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  1. Thanks Stu. Lots of vignetteing but at £91 the wee 60mm/700mm mak worked well. A delay in the card writing meant a gap in the photos too but I think overall it's ok.
  2. Thank-you. It was really worth it and Playalinda Beach was ideal for launch pad #41. I met a few people there too including a Dutch guy in the navy, so was overall a great experience that I will never forget.
  3. Having left the family in the holiday villa around 5am yesterday morning I headed east across Florida towards Playalinda Beach for the launch of NASAs TRDS-M on an Atlas V rocket. At 8:29 I got some nice close ups with my cheap 60mm mak / canon 1000d, and some widefield shots with a Sigma 10-20mm / 400d. I had both mounted on the SW star adventurer minus the EQ bit. Some time after lift-off the sound hit us on the beach, quite incredible given it was 5 miles away! I hope you like the pictures.
  4. First crack at Andromeda

    That's impressive all things considered. Super result.
  5. Canon ISO

    I too have a 1000d,and it does say 200 or 800 though. Have you tried it at 200?
  6. Star Adventurer Remove Cable?

    Sounds good Alan. Thank you.
  7. Star Adventurer Remove Cable?

    Anyone ? Says base and tip used to trigger, is this standard?
  8. @Waldemar thats a nice wee tripod, like a work of art. I've just bought suction mount for mine, may or may not work, but I figured I can give it a go. Last night was my first half go at using the mount. A very brief polar alignment at dusk, and 120s at 18mm was 100%. I know this doesnt mean much, but at least it's working!
  9. Lovely image and nice description.
  10. Can I use any 2.5mm - 2.5mm lead? Its say on the manual to use on the proper SW lead, but I've another one handy. Thing is I dont want to break it but also dont want to spend £10 on something I already have! It says in the manual " The SNAP port is a 2.5 mm 3-segment stereo jack and the trigger signal connects to the tip and base segments. " Any advice welcome! Cheers.
  11. Saturn 4th August

    Amazing that is. Good to be back I'm sure knocking out images like that
  12. What is it they say?! If you have to ask you probably can't .... lol Only joking, dear enough tripod but hasn't put a foot (or is that leg) wrong in years
  13. Venus in UV 6.8.2017

    Amazed that you see details in the atmosphere! Great capture well done.
  14. Scutum nova 4 August 2017

    Amazing stuff. I spent three hours just observing tonight, I was planning on imaging but my dad came up so we just looked at the sky. On my pc in the observatory I've starting googling for sketches eg m57 sketch. Because just like this sketch it gives a much more realistic view of what can be seen in the eyepiece. I was then able to show him what to expect to see and it really helped him find stuff in the EP.
  15. Dithering time wasted?

    Ive recently discovered dithering, and am using a DSLR. Although I've only captured one image (16 x 600s), it was much smoother than previous images of equal or more data, and there were no darks to worry about. I allow the camera 30-60 seconds between exposures anyway so it isnt really much more wasted time.