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  1. HI Robin I'd say that you would be better with darks though, if you plan on taking 20 minute lights. I run my darks in an evening when it's cloudy, it doesnt take any more than a few minutes to set up the imaging run, and obviously no time to process. Flats are a PITA, but darks, they are easy
  2. As per title - camera wanted, with or without adapter for SA. TIA CS Adam.
  3. Very nice image I always enjoy the Abell clusters.
  4. I’ve been given a free upgrade to premium following the data loss. This has worked in my favour as I’m not limited to ten images.
  5. That’s very impressive Emil. The detail and processing is fantastic.
  6. It’s a custom made adapter, M54 threaded on the outside of it to go into the EFW. The EFW plate is 3mm thick and i can go through by 2mm and still clear the filters. I have gained 5mm here. I will post a picture up of it.
  7. This ^^^ To be fair its straightforward with one channel, but when it involves anything more then luminance or h-alpha it’s very tricky.
  8. I don’t understand how noise in the light frame moves relative to the dark frame? The sensor is exactly the same for both. Dirhering moves around the light signal on the sensor between exposures but the noise signal stays in the same place. Software recognises this and removes these outliers. My understanding - use darks to remove noise from subs prior to stacking and then the dithering, via sigma stacking, removes other/remaining noise.
  9. Hi Helen That lens is not going to be very good. It’s F1.4 at 3.5mm, and much slower at 8mm. This will have a significant impact on the meteors you can detect. That’s the only thing about this type of imaging - you really need to invest in a good fast lens. Other then that your kit looks perfect. If you are interested in changing the lens then myself or @JeremyS could definitely give you a few recommendations.
  10. It’s very tight, I should have the adapter ready this week so hopefully it works
  11. Hi Lee, yes the same lens. I’m currently trying to get my EFW2 between it and the 383 at the right spacing.
  12. The moon is a big issue for Oiii.
  13. Hi Robin The only thing that moves when you dither is the position of where the signal ie your target DSO, hits the chip. Doing both dithering and darks isn’t counterproductive. There is no need to choose one or the other since taking darks with your 383L can be done any time and used later. Some folks don’t use darks but with your camera, I would suggest continuing to use darks.
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