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  1. Very nice shot, I need to get something to deal with gradients and one of the other programs other than PS seems favorite, just don't know which. Alan
  2. Great shot, lovely nebulosity showing, one I will be trying as soon as I can get out. Alan
  3. As good an image as I have seen of this, want to try it myself but am struggling to get it all in and can't changes scopes over at the moment after hospital, weather seems to have turned as well. Great shot and a pleasure to view. Alan
  4. Well that appears to be a very decent result to me and I can see why you like it. Not one I can recall seeing in my short time at AP but a lovely image in every way. Alan
  5. Not the UK obviously but I have seen pictures of a 30 inch here in Bulgaria owned I believe by an Englishman, though I don't know him and he is some distance from me. Alan
  6. Two fine images MG, I like both of them with the first just winning the day, can't say I can see a spider though. Alan
  7. Tend to agree with others here, one of the best I have seen, beautifully done. Alan
  8. Another fine piece of work there, love the squirrel Goran, an see the Loch Ness monster does exist. Alan
  9. Lovely image you have taken there. Alan
  10. Wow, stunning such tight control of the stars, an area where i need to improve though this is by far not the only area. Those Tak scope really do punch their weight. Alan
  11. Lovely shot and works great with the letterbox format, I actually had a MF camera back in 2004ish that took shots like this. Colours are very nicely done too. Alan
  12. Came out nicely, I have missed this being in hospital, need to catch up on what everyone has been up to. Alan
  13. Sounds interesting, the one thing I didn't get an answer to is why a file which is in fact only 541mb will not open in PS, on a 8gig ram machine. 541mb is nothing and it is telling me not enough RAM. Alan
  14. Excellent shot, so much in there to look at and not over coloured for my eye, great work!!! Alan
  15. I am not a fan of the Moon but you have captured it superbly well. Alan
  16. I may try my 300mm F2.8 on the mount with my 071, it will be fairly wide field I would think. Alan
  17. That's come out very nice, feel I may invest in one of the duel filters for OSC to help improve my NB content on my captures. Be a few day before I can use the scope after I have just had an operation, still getting better every day. Alan
  18. That sounds like a good reason to forget it, I was only trying it because it was there in DSS, thanks Alan
  19. Stagged by the cost of these new, only said before hospital you never see them S/H, very best of luck with your sale Richard. Alan
  20. Been in hospital and have just seen, I am raising this with my friend later, he is an IT guru and if sorted I will let you know. Alan
  21. That is as good as I have seen, keep looking at it wondering which scope will show the most, but then with being somewhat new worried like hell to take apart a rig that is working very well, buy another mount maybe. Alan
  22. Yes I indeed had a problem with my APM 115mm and a 379Red flattener, I am not totally sure we ever got to bottom of it, there was some paint off the inside of this flattener which I covered but the reflection continued after, it seem to go away though. Now though because I cannot get a 2 inch IR/UV filter in the optic path I have tended not to use it with my 071 camera. I did take a number of shots with my other camera 183MC and also with the same flattener. I never saw any internal reflection problem on these few hunderd subs, so what the issue was I don't know. Alan
  23. A great question to ask anyone from home. Drizzle, I tried it in DSS just because it is there even though I am not totally sure what it does. Now I only have 8gigs of RAM on the machine here in the basement which I tend to use for everything, The drizzled file is 925mb which is a a bit bigger but not massive however its more than the normal 180mb area. My computer using PS CC tells me not enough RAM to open it, any ideas why, as I thought it would not be too big at this size, seems a bit strange to me. Alan
  24. I don't mind what people do with what I post here, it all helps me. For what it's worth my brother worked at a job creation unit many years ago, there was a photographer there, he was shown a fair bit of my work on Rock concerts. I was pretty good at shooting with all the lights and and knew settings for this type of thing. About 8 month or so later on a wet day Brother and I went into a Gallery in Hull to see my photo's passed off as this other guy, the odd thing was I wasn't the one that noticed. Your result is very good but the stars are still horrible, added another hour last night and will do the same tonight, as it is clear, 19 days and counting. Alan
  25. Beautiful shot you have taken there. Alan
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