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  1. The 72ED is Not bad choice at all. I’m actually considering a second telescope for wide field.
  2. It almost everything now. I waited two months for the ZWO OAG and still waiting for the ultra narrowband Filter SII( I ordered it in April)
  3. Yes, but needs some skill to balance it. Till now I couldn’t get over 900” subs, but i think the limitation comes from using a guiding scope, but anyway I’m waiting for the OAG to come and see if it get more. I’m Also using a 10” Newtonian, ASI 1600mm, automated Filter wheel , autofocuser, and of course a come corrector. i know a guy using a 12” Newtonian and getting such long shots. But he has the NEQ-6 , almost the same load capacity as the EQ6R. If you go for the 10” , you’ll need to buy additional 5kg counterweight, cause the two comes with the mount are not enough to balance it.
  4. Same problem with me, I give it up anyway as I was getting poor results. I think the PS was out of axis.
  5. Hi everyone, I’m still young in astronomy and I just leveled up and build a permanent pier, so I can save the time and the most important thing is also getting a high accurate polar alignment, so I can get longer exposures. Unfortunately I didn’t get the PA to a level over 3-4 mins. It was ok before cause I have a fast telescope and used lrgb with bortel 4 sky. But for narrowband not enough. I usually use sharp cap for polar alignment. I tried the also drift alignment in PHD2 but looked unstable to me as it always changed the direction after every exposure (I have been told to wait a 2 min at least to stake it) but I’m not sure if it’s good enough. could you guys guys help me with some advice and tips getting it better? Thanks alot
  6. Thank you! i think I wasn’t patient enough to see the video till end. you saved my day! best regards
  7. Hi Everyone, i upgraded my cam from DSLR to ASI 1600mm mono and i could make two imaging session the last two days. but unfortunately i accidentally moved my cam during the transport and i figured it out only today, the result is: my target Galaxy (M81) has diffrent positions in every imaging session, stacking every Channel resulted in diffrent angel for every channel. so any one could give me any trick of how i get them all in the same exact position so i can combine them in photoshop? and how to avoid such mistakes in future? i'm using APT for Imaging. Thank you.
  8. I calibrated it , but Maybe i rotated the camera while trying to reconnect the cam. I will try to calibrate again tonight, thanks a lot, I hope the problem would be so easy solved
  9. hmm, you mean Darkframe library? or step calibrating?
  10. Hi everyone, i'm trying to autoguide, but i'm always getting poor guiding graph. i did polar aligment with sharpcap, did it to Excellent, then i start guiding with PHD, which stops after while because it's ineffective. here is a Photo of the lines, i did this immediately after polar Alignement without moving the scope. Any ideas why this happening? balancing seems good to me.
  11. Thank you, i will give it a try. best regards
  12. Hi Every one, i'm just starting with my mono astrophotographie, today i tried to take Flats using my LCD Flat-Lamp. My cam is ASI 1600mm. i'm tried to get ADU arount 23k , but as i get close to it it showes horzontal lines , Exposure lenth about 0,01293sec. is it normal? Gain was 0 and Offset 50. i tried to find it out in Internet, but not body mention it. i would be happy for any suggetions. Thanks
  13. Thank you Anne for reply: In which Teleskop did you used this filters? I’ll use it now with my 1000mm f4 Telescope, as I said, but in future I may upgrade to SC C11 or go for smaller focal length Teleskop. Could it be a problem using those filters then?
  14. Hi everyone, I'm planning to upgrade to cooled mono (AS I 1600mm Pro) and I want to buy the motorised ZWO filter wheel and LRGBcHa OIII and SII 1,25 filters from Astronomik. Since I'm completely new to mono camera and narrowband filters world, I have a couple of questions and I hope if you could help me: If anyone has the same equipment as I have a fast Teleskop F4 and 1000mm focal length. Would I face any problems with vignetting with my telescope? I know 6nm can show more contrast and details than 12nm, should I take all the filters with the same wave length (6nm)? i have a bortel 4/5 skies. Best regards,
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