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Mesu 200 arrived!


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After a few months waiting for this astro jewel piece of equipment the Mesu 200 arrived a few weeks ago. From then on I designed the new adhoc designed pier.


I haven't started calibratring everything yet. The following days I will do so.


Right now very excited with the new setup!






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Thanks so much to you all. I am really excited with the new gear. The Mesu is superb!

Right now everything calibrated and taking some images on the Ursa Majoris area for a first light... galaxy season. I'll have to wait for the nebula's a little bit ;) 

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On 19/4/2017 at 06:39, Alien_Photons said:

I want to be where you are. I see tennis courts, football pitches, ever green trees, rolling hills and a Tak FSQ on a MESU with blue skies.

Does it get any better?

It's a paradise, not only for astronomy. You missed the swiming pool just behind the football pitch. It's a place full of nature everywhere, nice weather and the best food and wines of Catalonia available near home (Priorat wines region). During the summertime you can see the Barcelona football team juniors training in this football pitch. They train here for a week every year for obvius reasons ;) and also for the altitude (1000m above sea level).

Clear skies wherever you are!!

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