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  1. Hello Is there any program you guys know of to create zoomable images, specifically for the moon? One where you take a disc shot, and several 100x , 200x and 300x images, and as you zoom in is uses the high resolution images. Microsoft's Deep Zoom seems to work, but they don't have a rotate function, strange. Probably for something else entirely. Thanx Enrico D
  2. With regards to imaging with filters with a mono camera, do you take a Luminance and then: 1. Change to the other filters and leave the exposure the same (ie the image you will record for the RGB will be dimmer) or 2. Change to the other filters and adjust the exposure to match the same amount of light coming in, but reduce the fps of the RGB videos? I get around 30fps with Lum and 6fps if I match the light levels, for the RGB. I feel its wrong to do it that way, because don't you take a Lum to correctly expose the image. Kit: ASI120MM ASI Filters + Wheel 8" Dob Thanx Enrico D
  3. Mirror is the original blue version, before it was mass produced and the quality went down. I'll take a week to think about it. Main thing is DSO > Planets/Moon.
  4. Its just the mirrors, so can't view through them before I buy. I'd make the telescope from aluminum/wood from my uncles factory.
  5. The biggest issue I an worrying about is like if I build it and it horrible. Like will Jupiter be a blob, will stars never reach focus? I think that's not the case. It's like comparing a $150 eyepiece to a $300 one. It's not that the cheaper 1 is bad it's just slightly less quality. I just don't want to buy a 13" and it's worse than my 8".
  6. Hey guys A guy in my area is selling a 13.1" Coulter Odyssey, the 2 mirrors. I'd want to get an idea on the optical quality of them. He bought the many many years ago, and they still in the original package, hasn't been used. 1. Would the optics degrade over time if they were wrapped up? 2. What is the general quality of the mirrors. I have heard the optics can vary alot, and they generally not that great for planetary views. 3. He is selling them (and he mentioned the Rocker once) for around $350, is this good for a un-used mirror. I'd like to build a really nice DSO / Planetary Dob, and this gives me hope if the optics are really good. Any advice, tips etc would be greatly appreciated. Tx guys
  7. Thanx guys, I actually didn't even expect it to look that good. Similar to seeing Saturn for the first time, that shock when I started to play with wavelets Going to try colour later this month. Tx again
  8. Hey guys Just wanted to share my latest go at imaging Saturn. This was the first time using my ASI120MM on Saturn. The image was taken with an Orion XT8G + ASI120MM + 3x Meade Barlow + Astronomik IR742. Date: 30th June 15 Time: 9:05pm PIPP + AS!2 + Registax Any feedback would be great. Saturn by Enrico Danieli, on Flickr My previous image was taken 10 months ago with a Logitech C200 webcam. I'm very happy with the improvements.
  9. TiTanecd


  10. Great picture, lots of stars visible without going to over exposed in the middle, and being able to catch NGC6207. Well Done! Enrico
  11. Flats will help with the uneven light gradient in your images. You can also remove it with software light PS afterwards.
  12. The Orion and Sky-Watcher are 99% the same, it does the job nicely with eye pieces but around 3000mm with ASI120M it does drift. It was worth a try to ask, I find it a little strange that some of the algorithms to correct EQ mounts don't have similar application for Alt/Az. Might get a really accurate level and try again.
  13. Good Morning, Does any of the guiding softwares out there auto-correct a sync scan auto dob, with the use of a guide scope? The main use would be to to keep Planets in view so several runs of imaging them can be done in a session. I notice my XT8G does drift out of view ever 10mins at 250x. If I wanted to take gifs or many shots of something I'd need it to stay more dead on for longer than that. I have gotten as close to perfect gps coordinates, time to the second etc. Thanks Enrico
  14. There is a site that has been recommend to me to ship to SA. 130PDS + TS Optics 2" Coma Corrector + TS T-Ring M48 to EOS All comes to 450 Euros (R6 000 / $500) this includes 140 Euros of shipping. I'm keen to maybe buy this for now and in 2 / 3 months buy the mount, I can use this on my XTG Alt/Az mount like I have with my other short length scopes and get 30 or 45sec exposure. It can give me a some testing runs before I get the mount (have to do 2 orders as I wont have enough to buy both now). These parts will work together, they all are suggested parts for the scope.
  15. I have a Celestron 130, but the focuser had to be trimmed down to reach focus, I could use that, but I'd have to replace the focuser with maybe an Orion Low Profile 2".
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