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    I am solely a visual astronomer and currently use a 12" f/5 Dob and an Orion VX8 f/4.5 Newt. I also enjoy solar and have used a PST for over 10 years.
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  1. Enjoyable read Lee. There are so many objects to enjoy.
  2. Dave what a fabulous looking scope. The views of the Moon, Planets and Double Stars are going to be wonderful. This is a lifetime keeper. I am so looking forward to your future observing reports.
  3. Yes John I mainly use the 20mm Myraid and then a closer view with 13mm Ethos. I also, not as much, use the 9mm Myraid.
  4. I bought a quality telescope cover for my 12" Dob last year which has allowed me to enjoy the clear nights that we have had recently without having to move the scope. I wanted to have a good go at Leo with the many galaxies in the Herschel 615 list plus a few extra on Steve O'Meara's Secret Deep. I used my 20mm Myraid, 13mm Ethos and 9mm Myraid to view these many galaxies over several nights. First up M65, M66, NGC 3628 , NGC 3593 then up to NGC 3596 and NGC 3655. Over to M95, M96, M105, NGC 3384, NGC 3389, NGC 3377, NGC 3412, NGC 3367. Tried to view UGC 5470 but found Regulus too bright. Then up to Algieba to view NGC 3226 and NGC 3227 (nice pair). Then over to that fine galaxies missed by Messier - NGC 2903. The Secret Deep book lists 3 additional objects - a nice pair NGC 3607, NGC 3608 and NGC 3640. Another nights viewing started with NGC 2964 almost in Leo Minor and close to Lynx. Being close to Leo Minor viewed NGC 3395 and NGC 3396 again a nice pair. Headed down to pick up NGC 3521 and a slight detour to NGC 3115 (Caldwell 53) Spindle Galaxy and then up again to NGC 3810. I continue to be pleased with this Revelation 12" Dob but dark skies help plus the 100 degree EPs allow a relaxing view. Still a few more objects in Leo before going back to Virgo and Coma Berencies.
  5. Pleased that you got the refund together with the postage. Now you can start thinking about that next scope
  6. Nice report Doug. Its always good when you can follow Galaxies from M84 to M88 and everything in between. I have not visited the Makarian Chain this year so I am hoping for a few more clear nights. Doug I have never used a larger SCT but would a f6.3 focal reducer help getting a slightly larger FOV?
  7. Although you can see some further southern objects from the Canaries I think you need to go further south to have a better chance to see these objects higher in the sky. I suppose if you fancy a holiday you could go to Cape Verde.
  8. Thanks Nick. I have never heard of Webb's wreath so I checked out various star atlases. Its not mentioned in Uranometria although in Interstellarum its shown as Webb 2 or Ruby Ring. Its looks interesting from looking at Interstellarum so will give it a go. I have found that 41P is getting more difficult although I did view it the other night in the 12". Since I posted this reply 6 hours ago I have found a website - Demelza Ramakers - Asterisms which shows Webb's Wreath and Star 24 - Ruby Ring as separate items. Not allowed to reproduce without consent.
  9. I managed both Comets in the 12" on Saturday night. I thought that 41P was getting more difficult but its nice to have two together.
  10. Rodd superb image of Clavius
  11. A great report Dave. You can view so many DSOs with a well collimated 12" Dob.
  12. Gus that looks really nice. I have the SkyTee 2 Mount and the Berlebach tripod but I don't have the C8 on the top. I always felt I should use the top bracket with something nice - I am tempted by your set up. Look forward to reading review reports from you.
  13. Well done Gary on your purchase. I look forward to reading your review on this scope in due course.
  14. Brilliant report Stu. It was cloudy here so no joy.
  15. Alan when you view the Sun with your Herschel Wedge you are seeing the Photosphere - sunspots, granulation etc. A Hydrogen Alpha scope looks at the Chromosphere and the attached website shows some of the details that are visible with a H.A scope - I have owned a PST since 2005 and it has been a wonderful instrument. Many people undertake a PST modification to obtain a larger instrument by finding a donor scope - 80mm etc. H-A scope are expensive and a 60mm Lunt with a larger blocking filter can cost £2000+