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  1. I have the Atik EFW2 and the Atik EFW3, and would never consider darks unless at night, as I use a reflector and light gets in the bottom anyway. For normal purposes the Atik dont leak light.
  2. I have two Atik EFWs, but couldnt be sure if they are light tight with respect to shooting darks during the daytime. There are just too many opportunities for light leakage
  3. Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all (apparently )
  4. Mine did this too recently, so funny seeing a post about it! i trimmed mine and have been fine since. I did use spray on contact adhesive under these mats in another shed and that has worked well.
  5. Try north down telescopes. He’s a friend of mine and supplies SW products https://www.northdowntelescopes.co.uk
  6. Nice improvisation and images. Thanks for sharing.
  7. External pressure tuner. My main gripe with my Lunt was finding the sweet spot using the stiff pressure tuner knob whilst trying to see the computer screen at the same time. This should eliminate this issue plus it allow me to initiate and control solar imaging sessions remotely when at work.
  8. This is my experience, for 2 panels manual is fine, but using software is easier and reliable for anything larger. I use SGP for mosaics and it works well.
  9. I’m the same, went from DSLR to mono. Funny I find NB easier, but I find LRGB is tricky! Unfortunately once the noise gets put in during processing it’s not easy to remove it at the end. I don’t use PI. I literally scaled the RGB to match the Lum and added it in a few goes at 20% opacity. Done in photoshop
  10. Hi Martin, that is nice @Jkulin John is trying to configure his 120 to a new 2.2m dome, and maybe you could point him in the right direction? Adam.
  11. Hi Jason I really really like the smoothness and the detail of the first green image, but I do prefer the colours in the second one. Unfortunately it looks a lot noisier that the original version though. I hope you dont mind I had a go bash at your data. I made the first 'green' image mono, and used it as a luminance layer for the second image. Adam
  12. Sorry off topic, there shouldnt be any reason that your cant correct this.
  13. Thats fab. Have the same scope and also used it with a 1000d, never got as good an image as that.
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