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  1. Stu checking my notes I observed this area in January 2014 with the 180mm Mak and binoviewers. I cannot really remember so I looked at what Mick - @Doc stated 'the valley walls clip the south side of the crater Gylden. The surrounding area is dotted with craters and peaks and is full of interesting geological features' Checking various maps the valley appears to be between Gylder/Sporer/Herschel but I cannot really remember - I need to return and have another look.
  2. An enjoyable read @Stu. I looked at my notes on the Lunar 100 and despite observing this list for over 10 years I am still missing nos. 96 and 99
  3. Jeremy I thought that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory might be more involved rather than Los Alamos . They have a big involvement in astronomy in the Bay area - I have a few contacts. I really feel out of not having a Takahashi especially after reading @Johnnight out seeing the SN in IC3322a.
  4. There is a good thread in cloudy nights especially the photo by SSmith. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/764742-supernova-sn2021hpr-in-ngc3147/
  5. I checked out the SN again last night and it was the same brightness as the nearby star. I agree the transparency was not as good as the previous night. However it did not stop me trying for the SN in NGC 3147. The galaxy was easily seen in the 12 inch but could not see the SN - estimated mag 14.4
  6. John this is an excellent report and a brilliant achievement. You only need to read Steve O'Meara's books to know what can be seen with a quality frac and an experienced observer.
  7. Perhaps we should set a challenge to see who can view M83 from the UK. Certainly it's a good time to observe it when the Moon is out of the way.
  8. Neil an enjoyable report and some great objects. Which Messier objects are you yet to observe? It took me ages to observe M69 and M70 and I did find M83 really difficult. In 2018 whilst on a mountain top in California I was able to observe M83 in 15x70 binos.
  9. Last night I went looking for the Super Nova in IC3322A using the 12" Dob which has a 80mm finderscope to help with star hopping. I started at the bottom of Virgo at the star Eta (Zaniah) which has the star 13 close by. Moving up you reach star 16 and slightly above is M61. Moving upwards and slightly right you come to NGC 4261 and then to the left is NGC 4339. To view these 3 galaxies I was using my 20mm Myriad, 13mm Ethos and 9mm Myriad eyepieces. I knew that when I reached NGC 4365 - @John had already stated that IC3322A was in the same FOV. I had already checked out the Stellariu
  10. Well done John. Last night the weather forecast was showing rain or snow later so I decided to give it a miss. Having NGC 4365 in the same FOV is certainly going to help so if I get a clear spell I will attempt to see the SN.
  11. Yes Paul it was a great watch. I added the double stack to get a better view of the surface as well.
  12. Agreed Mark. The prom on the eastern side is lifting off. Quite a few proms plus some small filaments together with a plage area. Well worth a look.
  13. Thanks for the 'heads up' Alan - a great report. I noticed that there was a supernova but did not appreciate there were 3. Thanks also to @davheifor his diagram and that he observed it using a 10" Dob. It looks like we might have a clear spell tonight so I might have a go at SN2021hiz especially as its mag is 13.2 Thanks gain both.
  14. Andrew good to see you are firmly back in the saddle. Hope all is good with family. You never know we might see at Lucksall again.
  15. Thanks Doug I have never heard of the Leo double double. That is a great diagram - I will give it ago. I want to test my new Nagler 3-6 mm zoom.
  16. That is interesting Francis. I looked through a friends cardboard Charles Frank refracting telescope in 1960 maybe 1961 and I was hooked. I bought this telescope and here it is mounted on my 6" wooden tube newtonian reflector dated 1972. Not sure what happened to it.
  17. A great observing report and some great DSOs. Although I don't suffer too much from IP at the moment I still curtain myself off from the house and my neighbours. I have a washing line across the garden (7 foot off the ground) and I use black ground sheets which I bought from B&M stores. You can see this arrangements in Stargazine EP5 (it starts after 39minutes after Ian's talk on double stars) -
  18. I have decided to sell this wonderful zoom eyepiece. At the moment I only use it on my PST and recently I have been using another EP. If you are interested have a look at this review - https://www.chuckhawks.com/tele_vue_click_zoom.htm Clearly this zoom is no longer available so its difficult to define a sensible price. I felt that £105, which will include first class sign for postage, was a reasonable start. The zoom is in excellent condition with no problems at all. It includes the original box, literature and both end caps. Happy to accept Paypal (buyer pays fees) or bank tra
  19. I bought these eyepieces in June 2020. The Baader Classic were new from FLO and The Fujiyama was bought from a member on SGL. All eyepieces are mint with boxes (6mm box is slightly ripped) and caps. I bought these EPs to give me more mag with my Baader Barlow. However, I have now bought a TeleVue Nagler 3-6mm zoom so I have decided to sell these Orthos. The cost of the Baader Classic is £35 each and the Fujiyama is £55 - all with free First class sign for postage. Happy to accept Paypal (buyer pays fees) or bank transfer. Send me a PM if interested. 6mm, 9mm and 10mms now s
  20. Thanks Rob that is much appreciated. I enjoyed your post on the comparison between the Tal and the Heritage. I can't believe the quality of the Heritage for the money.
  21. Thanks Stu I would like your opinion. I fancy buying another 4" apo but 90% of my time is viewing DSOs - so is it worth it? I have just bought a lovely case to transport the 130p so it really has become my travel grab and go.
  22. Thanks Stu - what I like to do is to compare this scope with a quality 4" APO on DSOs. Have you ever done this comparison? I know there is no comparison when observing Planets, Moon or doubles
  23. Luke glad you are back into observing - a great report and objects. I still remember viewing through your 16" Dob and seeing the Horsehead and NGC 3912 in Leo at SGL8 (in 2013). Great memories.
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