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  1. Uplooker

    Hi from Preston, UK

    Hi Rob, Welcome to SGL. Get yer self down to Preston and District Astronomical Society (PADAS). They meet the 2nd Thursday or the month at St Gregory’s Social Club, on Blackpool Road, also observing night at Moor Park Observatory 3rd Thursday or every month.
  2. Uplooker

    Proms of the day

    Hi Debo, sorry, what I meant was that I was more surprised that there were any proms to actually image, given solar minimum. Well done again!
  3. Uplooker

    Proms of the day

    Well done, those look very good and atmospheric. One question though - how did you manage to capture some proms????????
  4. Uplooker

    Gallloway Gathering Spring 2019

    Hi Mike, Not sure if you have spoken to Kenny, but I spoke to him last week and he was not sure he would be able to make it
  5. Uplooker

    Galloway Autumn Star Canp 2019

    Excellent job. Still time to get in for the Spring event, it’s on in 2 weeks
  6. Have you tried using the Barlow with the lens removed, thereby making it an extension tube?
  7. Uplooker

    Gallloway Gathering Spring 2019

    Have not been on SGL for a couple of weeks and was surprised there has not been any guff posted on this thread, considering it’s only a couple of weeks until this gathering. Having stalked Mapstar I can see he has not even booked yet - am sure he will manage to squeeze in. Looking forward to meeting regulars and newbies alike. Just need to sort scope out and decide which medicine to bring
  8. Well done, all who entered. Congratulation James on an image that is very much a standout shot, there is just to much to take in and it is almost Other worldly.
  9. Uplooker

    My 'Happy Christmas' dataset's here.

    Very generous Ollie. I will have a play with this later. Merry Christmas or should it be Bon Noël
  10. Uplooker

    Hi from cloudy Northern Ireland

    Welcome to the Lounge, from a Norn Iron Exile
  11. Uplooker

    Worthless EQ5 goto

    Quite right Stu, horses for courses. A bit of perseverance and you will get there.
  12. Uplooker


    Well done Craig. Neptune is particular well placed for me at the moment and easy to locate due to the other objects you described. Next stop Pluto, ha ha. Only kidding
  13. Uplooker

    Newtonian cooling fan

    I fitted an old computer (PC) cooling fan to my SW 300PDS. The fan is brushless and I picked it up from the electrical section of my local tip. I really do not know if it was by luck or design, but the 4 off mounting holes matched with the 4 that were already on the mirror cell from new. The thing I really need to do was confirm the screw thread size and replace the connector on the wires to the fan. Currently away from home so unable to provide pictures.
  14. Uplooker

    Galloway Autumn Star Canp 2019

    Just checked, I’m freeeeee. Will there be any pies?
  15. Uplooker

    Galloway Autumn Star Canp 2019

    Can’t believe I missed this thread, haha. My stalkingmeter must have malfunctioned, need to get it checked out. Have to check if I am free those dates

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