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  1. What I do is platesolve. You can connect something like Stellarium to the ASCOM simulator telescope and then use something like APT or AstroTortilla to do the platesolve, with nthem connected to the simulator as well. This tells you where in the sky you are pointing and you can fine tune knowing exactly where it is you are and how far away from your target you want. I also use a ball/socket to make things easier sometimes, but find I don't often have to. Not quite your #5, but a manual variant. Matt
  2. 6" RC progress report feedback please

    Thanks, been mightily impressed by John's work with his. I do have one of the CCDT67 reducer/flatteners, but don't fancy using it with this particular scope. I have other setups which hit the focal length that would give me, and I am more interested in 1m+ imaging with this one. Also, I am saving up for a high res spectroscope, which will end up on this scope for starters and yet more learning, so want to master it as a full mirror system first. I do think it has a lot of potential for all kinds of imaging uses, just find the amount of time I get to spend trying things out to be limited, with health and other circumstances, so hoping to get some tips on pushing the pace of improvement
  3. I am making some rather slow but steady progress with my 6" RC I think. Having gone a few iterations of various collimation processes, I think things are close enough that other considerations are now the ones that need addressing. I do not use a focal reducer, so this is native. I am struggling with focus, in terms of attempting autofocussing, where I think I keep getting step size and exposure time wrong and autofocus routines struggle with consistency. Maybe an up close and personal OC is not a good option, but I thought it would be. Also, I have some tilt which needs addressing, but with such a tiny chip (Atik 414ex), I was hoping to dodge most of the curvature/title issues, but think those beasts needs confronting. For those RC users out there - how do you guide? I am using an ST80 top mounted which has worked for refractors for me before, but a mirror based long FL system? Another question to you all, a bit more philosophical. How do you know when you are approaching the best you can do, when you just have to admit that you can't do any more and maybe time would be best spent on something else? M52 : 15 x 2 mins RGB. RC6, HEQ5, Atik 414ex. PixInsight.
  4. Observatory from a distance.

    From what I understand, there is quite a bit of solar observing done there, so that makes it pretty easy to place masts without impacting the observations.
  5. Observatory from a distance.

    Whilst scanning the mountains from my new house in France with some binoculars, I noticed something glinting in the far distance. I set up my AA115 on the front stairs and lo and behold! Seems like a road trip is on the cards soon - The Pic du Midi observatory.
  6. Need a quieter mount

    Hi Rob, bit late to this, but I have the AzEQ6 as well and it is quieter than the HEQ5 I had before I did the belt mod, and compared to some AVXs I know, it is much quieter - more a high pitched whine as opposed to the gear crunch. I wouldn't lug one with a C8 attached very far though. Its manageable I reckon, but awkward. Get it set up in Az mode and do EAA with the RC and visual with the C8!
  7. Sky watcher star adventurer tripod?

    If you are happy for it to be almost at ground level, I found the Berlebach mini to be perfect for mine. I think it would find it tricky to buy a scope with just a tripod and if you could, it would limit your scope choices hugely, so I bought the pieces all separately.
  8. Automated ROR system available?

    No-one has mentioned the Gemini ones yet: http://www.geminitelescope.com/robotic-observatory-telescope/ Matt
  9. Roll off or Roll away

    Agreed on getting the calcs right, my initial thoughts come from a caravan power consumption online calculator :). You have made my original dilemma harder though by removing what I thought would be an additional complication in having the roof only move though...
  10. Roll off or Roll away

    Sounds very doable then with both options - 10 Batteries? What power are they and did you calculate it or just go BIG? I was thinking heavy duty 100Ah+ ones and possibly 3 of them for a 2 pier setup according to my very crude napkin calcs and an equivalent 3 175W panels...
  11. Roll off or Roll away

    Hi All, I now have the ability and chance to create myself a permanent installation after years of setting up and tearing down. I have a section of garden which is not too tree obscured and while it is far enough away to be dark, it is also too far away for electricity, so thinking of solar powered and battery operated. However, my big question is roll off or roll away. Space is not a huge concern and I am planning on 2 piers, or a pier and space for a heavy tripod based setup. In a rollaway, everything is rather straight forward it seems and all the panels on the roof/batteries etc simply move with the shed, so nothing complex for a DIY novice, which I most assuredly am. What advantages does a roll off roof give over a full roll away setup, and is wind protection really that important and done well by a roll off roof anyway? Cheers Matt
  12. Multiple First Light NGC6823

    Original image in this thread seemed far too bright once uploaded, so here is a muted version
  13. Multiple First Light NGC6823

    Little village called Saman, down the south west of Haute-Garonne.
  14. Finally managed to get a couple of hours at my new house in the south of France with my newly arrived kit from storage. Had to dust off more than just the equipment, very rusty at all this! Couple of hours with my new (to me anyway) Atik 460ex, on my relatively new AA115, with a very new reducer and a very new Chroma 3nm Ha filter. Had to change guider, as a filter wheel didn't do well in storage, so using an old ST80 and seems I have some flex in these images, but as I said - rusty! The skies here are a delight compared to Essex, and I have a lot of trees to dodge, but here is the provisional quick process result of 2 hours of 20 min subs: AA115, Atik 460ex, Chroma 3nm Ha - 6 x 20mins.
  15. A slightly bleeding Coccoon

    Looking at it on a webpage now it has been uploaded, I have a feeling another go is in order