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    I am solely a visual astronomer and currently use a 12" f/5 Dob and an Orion VX8 f/4.5 Newt. I also enjoy solar and have used a PST for over 10 years.
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  1. PST 40 or Lunt 50, Help !!

    I have owned a PST for over 12 years and its an excellent scope. However, LS50 is better especially the extra aperture and BF600. I have added a double stack to my PST which has really improved the surface detail - but that is extra money. Alan's suggestion is spot on.
  2. our huge prom today 20-10-17

    Thanks Charl for the 'heads up' this morning. Its now clear in Hereford so I have just looked at this magnificent Prom - its big. I bought a 25mm Fujiyama Ortho at IAS last week on my way to a weeks holiday - first day back home so first outing for this EP. Setting up the PST + DS + Fujiyama gave a very sharp whole disc - not only the big Prom but a nice filament plus 2 smaller filaments towards the south of the disc. In addition about 6 smaller 'roundish' filaments towards the northern end. really excellent view. I also used my normal TeleVue 8-24 zoom for a closer look. Just looked again and there a brightish small Prom that seems to be lifting off the south-east limb at about 130 degrees.
  3. our huge prom today 20-10-17

    Thanks Charl nice image - I am hoping for a clear spell later today.
  4. More fun with the Heritage 130P

    Jeremy before you order just check with Steve or James at FLO that the AZ5 and Heritage 130P will work ok looking at the zenith. I am sure that it will be alright but just in case. Once you have the scope and mount perhaps you could undertake a review?
  5. More fun with the Heritage 130P

    I looked at the AZ5 at the recent IAS event. Whilst viewing and playing with the slow motion cables I thought this mount would be ideal for my Heritage 130P.
  6. Horse Head Nebula - Seeing the 'Snout'

    That would be very nice John. I remember fondly the observing night we had together at a SGL star party. I think we need to choose a date around a new Moon when Orion is a bit higher so does not make the timing too late. I have decided on a venue which is an official dark site and has a reasonable place to park and set up some scopes. We must keep in touch.
  7. SGL2017 Picture thread

    @PhotoGav- brilliant video Gav. This is the first SGL star party that I have missed since SGL4 so your video is very much appreciated.
  8. Horse Head Nebula - Seeing the 'Snout'

    Last weekend I bought a 25mm Fujiyama Ortho at IAS to have a go at the HH with my 12" Dob. I hope to visit a very dark site in the Brecon Beacons over the next few months to view it again. I have a colleague, also with a 12" Dob, so we can visit this remote site together and compare notes. I am hoping that the Fujiyama with its limited FOV might be a 'magic bullet'.
  9. More fun with the Heritage 130P

    Rob a great read. I agree the Heritage 130P is a brilliant scope. I took mine to my Astro Society outreach event last Thursday and had some brilliant views at this dark site.
  10. IAS Show Discount Bargains.

    I was not expecting to visit IAS today but I took a detour because of heavy rain and i did not fancy loading my canal boat in the rain. Had a walk around for about an hour and saw a 25mm Fujiyama Ortho on offer for £69. I have wanted this EP for a little while but most suppliers have been out of stock. So I bought it - can't test it until I return home in about a week. However, I did have chance to look at the new AZ5 mount and tripod which I fancy using as a quick grab and go for my Heritage 130P. Really liked it.
  11. Travelscope which is the best?

    With regard to the Heritage 130P I made a shroud out of neoprene and secured it with velcro. Used the Heritage scope tonight (didn't fancy getting the big Dob out) and had an excellent view of the Helix Neb using the 24mm ES68 and an Astronomik O-III filter. I also viewed a number of Globs, Clusters and the odd Galaxy with the TeleVue 8-24mm zoom.
  12. Travelscope which is the best?

    Richard if you are looking towards a Refractor this one from Altair Astro is a better quality frac for the same money. I appreciate you don't get the RDF and Diagonal etc - http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/altair-lightwave-72mm-f6-ed-r-refractor-with-dual-speed-focuser-case.html I had this Refractor and it was very good and sharp. I also used it with a Herschel Wedge to view the Sun.
  13. Travelscope which is the best?

    I have used a number of small scopes for travelling. I totally agree with Stargazer McCabe - the Heritage 130P is compact and lightweight and gives incredible views which is far better than a small frac. I use it on a photo tripod with a ball head and a vixen saddle. I am taking this setup to the United States next year. Heritage 130P as hand luggage and the tripod in the main suitcase. As regards EPs I use a TeleVue 8-24 zoom + a Baader 2.25X barlow. If I want a wider field I use my 24mm ES68 EP. As a matter of interest there is currently a Heritage 130P OTA only on Astroboot.
  14. Filters & Binoculars ??

    Paul I can tell you that having O-III filters in some 15x70 binos gives fantastic views of the North American Neb so much better than a scope. Also, I had the most brilliant view of the Rosette Neb again far better than any of my scopes.
  15. Luke that is a great capture.