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  1. Can anyone recommend a suitable thickness for the purpose of holding this hub between the rings? I have some 10mm aluminium but that’s excessive I think Thanks Adam
  2. I went down a different route - 1) to reduce weight and 2) because I had a small piece of aluminium to hand Ive attached the finder guider rings directly to the finder base using a piece of alloy. Please close the thread please moderators. Thanks for everyones input
  3. Typical dramatic daily mail, it's not a 12 ft high dome, 12 foot high in total. I'm glad I dont have neighbours like that. ' Melvyn Thurlbourn put the 12ft high dome on top of his shed in Cambridgeshire '
  4. Thats a nice start on M31. What Tak scope do you have Steve?
  5. Lovely bit of kit. Thats the thing about the EQ1 mount - the CW is 2kg, and I need the heavier weight to balance my solar scopealso
  6. Eq1 is the same CW diameter.
  7. As above ^^ https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/flo-adapter-for-skywatcher-focal-reducers.html
  8. That is a fantastic result. APP is brilliant software
  9. Fair enough! As long as you are happy.
  10. Thanks a nice looking setup Dave Hopefully I can a used one, but may make my own if not sourced by tomorrow.
  11. UPDATE: looks like i need ADM plate, with 2" spaced holes to suit Parallax tube rings, 11" in length.
  12. Nice image and congrats on the purchase! I also use the same camera. It's my first CCD, so I've no comparison, save that it is a LOT better than the DSLR it replaced! I would still recommend using at least flats with the camera, (lthough I use a full set of calibration frames), as it will make post processing easier.
  13. I’ve no intention of making a losmandy plate. This is just for mounting my guidescope and hub on top of my scope, and I thought a losmandy plate would be a handy job. Sounds like it might be better just to make up my own.
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