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    Other than visual astronomy (haven't got the patience or budget for imaging); I like a game of golf, a good cup of coffee / glass of wine, cooking the Sunday lunch, a rare night at the opera and a couple of pints in the local. I should probably include my three young children and a generally supportive wife!
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  1. Paul73

    Abell 1656 Coma Cluster . . . awesome

    Great image. Something to ponder indeed. All of those galaxies in less than 1° of sky. Visually, you could lose the lot between two of the stars in Orion’s Belt...... Paul
  2. I guess that if we could answer the question; where did the Big Bang happen? Then the centre/axis part of the OP’s question would have an answer. I think that the answer is “everywhere”. So the answer to the OP’s question is “No” ?????? Any experts in the house? Paul
  3. Paul73

    Whale galaxy

    Very fine work. You don’t see many Whale images. Loads going on there. I can now see why it looks so lumpy through a scope and Mk1’s. Paul
  4. I’ve never thought about long grass and moisture. Makes sense really. My wife will be delighted about my newfound enthusiasm for grass cutting! Paul
  5. Another zoom vote here! My favourite is the Mk3 Baader with the matching Barlow (Mk4 wasn’t as comfortable for Ha). Otherwise quality simple designs work well. But, whilst definition is top notch, the sun may appear a little oval in plossls (TV Plossls in PST and ED80/Lunt wedge) I’m surprised to see the Delos recommended. I struggle with eye position with the long ER eyepieces (although you can’t get better for night time use). Paul
  6. Paul73

    Short first light 10"dob 4 May

    Glad that you enjoyed a good first light. To my mind the 10” dob is the ultimate ‘all rounder’. Mine is about to be converted into a truss travel scope. To be fair, in flextube format, it was pretty portable if you didn’t need to get luggage for a family in as well! Enjoy. Paul
  7. Due to a series of unfortunate financial events, I’ve just slimed my Astro gear down to the minimum. My Delos 6,8,10,12,17.3 won’t go anywhere. I’ve just sold my Panoptic 24mm which I will really miss. The 21mm Ethos was a real wrench too. I’ve also rehomed my ED120. The home brew 100mm Ha Solar scope is staying though! Paul
  8. The paint work isn’t my handiwork. @baggywrinkle Popped it in with his ED80 when I took it on. Not sure that I have ever looked through it. ‘Fashion Guru’ isn’t something that I’ve been called before. Thanks. I think.... Paul
  9. Plus one for the ED120. Just sold mine to pay for a big non Astro bill. I’d happily buy another. It can do a bit of everything! Paul
  10. Paul73

    Question on Solar Observing

    I used a Wedge on an 80mm scope. The views were lovely. That little wedge is probably my top / ££ Astro purchase. If you want to try Ha. Then a second hand Coronado PST for about £400 is a good value option. Ha isn’t cheap !!! Paul
  11. Does a “Like”of the advert post mean, “that’s a great deal. I’d love to buy it please”??
  12. Hi Folks As described above. Original box. Good condition. £120 including postage in the UK (happy to post abroad at cost). Paul

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