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  1. Greetings Eric and welcome to SGL Are you wanting to align for visual or astro photography? I've always found that once my latitude is more or less set using a compass and just pointing the front leg North seems to work very well.
  2. Skywatcher Esprit 120 ? I think stating your rough budget would help.
  3. I rate them very highly as a camera. They are USB1 so a bit slow on image download but it's not a massive amount of data due to the small chip size. No set point cooling - but again it's the thing that a lot of people just set to max and leave anyway so no worries. I've still got my mono Atik 16HR and its brilliant. RobH did an amazing crab nebula with the 16HR, worth looking that image up.
  4. Some good information here;
  5. Oh that old thing ! I've had it for ages and it was a bargain. I could never justify or afford a new one.
  6. Great photo Matthew ! 30 seconds un-modded ! We can only dream of skies like that back here
  7. There you go, all moved to the wanted section. Hope you get what you're looking for, the LS50 would be a great step up from the PST.
  8. Wear thise virtual badges with pride! you deserve them. The standard was very high and really difficult to choose winners, every entry was good.
  9. I've used a 15 metre active USB lead on a QHY5 in the past. Used to keep the computer inside the house and run the 1 lead into it. Everything else was kept in a plastic box by the mount. Didn't even bother powering the hubs, it all worked fine.
  10. Look no further for the winner is right here ! Note the subtle use of various advanced processing techniques of my own creation. These have enabled me to extract, nay 'tease' the last bits of finer detail that have alluded so many lesser skilled exponents. Now I don't want to be deluged with request so I'm disabling my PMs for a few days until the furore blows over. Ladies and Gentlemen feast your eyes on the most detailed picture of the 2015 solar eclipse to date. I will of course be marketing signed copies via FLO with various meet & greet opportunities at astronomical events throughout the year. I shall await the sponsorship deal with Lunt and Samsung and hope to collaborate on may more rare jewels such as this in the near future.
  11. HEQ5 carries nearly double the AP load as the EQ5 Pro. The result is a far more stable platform for AP. It's not something you want to be working at the margins on. Personally, as a previous owner of one I'd go for the HEQ5 as a minimum or even a NEQ6 to future proof myself. In AP the mount is king.
  12. I'd be more inclined to believe WD40's facts on the urban myths around WD40. Clearly not everything on the internet should be recounted as factual !
  13. No going back now Looks very nice Stuart, well done !
  14. As far as I know Artemis only allows control of Atik filter wheels.
  15. Pseudoscience nonsense straying into religion. I'm afraid neither have any place on SGL.