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    Other than visual astronomy (haven't got the patience or budget for imaging); I like a game of golf, a good cup of coffee / glass of wine, cooking the Sunday lunch, a rare night at the opera and a couple of pints in the local. I should probably include my three young children and a generally supportive wife!
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  1. Sounds like a full time job! I'd be excited by that too (and i'm a really lazy guy)😁. Good luck Paul
  2. No bright rings here either! Don's must have been faulty or, as John suggests, a prototype. Re. Colour - the SLV does have a colder (whiter) cast than the Delos range. The moon is the only target where this is particularly noticeable. However, it seems to add a bit of contrast to Jupiter..... Paul
  3. Like Mr Lock says! But the BST does have a wider field of view. If you are happy nudging then the SLV will give slightly cleaner views. Otherwise, the BST will be perfectly good. Paul
  4. Who am I kidding? Timebandit is right! Well said that man! Full eyepiece case = Happy Stargazer.😊😊😎
  5. I've heard the phrase "minimalist observing"....... Normally, when I sell eyepieces, it is to fund other astro purchases. Then I miss the flexibility. I'm currently on 11. This is pretty good for me 😊😊 In truth, I would be happy with 6. Or, 4 if I could afford 100Β° metal. The 24mm Panoptic is the only one on the "must have" (but can't afford) list at the moment. The rest are Delos and SLV! Although the 6mm SLV will be going soon with the arrival of a lovely 6mm Delos (although the head to head comparison will be interesting). Paul PS. I do have a couple of TV Plossls which are classed as my Finderscope eyepieces so don't count.πŸ˜€
  6. I think that this thread may cause a spike in sales for these guys! Shane should be on commission! After checking the ITF yesterday. I was unable to resist the urge to tinker....... I was completely unable to remove the Etalon/Tuner from the main OTA tube (gold bit). Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated. But, more importantly, on removing the front/objective lense, I discovered a bloom on the inside of the lense! Given that this is just a normal lump of glass, I'll give it a light clean. This does lead me to worry about what might be going on further down the tube..... Fortunatally the Double Stack unit is as clear as a bell😊😊. This is just as well because it is about to be sold to pay for a D-ERF. Paul
  7. Well done for sticking with it. Now that you have your eye in, you'll see more and more each good night. Jupiter is one of the few targets where dark adaptation hinders things. I find that a quick look at a bright phone screen every few mins stimulates the eye's colour receptors which helps with the more subtle contrasts. Paul
  8. That must have made you jump out of your skin! Nice images too. Paul
  9. Not the chisel then???
  10. Hi Mark If your PST is made by the same chap as mine, he did a good job and the bottom half of the eypiece tube (the one with the ITF) won't budge without without the help of a large hammer. A quick check is to unscrew the main OTA & Etalon, remove the top half of the eypiece tube with the blocking filter and look though it whilst aiming the eypiece tube towards a desk lamp. You can get a pretty good idea from that if you need any extra exploration. I'd have another go at removing the whole eyepiece tube at this stage. You can release the glass disc of the filter from the top. But from the bottom is much safer. Mine wouldn't shift, so I used a chisel (very carefully 😊) to get the retaining ring moving. Make sure that you do this flat otherwise the ring and the ITF will fall out... Pleased to report that mine is clear as a bell and old. I've got number 95217! Paul
  11. 2x 24mm Panoptics!!!! That will be a cracking view. The only realistic option for matching, is to buy new from the same batch. Obviously, you'll be wanting to move on your current eyepiece........ long list of people happy to help😁😁😁 Seriously though, given the rock solid used prices, it may not cost as much as you first thought. Paul
  12. Great detail. Delicately done! Paul
  13. Great write-up! It reminds us why we own Dobs! I had nearly forgotten too. High haze has prevented any proper Dobbing for ages. Paul
  14. All good points. I was wondering why we need a focuser at all? I reckon that I can make an adapter to neatly fix the PST to the OTA. Providing that my spacing was right, the PST internal focuser would do the focusing? Paul