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  1. alan potts

    Cheap Eyepieces For 16” Dob??

    Its been cloudy here for so long I have forgotten what gear I have. New Years eve cleared at 11.30pm to revial a beautifull clear sky then 30 minutes later thousands of fireworks made a complete mess of any chances. Alan
  2. alan potts

    F6. 3 focal reducers for SCT's

    I have the Meade 6.3 reducer and whilst I have never laid eyes on any other I feel they may well be made in the same place with different boxes and tattoos. I made the mistake years back I believing I could put this in my 12 inch Sc then bang in a 40mm SWA 68 degree eyepiece and see my feet, how wrong can one be. I never use it now and if in England would sell it, but as the courier from here would cost almost as much as the thing is worth, it's collecting dust somewhere. Alan
  3. I guess John if you can afford the objective and tube you can afford the mount, probably a similar cost, Happy New Year to you later on. Skies here have been awful for a good while. Alan
  4. alan potts

    Meade 6.7/8.8 UWA 5000

    I understand what happened was Meade hit the rocks and had money problems and the company they used was JOC, here they had the 5000 series manufactured to their specs. There was UWA SWA and Super Plosse collections all turned out in Blue Green and deep red trim, they may have had others made there too and all eyepieces were fairly expensive sitting about 30% lower than TeleVues eyepiece ranges. In the UWA range sat 4.7mm, 6.7mm, 8.8mm, 14mm, 18mm, 24mm and 30mm, The only one I didn't have was the 18mm. All fo these seemed very good and many a time I had TeleVue of similar F/L to compare to, goes without saying the latter were always that bit better but close to the black and green wallet emptiers. When money failed they (JOC) were left holding a number of Meade unpaid order for various F/L's and ranges, these were later sold off as MaxVision by ExSc, also a JOC customer, and were a bargain. I don't actually know how or where Meade had the 5.5mm-20mm range made but everything I have read, and some of that was between the lines, suggests that the second range was not as good, I had the 5.5mm and the 8.8mm which was loaned to me by the local dealer and for me they were not as good, still very in real terms but not what they were, the 5.5mm was an odd one out and I compared that to a 5mm Nagler which I had. hope that helps. alan
  5. alan potts

    Meade 6.7/8.8 UWA 5000

    I had both and they performed very well in my 190mm M/N from Sky-Watcher, I did replace them with 7mm and 9mm Nagler eyepiece, these were slightly better but the differences were only as I said slight. Fine eyepieces in my books. If by chance you hunt down the 8.8mm and 14mm then make sure it of the first series of Meade 5000 UWA's, not the series that included 5.5mm 8.8mm 14mm and 20mm, these were not as good in my view.
  6. alan potts

    Winter solstice !

    I've not seen a star for about 2 weeks, I wanted to check out the comet last week in the gaps but there was almost always a cloud over the area, got a very brief look before it was gone. Alan
  7. alan potts

    APT 3.60 with Auto Meridian Flip

    Wish the weather was a bit better so I could get out.
  8. alan potts

    Focal reducer?

    As Davey point out the F6.3 reducer is a standard 2 inch SC thread and I would have thought much larger than that found on this scope, which I imagine is 1.25 inch. You could I dare say have some type of adapter but I have never seen or even heard of one, then after the reducer your faced with needing a 2 inch visual back, not really the sort of thing one would see on a scope that is 102mm. Alan
  9. alan potts

    Mount and scope

    I stand corrected, a rush of brains to the head, I hade the HEQ 5 Pro, which is a bigger mount, sorry for that.
  10. alan potts

    Mount and scope

    General rule is 2/3rd of max capacity. Even though I owned one I cannot recall what it's max carrying weight was, 17kg I think, I used to use a 190mm M/N on it for visual which would be a fair bit heavier than what you are planning so I would feel you would fine but I'm sure some better informed members will be along to confirm this.
  11. alan potts

    Neptune and Mars Conjunction December 7 2018

    Nice shot, that's a close one.
  12. alan potts

    NGC1514 - more data

    Lovely shot and also great dedication, for what it's worth the skies have not been too great here.
  13. alan potts

    BRESSER 40mm Eyepiece 60 ° 5 Elements

    For what it's worth when my friend in Sofia, who was the Meade dealer at the time showed me which way the Bresser/Meade/exsc were going, Telly House are showing the picture that the Meade Ser 5000 40mm became. I have never seen the other one. That not of course to say it hasn't been given another set of clothes though. They were fairly pricey when Meade marketed them but this dates back a few years now, 2009 maybe. Alan
  14. alan potts

    BRESSER 40mm Eyepiece 60 ° 5 Elements

    Don't wish to pour water on this but tested the Meade version of this. Before they ended up as Bresser they were part of the Meade seires 5000 range, well at least the same element arrangement was, it was 5 element Super Plossl that came in 5.5mm, 9mm, 14mm, 20mm, 26mm and 32mm as well as the size we are talking about. I had all of them apart from the 40mm. I was taken by surprise when I did see one of how big it was. It was not a bad performer at F10 in my SC 12inch scope but in my M/N 190mm at F 5.3 it was awful at the edges, maybe the last 25% had bad to even worse aberations of a type I could not work out, all I knew was it was not coma from a mirror.
  15. alan potts

    M31 4-panel mosaic

    Superb image maybe the best I've seen.

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