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  1. Greetings Sad discovery tonight!!! with the clear but slightly hazy skies calling me to let loose with the big black star canon I rolled back the roof to point heavenward, with temperature perfect for still air and no distortion of the great images that await I fired up the computer connected the cameras and awoke the mount, this is going to be a great night!!!! at this point those that know me will guess that there will be an issue in the works........... the computer burst into life with the message loading drivers as the mount connected and swung to the home position waiting to be commanded
  2. Greetings I had that stamp a long time ago but the guys on here will turn you into a philatelist so get the stamp book ready ! welcome to SGL Andy ( Mansfield Nottinghamshire)
  3. Greetings fantastic project this is one I'm going to build. very many thanks for sharing this build it is one of the best I've seen!! thank you ! Andy ( Mansfield Nottingham )
  4. Clearing the snow from obsy roof in the hope of a clear night.. fingers crossed!

    1. Fish


      Roof cleared and open observing the moon.... Fingers still crossed though.....

    2. Mukv


      Nice :) Charging batteries for camera's now... weather report is looking good!

    3. Fish


      Its looking very good now :-) ski trousers tonight i think .

  5. Greetings Spotted it in my 12 x 50's soon it will clear the local roofline and I'll get a picture or two weather permitting. an update of it's track.. Andy ( Mansfield Nottingham ) love.bmp
  6. greetings After you slew to your target use the eqmod arrows to center on the target then right click on it for the dropdown from there select the sync option .. Andy ( Mansfield )
  7. The only real message is that she loves you ! A romantic reply is in order in the form of dinner ! Andy ( soft romantic (astronomer))
  8. greetings This section is full of goodies for EQmod setup.. http://eq-mod.sourceforge.net/tutindex.html Andy ( Mansfield )
  9. Greetings I did this for both SW 300PDS and a 90mm refractor http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/205608-diy-motorised-focuser-for-crayford-type-focuser/ The motor works at 3v but I feed it with 2.4v or 1.2v and it gives duel speed. the motor is from maplins £9.15 ish it works very well on both scopes. Andy ( Mansfield )
  10. Greetings Although I'm using a 5Dmk2 this is my capture screen in BYO my scope is SW300PDS and IDAS D1 filter ( thanks FLO ) but note the histogram curve. I have a bright orange street light 21m away so not a great position for my setup, what ever type of capture software you use try to aim for this type of profile curve for a reasonable capture. Andy (Mansfield)
  11. Motorized the focuser on the 90mm scope next thing to test it in action but my mates the clouds are over for a visit to check out my work !

  12. roof opening letting in the cold and dark ! YAY !!

  13. Greetings I would like to share a little bit of news for those local to the mansfield area https://www.facebook.com/?sk=h_chr#!/permalink.php?story_fbid=745410338881398&id=141550702600701&notif_t=notify_me a long term project but a step forward for the area . Andy
  14. Mukv

    New User

    Greetings Dan if you looked in the eyepiece more than once I'm afraid you are on a slippery slope to late nights cursing the clouds and an empty wallet ! Although not a great scope the tantalising views will drag the receptors from the rear of the eyeball and like a drug you will want more, a bigger hit a wider fix a deeper view I'm sorry for you but fear not, those guardians whom roam these pages have knowledge and wisdom that will guide you through the darkness to assist in finding the light heed their warning and listen to their tails for this is the way of the night! oh and welcome to the
  15. You need to align every session unless your mount has encoders. I have the NEQ6 pro and a 3 star alignment takes less than 3 mins at the start of every session. Andy
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