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Mark at Beaufort

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    I am solely a visual astronomer and currently use a 12" f/5 Dob and an Orion VX8 f/4.5 Newt. I also enjoy solar and have used a PST for over 10 years.
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    West Midlands
  1. Mark at Beaufort

    Little and large

    Fantastic looking fracs Kerry. It must be a joy to view the Sun through a Tak. Are you using a 2" or 1.25" Herschel Wedge?
  2. Mark at Beaufort

    Sun 24/6/18

    Thanks Nick - PST + DS on alert
  3. Mark at Beaufort

    Using large 100 degree 2" EP on Heritage 130P

    I know its was a possible risk but I felt it was worth the test. The 2" Adapter would allow, in theory, for me to use the very heavy 20mm Myraid - I won't take that risk. In fact the view using this set up was very good indeed - having had good views of Venus, Jupiter and the Moon I had a go at Mu Librae and I was able to split the star into 2 (very tight). This is truly a very good cheap little scope.
  4. Nicely put John. I am sure it will become a popular scope especially for white light and Richfield observing.
  5. I really pleased that this scope is performing well. I was worried when I read a negative report recently. Paul glad that the scope is able to be fitted onto your AZ5. I look forward to more observing report when we get astro darkness back.
  6. What fantastic scopes Derek. I was getting worried that you were selling all your kit and leaving the hobby. I can now fully understand your decision. Hopefully, will see them in the flesh at some stage. With all these lovely 4" Takahachi scopes showing their quality on the observing reports I am becoming very envious.
  7. Many of you will know that I enjoy using my Heritage 130P as a quick and go OTA. Recently I purchased a 1.25"/2" adapter to be able to use my 2" EPs. This photo shows the 9mm Myraid 100 degree EP in the adapter on top of a Baader 2.25X barlow. The mag is 162X and the view of the Moon is very good. So an opportunity to experiment with an inexpensive 5" Newt.
  8. Mark at Beaufort

    RACI Finder that takes an 1.25" eyepiece

    Neil you just need a solar filter like this - https://www.firstlightoptics.com/solar-filters/astrozap-baader-solar-filter.html I use my TeleVue 8-24 zoom and the 8mm setting gives a mag of 41X. Something like a 6mm or 7mm would give a nice view.
  9. Mark at Beaufort

    RACI Finder that takes an 1.25" eyepiece

    Neil I am hoping to view some wide fields when astro darkness returns. I can tell that the Sun was great in white light using the TeleVue zoom. I also have a ES68 24mm EP and it works very well in this finderscope. I also bought these rings - http://www.opticstar.com/Run/Astronomy/Astro-Accessories-Telescopes-Opticstar.asp?p=0_10_5_1_8_111 - Future travel set up maybe .
  10. Mark at Beaufort

    Longest day , plenty action.

    Still some action taking place. AR2173 and AR2175 have some nice plage. There are some small filaments on the NE of the disc and there is a broken arch prom on the SE side. Observed with PST + DS + TeleVue 8-24 zoom.
  11. Mark at Beaufort

    Sol WL, ARs , Proms 22-6-18

    Thanks Charl some great images. Hope to view later.
  12. Mark at Beaufort

    Summer solstice with a TEC and a Tak

    A really enjoyable report. It just shows we should take every opportunity to observe in the UK. There has been so many positive reports on observing with quality refractors so thanks again GavStar.
  13. Mark at Beaufort

    RACI Finder that takes an 1.25" eyepiece

    Neil I have used many types of finderscopes and because my main interest in DSOs and star hopping I recently purchase this item for my 12" Dob. https://www.telescopehouse.com/accessories/altair-80mm-maxi-finder-finder-scope-package.html I need to balance the scope by placing a magnetic weight but the system is very good. Last night whilst still in twilight I was able to pick up double stars in Libra. OK I might have managed this with a 50mm right angle correct image finderscope but I can change the EPs which includes my 8-24mm TeleVue zoom.
  14. Mark at Beaufort

    Welcome to FLO Tele Vue

    That is really pleasing news. Well done Steve and the FLO team.
  15. Mark at Beaufort

    Longest day , plenty action.

    Some nice activity using the PST + Double stack. A few small Proms plus some plage around the sunspots especially AR2713. There is also nice dark filament just above the sunspot.

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