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  1. tooth_dr

    My PHD2 graph[Problem]

    Is there any reason why you cant do pulse guiding?
  2. tooth_dr


    Super, that seems to be working well. I'm using the SW 0.85x reducer, good to see other options too.
  3. tooth_dr


    Nicely done, off to a great start! What reducer are you using on your ED80?
  4. tooth_dr

    New dome...picture heavy.

    That is very nice! Such easy access being partially underground. I hope to have a dome someday
  5. Those are startlingly nice images
  6. tooth_dr

    Mars 6-8-2018 IR RGB

    Very nice Steve.
  7. How does the Es Reid test work? Do you keep checking scopes until you get one that ‘passes’ or is one scope adjusted (if needed) until it passes?
  8. tooth_dr

    The Wall - widefield test passed

    Super image. Looks great mono
  9. I do have a DOB base for it too. It’s still big and awkward.
  10. It wasn’t a good upgrade for me Charic. I always say the best advice is from experience.
  11. I thought that a 300p would be a good upgrade from a 250px. Here is a side by side size comparison I took a couple of weeks ago. It gets used a lot less than the 250px did BUT the view I had of M57 one evening a couple of months ago was staggeringly nice.
  12. tooth_dr

    The Eastern Veil Nebula - Ha CCD / Oiii DSLR

    Hi Joey. If you use Astro Pixel Processor to process the data if automatically does that. I used DSS, and what I did was stack it ‘as is’ then just worked on the green data as it looks cleaner.
  13. tooth_dr

    Couple of filters and a 0.5 FR

    I have the same focal reducer. I bought it to use with my mintron camera. Also from modern astronomy in a plain black box. It worked perfectly.
  14. tooth_dr

    Show us your travel kit

    I decided to make up a small visual/imaging travel kit. Here it is:
  15. tooth_dr

    ISS thru Vega / Milky Way

    Super videos. I love the second one.

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