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    Other than visual astronomy (haven't got the patience or budget for imaging); I like a game of golf, a good cup of coffee / glass of wine, cooking the Sunday lunch, a rare night at the opera and a couple of pints in the local. I should probably include my three young children and a generally supportive wife!
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  1. These are pretty good and a lot cheaper than the Baader version. https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/revelation-self-centering-2-to-1.25-eyepiece-adaptor.html Paul
  2. Berlebach spreader stopper

    If you can set the pitch of the legs at the top, It is a 'c'. Like this; It is very very flexible and solid. But, I have a fieling that standard version with a spreader will be a little more stable at the expense of a little flexibility. Paul
  3. Off to Elan....

    My goodness! You are entertaining one who does not worship at the alter of aperture........... Hope that the clouds stay away. Have fun and keep posting! Paul
  4. The Sun 17 August 2017 white light

    Outrageous closeup! The 🌏 Comparison really brings home the sheer scale of the sun. I've been enjoying this active region. Plenty going on in WL and Ha: Paul
  5. Berlebach spreader stopper

    Is your's a "c" version with the four leg spread settings? If so, the spreader is not needed. If not, the already great, vibration control / stability will improve to 100 year old oak tree territory! Paul
  6. Eyepieces for fast telescopes?

    20mm 100° SW Nivana on ABS now....... 20mm 100° ES in SGL the classifieds as well...... Buy, try, if you like it, buy, if not, sell for what you paid!😊 The ES is excellent. I haven't tried the SW. Otherwise, I'd still go for the ES 82° or Delos.... Paul PS. You won't need a coma corrector in this scope unless you are hyper critical and go for 100°. I bought a second hand TV Parracor 1 for about £100 (never quite sure where all the "r's" go). But, it doesn't get used on the F4.7 10".
  7. Great to hear. I'd be trerrified of ordering a scope like that, just incase the views didn't live up to expectations. I'm loving my SW ED120. But, still dreaming that one day..... Paul
  8. That's the one.😎.
  9. Hi Guys I've just been looking a a 'Big un' In Ha. Well worth a look. Not the brightest, but certainly wins prizes for hight! Not sure how much aperture you'll need (I'm using 100mm). But there is a smaller but brighter one at 12 o'clock. Paul
  10. The Fermi Paradox

    Love the quote at the end!! Paul
  11. The big reveal

    That's a relief. πŸ˜„. I often random shop there random bits & pieces. I Also, thought that AE were defunked. Definitely worth a call before trusting your cash to the inter web. Paul
  12. Nick's sketch is pretty close to my observations. Had another look last thing and it is looking great as it comes into proper view. Paul
  13. The big reveal

    Astroboot not active????? Are you sure that they aren't just on their summer hols? And, Yes. That scope needs a wooden tripod! I was using my Berlebach today. Love em! Paul
  14. Sun HA 15.8.17 (+ Frankenscope Test!)

    Looking good! Also, looking forward to following Frankenscope's journey to Solar domination!!!! Cue the manic evil laughter..... I'm a bit late on this build. Are we talking a sawn off Lunt 50mm, mated with a bigger frac (with a decent ERF etc)?? Suddenly, I feel the need to upgrade. Although, the views through my ham fisted 100mm PST hybrid were lovely earlier😊😊😊 Paul
  15. Sol WL, HA, Proms. AR2671. 15-8-17

    Developing nicely in Ha & WL. Have just popped in from viewing. Steadier air now. WL is really worth a look. Great shots as always Charl! Paul