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  1. Iris Nebula - 20/04/18

    No problem, good weekend, but tiring. There are people way more experienced than me who are better to advise than me, some have already commented, take note of what they say! Onwards and upwards 😁 You are doing well!
  2. Iris Nebula - 20/04/18

    Take note of what the Master - @ollypenrice says in this thread
  3. Unsure about filters

    Hi Jas, I, and a lot of others do not bother with a moon filter. Just not required. If the moon is up and it’s your bag just view it. It is best when not full, as you will see way more detail along the terminator. Also, if the moon is up it will severely limit the detail in DSOs that you can see. You could still view doubles and planetary nebulae. Planets are also uneffected by the moon. Back to your original question, a starter filter for DSOs, I would still suggest a UHC filter. It will make nebulae stand out more and also make some visible in the first place. Bear in mind that viewing DSOs is very dependent on quite how dark your skies are are. There are various manufactures of UHC filters. Lumicon used to be the recommended one, but the jury is currently out as they have recently been taken over by ANother manufacturer. Baader are also a good make. Word of note - when looking at filters you need to look at what wave lengths they pass/ block- dependant on what it is that you want to view. To reinforce what I said earlier, a good initial filter would be a UHC. Hope that helps, plenty of others will pipe up with their suggestions.
  4. Iris Nebula - 20/04/18

    I would suggest not. It is primarily Blue. There is some red but not a lot. Good effort. I only managed to view the sky naked eye as I was busy all weekend. Friday certainly seemed to be the best night 🙄
  5. Fireball meteor ?

    I would tend to agree, unfortunately.
  6. Odd 'Scope

    Well spotted. I had seen it was in Huddersfield but not many of the other details as I was using my phone when I first looked.
  7. Odd 'Scope

    Take Peter’s reply as the correct answer but I would also like to know why it looks to be housed in a museum🙄
  8. Sgl starparty

    Jim, Another option is Yorkshire Moors. @mapstar and I have used a campsite called Usha Gap, just outside Muker. @nightfisher put us on to it. The skies are dark, not as good as Galloway and not the same horizons, but still good. It is a farm campsite with good facilities and friendly and welcoming hosts. Again it would not be an SGL SP and would required organising amongst like minded individuals. Just another option 😁
  9. Sgl starparty

    Hi Jim, I have not attended any SGL SPs. There are lot of folk on here who do attend. That’s a very long trip for you to make
  10. Sgl starparty

    They are normally held at Lucksall http://www.lucksallpark.co.uk/
  11. Orion Nebula Cross Stitch completed!

    Congratulations and well done to Jane. Very impressive indeed!
  12. Welcome to DeepSkyStacker 4.1.0

    This is great news. Well done to All concerned with resurrecting/ updating DSS.
  13. Frustrating focuser problem

    I have been amazed that in recent years I have seen lots of people saying they want to upgrade their focuser by moving from a R&P a crayford. I don’t see the sense in that. Yes there are differences in manufacturing tolerances between focusers but with other things being equal I would have a R&P focuser any day. If they are adjusted correctly they will not slip. The Baader steeltrack may be exception amongst crayfords, but as I have never used one I can not say for certain.