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  1. To find the sun, if using basic equipment, I find the best way is to use my phone’s compass to get the EQ mount pointing in the correct direction i.e. North. I then use a bit of card held behind the EP end of the scope and adjust the RA and DEC until the image ( shadow) of the scope is at its smallest/ most round.The sun is then in the FoV.
  2. Lee, no worries with putting the tent up (erect). We will all help. It’s that bloke Derren you need to watch out for. He will just stand there with his hands in his pockets delivering wise cracks at inopportune moments. Examples being “You don’t want to do it like that, you want to do it this way!”, “Have you ever put a tent up before?” or “What’s taking you so long” Dont listen to him, the rest of us will help out. Last word of warning - don’t ever try drinking any of that mouth wash that he brings. He will constantly tell you it’s Whisky ( without an e), it’s not ! He’s a bit like Donald Trump, if he says an untruth often enough, it must be fact!
  3. That is a lovely EP, it is one of my most used. You will have hours of fun with that one
  4. Pretty sure Davey meant next person(s) to subsequently post after him ( he being #1)were to post the next sequential number i.e. #2 followed by #3 followed by #4. Not phone numbers! Must. It have seen the humour in my original post
  5. That wasn’t my real mobile number so hope no one thinks they are going to get lucky
  6. Ian - 07765 661233. Oh, when you said add your name and number I thought it was a dating website
  7. Derren, I didn’t know you did astro photography. You kept that very quiet. Look forward to seeing some of your images
  8. Hi Hadyn, Yes, I am looking forward to the SP and meeting up with everyone. I have started getting various bit and bobs sorted out. Should be a good do all round, just need the weather to play ball
  9. Good thing we are getting all this wind and rain now, means it will be dry and clear for the SP Really looking forward to meeting up with everyone at Scotland’s Premiere Star Party
  10. No food /shop on site. Nearest is Wigtown, only 10 mins up the road that has Spar / Co-Op etc. A bit further is Newtown Stewart that has a Sainsbury's or is it Tesco?
  11. Damian, I hope you like fish and chips, I might not be cooking this time. Sorry, rephrase that, I might not be cooking in the evening. Will be doing breakfast - heaven forbid!!!
  12. The location of the Dumfries and Galloway SP is a great location and if the skies play ball is excellent
  13. Or drill a couple of holes in the Dob and bolt the Telrad in place. That’s what I did after the sticky pads have way - twice.
  14. Just in time, it absolutely hoofed it down late this afternoon, plenty of flash bangs too! That will certainly have tested your Obs water tightness ?
  15. Pretty cool. Not something I am about to get into ?
  16. I believe the minimum of solar cycle 24/25 is to between May ‘18 and Sept ‘19, so realistically we have a bit to go before the excitement really starts. Some people have done well recently to observe/ image spots, filaments and small proms but they are really quite insignificant compared to what can be seen at solar max. Unfortunately we have some way to go before we see significant activity. Don’t lose the faith, as when there is a good display, it is truly magnificent.
  17. I never have much luck speaking to you for any length of time as you generally leave or are getting ready to leave, just as I arrive. However, I am sure you appreciate the opportunity to enjoy dark skies somewhat more than having to listen my nonsense ?
  18. Look what I got in the post today ?. FB ( no reference to social media)
  19. Kenny, Did you obtain permission from the individual kids parents and the Head teacher, prior to posting their images on social meadya?
  20. Grand. Back safe and sound, car unpacked and just made a chicken casserole for tonight’s tea ? Weather didn’t play ball but enjoying meeting up with everyone. Only managed 10x50 bins on Saturday. As Damian says, weather got progressively worse the further south you got
  21. Great image, unlikely to see an improvement on that tonight?
  22. Clear skies here again tonight, hope the same can be said about Drumroamin, and that it continues into the weekend ?
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