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  1. It makes such a change to be able to work with decent data ! I've also gone for a HOO as I didn't think the minimal SII added anything, although I do intend to do a version with SII as well. Basically this is an RGB made from the Ha, O3, O3 as the channels. A bit of tweaking in levels and curves. It's also had Ha added as luminance and O3 added as luminance and blended in. An unsharp mask + dodge/burn layer blended and finally another saturation uplift and blended as a colour layer. Only done a couple of HOO images in the past, quite a few years ago so this is nice to be able to have a go without having to collect the data myself.
  2. Great capture Steve, looks good through the C11.
  3. m31.tif There you go,given it a little stretch for you. It's not bad data, but you need more of it to start bringing out the galaxy and structure.
  4. Unless it''s been updated since I had one, I don't think there's a flange adaptor needed for these, it's worth checking if there was anything else in the box? However, I'm pretty sure it's designed to be a straight swap, maybe needs a little coaxing ?
  5. A well deserved winner and great entries. So interesting to see how the same data is presented and can be presented so differently.
  6. M33 is a good choice. I've never been able to get a full compliment of data on this galaxy.
  7. This is an iconic object for me as the Hubble Eagle was the picture that got me started into astrophotography. I haven't processed anything at all in ages so back to remembering how to make a hubble pic from channels ! Forgot to add a luminance as well but I'll have another go at some point. Great data to have available. This is just a quick process with the TIFFs, once I liberate the FITS properly I'll process it again. All done in PS - RGB from TIFFS, levels,curves, star colour fix (less magenta), star size reduction, flatten then selective colour. Sharpened as a layer and blended in. Cropped and flipped then rotated.
  8. Can I suggest that another thread with a similar title would not cause any problem until it grew to a similar size and could then be locked and another thread started and so on.

    Hope that might help.


  9. Very nice Tom ! I have a tree in the way at the moment.
  10. How very dare you @alan potts write a review six years ago that isn't perfect. We'll have to make sure that Dippy's membership fees are deducted from your salary immediately !
  11. Looks like industrial slag to me.
  12. I know someone who was after one of these a while ago. I'll pass the message on.
  13. Pretty pointless threads now as the OP has decided to delete the comments in the initial post. Leaves me wondering what the point was in the first place.
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