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  1. Esprit 100 or Takahashi 106 ???

    You must know my buddy Hughie Balfour then.
  2. HEQ5 not slewing

    I think there's an internal fuse on the HEQ5 behind one of the panels.
  3. ASI183 new camera - spacing...

    55mm is correct from FF to chip. I'd be tempted to put the spacer on the back of the FF and then everything else behind it.
  4. Yes that's the vixen and no flex at all, plus I've widened them as far as they'll go. It's a very sturdy piece of kit.
  5. If it's the HEQ5 pro it's plenty sturdy enough for what your intended use is. Here's my ADM bar that used to be on a HEQ5.
  6. My fault for not spotting it ! I would have thought the puck on your HEQ5 head would be a Vixen type unless it's been changed. If it's a Vixen then this should be the correct bar http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/adm-vixen-style-side-by-side-dual-mounting-bar.html
  7. What mount are you thinking of putting it on?
  8. lack of fine detail, why?

    I think you may have some subs that are soft for some reason. Passing cloud perhaps? Also to get depth you need longer subs. 90 seconds is a bit on the short side. Fine for the larger structure but will lose out on the finer stuff.
  9. Show us your ED80’s!

    ED80 with Baader steeltrack focusser and reducer/flattered. Side by side with ST80 & Atik 16ic guiding combination.
  10. ED80 v 130P-ds

    Good choice; Here's an average M31 with the ED80 and an original QHY8
  11. ED80 v 130P-ds

    This was 90 minutes with an old Atik16HR Mono at one of the SGL star parties a few years ago. In fact I've still got this 16HR as my main imaging camera due to selling off my other ones.
  12. ED80 v 130P-ds

  13. I doubt in the real world a USB cable will work at over 3m unless it's a USB repeater type of cable.
  14. First image with my new scope

    That looks very interesting Peter and certainly a great result. Have you still got that remotely controlled observatory? Nice to see you back posting.
  15. I've got a Baader steeltrack on mine, a quality upgrade. I did get the stock focusser working pretty well but had to keep fiddling with it every now and then to keep it adjusted properly. Put the Baader on and never touched it again and there's a fair amount of weight hanging off it.