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  1. 12bit vs 14bit DSLRs

    I thought the 40d was 14bit though?
  2. 12bit vs 14bit DSLRs

    I self-modded the 1000d when I bought it many moons ago, the 40d is stock.
  3. 12bit vs 14bit DSLRs

    Just out of curiosity as you are quite knowledgable, am I better using my modded 1000d or the 40d I bought a few months ago?
  4. DSLR imaging, with MPCC and 2" filters

    Thanks for that, definitely something that I would like to try.
  5. DSLR imaging, with MPCC and 2" filters

    I barely have time to scratch myself these days, building a camera cooling system would just simply be impossible! I definitely don’t live in a badly light polluted area that’s for sure, I just really enjoy to look at the images done in NB. But I wouldn’t say I’m fussed on monochromatic images, hence my desire to use a second filter to compliment my Ha filter and create some bi-coloured images. I think with all things addressed and considered in the thread, a commercial cooled CCD/CMOS is the wise choice for me down the line.
  6. DSLR imaging, with MPCC and 2" filters

    Fabulous images @Adam J The last images I took, APT told me the temp was 19deg. I don’t have time to modify the camera to cool it, so maybe I can’t go down this route! 20 minute subs will definitely test a lot of things.
  7. Thought about that, and I don’t mind drilling or screwing clips onto the bracket either. Something sturdy and permanent will do me.
  8. Seems like a silly thing to ask, but what’s the simplest way of attaching the lead out of the camera to take the pressure off it and leave it stable? The camera will exclusively be a guidecam so doesn’t need to come off. But I need to be able to remove the finderscope setup as a whole! Would a right angle USB-B cable be a better idea? Also is it better to remove the silver springy bolt on the finder bracket and replace with a normal bolt? How does it come off? Thanks!
  9. First Imaging Attempt

    Very nice and varied collection of images. I enjoyed looking through them all. Thanks for posting!
  10. DSLR imaging, with MPCC and 2" filters

    Seems like sound advice Spill. If I can find a second hand filter at decent money then possibly I won’t have much to lose. Otherwise I’ll keep saving until I can get an ASI1600MM-cool
  11. DSLR imaging, with MPCC and 2" filters

    Thanks Spill. I agree, but am not in the position to buy a CCD/CMOS at present. I do have the Ha insert filter which actually works well with my DSLR, so was thinking about getting an OIII to do some bi-colour NB images. If I do buy a CCD/CMOS in the future then at least I would already have one filter if I buy 2" and not another insert filter.
  12. Star detection in DSS

    Stars are out of focus on M27 image. From my experience DSS needs good star shapes, the M45 one is not going to stack well if they all look like that unfortunately.
  13. Hi all, does anyone image here using a DSLR and a Baader MPCC, and also use 2" filters eg OIII, UHC, etc. Do they screw onto the end of the MPCC? Does this affect the image in any way? I'm thinking of a new filter, and I dont necessarily want to buy an EOS insert filter? TIA ADAM
  14. Who can tell me somthing new

    Mirror molecules, always found this interesting! http://americanhistory.si.edu/molecule/04exp.htm
  15. M33

    Very nice Rodd. I think until you actually attempt to image this yourself do you realise how difficult it is! This is very well resolved.