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  1. tooth_dr

    My First Astrophoto Period!!!!

    Great job Sunshine. Way better than my first attempts!
  2. What a wonderful image. Worth zooming in and having a good look around.
  3. tooth_dr

    MOOON!!!! My first pic :)

    ...and it was 3 years ago too.
  4. tooth_dr

    OSB or Ply ?

    I’ve removed my input from this thread purely due to lack of acknowledgement.
  5. Thanks William for that, it makes the opinions more valid to base my choice, for when I buy one of these cameras
  6. I started off with a seben scope. Cost me £52. It got me hooked when I was able to see Saturn and image it with a mobile phone back in 2005. I moved on since then but i definitely wouldn’t say it was a waste of money in the grand scheme of things.
  7. Richard seems to talking from experience. How many of these cameras have you owned and used @LightBucket ??
  8. tooth_dr

    May 23, 2018: 31-pane, 87 Mpixel Lunar Mosaic

    Very nice, lovely resolution.
  9. Sounds like you have a good grounding on the subject. A decent S/H SW mount would be a good investment. I find you can pick up telescopes themselve cheap enough second hand, but it's important to get a really good mount to put them on. A possible suggestion would be to buy an HEQ5 or EQ6 (slightly over budget) and mount the Polaris 130 scope you already have.
  10. What mount do you current have to put the telescope on?
  11. tooth_dr

    Jupiter 5/22 rgb

    Very very nice.
  12. tooth_dr

    Horizontal banding on Canon 550d

    The depth of knowledge of you guys is immense, never fails to impress me the little tips and tricks you know. I've been fortunate, and have never seen any banding from any of my Canons.
  13. tooth_dr

    Jupiter from last night (21st May)

    Very nice Tim. I'm debating whether to stay up later and try Jupiter again.
  14. If this isnt a testiment to the application of DLSRs in AP, I dont know what is. Simply stunning.
  15. tooth_dr

    M16 Modified Hubble Palette

    Makes me want a 1600 even more now.

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