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  1. Uplooker

    Sh2 187 in Cassiopeia

    Very impressive, the Sharpless objects are very faint!
  2. Uplooker

    Bortle 2 skies.....yes please

    You can't camp in the Elan Valley, AFAIK. Someone else will be along shortly to confirm.
  3. Uplooker

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Hi Calvin, I truly hope so too. You have been promising for sometime that you will attend a GSP event. Spring event would be good to get you familiar with the going’s on before the 10th anniversary one in late Oct / early Nov 2019. Just need Mike to post the dates
  4. Uplooker

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    It wouldn’t happen without you Mike! Thank you.
  5. Uplooker

    Show Us Your Dob.....

    Luck guy, lovely scope.
  6. Uplooker

    COMPLETED - Tele Vue 8mm Radian

    Sold. Mods, please archive.
  7. Tele Vue 8mm Radian in excellent condition. No marks on optics or barrel. Comes with both end caps, original box, instructions, pupil guide and Tele Vue sticker. The “Instadjust” eyeguard housing works smoothly and holds firm. Only selling to UK buyers. Selling for £110, including Royal Mail Special Delivery. I will accept payment via PayPal as gift or buyer pays fees or bank transfer. Happy to provide more photos on request. Selling as I am just not using it and to fund further purchases.
  8. Uplooker

    View from the office...

    As a quick and dirty way to create the tome lapse is to download “Time Lapse Creator”, if you do not have Photoshop.
  9. Uplooker

    View from the office...

    Glad you got a good nights viewing in, albeit with poor transparency. Gotta take what you can.
  10. Uplooker

    View from the office...

    Your really building this up, better be good. Hope your chilli doesn’t give everyone the skits
  11. Uplooker

    View from the office...

    Yeah, but it’s cloudy on Skye
  12. Uplooker

    Setting suggestions for Time lapse

    Well I have managed another go at a time lapse. I had planned on doing a couple while I was up at Galloway SP but the skies didnt play ball and when they did on the Saturday night I was more concerned with using my Dob. Here is my latest effort. Taken this evening, 9th Oct, with Canon 450d and standard 18-55mm lens at 18mm. 200 off images of 20s with a pause of 20s between each on a Manfrotto fixed tripod. I ran the frames through Time Lapse Creator. I have not done any post processing on the frames - as yet. I think I have managed to improve focus from last time as well as the sky remaining clear for the duration. I am still looking at better / faster lenses but that may take a bit of time as I need to save the cash. Thanks for looking TimeLapse 10-09-2018.mp4
  13. Uplooker

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Got home at 1630. Tired and ready for the tea Liz has made, if nothing else - it’s not Irish stew. Brilliant SP, as always. Thanks for your organising skills Mike @Demon Barber, would not have happened with out you. Also Leslie and Ralf for running a fabulous campsite. Saturday was definitely the night, good thing we had other entertainment on the cloudy ones. Good to have met some old and new faces, look forward to seeing you all in Feb.
  14. Uplooker

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    It was a good night with clear skies into the wee hours. Tent was completely frozen. Not looking so good now - raining. Glad I got the tent down early

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