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    I am solely a visual astronomer and currently use a 12" f/5 Dob and an Orion VX8 f/4.5 Newt. I also enjoy solar and have used a PST for over 10 years.
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  1. New AR just arrived! 20th August 2017

    Looking at SAT24 I am not going to have the Sun for much longer. Had another look at the new sunspot - noticed a spicule rising above the surface.
  2. New AR just arrived! 20th August 2017

    I was Derek. I was going to stay with my Son near San Francisco but I could not find any suitable accommodation near Madras - Oregan. I did not fancy the 9 hour drive, sleeping in the car, then driving the 9 hours back. By the look of the traffic going to Madras I might have spent several nights in the car. In the end I felt it was too much hassle so I am hoping to view the partial eclipse tomorrow if it stay clear to the horizon.
  3. New AR just arrived! 20th August 2017

    Just taken out the PST and DS and AR2671 is extremely active - fantastic view. There is also, as you stated, another active area on the South East side at a orientation at about 150 degrees. There going to have fund tomorrow in the United States .
  4. AR2671 and a nice prom

    Brilliant Stephen. Most go out and observe it.
  5. Which second scope?

    @sedm1809 welcome to SGL. I think the questions raised by Jules will give us a better chance of suggestion the most suitable telescope and mount. I understand there is also a very active astro society in Bristol which you may wish to look up. Certainly the suggestion of a SCT by Gus is a very nice scope and has been popular for many years as a good general purpose instrument allowing views of Planets, Moon and brighter DSOs.
  6. Huge Prom alert. 18-8-17 07,30 "updated "

    Fantastic photo Charl. I have now a clear spell - between heavy showers same as Peter. Using the PST and DS - AR2671 showing incredible activity plus the Prom, although fainter is still a good object to view. Hopefully, the horizon will be clear on Monday for the UK.
  7. The Sun 18 August 2017 white light

    Roger I just viewed AR2671 with the PST and DS. It is really active and if still on the surface on Monday will add an extra dimension to the Total Eclipse.
  8. Larger Exit Pupil

    From experience I have found that an exit pupil between 4 and 5 seems to best meet my requirements which is why I start with my 20mm Myraid in my 12" Dob (exit pupil 4.01). I have used this website to determine what is best for me - http://www.stargazing.net/naa/scopemath.htm I have a 30mm EP which is great for star hopping but for me it washes out the sky too much.
  9. Out with the 12" Dob again

    Last night looked really promising so I set up the 12" Dob + the Heritage 130P on the SkyTee 2 the latter to undertake a test on M13. I started with M13 and had a fabulous view of the GC using different EPs in the 12". I could easily make out the Propeller. Whilst in the area looked at NGC6207 and had both objects in the same FOV in the 13mm Ethos. I then viewed M51 and M101. However, I had decided to tour Aquila and made out a list of objects to view. I enjoy double stars and to some extent regret selling my 4" APO and 180mm Mak Cass. Anyway decided to start with Pi Aquila using the ES82 4.7mm EP (mag 323X) and I easily split this double - really sharp view. Now a few clusters viewing NGC 6738, 6709, 6755 and 6756. The next object was really nice - the Globular Cluster NGC 6760 - can't understand why I had not observed it before. Unfortunately high cloud started to come over making it difficult to view faint DSOs. I moved down to view NGC 6818 (Little Gem) but found it too difficult to see NGC6822 (Barnards Galaxy) so I retired for the night. Good to get out the 12" again.
  10. How should m13 look?

    Stu I use the same hopping arrangement. I also agree that M51 can be seen with binoculars and M101. To find M101 I start at Mizar then count the 4 stars 81, 83, 84 and 86 and then move at a right angle to find M101.
  11. How should m13 look?

    As promised I viewed M13 with the Heritage 130P and my ES82 6.7mm EP giving me a mag of 97X. The end of my garden is quite dark especially when I have the backout curtains in place. Last night I also used my new observing hood. The view that I had was similar to the photo produced by Dave. I could easily see the stars at the edge but not to the core. TBH I was quite pleased with the view from this 5" Newt especially as it is my travel scope and quick grab and go. I did view M13 with my 12" Dob using my 13mm Ethos, 9mm Myraid and the 6.7mm ES82. The view was incredible with stars to the core and I could easily see the propeller.
  12. Sol WL, HA, Proms. AR2671. 15-8-17

    Charl just viewed AR2671 with the PST and DS. Very active - very bright Plage. We may get a solar flare. Great photos as usual.
  13. How should m13 look?

    I am hoping to be able to use the 12" Dob tonight and will view M13. However, I also have a Skywatcher Heritage 130P and I will take a look at M13 to see what the view is like and report back. I have seen the Propeller in M13 using my 12" which is one of the advantages using more aperture.
  14. South West Astro Fair, Sidmouth 12th August

    Would have been nice to meet up again John. However, Pam and I are going to an 80th birthday party (not mine) tomorrow so will give the astro show a miss this year.
  15. It's all kicking off !

    Stu I could have a picture taken but I would look like Obi-Wan Kenobi This is the product - http://r-sky.org/en/products/observing-hood