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    Other than visual astronomy (haven't got the patience or budget for imaging); I like a game of golf, a good cup of coffee / glass of wine, cooking the Sunday lunch, a rare night at the opera and a couple of pints in the local. I should probably include my three young children and a generally supportive wife!
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  1. Don’t worry. Adjusting the focuser isn’t too technical. It may not feel the smoothest, but it will work just fine. I’ve had a DSLR hanging off an adjusted SW standard focuser without issues. The ED 80 is a cracking scope for the money. Enjoy. Paul
  2. Good question Stu. As the proud owner of a couple of little lumps of Vesta, I’ve wondered that as well! I should really take a few minutes to track down Vesta visually. Paul
  3. Definitely a good episode. I think that a Chris and Maggie a great presenters, but it was nice to see Pete Lawrence getting a decent amount of air time. Paul
  4. That is dedication! Nice set of images. Paul
  5. There is a definite naked eye shadow on the moon here! Delighted to have caught it! Paul
  6. Nice to see that the scope is living up to it’s lofty reputation! Looking toward to many more observing reports. Paul
  7. Colour is the other giveaway. Uranus is a distinctive light blue. Paul
  8. Not sure about size, but the heat pads that wrap around the secondary support work well (By secondary support, I mean the cylinder attached to the back of the mirror). The other option is a camping hair dryer to keep the dew at bay. Paul
  9. That is one hell of an achievement in a year. Congratulations. Paul
  10. Just the Lunt here for prolonged use. Very happy with the results though. Tried the Baader at a star party and it seemed to take more magnification, but it is a lot more money. I’m more than happy with the Lunt. Paul
  11. Looks like you had a cracking year! Paul
  12. Hopefully a great buy! Looking forward to reading your first light report. Paul
  13. What hasn’t been mentioned much is comfort of use. If eye placement is problematic or eye cups odd shapes, it really takes away from the whole viewing experience. For me the ergonomics of the Delos line hit the right spot (haven’t tried the comparable Pentax range). Even the celebrated Ethos 21mm needs you to virtually climb inside it to get the full 100° wow effect. Paul
  14. For use with my f4-5 dobs . Wide at the long end. Either 20mm(ish) 100° or 24mm 82°. Then TV Delos 14,10,8,6mm. If cash was no object, a set of Ethos would do nicely. Sadly this is not the case. Hence the stepping down to 72° fov on all but the longest eyepiece. I’d rather have a highest quality narrower view than a compromised wider view. Paul
  15. I keep mine in the garage with a coat over the open end of the Dob to keep out the worst of the dust/spiders but let the air circulate. Ready cooled and ready to wheel out to play! Paul
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