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    I am solely a visual astronomer and currently use a 12" f/5 Dob and an Orion VX8 f/4.5 Newt. I also enjoy solar and have used a PST for over 10 years.
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    West Midlands
  1. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Neil I don't think you will use the 4mm EP that often. I bought a Baader Classic 2.25X barlow which I think for the money is excellent value. I use it for Double Stars on both my 12" Dob and Heritage 130P with my TeleVue 8-24mm zoom which gives me a 3.5mm max. I would buy the Lunt 20mm and then maybe the 13mm or 9mm at some stage. Once that has been sorted check out your Baader Orthos to see if you really need the 4mm.
  2. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Neil personally although the 30mm ES82 is a nice EP I don't think you will use that often once you purchase the 20mm 100 degree EP. As Kev states above, your first EP for a night's observing of DSOs will be the 20mm. I have a 30mm 70 degree EP which to be honest is never used. When I go DSO hunting its always starts with the 20mm Myriad then depending on the object it will be either the 13mm Ethos or 9mm Myraid. If its a PN then I might use either the 6.7mm or 4.7mm ES82. When I went searching for the SN the other night it was 20mm, 13mm and finally the 9mm.
  3. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Neil I have bought many EPs over the years to match various scopes that I owned. I had a Skywatcher 10" Dob and used the TeleVue Ethos 21mm, 13mm and 8mm which was perfect for my DSOs work. I had a TeleVue Nagler 3mm-6mm zoom which was okay but I did not find it suitable for my manual Dob never mind the small eye lens. Move forward several years and I purchased many of the ES82 EPs range - some of which I still have. I now use the following on my 12" Dob and not much more - 20mm Myraid, 13mm Ethos and 9mm Myraid. I find the Myriad range very good quality and from what I read the Lunt is the same. I did have the Myraid 3.5mm but did not use it that much. Neil personally if I was upgrading my EPs for the 10" Dob I would buy the Lunt 20mm first followed by the 13mm. If you really like the 100 degree FOV you could eventually buy the 9mm. I would use the the 5mm and 6mm BGOs as your high powered EPs.
  4. New Mag 13.5 Supernova in NGC 2146

    Neil I hope you get another chance in the next few days. This was the diagram I used last night to find the SN.
  5. New Mag 13.5 Supernova in NGC 2146

    This afternoon I downloaded a photo produced by Stan Howerton then inverted the photo into Black and White. I set up the 12" Dob and used the Interstellarum atlas to star hop to the galaxy. Using a 20mm Myraid I was able to indentify the stars in the photo then I switch to the 13mm Ethos and 9mm Myriad to try and see the SN. Well I succeeded - its was at the limit of the seeing tonight but the location was the same so a successful observing of the SN. Just made a formal recording in my log which shows the second SN this year. Should have said thanks Michael for the 'heads up'.
  6. Fabulous astro photo Mike. I have an ambition to see this GC which hopefully I might succeed when I visit California this May.
  7. New Frac Decisions

    Ade hope you are keeping well. You might also consider the TAL Apolar 125 APO currently on Astroboot selling for £579.20 less 10% at the moment. http://www.astroboot.co.uk/AstroBoot
  8. 8 Mar - Big Dob tries a Six Supernova marathon

    Another enjoyable read Alan. I have always felt that planning and preparation makes for a better observing session. Grabbing that many SNs proves the quality of the Dob.
  9. I saw this new feature tonight by accident - and thought this was new. My home reading is 20.55 which gives me a NELM of 5.8 which is close to Lucksall at 21.27. Nice feature - thanks FLO.
  10. World book day: what would you buy?

    I have used various Lunar maps over the years starting with the Henry Hatfield photographic lunar atlas. I met Henry H in the 1960s just after it was published and he kindly signed my copy. Then I obtained Moon Maps by H.P. Wilkins so I have been referring to these books until quite recently. Then in November 2017 I was given the 21st Century Atlas of the Moon which in my opinion is really a great atlas for observing. It not only shows great details but highlights 4 individual area per map page (Rilles, Craters, Domes etc) and shows a specific photo and then gives a detailed explanation. So IMHO if you want to study the Moon and cover the Lunar 100 this is a great atlas to buy.
  11. Lunar 100 resources

    Mick - @Doc did a great job on the Lunar 100 and I think he also produced his own Lunar 200. He did the job when he had his 16" Meade Lightbridge. I must admit that when I go lunar observing I usually look out for libration by viewing this website - https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/4605 Once I have established the area I use the book listed above - turn upside down because I only use a Newt now. My Lunar 100 is nearly complete - Drygalski has caused me a few problems.
  12. 17.5mm Morpheus Review

    Bill that has to be one of the most enjoyable and detailed reviews of an eyepiece that I have ever read. As you say we have been waiting for this EP to appear and it certainly sounds the wait has been worthwhile. I also enjoy binoviewing especially on the Moon and Planets. I do worry that my nose may get in the way with larger EPs but the Morpheus appears to be ok. Thanks again Bill for a truly excellent review.
  13. Sun spot solar projector kit

    Gus - they are a very useful piece of kit. When SGL/Herefordshire Astro Society organised an event when we had the partial solar eclipse in March 2015 one of these devices was very popular with the school children. By the way did you attend that event because it coincided with an SGL star party.
  14. First light with the Lunt 80

    Looks great Garry. Using the binoviewers makes the view so much better.
  15. Another bites the dust😀

    Well done Simon. The VX14 is really a lovely scope. I must persuade you at some stage to come to one of our observing nights. If you can think about the 15th March,which will be our last observing night, you could bring the VX8.