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Mark at Beaufort

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    I am solely a visual astronomer and currently use a 12" f/5 Dob and a Heritage 130P Newt. I also enjoy solar and use a PST + Double Stack.
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  1. Mark at Beaufort

    Jan 18, 2018: Moon with C8 and DSLR

    Nice images Michael. The weather forecast has changed over the past 24 hours and is now showing 'mostly cloud'. However, it won't stop me having a look - just in case.
  2. Mark at Beaufort

    Lunar Eclipse 21st January 19

    This is the timings for Hereford so I thought I would set the alarm for 3.30am and see how it goes. The weather forecast has changed and it now shows more cloud - but you never know.
  3. Mark at Beaufort

    I want one! Starwave ASCENT 102ED F11

    I currently don't own a refractor and the thought of a 4" ED which can be adjusted to take binoviewers does sound appealing. My Alt/Az mount is a AZ5 on the Skywatcher matching heavy duty tripod with the small pillar. The literature states a 9kg capacity and the tripod can extend to 115 cm + 21 cm for the pillar. Altair Astro is down to be at the Astro Show in Kettering on 9th March - perhaps they might have one on display. Better still if they can undertake a Solar White Light demo.
  4. Mark at Beaufort

    Wanted: 15mm OVL Myriad 100 deg eyepiece

    Gaz I know this EP was shown on the FLO website but it always stated unavailable. I don't think it was ever produced. I have the 9mm and 20mm Myraid and thought that the 15mm would be an ideal middle range EP. In the end I bought a S/H 13mm Ethos. I hope you are successful but I have my doubts.
  5. Mark at Beaufort

    Huge Meteor

    Yes it was a brilliant meteor - all the way through Orion. As Pat said one of the best I have seen.
  6. Interesting review - here is a video -
  7. Mark at Beaufort

    Planet Killer Cheap On ABS

    Very nice Stu. I have met Tom really nice guy. I thought about buying this OTA and using binoviewers - hopefully I will see it one day when we meet up again.
  8. Mark at Beaufort

    Supernova in NGC3254 (SN2019np)

    Thanks for the 'Heads Up' Alan - lets hope it gets a bit brighter and we have some clear skies to view it. Nice capture Dave
  9. Mark at Beaufort

    Planet Killer Cheap On ABS

    I note that its being sold by Tom Yates a very experienced observer. Tom was a member from almost the start of SGL.
  10. Mark at Beaufort

    Upgraded to an OOUK

    Looks really nice Paul. I look forward to your comparison with the Revelation - or maybe not - I might want to upgrade.
  11. Does this review help? I will also look at a review that I made on replacing the primary collimation screws for my Orion VX8 which I think are the same size as the 12" Revelation. I will come back to you on this. This is what I ordered - http://www.wdsltd.co.uk/product/3376/hand-knob-bakelite-with-steel-insert-wds-8141/?sku=31144
  12. I have a 12" Revelation Dob and bought these - https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/bobs-knobs-celestron-starhopper-12-primary-springs.html
  13. Mark at Beaufort

    Full sky haul !

    Great report Nick. Too many clouds last night when I tried to observe. I checked my log and I have not seen NGC2261 must give it a go. Best wishes for 2019 - hopefully we might meet up again this year.
  14. Mark at Beaufort

    Going grey...

    SM welcome to SGL. I have used binoviewers with many types of scopes but its only Mak Cass and SCT scopes that don't require a barlow to gain focus. Currently I use William Optics binoviewers on my 6" Newt and 12" Dob but need to screw in a barlow to gain focus. The WO barlows are the 1.5X and 2X to gain different magnifications. One of the best barlows I have found is this one - https://www.firstlightoptics.com/barlows/baader-classic-q-225x-barlow.html You will also find that magnification is greater than the stated barlow and I have found that using higher powered eyepieces just provide too much magnification. I only use 20mm and 16mm EPs.
  15. This is sold by a British retailer but you will be able to buy this in the United States. https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/coronado-pst-double-stack-filter-sme-40.html

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