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  1. kirkster501

    C9. 25 - opinions

    Indeed. Extremely good seeing - which we hardly ever get anymore in the UK - and precise collimation are what is required to see such details.
  2. kirkster501

    C9. 25 - opinions

    ^^^^ All the above. I have one. It is a superb instrument for planets, the moon and deep-sky smaller objects. It is useless for wide fields. You may want to read this article by Damian Peach. If he says it's good, then it's good. Mine is in my observatory and is always at temperature and ready to go. Collimation is straightforward and easy http://www.damianpeach.com/c925review.htm
  3. kirkster501

    Moon, 15th February

    Oh, really Dave? will check into that then.
  4. kirkster501

    Horse head nebula

    Very "different" ! Nice but I prefer a more normal rendition personally, it looks very odd to my eyes without the stars. But this group is a broad church of differing opinions!
  5. kirkster501

    Moon, 15th February

    Thanks, I need to research how to get rid of the raster lines that you can see at the top when zooming in. Maybe I am just being too ambitious at this wide field with only three composite photos that went into making this picture. Maybe this is the max resolution of the camera and I need to do smaller FoV's and mosaic those to get rid of that raster effect.
  6. What scopes do you have on there my man?
  7. kirkster501

    Moon, 15th February

    Excellent moon map and resource here: https://quickmap.lroc.asu.edu/?extent=-90,-37.7796169,90,38.5390306&proj=10&layers=NrBsFYBoAZIRnpEoAsjZwLrc0A
  8. Just a ten second exposure with a Fuji XT2 with XF16mm lens wide open. Want to get more into this very wide field malarkey. Just need more clear skies...
  9. kirkster501

    Moon, 15th February

    Captured with Firecapture Processed Autostakkert, ICE and Photoshop Wish I could move the slight "steps" around the top of the limb at the 11 - 1 o'clock positions. Appreciate any advice how to do that.
  10. kirkster501

    Horsehead and Flame - sunglasses please

    Very subjective isn't it? I personally like the red streamers behind the Horsehead very much. I really like how Barry has managed to keep Alnitak under control in this image and the level of detail right up close to such a bright star.
  11. If you are using ASCOM/EQmod on your PC to control the mounts tracking rate then there is an option to select this. Not in front of computer now to screenshot...
  12. kirkster501

    Another filter issue?

    I also get this when the seeing is rubbish and/or there is a mist and you carry on imaging anyway through the murk. It is then analogous to taking a flat image because there is so much night glow in the sky. Or of course, you don't have the due heaters on like you think you do... A way to get rid is by using the DBE tool in Pixinsight correcting for axial symmetry: http://www.astro-imaging.com/Tutorial/PixInsight/DBE/en.html
  13. kirkster501

    Skywatcher Evostar 100ED

    These are lovely scopes. Very nice for lunar and solar.
  14. kirkster501

    Horsehead and Flame - sunglasses please

    Wow, that is wonderful Barry. Well done.
  15. kirkster501

    Udemy Free Astronomy Course

    Indeed. Never. It's the slippery slope if you do.

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