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  1. M82 and M81: First try.

    Nothing wrong with that, it's a very good start. The more data you add the more detail you will get. Focus looks OK. Framing these objects can be tricky which is where something like platesolving can help massively.
  2. most of my data is useless =(

    Been there, done that, got the T shirt !
  3. Sounds like a textbook Iridium flare https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satellite_flare
  4. HEQ5 vs NEQ6

    If you're sticking with the 200p then yes.
  5. An Earth compass won't work on the Moon. I guess navigation would be a combination of Gyroscopes, landmarks and an accurate way to determine distance travelled.
  6. HEQ5 vs NEQ6

    I've had both mounts and to be honest I much preferred the HEQ5 because it was so much more portable. Have you ever considered a 130p for imaging instead of the 200 (which you could save for visual).
  7. HEQ5 vs NEQ6

    If you want to use the 200p and add extra weight with guiding equipment then I would say it's right at the edge of the HEQ5's capabilities. It'll do it but will need careful setup and not a breath of wind with a 200p on it.
  8. FLO Banner

    Have you got an ad blocker enabled by any chance?
  9. fraudulent imaging

    Exactly the same as me. Long gone are the days where I'll be squinting, hunched over a freezing laptop wondering why everything but one aspect of the rig isn't working.
  10. The Ha looks better on 2 but I'd still be tempted to push the colour saturation/vibrance up a tad more, but that's just a personal thing as I like the blue in M51.
  11. The adapter that goes to the mount from the pc needs a set of drivers installed before it will work properly. From memory they are drivers for the Prolific chipset and will make the USB to serial port on the mount comms function. Have a search on this forum for the version you need as I think the newer versions have issues with Windows 10.
  12. Solar binos!

    I'm pretty sure one of the mods has a bino PST setup (Jamie I think) - one tube tuned for surface, the other tuned for prominences. Once, your brain sorts out what your looking at it all melds together and gives a very good view.
  13. Leisure batteries are a popular choice. As are mains powered PSU's if you have easy access to mains and take the necessary precautions, RCD, waterproof box for example.