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    Other than visual astronomy (haven't got the patience or budget for imaging); I like a game of golf, a good cup of coffee / glass of wine, cooking the Sunday lunch, a rare night at the opera and a couple of pints in the local. I should probably include my three young children and a generally supportive wife!
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    West Berks,UK
  1. James O’Meara books

    I agree. He writes well. Although his vast experience, Hawaiian sky and owl like eye-sight make me feel a bit rubbish as an observer. Best multiply his specified aperture requirements by 2 to get to ‘normal chap under UK sky’ territory. Paul
  2. Skytee 2 - New arrival

    Glad that you are pleased with your new toy. StyWatcher has made up for agricultural engineering by using bigger chunks of metal!! I’m a big fan. Paul
  3. Explore Scientific 20mm 100° Eyepiece

    Very tempting. Near ethos 21 performance for half the price!! - I’ve owned both. Have decided against rebuying as I’m currently 1 3/4” only. Hence the post. Paul
  4. We're going back... it's official!

    I expect that the motivation is one of competition. What better way to make ‘America great again’. Harking back to the last Space Race.... Whilest it would be lovely to see a joint ‘World’ collaboration, sadly NASA have probably got more chance of making it alone. Hopefully this will spawn some great science / technology. Paul
  5. Shouldn't Sedna be a Planet?

    Sedna's Stern–Levison parameter is aprox 2xE-5 (very very aprox) which leaves it way short of the magic 1, which would mean that it could theoretically clear its orbit..... However, does the Stern–Levison parameter still hold true this far out? Even if it does. Is the "orbit clearing" criteria still valid for these objects? Possibly not....... Paul
  6. Shouldn't Sedna be a Planet?

    The best "guess" is that it hasn't cleared its orbit. Due to the massively distorted orbit, another larger gravity force is influencing Sedna, so it is not the "Dominant" body in the orbit (unlike Earth and its many "Near Earth" objects. The view might be different next week! Or, it got left, pulled askew by a passing star. Classification seems to be a bit up for debate. But that debate is around what to call these relatively newly discovered objects ("Planet" doesn't seem to be one of the options....) Apparently the search for Planet X continues. Paul
  7. Defining the Cone Nebula

    Tamed Horsey???? 😹😹😹 This one should be nicely placed for the next few months. There are a lot of Big Dobers who haven’t cracked this one. Has anyone managed it from the UK? Paul
  8. The Sky at Night

    Well said. Although the Maggie bashing does seem to be subsiding a bit. Respect does seem to be building. Loved the thread a few months back where a careless poster described her as an ‘idiot’. The many outraged responses were good to see. Perish the thought that an obviously passionate, larger than life individual with vast knowledge of the subject could bring astronomy to life for the masses!!! 🤔😁🤐 I quite enjoyed the show. Damn right about the colours being misleading. Most surprising. Paul
  9. Dragon Face staring at a Vortex...

    Love it! Great DSLR result. Never seen that one before. A rare exotic treat from the south. Paul
  10. First trip with the 12"

    Re: the brighter issue. Pure semantics chaps. Things LOOK brighter in my big scope compared to my little scope. This allows me to view in at higher magnification (surprisingly high mags). As an observer, how it appears is important. Paul PS. How come the stars look brighter. They have no discernible scale.
  11. I doubt that I could even lift a Planet! Even with a couple of hefty scopes, counter weights. And a couple of beers on the tray, you wouldn’t get close. I could stand on one to cut the hedges. There! Justified! Yes I should, nay must, upgrade. How much are they? Paul
  12. Yes. Don’t you just hate all of those pin sharp stars!
  13. Don’t worry chaps. I was only joking. Sounds like the scope was performing splendidly! Agreed, big big aperture would just magnify the LP. Looking forward to reading more of the OP’s adventures with his lovely collection. me jealous? Not a bit 🤥🤥🤥 Paul PS. I do have a 120mm frac for when I want to look at the bright dots between the DSOs.
  14. M33, a first for me!

    Good spot. You can spend ages looking straight through M33 without realising it. That is where your 82° comes in handy! Once you’ve got it, upping the mag can bring out some more detail. Head up for M81/82 next time you are out. They’ll look great in the same fov. Paul
  15. Dob??? Sorry, wash my mouth out🤐🤐 Enjoyed your write-up. Definitely money well spent. Maybe a place in the country with dark sky and a nice obsey to go with your new scope? Paul