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  1. Uplooker

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Well, thought I better get this thread going a bit, as it has been a bit quiet, considering there is less than 7 weeks til the event. I suspect part of the reason for the lack of replies is that @Physopto is taking a sabbatical, having sold his van and @mapstar thinks Skye deserves his attention more than GSP ( hope the skies play ball this time) Rest assured myself, Mike & @kennyk will carry the flag this year for Scotland’s premiere star party, not forgetting @wackyscot ‘s Abernathy SP - good luck for that I am really looking forward to some really dark skies, craic, a wee dram ( of Irish) -oh, and some pies
  2. Uplooker

    Autofocuser ordered

    Happy Birthday @Gina, sorry it’s a bit late, but best wishes all the same. Hope you had a good day, regardless of wedges of money in brown envelopes.
  3. Uplooker


    It is, but 7Ah is very small. You may only want to power your mount at the momement, which this will, depending on how long your observing sessions last. It should do one night before needing charging again. Try and have a think on where you may go in the future, with astronomy, and possibly buy a larger Leisure Battery.
  4. I am more concerned with the matching shirts
  5. Uplooker

    a nagging Nagler dilemma

    I am surprised how much time and use a 13mm T6 gets in my dob. I am sure that it is surpassed by other EPs, but it gives a lovely view in a lot of situations. Naglers do suffer badly from CA on the moon, but that is generally not one of my targets. I would wholeheartedly recommend the 13mm T6, but if you have an older version stick with it, as others have said the differences are small.
  6. Uplooker

    OI! Neighbour! NOOOO!

    I know and agree wholeheartedly, currently in the Vendee enjoying plenty of Saint Emilion, Roquefort, Brie, Camembert et Tomates Cerises - mmmhhhh. Kids and wife not so keen on the odeur! Liz keeps asking if I have farted, No, only opened the fromage box
  7. Uplooker

    50/50 Roll off build

    I agree wholeheartedly with what James says
  8. Uplooker

    Luna Eclipse From Italy

    Brilliant images mapping the progression of the eclipse. Very atmospheric shots, well done, very impressive. I only managed a Mk1 eyeball of the event from the Vendee in France.
  9. Uplooker

    To FeatherTouch or not???

    Hi John, I hope I can give an objective opinion, but probably not. If you really want a FT focuser, go for it. Will it be a R&P FT focuser? If R&P then definitely, however if it is going to be a Crayford, then stick with the Baader. FT focusers are good but a Crayford of any make is still a Crayford. I really do not understand people thinking that moving to a Crayford is an upgrade - however the Baader Diamond Track do seem to cut the mustard. Short answer - don’t let anyone on here sway you, go for what you fancy.
  10. Uplooker

    50/50 Roll off build

    Looking good Alex. Unfortunately I think you managed to finish digging the hole for your pier just in time for it to fill up with water. Oh well, it will dry out
  11. Uplooker

    50/50 Roll off build

    Ha ha, your right. I don’t stand out in the midday sun too much, being Irish. It is actually quite funny that if you have not made an update to this thread I can just look out the window and see for myself its looking good so far, onwards and upwards.
  12. Uplooker

    WOO HOO I'm famous...

    Congratulations. It was a stunning image!
  13. Uplooker

    What’s wrong with this DSLR sensor?

    I will go with the advice given, but I suspect that the retailer(s) May give similar advice, regardless of equipment, because they do want the liability. Had it happen with a friend who bought a bicycle cheap off eBay where the gears didn’t work properly, the retailer they took it to, to get it sorted refused to touch it as they said the gears would go Kaputt not long after they “repaired” it and they would then be liable for the piece of cr*p that the person had bought off AN Other
  14. Uplooker

    Some work from June 12th 2018

    Lovely images, well done! Personally, I think you have over sharpened them / colourised them a tad too much, though you have captured loads of detail. I should not criticise, as I have done very little ( none) solar imaging recent, so onwards and upwards!
  15. Uplooker

    JamesF's observatory build

    Great start James, I will follow progress with interest.

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