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  1. Nicely done. Very nice images to peruse. Shame the lunar imaging section is so overlooked on SGL since you’d get a prize with these.
  2. Brought my C925 back into service. Best 15% of 5000 frames in RGB on ASI174M with Baader CCD filters. Scope at native FL.
  3. I got mine in a batch in September. They are very good. You still have to study though.
  4. .......to add to that, a very kind member on SGL lent me a piece of expensive gear to test to see if I liked it before buying my own. This was last September. They have been hardly any occasions when I could use it since then. Sorry for the moan but boy, there is no end in sight to it.
  5. I'm almost on the verge of selling up and refocusing on activities and things that I can enjoy with more regularity. This winter - actually all the way back since June - has been almost impossible for astronomy in any meaningful sense in the UK and every year it gets worse and worse.
  6. We've had no proper clear skies at all other than the odd 20 mins here and there. Certainly nothing suitable for astrophotography. I got in a bit of time with the Dob but seeing was rubbish. It has been brutal for astronomy since last summer. Utterly terrible. Winter is now the off-season in astronomy in these parts.
  7. I will settle for cold and clear any day. Just one night of clear, please? Not too much to ask for in an entire winter season? The last clear, moon-free night in Nottingham was 5th November. So I will settle for cold, however cold. Will get the thermals and multiple layers out.
  8. Yep, you need to man up! I've been out in Siberia observing in -45C before when I was working in Russian gas fields years ago. So were others. Wrap up well and it is fine.
  9. It is also why darks are so important with this issue. I can also get it with my QHY268C if I use incorrect darks.
  10. It is imperative that the darks and flat-darks match the lights in offset, gain and temperature in a CMOS sensor. Flats do not matter so much.
  11. I use a El panel too. Only issue is getting it dim enough for the flats to be of long enough time length to overcome the sliding shutter of some of the CCD cameras. I put thick white card in front to overcome that in the contraption I built.
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