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  1. Uplooker

    What’s wrong with this DSLR sensor?

    I will go with the advice given, but I suspect that the retailer(s) May give similar advice, regardless of equipment, because they do want the liability. Had it happen with a friend who bought a bicycle cheap off eBay where the gears didn’t work properly, the retailer they took it to, to get it sorted refused to touch it as they said the gears would go Kaputt not long after they “repaired” it and they would then be liable for the piece of cr*p that the person had bought off AN Other
  2. Uplooker

    Some work from June 12th 2018

    Lovely images, well done! Personally, I think you have over sharpened them / colourised them a tad too much, though you have captured loads of detail. I should not criticise, as I have done very little ( none) solar imaging recent, so onwards and upwards!
  3. Uplooker

    JamesF's observatory build

    Great start James, I will follow progress with interest.
  4. They do come up 2nd hand quite regularly, not like buses though.
  5. Uplooker

    M13 LRGB

    Well done Andy, looking really good. Glad your getting out! I’m not
  6. Uplooker

    Best Astronomer. 𝕃𝕆𝕃

    You forgot the soda farls and potatoe bread
  7. Uplooker

    FLO & GDPR

    Thanks. Already agreed. Bloomin’ heck, my inbox is rapidly filling up with these GDPR requests
  8. Uplooker

    Saturn 7-05-2018

    Well done, that’s has come out very good considering current position.
  9. Uplooker

    Greetings from sunny Northern Ireland!

    Hi and welcome to SGL from a Norn Iron exile
  10. Uplooker

    Sky Safari updates

    Thanks for that
  11. Uplooker

    potential star party venue

    Your right. Do you get any LP / sky glow from Richmond? There a tad visible from Usha Gap, but not intrusive. The horizons look a lot better at this new site. All is good here, can’t remember the last time we met up
  12. Uplooker

    potential star party venue

    Great find Jules! I have used one of your other finds - Usha Gap. Unfortunately I was unable to make the little soirée you previously organised there but did make it there Nov ‘17. Good site and skies. looks like I have another of your recommendations to try out Thanks for posting!
  13. My personal opinion, obviously, the best focusers are rack and pinion. Unfortunately good ones are very hard to come by these days. As you have found Crayford’s have a tendency to slip unless tightened to within an inch of their lives! As has been suggested, the Baader steel track is a good one to go for, they are due to release, sometime soon (no idea when) a focus controlled for the steel track. So that may be the one to go for. APM still do R&P focusers but are more for fracs.
  14. Uplooker

    Iris Nebula - 20/04/18

    No problem, good weekend, but tiring. There are people way more experienced than me who are better to advise than me, some have already commented, take note of what they say! Onwards and upwards You are doing well!
  15. Uplooker

    Iris Nebula - 20/04/18

    Take note of what the Master - @ollypenrice says in this thread

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