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  1. Not inviting the Ides Of March, just stating that a SP was not occurring at the moment in time that Damian ascended a Corbett i.e. Merrick, while enjoying fine bout of Gaelic weather. I am sure Derek, that you are aware that it is a Corbett and not a Monro, as it is only 843m or 2775ft and as such does not reach the threshold of 914m or 3000ft, to allow it to be classed as a Monro
  2. Looks to be unusually kind Scottish weather, must be because the SP is not on ATM
  3. I have a good mate that lives in Kilmarnock Hope you both have a good time
  4. I don’t think that there is any doubt that your camera is working properly. There is a big difference between having the scope aligned to an object, visually, and with a camera! What mount are you using? It helps to have your finder very accurately aligned to the scope. i would suggest that after having aligned your finder and inserted the camera that you increase the exposure considerably. Next, using the hand controller very carefully try and move the scope in very small circles, all the while keeping an eye on the laptop screen. Keep checking the finder to make sure that you are still in the right region. It is very easy to pass by the object, it can literally shoot on and off the screen in an instant. Once you get a bright spot on the screen, set the mount tracking and use the lowest mount alignment speeds that you can. Sometimes even one nudge on the mount controller can send the object off the screen again. You will get there, just takes a bit of practice.
  5. Quare job, big man. Hope you and the Mrs have a grand time
  6. Hi Jamie, that’s a bad job! Hope you are holding up alright. Was there drink taken or were you just an eejit?
  7. I thought the same, field looks crackin ATM. Wait for 4 months time
  8. If you only want to mount a camera with a short f/l lens you could try a Sky Adventurer, if you want to use a scope, then HEQ5 is the minimum. Others will be along shortly to offer other alternatives to the SW Star Adventurer
  9. I paid £190 in 2009 for a brand new150p on an EQ3 from a dealer. I look at prices now and wince
  10. Hi Khalid, welcome to SGL. Ask the questions, no matter how daft you think it may be, you won’t find out if you don’t!
  11. Hi Derek, Glad you could take that joke in the manner it was intended Appreciate the update, not easy when things change so rapidly. Thanks again.
  12. You disappointed me Derren - it was neither
  13. If you thought the scope might be large, just wait til you see the size of the boxes that the scope comes in Congrats on the new purchase. Now the spendings starts on upgrades such as focuser and EPs Enjoy the new scope
  14. Hi Baz, I could see you say what mount you’re 200P is on. Is it an EQ or Dob mount? Sorry, phone so can’t see signatures. If an EQ, you could make yourself a Dob mount and utilise the rings that you already have, just a thought.
  15. Hi Baz, you will have 3 times the light gathering capability and will gain on image scale but you may be shocked as to quite how big the scope is. Definitely get up and close to one. Dark skies are by far the biggest improvement you can make
  16. Congrats on a very good capture, well done. What equipment did you use?
  17. On the eye end of the polar scope should be a collar that rotates to allow for focusing. When done once, that’s it, no need to touch again
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