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  1. Just in time, it absolutely hoofed it down late this afternoon, plenty of flash bangs too! That will certainly have tested your Obs water tightness ?
  2. Pretty cool. Not something I am about to get into ?
  3. I believe the minimum of solar cycle 24/25 is to between May ‘18 and Sept ‘19, so realistically we have a bit to go before the excitement really starts. Some people have done well recently to observe/ image spots, filaments and small proms but they are really quite insignificant compared to what can be seen at solar max. Unfortunately we have some way to go before we see significant activity. Don’t lose the faith, as when there is a good display, it is truly magnificent.
  4. I never have much luck speaking to you for any length of time as you generally leave or are getting ready to leave, just as I arrive. However, I am sure you appreciate the opportunity to enjoy dark skies somewhat more than having to listen my nonsense ?
  5. Look what I got in the post today ?. FB ( no reference to social media)
  6. Kenny, Did you obtain permission from the individual kids parents and the Head teacher, prior to posting their images on social meadya?
  7. Grand. Back safe and sound, car unpacked and just made a chicken casserole for tonight’s tea ? Weather didn’t play ball but enjoying meeting up with everyone. Only managed 10x50 bins on Saturday. As Damian says, weather got progressively worse the further south you got
  8. Great image, unlikely to see an improvement on that tonight?
  9. Clear skies here again tonight, hope the same can be said about Drumroamin, and that it continues into the weekend ?
  10. Glad you had an uneventful journey up. Look forward to seeing you Wednesday night - will speak to you on the phone before then.
  11. Yes, as Mike says, have a safe journey. See you later next week.
  12. Look forward to meeting you later in the year. Hope the recovery continues well.
  13. My mistake, the monthly PADAS meeting is at the Obsey on Moor Park on the 2nd Thursday of the month and the observing night is on the 3rd Thursday of the month, again at Moor Park Observatory .
  14. Hi Rob, Welcome to SGL. Get yer self down to Preston and District Astronomical Society (PADAS). They meet the 2nd Thursday or the month at St Gregory’s Social Club, on Blackpool Road, also observing night at Moor Park Observatory 3rd Thursday or every month.
  15. Hi Debo, sorry, what I meant was that I was more surprised that there were any proms to actually image, given solar minimum. Well done again!
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