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    Other than visual astronomy (haven't got the patience or budget for imaging); I like a game of golf, a good cup of coffee / glass of wine, cooking the Sunday lunch, a rare night at the opera and a couple of pints in the local. I should probably include my three young children and a generally supportive wife!
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    West Berks,UK
  1. Paul73

    Hoag's Object

    Thanks for the link. An amazing object to be sure. Definitely one to chase from a dark site. Paul PS. NGC5910 is a different galaxy about 0.8° from PGC54559 (Hoag’s object).
  2. Paul73

    PST modders - questions

    Here is my 100mm stage 1 mod. As mentioned, getting the PST apart was a real struggle. I ended up drifting straight through the gold tube to get it off! It is still used in PST form when I need to be portable. I find that it is an absolute Prom machine, outdoing many of the amazing images that we see on this forum. That is where the larger objective comes into its own. However, the surface detail doesn’t seem as good as a Quark or a Double Stacked smaller Ha Unit (Maybe, I’ve done something wrong). You are certainly asking questions in the right place. I would have certainly either, not even tried, or messed it up badly, if it were not for the advice received on this forum. Cost? I sourced everything 2nd hand, which took a while). £500(ish) plus the PST. Paul
  3. Paul73

    Bring On The Astro-Shed!

    Anything that makes it easier to get gear set up and running, is a really good thing. !Long live the Astro Shed! Paul PS. Astro gear in the house seems to cause significant marital friction. A dedicated Astro shed seems like the perfect solution. You could even get FLO to deliver straight to the shed.....
  4. Paul73

    Bring On The Astro-Shed!

    Well. I’ve leaned something new and it isn’t even 8am! Good luck with the build. Mine is still with the local planning committee (swmbo) stage. Can’t start until autumn as I need to fell a moderate size tree. Paul
  5. Paul73

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    It looks very lonely in the corner. Nice to see you back buying again. The UK Astro industry can breath a sigh or relief. Paul
  6. Paul73

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    @garryblueboy you may find that you don’t need the 12mm as you have the 14mm and the 10mm. Maybe spend the cash on a couple of in- travel adaptors to make the 14 & 17.3mm Delos parfocal with the rest of the range and the 24mm Panoptic. Paul
  7. Paul73

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    No sympathy required Stu. But, thanks all the same. A case full of Televue is better than money in the bank. . I’ll enjoy rebuilding my collection. Some of Gary’s nice new bix full of Green & Black look really familiar! He’ll enjoy the move from the excellent SLV range. The viewing experience is similar in style. But, everything that the little SLV’s do, the Delos does just a little bit better and noticeably wider. Paul
  8. Paul73

    What did the postman bring?

    Hope that is what I think it is. Thought that you would be waiting ages. Open the box! Open the box!!! Paul
  9. Paul73

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    This is it folks ‘Lean Observing’ Bank of Televue properly raided! You only realise how good Delos are when you use primitive Plossls (Ethos ain’t bad either). But, they do have a certain charm. Rather like driving a good classic car compared to its modern counterpart. . Also, only 3 Dobs now (and solar gear - obviously). Paul
  10. Paul73

    Observing goal for life

    I wish that I had the discipline to record observations every session. But, I don’t. The Messier list was fun. Does Sky Safari Pro have a facility to ‘Click & Record’ for the objects spotted.? I need to get cracking on the Hearchel 400. Although the brighter Arp targets have been good for the larger scope. Paul
  11. Paul73

    COMPLETED - Sold Delos 17.3mm - NOW £185

    Thanks Garry Deffinitaly a bargain! Did you manage to get all of the Delos that you were after? Paul
  12. Cool. It’s yours! Paul
  13. Hi Folks As per the title. £110 only, which includes UK postage. Having owned both Mk3 and Mk4, I kept the Mk3 over the Mk4 when I decided that having 2 Zooms was a little extravagant. Excellent condition, with the original box caps and bag. Paul
  14. Paul73

    COMPLETED - Sold Delos 17.3mm - NOW £185

    Now £185 incl Uk postage!!!!

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