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  1. Brilliant capture. Great idea setting up on window sill.
  2. That’s a great collection. All nicely framed and exposed. The 1000d is serving you well. What ISO are you using?
  3. Jellyfish and Rosette nebula

    I have photoshop Ragnar, I bought Steve’s book on processing, but not allowed to open it until Xmas evening !
  4. Problems with Differential Flexure

    Looks like a problem that dithering would solve.
  5. Rosette Nebula

    Well all the ingredients are there, sounds like you will return in style in 2018!
  6. A quick Pelican

    Yes very nice image, crisp and well coloured.
  7. Good all sky camera?

    Ok no problem Gina. It doesn’t come with a 4.5mm lens ( no lens at all ) sorry if the advert misled you. I didn’t say it was an all sky camera I just merely suggested that it might serve a purpose as ‘an all sky type of camera’ with the right lens ( I have a 2.8mm lens but could buy a fisheye lens) . It’s I just have access to one of those cameras that isn’t dear and I thought it might work. Much like my mintron 12v6HC is also just a security camera but works well at imaging DSOs etc, I thought it same might apply here. Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained.
  8. IC410 The Tadpoles Nebula

    Beautiful image. Remote imaging working well for you!
  9. Good all sky camera?

    Thanks Gina. It has a 500ms exposure mode, and noise reduction, still not suitable? When you say minimum focal length 4.5mm what do you mean?
  10. Good all sky camera?

    https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/737505-REG/Arecont_Vision_AV2110_AV2110_IP_MegaDome_Color.html Im not sure what to be at, but I’ve been offered one of these for £50. You reckon it is worth a punt for an all sky type of camera?
  11. I have a similar setup, so will be following this thread too. I sometimes struggle to decide what to image. Recent targets I have done include the Rosette Nebula, IC1805, and IC443.
  12. I did adjust the polar scope during day time so it’s good. Thanks for the write up on the thread. Very informative.
  13. What focal length lens are you using along with the the ED80?
  14. Much better. I started imaging this on Wed night, looking at yours I think my framing may have just missed the phalic appendage