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  1. tooth_dr

    Christmas New Moon

    Superbly executed image. I by chance caught a glimpse of this crescent between clouds up a ladder earlier.
  2. tooth_dr

    ascom wont connect to mount

    I don’t use CDC much but have you checked the settings in it.
  3. tooth_dr

    Venus 8/12/18 through mini Mak

    Lucky to be clear this evening and with the mak still set up we had a look at Mars. It’s really tiny. As one of my daughters was looking she says ‘I can’t see the robot’. Bless her! Going to need a bigger scope.
  4. tooth_dr

    ascom wont connect to mount

    Hi Paul I spent almost 3 hours trying to literally do the same thing last week on a windows 7 pc. Check what port EQMOD adapter is configured for (control panel>system>device manager>ports) and go into eqmod toolbox and set it
  5. If you drive somewhere out of town, where it is quite dark, you should easily see the MW even without your eyes adjusting to the dark.
  6. Really nice prize and excellent presentation skills.
  7. This is our living room currently. I’ve a tolerant wife but it only goes so far lol I’ve moved all from the office a few days ago and it went as far as the living room. Next step is outside for some of it and inside for the likes of the Solar scope etc. I’ve kids 6, 4 and 3 and they are very good, but best to keep the kit out of sight.
  8. Practically every morning I get the kids up and look out their blinds I can see Venus. I’ve been meaning to use my telescope but due to being set up for imaging I never feel like dismantling it all to pop in an eyepiece. Our club had an outreach event on Friday night which was unfortunately a wash out. But it did make me organise my kit as I brought some scopes with me to show any visitors. As a result I felt motivated to observe Venus today with the kit I had just set up a couple of days ago. A thin crescent was easily seen using a Meade 26mm eyepiece in the 60mm F8 Mak on a SA mount giving a magnification of x27. I went up to 15mm and 6.4mm EPs giving magnifications of x47 and x109. No additional detail was resolved and I went back to 26mm EP which gave a bright comfortable view. The best part was the surprise from the wife and kids that Venus was a crescent like the moon. And to top it off I left the mount tracking, and came out 60 minutes later, removed the cap and it was still visible with a slight Dec nudge (it was locked and capped in the front porch away from kids etc as the sun was out). Thanks Adam.
  9. tooth_dr

    Crescent from December 4

    Damn impressive for handheld with a DSLR and lens.
  10. tooth_dr

    What did the postman bring?

    Be good to hear how you get on. Looks great.
  11. Fabulous. Looks like a great scope and so easy to manoeuvre with those wheels.
  12. tooth_dr

    ASCOM All Sky Camera Software

    Great thread! What are you guys housing your cameras in?

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