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  1. I also have a set of 2” L Ha Oiii Sii filters by Optolong. I ‘think’ the Oiii is actually better with regards halos than the Baader.
  2. Dan I have a Baader 7nm Ha filter and the rest Sii Oiii LRGB. The Ha isn’t parafocal with the RGB so don’t feel tied to the same brand if that was your thinking. I also have an Optolong 7nm Ha filter and it performs well.
  3. /Pendant As the rest of the posters have indicated you don’t need to waste time aligning on a random bright star when you can align on your target directly ie platesolve. I dont do an initial star alignment either and have no issues
  4. I’ll check that later. Thanks.
  5. Sorry if this is a simple Q, but how do you do that. The drop down box for algorithms on mine is greyed out.
  6. Hi Dean I hope you dont mind, I gave it run through PS this morning: 1) Colour noise reduction 2) Colour noise reduction and Gradient Xterminator to balance background colour
  7. That’s mighty impressive! I’ve taken a good few images with a 1000d and a 250px. It is a good combination and you are definitely getting a lot out of it.
  8. There is so much detail in there! That's a great job. Have you tried using the Canon Raw Filter in PS, and then the colour noise slider - if you move it up to 20-25 it should remove some of the colour noise in the background!
  9. Bresser replied - new blue being shipped tomorrow. Impressive service
  10. COMPLETED - I cannot seem to modify the original post, can a mod please archive this request.
  11. Thanks Alan. It’s strange alright. My solar scope is never stored outside, it lives in my living room apart from when it’s being used. And it really doesn’t get used too much!
  12. I took photos of mine this morning, is it worth contacting Lunt?
  13. Hi Johannes I’m using a SW 250px that I purchased in 2010. Excuse the mess of cables. Just a temporary setup.
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