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  1. You probably get this a lot, but I am definitely going to visit you either this year or next. Your website is full of enthusiasm and the place sounds superb, a great place to spend a week
  2. That's a [removed word] one Adam. How are attaching the mount to the top of this? You could do option #4 and leave the inner pipe at full height and add the larger pipe around it.
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. I think I'm addicted to buying small used odds and ends, stuff from the astro classifies. I enjoy tinkering with the scopes and building the observatory/shed as much as the actual astroimaging itself if that's allowed!
  5. I'm about to purchase this. Is it worth while?
  6. Thanks Helen. I hope to get better at it! Plenty of good advice on here. The DMk is fantastic. It's autoguides for DSOs and captures great images of the sun. I'm very satisfied with it.
  7. Thanks for taking time to reply. I overdone the wavelets in registax. I used firecapture to record. I didn't know about histogram readings, and how to selectively check areas. I don't think I did 70% either. Do I just defocus for flats? Same flat for all panes. Sorry for dumb questions.
  8. Thanks Pete. I used the automated mosaic processing in PS CS6.
  9. Absolutely fascinating animations.
  10. Wonderful, and well worth the effort. How did you get the patients to help - did they hold the rope? And just how many did you require. I have a lot of patients that I could put to good use
  11. I cant wait in that case! Mind ready to be blown
  12. Whats the format of the show? Is there must focus on astroimaging/is it primarily about the cosmos and concepts/much about out own planet? Thanks Adam.
  13. It's fair to say that solar imaging is tricky, and processing even more so. I put off processing this for two weeks because despite watching tutorials, nothing seems to work out quite right! Anyways here it is, 6 panes 2x barlow, DMK21, forgot to take a flat (truth is I dont know how to process it in registax) Thanks for looking. Any advice, pointers etc welcome, to get the most out this beautiful scope (Lunt 60mm PT)
  14. Love the video Reggie, and great soundtrack of course
  15. That seems quite reasonable. Is that not much more than the difference in the prices of the scopes new? i see you are from Canada so your overall prices will be different and also not involve UK customs