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  1. Sad news indeed, on the back of I can't think of any place to post such bad new and this is well related to Equipment and also getting started, the only other section is maybe D.I.Y. If any of the other Mods or Admin decide it would be better elsewhere then I will leave it to them to move Alan
  2. That's a beauty, lots of detail in there. Alan
  3. As good as any image I have ever seen, stunning!! Alan
  4. I can't recall ever seeing this before. I think you have done a great job and it's a lovely image, I'm calling it the Kookaburra Nebula. I've just had 3 nights on the trot but I've hurt my neck somehow so decided not to bother, there's always something this time of year. Alan
  5. Stunning shot Rodd, one of your best in a very large list. Alan
  6. Outstanding, I do not ever remember seeing this one before. Alan
  7. Lovely capture, I can never see the name for this one though. Alan
  8. I didn't see it myself but we had a show down here in Bulgaria, something that only happens a few times in 100 years. Lovely photo's of the display where you were. Alan
  9. alan potts


    That's a cut above Rodd, lovely image. Alan
  10. I used to work in a mess when I was younger but now I like a bit of organisation about when I do things, I also like tools put back in the right place. Alan
  11. Yes 40c is hot but the air is very dry here so not that bad just have to watch burning if you are out, too hot to work in though for me. I've been in hotter in the Middle East, 50c in UAE. You tend to get the same here with cold, I've had minus 26c here with very low humidity and been out in a T shirt for a short time, however if you get a wind your arms would probably drop off Wasn't a cloud in the sky most of the day yesterday but it spoilt itself again. Alan
  12. If it is an consolation I have not fared much better down here. May I had one clear night, the night of the full Moon. June was a massive 3 again clear for Full Moon. July wasn't too bad but with temperature of 40c the nights were very turbulent and rather hazy. Though August has cooled down a lot there is a lot of patchy cloud around. This would be OK for visual but I like it clear to use the cameras. That's not to say the sky hasn't cleared in the early morning but I am long past getting up at 2 am. Hope things get better for you all. Alan
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