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  1. Spikey

    Collecting Wows!

    Would the solar quest be able to accommodate an ED80 with say a Quark attached?
  2. Spikey

    Guidescope rings

    On the off chance there isn't a bright enough guide start in the guide scope FOV. Easier to shift it around a bit directionally.
  3. Might be worth taking various brands of EP so comparisons can be made based on budgets ?
  4. Spikey


    Probably mice, not rats. They seem to like the PVC shielding. I've seen them make quick work of aviation electrics and electronics in rural hangars
  5. Spikey

    Mechanical Monsters - BBC iPlayer

    I watched it too, very interesting and well worth watching.
  6. Spikey

    migration windows to linux

    Most of it is already on here in one form or another so if someone wants to write a build tutorial that's fine. Discussions - Software would be the appropriate place.
  7. Spikey

    migration windows to linux

    Who can forget pip with its destination source command. I used to have to read that one out over the phone which was fine until DOS came out then everyone would ignore me and do source, destination often with catastrophic consequences.
  8. Spikey

    Sun and Moon anomaly

    I'd be interested to hear what you do think illuminates the moon if you don't think its the Sun.
  9. I've got a Baader steeltrack on my ED80 so a very similar type of upgrade. I used to have the stock focuser working pretty well with the odd tweak here and there but the Baader is in a different league. For imaging I was extremely confident about loading the end with some heavy goods and it wouldn't budge yet still retain the fine focusing control I needed. I've only used it for visual once and it was super smooth.
  10. Spikey

    EQMOD heq5 question

    I'm not sure there was any accuracy gain purely down to that sort of computerisation. Although at least via CdC I could see on the screen where it thought it was pointing ! Ease of use was the top advantage, there loads of stuff you can bolt on of course but having a repeatable, accurate PA routine and then a platesolve saved me a LOT of time.
  11. Spikey

    EQMOD heq5 question

    Best thing I ever did with my HEQ5 was introduce it to enhanced computer control via EQMOD. From an astrophotographer point of view I gained the ability to have a lot of assistance in several areas. Namely, polar alignment, auto guiding, enhanced goto functions and platesolving.
  12. Get a NAS and RAID 1 a pair of 4TB drives.
  13. Spikey

    COMPLETED - TeleVue Barlows

    3x TV Barlow now SOLD only the 2x left.
  14. Spikey

    Mount advice needed

    No for imaging on lightweight gear so it's more portable. I think I could share a skywatcher tripod with it and a skytee
  15. Spikey

    Mount advice needed

    I'm thinking of going down the star adventurer route @Stu ; my home location LP has seen an end to anything worthwhile so I'll just be a casual observer. Brighter DSOs , clusters, maybe a few of the easier nebula.

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