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  1. Very nice report, M51 is a joy, it is lovely from here with the 18 inch. I was hoping to get out now the snow and ice has mostly gone, guess what clouds. life! Alan
  2. Nice report, it is one that I have done now many times but my further south location only helps. It is more about conditions than anything and I have seen it with my 115mm APO without a massive amount of power. Well done. Now the snow is melting I am hoping to get out for the first time this year. Alan
  3. I have a M.N 190mm and have always been very happy with it, purely for visual use I find it realy does almost offer APO views. I am not sure about your claim that it is easy to change the focuser, I remember reading a sizeable thread on this and then thought I will stick with what I have. I have seen some first class images taken with them too and although I don't know much about AP it does just come into Olly's a meter or less F/L is best quote that he made a long time ago. My AZ EQ 6 handles it with ease, I even had it on a HEQ 5 Pro before but only for visual you understand. Alan
  4. Nice report I imagine you could get down to the 9 magnitude with 40mm from a dark site maybe even a bit more. I had a look last night with my 70mm bins as the snow is still too bad to get a scope out, it was also very wet/cold last night very soon after sundown. I never normally worry too much about cold but this was sort of English cold weather, the type that chills to the bone. Alanl
  5. Nice report Doug, I am in a getting better situation but the snow still has some melting to do before I can get out with a scope. Alan
  6. I tested the 40mm Meade series 5000 which was labelled up as 60 degrees and was as I am sure many know called the Super Plossl. I found it an awful eyepiece in my faster scopes with the edges being full of everything you could think of apart from sharpness. Heavy but give me the SWA version they made any day. I had the whole range of the SPlossl Meades and I can't say I was over the top with any of them in F 5.26 or faster. They were fine in the SC F10 though. Alan.
  7. I have had an American rebadge of the Aero eyepiece that John is talking about and it is very good though not as good as the Meade 40mm SWA. The only real downside of the Meade is it is rather bulky and tips the scale at over 2 pounds, it even make the 31mm Nagler look small. Alan
  8. Like John I mainly have had Naglers of late, though I also had a fullish range of Meade UWA which are very good and can be picked up secondhand. Alan
  9. A really good report Alan and as has been said better to be out then. Just when I was half hoping for a clearing in the snow, more of the dam stuff falling, still it is winter. Alan
  10. Before I bought the 31mm Nagler I had a 30mm Meade UWA and I found that very good indeed, it just depends how fast is the scope you wish to use it on, It was fine in my SC Meade 12 inch but did start to show issues at F 5.3. I am of the opinon though not all agree, that the Meade versions of these eyepieces are better than the ExSc offerings. I had the 4.7mm S5000 Meade and later tested the ExSc 4.7mm, I was most disappointed, though not side by side my memory was the Meade was better.
  11. Though I have one Shaun it is not my favourite eyepiece. I find it vignettes slightly at the very outer edge which my 40mm Meade SWA did not using the same scopes and diagonals. As I use this mainly with the SC 12 inch and the Meade performed very well I sometimes wish I had saved my money, it is sharp though. I would be interested to know when you get a better chance to use it, if you see the same on your set-up. Alan
  12. From places like that M31 is I would have thought fairly easy without the Moon, I have seen it from my back garden in Hull, though a good few years ago now, like about 40. Alan
  13. Nice reort Nick, up at 3 o'clock, me too though it was for other reasons, no power and the UPS was making a noise. Even if it was clear there is still no way I can get out to do anything for snow. Alan
  14. Yes John, I watch breakfast most mornings for the first hour and the forecasters seems to cheer up no end when he/she reports bad weather, I watched this morning as wave after wave of rain and cloud rolled off her tongue, it wasn't just Ian Mc Caskill that enjoys it, he seemed to get excitement out of reporting it. Alan
  15. Just a little follow up on the scintillation brought up by JOC. Last night Sirius was at it like a lighthouse on a banned substances even when it was well above levels it reaches in England, this follows 3 nights when it was so still. Unfortunately I still can't get out due to masses of snow. last night the forecast promised a continued slow melt but it was infact minus 10, how wrong can they get it. Alan