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  1. I've bought a new PC and tonight I decided to swap over to it. I was anticipating problems - POTH is no longer supported on ASCOM so I'm using the new DEVICE HUB. Keep getting this message, any help appreciated:
  2. I'm running my 268M camera successfully off a USB 2.0 computer, as it doesnt have USB 3.0 - could you try running off a slower USB slot to see if it works?
  3. Thanks guys. Very helpful.
  4. I’m currently setting up an SQM-LE, and rather than run a power supply to the housing, it’s seems to be possibly to supply power via the Ethernet cable. The input voltage on the SQM is 5-6V, but POE seems to be 48V? Can anyone recommend a suitable device? Thanks and clear skies
  5. There are x2 as many green pixels as red of blue so maybe this is the reason. Offset 50 seems ok too Can you post your flats here?
  6. Great start! I think that everyone who bought a 2600MC has ‘tested’ it on M42. Me included lol
  7. New to CMOS too, but I’m sure Gain 100 is the correct value for this particular camera. What have you set offset to? Maybe this value is too low and an increase will move the histogram right a bit.
  8. Images of camera filters and wheel. I’m including a 15mm M42 spacer so this gives a distance of 55mm from CCD sensor to end of spacer (M42 thread). This means it is ready to go with most reducers or flatteners that have a 55mm back focus. Filters have some dust but unmarked optically. There are a couple of silver pen marks on the EFW2 that was used to align the kit. Any questions please ask. Thanks Adam.
  9. Images can be seen here, and will post equipment photos tomorrow. Images from Epsilon 180ed and QHY9 mono - Imaging - Deep Sky - Stargazers Lounge
  10. I have that adapter. It comes with the ZWO filter drawer, it’s 100% solid as a rock.
  11. **** SOLD **** I have decided to sell the last of my three KAF-8300 cameras. I had planned to hold onto this one, but recent purchase of larger CCD camera forces sale. The 1.25" filters are also no longer suitable for any of my cameras, where the smallest I have is APS-C sized. Everything is 100% working and in good order. The camera has performed faultlessly for me since I've owned it for the past three years. It has never experienced any frosting or icing of the sensor. The data calibrates perfectly with flats, darks, bias and dark flats. I have used this camera down to F4.7 wit
  12. Fair enough, you are tied in to Windows then with the mounts your bought.
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