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  1. Must do this one day

    http://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/namibia-desert-sossusvlei-stargazing/index.html Namibian Skies....
  2. A very nice M51. You've got some lovely details in there and lots of faint background galaxies. I really like it. There's a slight green cast that you should be able to get rid of quite easily with SNCR tool in PI.
  3. Mesu Owners: Opinion - am I overloading?

    As long as it is properly balanced it will work fine.
  4. neq6 vs modded heq5

    The NEQ6 is *much* heavier and bigger in size. HEQ5 and ED80 is a superb combination, one used by many.
  5. Flats at 49000 ADU with shortest possible exposure

    This is the cracking open bit. The white plastic sheet actually came away OK with the help of a wood chisel. Add to then cut the wires, I cut out the small control board and binned it, soldered some longer pieces and then tested it with the 5V bench PSU.
  6. Flats at 49000 ADU with shortest possible exposure

    Wow, I shall check into that thread Steve. Yes without the resistor, the transistor getting turned on would apply almost a short to ground that I would imagine would eventually damage the Arduino. My panel can take 5v or 12v. I am using 5v. I may try 3v to see if that dims the panel a bit. Nerve wracking to break the perfectly working panel to do this mod but was straight forward enough.
  7. Flats at 49000 ADU with shortest possible exposure

    Got this working brilliantly Steve! I have been thinking about this design and I am of the opinion that a resistor should be used between the pin 3 and the transistor base otherwise too much current could get drawn from pin 3 when it is in the "on" state. I put a 330 ohm resistor in there and it works perfectly (BSc Electrical and Electronic engineering class of 1988 ). I am powering the Arduino with 5V and powering the panel at 5v by connecting the panel between the collector of the transistor and the 5V pin of the Arduinio. The emitter is connected to ground pin of the Arduino. Even at brightness level 1 it is still too bright for the 2 second flats i want with my G2-8300 shutter camera so i am going to paste some thick lining paper onto the front of the panel. I will start another thread on this.
  8. Flats at 49000 ADU with shortest possible exposure

    Wow, many thanks Steve! So the power and current is fed entirely from the Arduino Steve? You don't to run a separate 12v to the panel - it's all done from the Arduino? 1A is enough to light up the panel? What concerns me is if there is any flicker with the panel on a low brightness setting because at full brightness the panel would be much too bright.... Did you manage to dim the panel down enough with the Arduino so that you didn't need any paper/perspex etc in front of it?
  9. Another Massive Price Rise

    Astonished that my C9.25 would cost £1544 to buy new now! Wow.
  10. Remote imaging experiances

    Would love to do visual on Southern Stuff as well. Had the bins on The Magellanic clouds and the Globular clusters and they are spectacular. Must be a delight to image. To be fair we have some great stuff to image as well, if the infernal clouds and rain would just clear off 😫
  11. Remote imaging experiances

    ... and pay for the electricity bills!
  12. Remote imaging experiances

    Could not agree more. Using remote systems to me makes the data not really "mine". The whole point, in my mind anyway, is the fact that is was me, with my gear, in my garden, with my polar aligned system, that I used to grab those photons of that galaxy/nebula. The capture of the data is a fundamental part of the whole AP paradigm in my view. Others think differently of course. That said, agree with Peter and everyone else how incredibly frustrating AP is becoming in the UK. It's hardly an hobby that you can "pursue" in the ordinary sense, it is something you just have to "grab" as and when. And it is getting worse every year. I fitted a TEC 140 field flattener two weeks ago and not had a chance to test it yet due to the weather and, with the looks of the forecast, it won't get tested any time soon.
  13. Can i face another frustrating night guiding....

    I agree, sometimes I have seemingly unexplained issues as well. Like a graph that is smooth then starts to go walkabout for no apparent reason.... As an aside, at the focal length of the C9.25 and using a guidescope, you will have some difficulties getting really nice round stars especially on a NEQ6 that is not permanently in an observatory. Not impossible, but tricky and I have been there and got the T-shirt. You need to be looking at OAG to guide at that FL and that introduces some additional complexities.
  14. Yes, a great series. A bit laboured at times in the middle episodes but very good nonetheless.
  15. Flats at 49000 ADU with shortest possible exposure

    Steve, what drawings did you follow to build the box power input to the panel please? Did you provide a separate feed for the 12v to the panel or did you just come off of the Vin pin for the 12V? Surely the Arduino can't provide enough power to light the panel just from the Vin pin (albeit being switched south of the panel via the transistor). I got my panel and have hung some wall lining paper in front of it to dim ti down. But I'd still like to do the Arduino automation.