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  1. Cheers Mark. I'll have a look around ebay and the likes for a used one, otherwise I'll just go for new.
  2. Thanks, what I was hoping to hear. Does it pretty much work like slow motion controls on an EQ mount ie turn the knobs a bit to move the head?
  3. After reading the eclipse e-book I've rethought my whole plan for imaging in the USA. As I still want to bring my Lunt for some observing I'm after travel options. I have a sturdy manfrotto tripod with a head but the head isn't easy to use and drops vertically (backlash). On a budget, what are my options here to utilise my tripod? Talking £100-150 max Thanks Adam.
  4. Are these the essentially the same as the TS version?
  5. Your advice has been very helpful. I am going to order either 1a or 1b with this adapter that will work with my Lunt: alpha.html I've been emailing Harry, and he is very helpful. I hope to place an order by tomorrow once I've discussed a couple of queries with Harry. Best wishes Adam.
  6. Thanks Michael. I really enjoy takng them despite the small sensor size, and I just use the controller function in PHD and nudge it along between exposures! I tried autostitch, and also PS automerge, and the latter worked best. The background was very different so I tried to blend it as best as I could without damaging the main image.
  7. Done and done. Cheers
  8. Thanks Tyson, definitely want to do more now!
  9. Next problem - Baader has discontinued the MaxBright range, and no idea when the new model will be release.
  10. Exactly what I wanted to see - thanks for posting that! Can I ask if it crucial that I buy the 2.6x lens?
  11. With respect to the Baader Maxbright binoviewers - the T2 thread would be benenficial for the likes of my ED80, where I can remove the diagonal and attach the binoviewers diectly onto the end of the focuser tube? Same for the SW 250 px. How awkward would this be for actually viewing through the scope? Doesnt seem that practical?
  12. Is that 10:33pm U.K. time?
  14. Wow a lot of very useful info. Seems to generate a lot of magification, and that isnt always a good thing. I really want to see the sun in binoviewers, and currently 15mm EP gives me a beautiful view. @Stu The TS ones are £170+, and the WOs are £220 without lens. I've never heard of TS, but £50 saved would be very welcome.
  15. Lovely image, the diffraction spikes dont really detract from the image for me.