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  1. tooth_dr

    M33 - 400 min.

    There are lots of lovely M33 images on SGL this week, and this one is no exception, lots of detail in the spiral arms. I am also a novice and still find it hard to critically appraise images. However I am noticing a little bit of a gradient running across the image. I hope you don't mind, I ran it through PS to remove the gradient and some 'greenness'. Kind regards Adam.
  2. I will do this thanks! I added a single colour sub 300s under this lum layer now I know why I love winter
  3. I redone my flats tonight, at 10s, with matching dark flats, and the problem is the same. So I went through my subs, and the images appear fine, as do the individually calibrated subs. EDIT: I played around with the settings in APP. I think this may have been the problem, I've attached the results, all stretched with DPP 10%BG/3 sigma/2.5% base. It looks like the LNC setting was doing the harm, but any comments or observations welcome. Best wishes Adam
  4. tooth_dr

    M33 in HaRGB

    Nice job Wim. Surprising what you can capture from a darker site for short exposures!
  5. tooth_dr

    A dream come true

    What a phenomenal build so far! Well done! Is there a separate duct for power cables to the mount?
  6. tooth_dr

    Wanted - Hitec Astro DC Focuser Box

    Looking one of these to connect to my SW autofocuer. Anyone have one second hand for sale Thanks Adam.
  7. tooth_dr

    M33 HaLRGB

    That’s a fab result for just 5 subs. In fact fab result full stop.
  8. It's looking more and more like it is shutter shadow. I will reshoot my flats to 5 seconds and matching dark flats and update!
  9. tooth_dr

    Iris nebula with Skywatcher 72ED

    Fantastic, you really can see the dust just sitting in front of the stars. Lucky you having too many clear nights
  10. tooth_dr

    Yet another M31

    I would say your perseverance has paid off. There are a lot of quality elements within this mosaic especially the blue and red areas upper left. Great job
  11. tooth_dr

    Registar M31

    Very nice Trevor.
  12. Here is my start on the Orion Nebula - 2 hours and 55 minutes in 5 minute subs (35 subs). I do intend to add more shorter exposures, and try to layer mask it. After stacking in APP, and doing the DDP stretch, I noticed a strange gradient. I've attached my master flat also. I fully calibrated with Darks Flats DarkFlats and Bias frames. MY flat was 3.25s long so as to avoid shutter sweep. Any suggestions on what is causing the curved gradient (top right of image)? TIA Adam.
  13. I’ve used Blu-tak myself you see to attach an ha filter to a camera, and was curious if you had also adopted this universally renowned method
  14. Lovely! How did you physically attached the filter to the lens?
  15. tooth_dr

    M33 WIP

    It was a great night. I got some Sii of pacman, some M33, and finished up with a few subs of M42! Looking forward to your M31, I know it will be epic!

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