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Mark at Beaufort

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    I am solely a visual astronomer and currently use a 12" f/5 Dob and an Orion VX8 f/4.5 Newt. I also enjoy solar and have used a PST for over 10 years.
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  1. Thanks for the link it looks an interesting excursion. Do they have any scopes?
  2. I had a Nexstar 5 a few years ago and always regretted selling it. I have looked at this scope - Is this the one you are thinking about? Looking at the Skywatcher 127mm Mak it is £140 cheaper which may come into the equation. Or this is another option although I know nothing about the Bresser range of Mak Cass scopes.
  3. Are you on an organised trip or just hiring a car and doing a DIY? Whichever enjoy the experience - I really must return to one of the Canary Islands to undertake some observing.
  4. Dave an interesting read - thanks for the link. I look forward to seeing the Lumicon website details in the not too distant future.
  5. I will be interested in any reviews/opinions of the Omega/DGM NPB filter which is available from Denmark at £89. It appears to have a narrow passband at H.Beta so might be good at showing the HH or California if I got that correct. I suppose the statement about the H.Alpha passband makes me wonder about red stars or perhaps it just shows faint red colours in nebulas.
  6. Shane I have a Lumicon UHC, Baader UHC-S and Skywatcher UHC. Also an Astronomik O-III and Castell O-III and a Thousand Oaks H.Beta. The Lumicon is much better than the Baader and the Skywatcher. To be honest I would say that the Astronomik and Castell O-III give similar results. Finally the 1000 Oaks H.Beta has given me a view of the California Neb in my 15x70 Apollo Binos and I believe a faint glimpse of the HH in the 12" Dob. I thought about the DGM but the red stars put me off. I would like to try another make of H.Beta to use in my Binos but I won't pay for a new Astronomik.
  7. Sorry you sold the H.Beta filter John - I hope Gus is more successful. I still want to buy another H.Beta filter to go in my Apollo 15x70 binos to get a better view of the California Neb.
  8. I bought my first 60mm Refracting telescope in 1965 so I would say I am a visual astronomer. I suppose if I lived in Arizona I might have taken up Astro Photography but the amount of clear skies in the UK means I prefer to take out my scopes and enjoy the visually experience. I am a member of active astro society with some members very good at astro imaging other prefer visual and some very knowledgeable armchair astronomers. I have just gone out with my Helios Apollo 15x70 binos and enjoyed 15 minutes looking at various clusters and a few delights in Gemini, Taurus and Orion. Can't complain being a visual astronomer
  9. Nice report Paul. I had clear skies in Hereford so I was able to view the conjunction. No snow as yet.
  10. Very clear in Hereford so I have been observing Venus and Neptune with the Orion VX8 with 8-24 TeleVue zoom and a Baader 2.25X barlow. Best view at 168X. Venus is a lovely Crescent (0.51) and Neptune a small blue disc.
  11. The weather in Hereford is showing clear spells from 9pm. Unfortunately Venus and Neptune would have set by then. Anyway I will set up the Orion VX8 and I hope I get a break in the cloud before the Planets set.
  12. £460 is even a better deal.
  13. The 180mm Mak Cass is now about £800 I assume you are thinking of buying the Black version not the previous Gold. If the Scope is in mint condition I usually work on the basis of 60/65% of the new price so £460 delivered seems reasonable if the scope is in mint condition.
  14. I have used both the Skywatcher 180mm Mak Cass and a Celestron C8. In my opinion the Mak Cass was a better Lunar, Planetary and Double Star scope. I used binoviewers on the Mak Cass and the views of the Moon and Jupiter and Saturn was excellent. In the end I had too many scopes and the Mak Cass was sold the Celestron C8 is with my local Astro Society.
  15. Looking at the Exhibition it appears that Telescope House and Altair Astro are not coming this year. I was hoping to view a 80mm Finderscope on the Altair stand - well that idea is now kicked into touch.