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  1. Hi Tracy, That's a pretty decent budget. It'd be a good idea to think about the practicalities next. Think about where you'd be observing (back garden, local park, driving out into the countryside, etc). Where will the scope be stored (garage, conservatory, living room), and how much space you have in your house/car. Scopes and mounts can be heavy, so think about what you can manage to lug around. This latter point is important as a scope that's a pain to carry/transport/set up will end up not being used. Will it initially be just for visual use (or do you harbour ideas of taking amazing astro photos fairly soon)? Kev
  2. Hi Rob, The Bresser Messier 10 gets good reviews too ... Kev
  3. Hi. Well, this is an interesting one What I'm getting from the various parts of your post is that the main use your scopes get (forgive me if Im wrong) is on short sessions, with a brief glance at particular objects (relatively easy to see ones), and that you'd prefer to do more 'serious' observing, spending longer at the eyepiece, and possibly doing some sketching. All the while I was reading your post I kept repeating to myself 'get a big dob' and an observing chair/stool. A 10-14 inch dob would gather much more light than any of your current scopes, allow observing of fainter, more difficult to track down fuzzies, and, with a nice wide angle EP and a comfortable chair, allow you time to really explore the objects on view. Don't be put off by the size, though. I, and many others, totally regard a 10 inch dob as a legit 'grab and go' scope, and it'll be good on planets, the moon, doubles, globs and OCs, galaxies, nebulae, etc. A fantastic all-rounder. Kev.
  4. Hiya, I'm afraid to say I haven't encountered this issue you're having. Good luck with your search Kev
  5. Ah, okay. He'll probably need a 2in adaptor in any case, though ...
  6. Hiya. If I understand you rightly, you want one of these (or similar): https://www.telescopehouse.com/accessories/eyepiece-adaptors-and-extension-tubes/revelation-80mm-extension-tube-2.html
  7. I was led to believe Astrocamp came with a 'clear skies guarantee' ...
  8. I'm planning to go (it'll be my 11th camp), though there is an element of doubt starting to creep in ... Anyway, got all my fingers crossed
  9. Hi there, As @Cosmic Geoff stated above, choosing a telescope is a very personal choice, there's no such thing as 'one size fits all'. I guess the best advice would be to try a few before you buy. Can I ask where you're located? Are there any clubs/societies/SGL members/public stargazing sessions nearby? Can you get along to a star party so you can actually try out a few scopes (and the next minefield in the hobby, eyepieces)? Kev
  10. Hi there. I agree that a Mak and EQ1 wouldn't really be ideal due to wobbliness and field of view. So, what about something like the SKywatcher Startravel? I'd also recommend an Alt/Az over an EQ any day. Kev
  11. Found the conjunction again tonight, though it was quite tricky as the sky was a little hazier. Greater separation than last night, and Neptune was a bit fuzzier. Still well worth a look through
  12. Thanks @paulastro for the heads up. Just had a look. Phi Aquari was a spectacular yellow/orange colour, and Neptune a pale blue. Very reminiscent of Albireo at its best. Lovely
  13. Cheers, that's good to know. In the end, the sky was spectacular over Piddletrenthide. Cracking session
  14. After much deliberation, I've decided to pass on Creech tonight. Thinking it might be busy up there, what with it being a bank holiday weekend, and if I set up in the garden at home I can enjoy a
  15. No worries Cool. See you there at about 9
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