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  1. I really don't know about that, I have never had my hands on one, though I have seen people on site talk highly of them. Alan
  2. Mine was the 20mm, another fine chunk of glass. I had the 14mm XW a long time ago but actually preferred the Meade 14mm Mk 1 UWA, just to put the cat among the pigeons. I have never tried the 30mm and 40mm XW but for me they really shone at 10mm and below, possible the best 70 degree eyepiece ever to hit the market. And you an I have said many a time, what could Pentax have done if they set out to design an astronomical eyepiece. Alan
  3. We have rather gone away from the point of the thread, which was insulting me I think, but while we are at it I've had all the T4 range and I feel the 22mm is best, I was disappointed with the 12mm, I'm a little surprised they have not dropped the range by now. To touch on Michael's point on the 14mm Delos I think if I recall the 8mm was similar with focus, I had the full range once Doc bought most of them from me after I spent months trying to see differences between the Delos and the Ethos range, stuck with the latter. Alan
  4. It's a fine eyepiece but being a TeleVue snob, I have the Delos, not seen light for a long time as AP seems to take up most of my time, when I have a clear sky, been awful of late, better now. Hope you can understand my reply as I clearly can't write, punctuate or spell. Alan
  5. I am touched that you consider me worthy, I bashed out quite a lot of reviews a few years back when I had contact with the Dealer in Sofia and often borrowed eyepieces, even though I had about 35 at peak and often wrote stuff when I was changing to Televue and still had Meade and other makes. And for the other person, I am most certainly not changing anything, many have complemented me on my style and humour in writing and whilst I am not gifted as a writer it reads fine to me and I put a lot of effort into all of these though accept they are not perfect. Alan
  6. The amount of rain we have had the last few weeks I dare say my CEM 60 is going rusty, Alan
  7. A lovely image as I have come to expect from you, 7 hours on a globular is living up to your name, I do 90mins and think I gave done well, maybe why your images make mine look very second rate. Alan
  8. I had both the Mk 1 and 2 for a while when the Mk2 came out, I only noticed a little difference when using Ethos eyepieces which I imagine were a pipe-dream when the Mk 1 was launched, I do feel the Mk 2 improves stability all round though and is generally the better paracorr but at near on 500 quid, it should be. Alan
  9. I feel it will just be a case of getting use to it seems a huge outlay to buy another dome, they don't exactly come free with Cornflakes. I would try and live with it Darryl. Alan
  10. Great image, well done. Alan
  11. I think it came out very nice, it would be nice to have a clear sky, 6 weeks, terrible here. Alan
  12. A very nice image, 42mins, a mere flash in the plan for you. Wish I could do something, weather is terrible out here, over 5 weeks now without a decent sky. Alan
  13. Very nice shots of all there Martin, considering the quality of the M13 I am a little surprised the propeller did not come out more obvious. Alan
  14. That always was a favourite of yours now even with the more exotic glass added to your collection it's nice to know it still gets out. Getting out in any shape would be nice for me at the moment, weather has been awful for 5 weeks, and more to come. Antares is a tricky one, condition are paramount, I have split it with my M/N 190mm but not smaller, the 18 inch handles it most times at about x120 or so. Alan
  15. That very nice indeed Robin, my half baked effort with nowhere near as much data at the right angle looked like a snail. Alan
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