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  1. I soon worked out however , that the more comfortable option was long active USB leads and hand controller lead extensions that let me sit comfortably in the shade/indoors out of the full force of the target.
  2. Easy enough to knock one up using foamboard , tape and some of the cheapo flocking stuff from Wilko's . My version is/was as James suggested with a very narrow viewing slot to cut out the self-reflections. Pics here from a similar thread from 2013.
  3. I'm always popping in for a look-see Dave , but with nothing to post ... lol Look forward to putting another face to an SGL member over lunch ... Perhaps we should all wear sunflowers in our lapels for recognition purposes .... ?
  4. Afternoon all , After a couple of years of blank discs I've been looking forward to pointing the trusty Tal sunwards again for tomorrows transit , but fairly predictably the weather is going to thwart that plan . So here's a reminder of what the lucky folk with blue skies will be witnessing whilst I'm toiling away under a grey blanket ... My footage of the transit of May 9th 2016. Looking forward to catching up with the solar crowd up at Stoneleigh next week.
  5. Hi James , All well here thanks , not been posting much as there's nowt to be seen in "whitelight" ... Was looking forward to a session tomorrow with Mercury but the weather has scuppered that idea . The pier is still standing awaiting the "awakening" but that might be some way off , in the meantime it's getting gradually nibbled away by the wasps for their nesting needs so it's not being wasted entirely ... Regards , Steve.
  6. Hello Alexandra , I'm not sure I'll be able to contribute much to the chat as I've pretty much forgotten where my 'scopes are buried let alone how all the bits go together , but I shall be wandering around on the Saturday and would love to meet up and catch up again ...
  7. The Baader film gives much better results/views than any of the Thousand Oaks films , have tried all and they don't come close.
  8. Nah , those are joints in the filter , it's made from four pieces of Baader film , the 'big' rolls are only 1000 x 500 mm , too small to make the mammoth in one ...
  9. I regularly use a small flight-case manufacturer in Rickinghall near Diss , they have hard flightcase foam from 1/4" up to about 2-1/2" thick in 8' X 4' sheets ( can easily make thicker slabs by laminating) Always helpful and happy to sell the foam seperately , and it's not expensive either. 14-17 Willow Farm Business Park , Stowmarket Rd , Rickinghall IP22 1LQ. 01379 898898.
  10. Albireo's a pretty bright double which might account for the irregularity , might be worth repeating on Vega or some similar single point source.
  11. Give me sub-zero nights over these sultry humid ones every time , working outside all day in this heat is decidedly unhealthy so I'm beggared if I'm sitting out in it at night too ...
  12. Saved as a JPEG for you so folk can see it and save everyone having to download the RAW file ...
  13. On the grounds that in general your mount does exactly One revolution per Day and even when 'fast' slewing' it's hardly mimicking a racing engine pretty much anything you have kicking about will do the job . There's been lots of discussion on this over the years with all sorts of bluster about using super-duper , top-end , high-spec , high-price greases in mounts , all unnecessary in my humble opinion ... Sits back comfortably and awaits the onslaught ...
  14. ??? ... Jupiter rotates every 9.8 hours , so the GRS is visible about twice every day regardless , just a matter of timing whether it's visible when you observe. Plenty of sites out there that show exactly when the storm is in view.
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