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  1. Sorry to hear of your health issues. Glad you are on the mend.
  2. How do you equalise a subtle gradient (especially in one colour) from left to right Olly? What tool or method would you use pls?
  3. I also installed Starnet. It is superb.
  4. I need to learn how to get more colour in the stars. Maybe just a matter of more exposure time. There’s only 90 mins here.
  5. Half hour each in RGB binned 1x1 and 2 minute exposures. TEC140 and Atik 460 with Astrodon RGB. No separate luminance. I added the spikes with a Noel's action to fat stars only. It looked boring without them.
  6. Here's another version. A new technique I learned.
  7. I’m using KAF8300 with mine, guided with autofocus. It all works brilliantly.
  8. Ha - especIally 3nm - and even then as far away from the moon in the sky as possible. I got some RGB on the heart nebula on Sunday and had to trash it the gradients were so bad. Or image the moon you can spend a lifetime doing that alone if you image in detail different features.
  9. I bought mine from @geordie85 Here she is on my widefield rig. It is a special lens indeed. My example is not so good at F2 or F2.8 though. I shoot it at F4. I may try again at F2.8 next week. In fact, I prefer this type of AP above telescope AP now. I love wide field nebulae.
  10. Well done, we all have to start somewhere. You've got some nice stars on that image. Onwards and upwards!
  11. Is this Starnet any good - I notice you still have a couple of them left in there? I use Straton which is also superb and only costs about £10. It struggles with very dense star fields though.
  12. Hmm, I am not so sure about this picture in hindsight. I've got the ring OK but the background looks a but plasticky in retrospect. I will have a play around a bit more.
  13. Very nice. I have been extremely pleased with my Atik camera. I am looking into a 383L too.
  14. Hmmm, making me think that I'll keep CMOS for the moon and planets and stay with CCD - what I know - for deep sky. Now, anyone flogging a QSI 683?
  15. Ten hours of data LRGBHa - from summer 2018 but only just got round to processing it. Very hard to bring the faint outer shell out without blowing out the stars. Lots of very small galaxies in the background.
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