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  1. I wanted to do something a little bit different as it's been a while since I processed any images. So I made life easier for myself and processed all 3 channels in mono and then combined them. I removed the stars in starnet to make it more ghost like, in fact , quite like a dementor !
  2. Unfortunately yes for this particular solution you do need some local computing power.
  3. Have a look at polemaster, no more neck craning. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/qhy-polemaster/qhy-polemaster-with-adapter-for-heq5-sirius-eq-g-eqm-35-mounts.html
  4. Run the PL2303 chip check program off that page to see if its actually a Prolific chipset.
  5. It will be a prolific chipset or clone. Try http://www.prolific.com.tw/US/ShowProduct.aspx?p_id=225&pcid=41
  6. It should be a Prolific USB to serial driver. Which version I do not know. Try the latest.
  7. Does it need any USB to serial drivers to work properly? I know some don't need it, but some do and I couldn't make out which chip type it was from the website.
  8. A slightly softer rendition; HaSHO but processed via FITS with Liberator and then the RGB combined made starless with starnet and slightly stretched. Selective colour, then Ha as Luminance. A bit of contrast & sharpening layers plus some vibrance & saturation for good measure.
  9. It makes such a change to be able to work with decent data ! I've also gone for a HOO as I didn't think the minimal SII added anything, although I do intend to do a version with SII as well. Basically this is an RGB made from the Ha, O3, O3 as the channels. A bit of tweaking in levels and curves. It's also had Ha added as luminance and O3 added as luminance and blended in. An unsharp mask + dodge/burn layer blended and finally another saturation uplift and blended as a colour layer. Only done a couple of HOO images in the past, quite a few years ago so this is nice to be able to hav
  10. Great capture Steve, looks good through the C11.
  11. m31.tif There you go,given it a little stretch for you. It's not bad data, but you need more of it to start bringing out the galaxy and structure.
  12. Unless it''s been updated since I had one, I don't think there's a flange adaptor needed for these, it's worth checking if there was anything else in the box? However, I'm pretty sure it's designed to be a straight swap, maybe needs a little coaxing ?
  13. A well deserved winner and great entries. So interesting to see how the same data is presented and can be presented so differently.
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