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  1. There is no doubt out here the air traffic is about 1/5 what it normally is, in summer months there are of often 10 planes in view at any one time. Sirius is not too bad some nights but I do have 10 degrees on the UK Alan
  2. So it is, I could make out a bit of a monkey head sort of shape and looked no further. I have photographed the Monkey's Head before but with the C-Du-C showing only SH-2 numbers and NGC No's I got a bit mixed up. Thanks for putting me right. Alan
  3. Something of an annoying night towards the end of session, patchy cloud diffing by that always happened in the last minute of exposure, but I still got 2 and half hours on the Flaming Star and Monkeys Head i think. Taken with the Borg 77EDll 38x4min subs with calibration frames as well as dither. Alan
  4. I know the feeling, I have a very large area here with some beautiful old walnut trees 80-90yo, lovely for the walnuts but one of them masks the darkest part of my sky to the SW, there's nothing for miles and miles. Alan
  5. Yes I understand that Iceman but I do not like to use credit cards on the net, or anywhere for that matter as I had mine copied once in HongKong. I am going to look at the Pixel Processor with an intent to buy this I believe has a gradient tool included. I can do gradients with PS on many images but wide field like this is very difficult, or at least I don't know of way. I personally feel $ 60 for a plug in is rather steep, no matter how good it may be. Alan
  6. Very nice Francis, that must be fairly low for you, I must try this myself. Alan
  7. Stunning shot, normally I don't care for starless, but this is really nice in B&W. Alan
  8. The other day I shot 3 and half hours on Sh2-205 and 6, both in the same wide field of view at F4.3, so fairly fast. I was most disappointed with what I was able to process from the data. To finish the night I shot 11x4minuts on the Cone Nebula, I realise they are completely different targets, but was shocked by how well the Cone came out, can't wait to add to the data but weather is poor here. 50x4minutes with flats, darks and dark flats, dithered too. Borg 77mm ED ll F4.3 11x4minuts same cal frames also dithered same scope. Thanks for looking and feel
  9. I had this happen to me but can't recall what I did, ISO 200 is too slow really at 20secs, 800 or 1600 will give you more and you will get decent results. I started out with 60second subs, with decent alignment you should get away with that without guiding. Alan
  10. I am afraid I can't I have gone over to OSC Zwo camera now and have changed things a few times. I can't remember what I used other than in the setting there is an option of median with sigma clipping, I believe I used that. I am sure someone on here will have an answer for you. I may however be more useful to post an example and start a new thread, this one is rather old. Alan
  11. Best wishes to all of you, can I ask if you get time in the early New Year you could let us know what the situation is regarding orders from me and others abroad, if you haven't already and I've missed it. Alan
  12. John, better off than you for latitude by close on 10 degrees and I have done this many a time with the 115mm triplet and the 190mm M/N as well as my Dob, but if you can't see it with a quality 18 inch mirror then the conditions are dire, it has happened. You may well remember some time back I played a game trying to see it from about you maximum latitude by estimating when it is the same amount of degrees above the horizon, result here are far for wonderful and compare much the same as your own, I don't recall seeing it below 20 degrees with the 115mm but have done with the 180mm Mak and
  13. Yes of course I didn't change the guide scope focal length in PHD, so therefore I imagine the calibration would be wrong as well, so much to remember with this dark art, plus the grey matter is not what it once was. I was considering having a play with my 180mm Mak, even though it's F15 and I don't have a reducer I thought it may be good on globulars, well the brighter ones. Alan
  14. Fairly sure I covered everything and I did tighten up the alen screws, however as I took things apart I thought there may have been some movement in the many rotating parts of the 3.7 inch focuser, I will continue to play with it over the coming months. I feel my biggest problem is I am always chopping and changing scopes and focal reducers, too much gear not enough clear sky. Alan
  15. I tried my OAG last night after about a year of being in the box, I also bought the focuser just in front of Christmas from FLO. Now the 290MM mini (2.9um) was working on a SW ED50 guidescope and with the new multi star selection was getting very nice results. I did however wish to try my 183mc (2.4um) on my 805mm APO and though an off axis guider would be required for this, I realise the match between the two is not good but wanted to try it anyway. Now I got the stars to focus and select in PHD-2 and made calibration without issue, though they did not appear as sharp as I normally get.
  16. Lovely shot with nice detail around the flame and HH. I always find Alnitak annoying in any of these shots. One of our fellow Mods did a PS video on how to remove the glare from it but though I tried many times I could never follow it and use another method that Olly helped me with, one that I have long since forgotten. Alan
  17. I had the L enhance version from them and didn't like the result, maybe I sold it on in haste and should have tried a blended shot or two. The result you have here I feel will benefit from that, though as I am sure you know you can always take shorter exposures of the very core and blend them. At the moment it would be nice to see anything, been awful here all month. Alan
  18. Lovely captures David, wish the weather would break here, been awful for a few weeks. Alan
  19. I am sure others know better than me but in my experience this is because you guide scope has moved or been moved and it need re-calibation. I have had the exact same thing about 6 times all told. Even when the scope was moved only a small distance fro where it was and I thought it wouldn't matter this happened, re calibrate the scope using your instructions which you can find in the help section. Alan
  20. If it does my oh my there's going to be some cloud about. Alan
  21. Mine was in an observatory though subject to long periods of damp and extreme cold for 3 years, I really think covered up it will not be a problems. Alan
  22. Very nice shot with lot of detail, the trouble with this is it's so small, but a beautiful capture. Alan
  23. For what it's worth I am not exactly having a fun time many miles south. I got about 90mins two nights back but it was generally poor seeing and passing very light haze though i did get 15 subs of 4 mins taken. It was a chance to test the new multi star guiding, which I have to say seemed very good. Weather is not just mainly cloudy, it's cold and very damp. Alan
  24. Yes that was the one I had and was not impressed, yes they are pricey too, there is an extreme version now and that is about 230 quid. When I had the Lenhance I just did the normal 4 minutes that I do, not very adventurous with time on the shutter, with my site I dare say I go double that exposure on a moonless night, must try some different lengths. Alan
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