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  1. tooth_dr

    Lancashire Horsehead

    Really great image. Love the detail in the HH and the little Nebula below
  2. tooth_dr

    why are my stars little circles

    Can you post a single sub, to see if the problem lies in capture or processing?
  3. tooth_dr

    Horsehead Nebula LRGB

    Here is my final version of the HH, using Luminance from my QHY9 and Red, Green, and Blue from my Atik 383L+ ED80s on EQ6, guided with finderscope and ASI120MM Data details: LUM = 67x300s RED = 25x300s GREEN = 18x300s BLUE = 19x300s APT for data acquisition, and APP and PS to process. Any suggestions or input welcomed as always. I processed all the channels separately in APP and then combined in PS. I did minimal processing to the RGB in PS, with the main processing being carried out on the Lum layer in PS. If anyone knows some tutorials that I could watch I would appreciate it, with respect to combining LRGB data. (FINALLY I have an HH image ). ATB Adam
  4. Thanks John. I have an ST80 that I could use, would mean a bit of rejigging things. I briefly tried an OAG before with my newtonian with my DSLR, but sold it when I changed to CCD as it was only Canon. I'll need to measure up my spacing to see if it's possible with my kit.
  5. Here is my start on the HH nebula. So far this is 67 x 300s with UV-IR filter on a QHY9 camera, on an ED80. I wasn't choosey with the subs, it may have paid to have been more selective. I'm still learning. I have some colour to add to it, but as this has been sitting on my laptop for two weeks so I figured I better get around to at least starting it. Thanks for looking. Adam
  6. tooth_dr

    Idas D2 first light Orion

    Looks great in the latest version. Nice one.
  7. That’s a nice set of images
  8. tooth_dr

    Leo Triplet (M65, M66, and NGC 3628)

    Very impressive. That Nikon seems to be an excellent camera and you have captured a great level of detail.
  9. tooth_dr

    Leo Triplet

    Wow the detail in the full version is incredible.
  10. tooth_dr

    M106 and companions

    That’s a really nice image. Lots of detail in many of the galaxies.
  11. As per title. I’m looking a remote cable RS232 for a Mintron 12V6HC TIA Adam
  12. tooth_dr

    M15 Aug 2018

    Very nice Andy, nice to see some clusters.
  13. My PA is close so I've sort of eliminated this! Bruce and Ken on the PHD forum gave me some advice so if it's clear enough tonight I'll try it out. I'll report back with the advice and the results if it's clear. They have then said they will look at my graph and see if anything can be done to improve it via software. Otherwise I'll wait until the summer and do the belt mod (or buy a Mesu).
  14. tooth_dr

    Asking too much of a Sensor??

    Hi Rob. I would have used similar cameras (1000d and 40d) for some time. For me 2 hours was never enough and I found the sweet spot to be 8 hours. I guess that’s no coincidence since it’s in ageeement with @vlaiv and his calculations. I also never found lower iso to be any use, and I used 800 if I was shooting colour and 1600 if I had my Ha filter fitted. I also found that lots of shorter exposures weren’t as easy to work with than fewer longer exposures. Typically I shot 300s or 600s or 900s subs. Could you try that next time?
  15. tooth_dr

    Registar users - was it worth it?

    Everything I’ve chucked at APP it has managed, it really is incredible. With my dusl setup it’s a must have for aligning my data. And it does it all this and then stacks it too, and can stretch it.

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