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    Other than visual astronomy (haven't got the patience or budget for imaging); I like a game of golf, a good cup of coffee / glass of wine, cooking the Sunday lunch, a rare night at the opera and a couple of pints in the local. I should probably include my three young children and a generally supportive wife!
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  1. That will be one tidy solar setup! Looking forward to seeing it all come together. Paul
  2. Nice catch. Very delicate. The quietness is my fault. Have now got my scope mounted and ready to go, after a couple of months with everything in pieces! Paul
  3. Agreed. When it comes to stargazing, my eyes need the very best help that I can afford!! Maybe one of those NV monoculars? Wouldn’t they work well in binoviewers? And, I did promise myself a set of Ethos at some stage...... However, I have found that after a couple of years, I hit a cruising altitude re overall value of kit. If I want to buy something, I sell something to finance the new addition. Equilibrium maintained. So provided I stay away from extreme thoughts (see above), yes, it does end! Paul
  4. Yep. They’ll be heading for university / needing cars / houses. Then there will be grandchildren....... So, put in context, some enthusiastic Astro shopping should be barely noticed! Wouldn’t mind a car that is big enough to get my Dob into and reliable enough to get to the odd star party, and a new tent.... Paul
  5. Nice one Dan. It’s got everything. You’ll be giving up the day job soon! Must have taken a while to find that spot. Paul
  6. There is nothing like family financial commitments for putting a damper on the Astro shopping. Education seems like a decent way flirting with financial ruin. Paid the last (hopefully) of the school fees last month! Paul
  7. Solar has the added benefit of being able to see what you are doing!
  8. You get used to it! It does feel really odd to start with. Paul
  9. I’m not, but I really like the idea of capturing some of what I see through the Dob. Every now and then I tinker. Ie. Bought an old web cam, failed to get it working. Bought a nice shiny red ZWO to capture solar images, but no EQ Mount ...... so I thought that I would try with broadly the right kit. Possibly to prove once an for all that imaging isn’t for me. Or, just maybe, produce something worthwhile. I am a long way out of my comfort zone! Paul
  10. Oi’m A bit worried about this polar alignment beast??? I was lead to understand that I point it at Polaris, offset a bit and get cracking...... is this not the case?? Paul
  11. Yes. Polar scope it buried in there. Obviously, I am still, and always will be ‘visual only’! If the processing proved too much, I can whip off the camara and pop in an eyepiece. Paul
  12. Hi Folks I have finally got my first imaging setup together! Those that know me will attest that “Paul is technically inept with the patience/attention span of a goldfish on speed”. It has taken me 4 months to pull it all together and it all seems to work (in daylight.....). So here we go: SW ED72, Canon 650, astro modded, 0x Altair Astro field flattener, EQ5 With Motors And finally, arriving yesterday, a solendid concoction of, home brew base and 80’s wooden tripod - thank you to Les (for the record, an absolute star). Please feel free to suggest improvements/ point out mistakes. I’m fairly certain that I have the tripod the right way up, but can’t vouch for much more..... Paul
  13. Just stand staring at the sky! People will generally ask you what is going on up there. You then have the option of pointing out planets / iss or heading down the alien invasion route...... I can’t believe that there is anyone who hasn’t looked up and wondered at the night sky. Paul
  14. Given that Saturn barely gets above the horizon at the moment, anything that clearly shows a disc and the rings is a good result! You are shooting through a lot of wobbly light polluted atmosphere when it is that low. Is this a single frame? If so try stacking multiple frames. I’m new to imaging so I’ll leave it to the experts to advise on stacking. Paul
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