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  1. Identify this diagonal

    A little off topic but interesting. My ex B in law has a Rolls Royce, an old one that once was that of Bet Lynch. He need a part for his air-con. The RR part in a box with RR on it 72 pounds, exact same part made by Lucas for a Jag 12.50, in a plastic bag. Cardboard boxes costing weight for weight the same as anything Tak make.
  2. THEME: Carbon stars and nebulae

    If I were going to sell one it would be the 180mm Mak, not that there is anything wrong with it. I bought it about 3 years ago as I wanted to buy a 6 inch APO,maybe the Espirit. I thought the extra bit of apperture would take away the want but it hasn't worked, there is something about a refractor that makes you want them. I like my 190mm Newt/mak very much, really good image, almost as good as an APO. I have a 130mm Lzos TBM in the barn which I could get at a good price and even this is not taking my want away, maybe because I have a 115mm, which doesn't see enough light. Other than that I have the Meade 12 inch with 70mmED piggybacked which is in an observatory, my plan was always the buy an EQ8 and have all of them mountable in the one place, work in progress. The 18 inch though is a superb scope with a stunning mirror quality from John Nichol in England. alan
  3. THEME: Carbon stars and nebulae

    I will have to get the 18 inch on to it, find it first though. My problem is I have too many scopes. It is very difficult here to sell a scope unless you almost give it away and I tend to try an use the ones I have almost in rotation. I have thought about putting a couple on site but no one really wants to risk a shipping of something like that from here to the UK. Only last week a courier managed to destroy an expensive and strong ironing board, Amazon were very understanding
  4. Eyepieces for fast telescopes?

    As I have said in thread there are some lovely eyepieces from ExSc and Meade that often come up S/H that can be picked up one here one there over a period of time. Both offer a 68 and 82 degree range and I feel are withing the grasp of most people, differences between these and those costing much more are subtle to say the least in a F4.7 and to take one 40mm SWA 68 degree eyepiece I still think I prefer this to my 41mm Panoptic. Alan
  5. Astro Baby website back up

    Good to see your back, hope your well Mel, poetry. Alan
  6. Eyepieces for fast telescopes?

    I don't feel they get overlooked Louis D, especially Pentax, it is just the others are so rare and offer no where near the range TV do. I know for a good while the only way to get a Nikon was to go to Japan, maybe the situation is better where you are. Alan
  7. THEME: Carbon stars and nebulae

    Very nice report and yes I did like it. Never tried for any of the carbon stars, must change that. If only we could see the Cocoon like the picture with our scopes. alan.
  8. Some Sagittarian Success! (A Hint Of The Lagoon)

    Very nice report Doug, that area is rich with all sorts of wonders, try to find M22, a wonderful globular, big one too.
  9. A night of globs and planetaries

    Lovely report,that's a cracker of a line, last chance to use the 12 inch refractor for a while,I like it. Alan
  10. How low can you go?

    I sort of feel for you all as this part of the sky is wonderful, M6 and 7 are naked eye easy here on a good clear night free of moon. I always enjoy M22, it is one of my favourites. I only have about 11 degrees on you here but it makes all the differene. I can see all of Scopius but would love to see it overhead with a scope at hand. A really nice report as well
  11. A fly around

    Very nice report and a fair collection of targets there, Always like the swan, looks great from here being that bit higher in the sky. Alan
  12. Nice report and nice photos, like the one with Church and moonlight. Alan
  13. Larger Exit Pupil

    Alan, I believe the only reason light is wasted is because it cannot enter the eye. I am lead to believe a healthy 21 yo can dilate to about 7mm and sometimes a bit more, even though my friend who is a eye Doctor tells me mine are young for my age only needing a very weak reading glasses, she also tells me mine will dilate to 6mm at very best and probably less. i know when using refractor you do not have an obstruction in the light path, this can become an issue on reflectors at 8mm ExPu and above. If I use my 35mm Pan on my 190mm F5.26 it is fine and that's giving close to 7.0mm but the 41mm at 8 plus shows a marked secondary mirror, you can still use it though it is a bit annoying. With the moon out the way I have dark skies and no doubt that helps alot. All that said I do enjoy putting the 41mm in the 805mm F7 refractor and using x20 and 4 degrees of field. Alan
  14. Larger Exit Pupil

    I often use the 41mm Panoptic in scopes giving an EP of 8 plus, I know it wastes an amount of light, in effect making the scope a smaller aperture as the light cannot enter your eye, even though I am told mine are a young 61. The neighbourhood owl enjoys it though. Alan
  15. My only persied

    How active, maybe radio-active.