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  1. Uplooker

    Worthless EQ5 goto

    Quite right Stu, horses for courses. A bit of perseverance and you will get there.
  2. Uplooker


    Well done Craig. Neptune is particular well placed for me at the moment and easy to locate due to the other objects you described. Next stop Pluto, ha ha. Only kidding
  3. Uplooker

    Newtonian cooling fan

    I fitted an old computer (PC) cooling fan to my SW 300PDS. The fan is brushless and I picked it up from the electrical section of my local tip. I really do not know if it was by luck or design, but the 4 off mounting holes matched with the 4 that were already on the mirror cell from new. The thing I really need to do was confirm the screw thread size and replace the connector on the wires to the fan. Currently away from home so unable to provide pictures.
  4. Uplooker

    Galloway Autumn Star Canp 2019

    Just checked, I’m freeeeee. Will there be any pies?
  5. Uplooker

    Galloway Autumn Star Canp 2019

    Can’t believe I missed this thread, haha. My stalkingmeter must have malfunctioned, need to get it checked out. Have to check if I am free those dates
  6. Uplooker

    The Tropics of Scotland

    @JOC If you are at a suitably dark site there is absolutely no mistaking the MW. You do not need to decipher it, it is just there in all it’s glory. Depending on location it runs from one horizon to the other. Such a beautiful sight.
  7. Uplooker

    Iris Nebula

    Very impressive, well done. I do like the processing. This is something I am utterly useless at. Then again, I have not even had my imaging kit out in ages. Well done again David.
  8. As per Billy, or remove the lens from a cheap Barlow and use the remaining bit in the imaging train - job done.
  9. Uplooker

    Filter question(s)

    Hi Francis, The main filters for visual use are UHC, H beta and OIII. The Ultra High Contrast (UHC) as the name suggests increases the contrast on a number of nebulae. I currently only have a Lumicon UHC. It greatly improves the views of the Veil. The H beta is commonly known as the Horse Head filter. The OIII is preferred by some to the UHC and it does make nebulae standout more. Here is a very good page to read through to get a better understanding. It is taken as being one of the beat articles on visual filters:- https://www.prairieastronomyclub.org/useful-filters-for-viewing-deep-sky-objects/ Lumicon was considered one of the best manufactures of filters, until they were bought over. It has been discussed at length on SGL. If you can get one of the Lumicons pre 2017 you should be good. Baader are well regarded but Astronomic seem to be the current favourite. Others will be along shortly to advise better than I.
  10. Uplooker

    shock, got a scope out

    Well done Jules. I was going to go out tonight, just too tired.
  11. Uplooker

    Gallloway Gathering Spring 2019

    Hi John, Will you have purchased a filter by then? There will others at the spring meet who may allow you to try their H beta & OIII filters for comparison with my UHC.
  12. Uplooker

    Gallloway Gathering Spring 2019

    No, just whiskey. We don't tolerate vodka. Excellent news Calvin, look forward to seeing you then.
  13. Uplooker

    Gallloway Gathering Spring 2019

    Did you say pies? Oh, skies, should read more carefully.
  14. Uplooker

    Gallloway Gathering Spring 2019

    Excellent news Mike, good thing I have already booked for those dates
  15. Uplooker


    Brilliant shot that you have composed very well. Very apt title, well done

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