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  1. Amazing stuff! The 10” in the right hands is a force to be reckoned with.
  2. I dont think he was going for the F2 version though, he mentioned the NON F2 version above. Baader have stated on their website that the F2 version arent suitable outside the recommended range F1.8-F3.5
  3. The Baader website has the specifications Martin, for example this is the spec for 2" Ultra NB filters:
  4. I’ve noticed a bit of mis-labelling on the FLO site and contacted them via email. Seems ok now though. The 6.5nm ones you are after are labelled for f3.5-f10 (although still incorrectly it also says 3.5-4.0nm in the text on the same advert) https://www.firstlightoptics.com/narrowband/baader-narrow-band-filter-set-cmos-optimised.html Baader isn’t dispatching then until July so don’t think they would have been in stock, just as a listing on the site Edited to add they are available in 4 different types:
  5. Thanks guys. Lucas got back to me and confirmed the e200 doesn’t support ST4 guiding. Not a huge issue but just meant I had to return the Hinode solar guider as it wasn’t compatible with pulse guiding.
  6. My blue glass replacement also has failed. Bresser sent me a free one recently. They didnt mention a new coating. Solar disks Sat + Sun with Lunt 60mm and QHY268M, and *check your replacement blue glass* - Imaging - Solar - Stargazers Lounge
  7. FLO are now retailing these filters! Baader High Speed 3.5/4nm Ultra Narrow Band Filter Set - CMOS Optimised | First Light Optics I just ordered a 2" set of the Ultra-Highspeed filters for using on the Epsilon at F2.8 I might be able to image in a bit of moonlight now.
  8. Are you really being totally transparent about everything?
  9. Again you don’t know the full story. One sided reflection of Lucas and his business.
  10. A world class image Rodd. You should be very pleased with this one.
  11. I can’t fault it, the product and service has been 100%.
  12. I reckon this is it. A couple of weeks behind schedule and getting a solicitor involved There aren’t many (maybe even any) mounts in this price bracket with the load capacity and proven track record and I’m sure he isn’t making a huge mark up on these. Well worth the wait.
  13. Those are quite harsh words about Lucas. I think they are unfair and inflammatory and you don’t know the other side of the story.
  14. I found my dual speed focuser on my SW250 very adequate for astrophotography.
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