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  1. just like Mesu... as i pushed him to corner he stepped out..... im starting to doubt you are the same person looking how you defend him and taking that so personal... maybe not.. i dont know. i replied to every phrase you wrote by order and you say you cant follow me... sorry i cant do more. i read about that legend story Mesu did ten years ago, on another side i read other stories (which are more recent, some of them happen this year) and tells the opposite of that. I quete your comment before: you have to the hear the story from the other side.
  2. that is my Point. getting updates and the Option to cancel it.
  3. I agree with you and as i mentioned it in my post, i based my decision on those positive Experiences. But i wasnt expecting this.
  4. I have the whole mails and if the otherside denies this, i will Publish the Emails as they are. So no plays are playing here. I doubt only People like you causes delays like this and make no one care about costumer interests. Just take my 8K money and i will not bother you in the next two years... i'm not wondering you are defending him so much...
  5. As i said before.... the he never mention it, he said it WILL BE POSSIBLE in May, i take middle of May as date... please dont keep telling me we are at 12 of June... My deadline were made two day ago... its only one deadline... no pushes after it.... that why it called (again) a deadline. i dont know whom you mean be (we). Anyway thanks a lot for this useful information, i didn't know that before. I thought i will never catch any photons after two years from now... Why i just download some galaxy Pics and watch them instead of expending all this time and nerves
  6. Maybe it’s true and I totally understand it. What I don’t understand: why I get a promise that’s the mount will be ready in date if the controller factory already burned in fire? Why I don’t get the simple truth to be told?
  7. So you call it harassing when I ask about my order every 2-3 weeks AFTER the promised date??? I don’t know which standards you are used to. But it’s not supposed to be this way. I have worked hard to earn that money ( Maybe you didn’t so you don’t care if it’s one month or one year) and I wrote him in very polite style without any anger, but his responses were at the end the opposite , so I earn more than“ please don’t waste my time with your question about delivery “ (in doubt I have all emails ). and yes I need a deadline so I know at that date my mount will be ready or I’ll get my mo
  8. I just answered Tooth_dr about the delivery date… but let me please explain the situation: comparing high end mount with middle class or low class one ( not only the performance but also the price and service) MESU comes according to its specification and price to AP and GM mounts. Most of those mounts are not massively produced. but as said before: it’s not only the delay, but also how I get the replies from him. frustration, waiting and getting over all challenges is a part of our hoppy. But the way I’m treated hier is so unfair and unprofessional. it’s my right ( and everyon
  9. He said it will be in May but he didn’t defined the date, I took the middle of it. But that’s not the only point, as I mentioned above: the way he tells me how my order being late and reason are not logical.
  10. No wonder there are no astro-seller in Germany want to sell this mount… after they used to do years ago.
  11. I hope so, now it’ll cost me time and nerves, which I could invest in very good things.
  12. Hi everyone, i want to share my sad long story with ordering the MESU mount to not let you fall in and to warn anyone planning to order it from MESU: I ordered this mount based on its given„fantastic“ specification und a relativ lower Preis comparing to other high end mounts, considering also all good reputation wrote by people who bought this mount or came in contact with Lucas Mesu. I ordered it at end of January: at that time i was told all the mounts are sold and he’s going to make a new 25 serie and assured me I’m the first one who will receive it, but it’ll take longer
  13. Oh great! So you’re receiving it this weekend! how long have you been waiting for it? Best regards,
  14. Hi Everyone, can anyone tell me the actual payload of the MKII is for Astrophotgraphy? i know it all depends on OTA length and etc... i just want to know it limits, i planing to use an 16 inch RC telescope on it. its length is about 1100cm, FL 3250mm, weight with Equipments is about 40kg. What im considering is some reports about the Slippage of the friction drive. Does anyone have an Experience with such heavy load or very long focal length? Clear Skies,
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