
  11. Very nice report, I was looking at the Leo triplet last night myself though with a slightly larger scope, know what you mean about those lights though, gone mad with them in town which is 4 and a bit miles away, not too much of a problem but once I never saw any light from here. Alan
  12. Great report Paul sound like you had a really good night.
  13. Very nice report, it is raining here though I got an hour outside last night.
  14. Very well done Alan, it is not an easy object and viewing the star at UK values from here I have only split it twice. When it gets high here though I have done it many times. I spent about an hour trying to see it with my piggyback mounted 70mm ED and I would not say for sure but I was half sure I caould see it from time to time. It has been split with 60mm so I have read but that may well be from a location where it get high in the sky. I have just had three nights with stable seeing and Sirius was very still which as you say is rather rare. alan