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  1. A truly stunning image there, many congratulations. Alan
  2. That is as good as any image I have seen of this, nicely done too. would be nice to get some scope time here, terrible weather for May, one day 36c next 12c. most odd. alan
  3. Really lovely image there. Alan
  4. Really great image you have there, one of the best I have seen, Alan
  5. Nice image Michael, miserable here, cloud and rain. Alan
  6. Yes it is little noisy but it is also a lovely detailed image can't wait to see it when you get the RGB to add to it. Alan
  7. I must give it a try, it was about my favourite visual scope and in my view gave close to APO views with quality eyepieces, it's just sitting in the observatory covered over, just got too many scopes and there is no real secondhand market out here. Alan
  8. A beautiful image you have captured there. I have a M/N 190mm maybe I should have a go with it, do you need any special extensions for the focuser, I still the original connection fitting, which I think is for a camera, I have two OSC's 183mc and a 071. Alan
  9. A beautiful image there Olly, you always serve up the finest work. Briefly and as simple as you can how do you stack images from different scopes, I imagine you have to use the same camera but the FOV will be different, if the answer is complicated don't bother as i will never understand it. Alan
  10. Maybe they have John but I bought mine about 6 years ago, 20mm is a stunning 82 degree eyepiece too, but aren't they all. Alan
  11. There sure is, and it's a superb eyepiece, if you can take the weight it is a very good Dobsonain eyepiece and with a paracorr sharp to the very edge. Alan
  12. That's rather nice, I like the colour in the stars, not over egged. Alan
  13. That is very nice and not over saturated, great capture. Alan
  14. Great image Brian. Alan
  15. A nice one Dave, rather small this target, only seen it with the Dob at x200 or so, that tend to make it a bit bigger. Maybe a touch red though Alan
  16. I can't work out what sort of scale this is but the only thing on my C-du-C is SH 2 104, appears to be about the right size too. Alan
  17. Stunning detail in those two Rodd, are you going to add colour, two great captures, Alan
  18. It's a cracking image but I feel it needs to be a tad darker and richer red, loads going on there though. Alan
  19. That is very nice indeed, one I don't think I have seen, if I have it wasn't as good as this. I have a M/N 190mm, must try it out one day. Alan
  20. I think that looks very nice, one i want to try . Alan
  21. That is a very nice image, Alan
  22. I'm wrestling with odd weather at the moment, it was 30 degrees yesterday and 8 today, we may even get snow tomorrow. Alan
  23. The galaxy has come out very nicely, so small this one but so interesting too. Alan
  24. That is as good as I have seen on that target, the more I see from these scopes the more I want one but don't want to end up dead, maybe I can sneak one one day, I mean it is not as if I can afford it. I guess you are between a rock and a hard place up there ib Scotland, a lovely part of the world but does it actually get dark in summer. Even here well over a 1000 miles south it is not dark until 10pm in June, the trouble is I am up very early most mornings and find it hard to stay out until much past 11.30. Great image Sir. Alan
  25. Another beautiful image from you, make mine look a bit half baked and I thought it was decent too. I feel that H alpha and Olll really bring this out compared to my OSC, I intend to get a Optolong duel band filter in the next few weeks which may help. Alan
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