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    Other than visual astronomy (haven't got the patience or budget for imaging); I like a game of golf, a good cup of coffee / glass of wine, cooking the Sunday lunch, a rare night at the opera and a couple of pints in the local. I should probably include my three young children and a generally supportive wife!
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  1. Thanks I'll try and remember my CN login details. Wouldn't mind reading a direct Myriad / Lunt comparison. I've tried a couple of "optically the same" eyepieces and found them to be subtly different. Could be coatings? Could just be natural variations in the production progress (something that TV quality control seeems to tackle well)? For the moment, I'll probably stick with the ultra sharp 24mm Panoptic as my goto wide field. But, as I am missing my old Ethos 21mm, and hell will be getting a bit chilly by the time I will have the funds to replace it; I'll be watching with interest. Paul
  2. These Lunt 100° only came to my attention today whilst reading this month's Astronomy Now magazine. A nicely written piece, but testing them on only one scope, and f10 at that !! Has anyone tried one in something about f5? I guess that the ES 20mm 100° would be the direct competitor. Which while performing very well for the money, can't live with the E21. Paul
  3. Almost cheating! I bet it was nice and warm too.🙂 Getting south makes it a whole lot easier. It is certainly an action packed part of the sky. Paul
  4. Haha. Great read about a great target!! I feel much the same way about the Pelican jobbie that allegedly lurks somewhere around the invisible North America nebula. Don't be afraid to up the mag on the Western Veil (one further wing tip). There is a surprising amount of detail to be had; once you know where it is! Paul
  5. You certainly had a busy time! Nice write up too. Whilest whizzing around with a 60mm is fun (I'm always amazed at what these little guys can uncover), things really wake up once you get 200mm on them. Paul
  6. I haven't been around much recently. Have I missed something? Nick - When do you sleep?? Double guru by night, and Solar Ha too!!! Still sorting teething issues with my Ha rig, so nice to read about others enjoying the show. Paul
  7. Nice write up Jetsream. I'm a big fan of the Lumicon OIII (have got the 1 1/4" & the 2"). It makes PN hunting possible even under our, less than dark, UK summer skies. Worth the money for the Veil alone. Paul
  8. Very very nice! Bags of detail across the shot. Again, inspirational! Paul
  9. Agreed. Getting the eyeball in a bit too close. I get that if I forget to extend the eye guards on my Delos eyepieces. And I know that they are about the best that you can get. I'm pretty sure that the Morphius is in the same ball park in terms of quality. Paul
  10. Hi Mark I'm delighted that it has gone to a good home and is living up to expectations. Paul
  11. Yes. I've saved loads on buying stuff that I didn't know that I needed !!!😁
  12. Earlier today, I met an SGL'er in a car park of a cheap hotel. Large sums of cash were exchanged for a remarkably small package. We did comment that it might have looked highly suspect to the casual observer. I guess that you get a feel for that person from their posts. I'm just pleased that my gear has gone to a good home. Paul
  13. Thank you Peter You are a gentleman. Paul
  14. Very nice. I think that I spotted the beginnings of this one about 18:30 last night. Was hoping that it would turn out to be a good un! Paul
  15. I had the new beast out for a bit today. The proms were great! I'm definitely getting some reflections. I might have to drill another hole to extenuate the ERF tilt. And there was me being all smug about doing a nice tidy job! Also, while putting the PST Objective back on the gold tube. I managed to break it.😖😫☹️. So much for maintaining an Ha travel capability. Paul