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  1. I've tried so many times to find it, it's quite aggravating! I'm giving it a shot tonight though, along with some Herschel 400 objects. Wish you luck in your pursuit!
  2. Yeah I just added a hole for an eyepiece a couple days ago. Just used a dremel and widened it till an eyepiece fit snug. It's not pretty, so good thing I use it in the dark!
  3. Yeah central Oregon is one of the darkest areas in the USA. Light pollution from Portland, OR is visible even two hours away at my location I go to, so my views are limited mainly to the south, but man is it dark!!
  4. Yup, if I look off to the right of it I can just make it out, though I may be seeing the stars that are around it. I didn't think that what I was seeing was the Lagoon nebula, but sure enough, I trained my finder on it and it was smack dab in the middle of the eyepiece!
  5. Went out last night with the intention of finding some DSO's in Pegasus, but gave up after 10 minutes(some hard-core dedication, I know). The southern sky from my viewing location is the darkest, I can see the Lagoon Nebula with the naked eye, so I went for some Herschel objects in Sagittarius. NGC's: 6520 6522 6528 6544 6553 6568 6569 6624 6642 6645 Messier: M75 It was a lot of fun just sitting there for an hour and focusing on finding these open/globular clusters. I think I got better at star hopping, as some of these objects were quite faint. I had to use averted vision for most of them,
  6. I've been busy trying to get some of my co-workers and friends to come join me at my telescope, and finally succeeded last night! I brought along one of my co-workers out to use my Orion XT6. He had always been interested in astronomy, and had a small Wal-Mart refractors growing up. I showed him some of the brighter Messier objects that are visible, but he also got a treat out of seeing some of the double stars. (I inadvertently found my new favorite, Piazzi's flying star) He has already started talking about buying a telescope himself, but he said going out and looking through mine will have
  7. Just an update: I pulled the trigger on the ES 68 24MM. The ES 82 14MM I ordered is on backorder, so I have to have something to tide me over! Thanks for the help everyone!
  8. Welcome to SGL! Sounds like you have quite the collection there. There are plenty of people on here that will answer any and all of your questions. I suggest going through as many of the topics on here as you can, it's truly amazing how much some of the people here know about this hobby!
  9. Awesome guide John! I just received my Chershire, and after using it was wondering why my secondary mirror holder was oblong(like in the last picture of your guide). I am glad to hear that I actually did it properly and that it is normal!
  10. Welcome Ben! I would suggest scouring these forums, more information in here than you could ever imagine! The people on here are very kind, and willing to answer any questions you have. Good luck!
  11. Thanks John, I'll see how I like the ES 82 14MM and maybe pick up the 68 24MM if I like it. I've had a hard time trying to find negative reviews on any eyepiece in the ES 68 or 82 lines of eyepieces.
  12. Hmmm, well how do the ES 68's handle faster scopes? I can easily see myself upgrading in the not-so-far future, so I don't want to waste money now on an eyepiece that won't work wel with a future telescope...
  13. Yeah the Baader have some great reviews. The 24MM in my slow dob should provide what I'm looking for: wide views with minimal distortion and good light transmission.
  14. Thanks everyone, it seems that my money would be better spent on other eyepieces. That's what I was worried about in the first place... I'll take a look at all your suggestions and let you know what I decide.
  15. Hi, was wondering if anyone could help me deciding on which Tele Vue I should buy. I already have an Orion Sirius 25MM plossl, but the Tele Vue 25MM has been calling me. Would it be worth the $100? The 25MM provides the perfect light transmission, magnification and eye relief in my Orion XT6 dob. I would really like to have the best eyepiece that I can, and the Tele Vue is within my price range. The field of view would be narrower with the Tele Vue (over the Orion) but I think the improvement in other areas would be worth it. So my question is this, should I buy the 25MM, or buy the 32MM or
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