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    Other than visual astronomy (haven't got the patience or budget for imaging); I like a game of golf, a good cup of coffee / glass of wine, cooking the Sunday lunch, a rare night at the opera and a couple of pints in the local. I should probably include my three young children and a generally supportive wife!
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    West Berks,UK
  1. Great tread guys. I'll be getting cracking on a heater for my secondary and a controller. The Homebrew Telrad heater worked a treat. So fingers crossed! Paul
  2. what's everyone viewing tonight

    Don’t worry. One decent session and you’ll be straight back into it. Paul
  3. what's everyone viewing tonight

    Hopeful for tonight though! A galaxy fest is in the cards. 🤞🤞🤞 Perseus, Andromeda and Pegasus areas. Specifically, another assult on Stephan’s Quintet. Sort of got it at Luckshall on sat night, but not quite enough to claim. Paul
  4. You've got to get really lucky to get an SW mirror to match that quality. This is in no way a swipe at SW mirrors. Great for the cash! In Idle moments l. I do consider converting my solid tube to a full trus......
  5. An increase from 12" to 14" is unlikely to give you the wow improvement that an upgrade should bring. Paul
  6. Happy birthday! They are certainly big heavy beasts! But, the views are splendid. And, at f4.4 would only need a small step if operating towards the zenith (dependent on your height). It will need some sort of wheels. Making a pair of barrow handles is a popular solution. Also, check that the scope base will fit through your doors! I believe that the SW 16" scope bases are bigger than standard doors. They seem to work best with owners who can just wheel them out of a garage directly onto their observing area. I have a 16" f4 Orion Optics UK which is much much lighter that the Skywatcher equivalent. But, it is a solid tube so impossible to transport without a big car. The SW flex tube is great for transport and quick setup provided that you are physically strong, or have help and don't have to take the base apart to get it into your car. Re, colimation. I would expect to give the primary a quick tweak every session. It takes about 2 mins (same as your other Dobs. Make no mistake. Big Dobs are a right royal pain in the neck. I went from 10" to 16". But, on a dark night, 😳😳😊😊😊😊😊. 10" or 12" is about the max limit for grab 'n' go Dob action. Hope that this helps. Paul
  7. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    Don’t forget the astro gear😁😁😁
  8. Hello from Berkshire

    Welcome. Good choice re the scope as well. Paul
  9. Anyone bringing their kids along?

    Dangerous ground chaps!!! I’ll be leaving my hyper-active 6 year old at home...... He has got his own little Dob. With which he is fine. But tripods, cables, laptops and little scopes that are worth more than my car.... I can’t find an emoji for foreboding and cold sweats.... Paul
  10. Vixen LVW vs Pentax XW vs Delos

    Interesting point re infocus. The Delos 14mm and 17.3 need more infocus than the rest of the range. You can get an adaptor which makes them parfocal across the range. A pain but worth it in my large print book. Paul
  11. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    It really comes to something when a bunch of stargazers/astronomers are discussing what to wear! One of my favourite aspects of this hobby is that I can wear what ever I like without comment or judgement. I'm beginning to feel the presure building.... I do like the Scumbags T shirt though 😊. My type of humour! Paul
  12. Planetary nebula and glubular clusters

    Hi Victor Nice writeup. That sounds like a good haul. If M13 wasn't there, M92 would be a showpiece object in its own right. Keep exploring. Paul
  13. Filters & Binoculars ??

    All good points chaps. I viewed the NA nebula sans filters from the deepest darkest French countryside in the summer with my 10x50's. And, yes, I now agree that some targets are better with Binos. In another thread, an experienced SGLer suggests using a UHC and a OIII (one on each side) and letting your brain sort it out. I'll try that first. Paul
  14. Kasai Widebino 2.3x 40mm

    PM sent
  15. Bring and Buy sale?

    Looks like we should have a well stocked table this year. Must resist the temptation to do a deal before the day!!! 😬 Paul