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  1. Is autofocus as good as it sounds?

    Yes, it is fantastic. It is amazing to watch and is far more accurate compared to what you could do yourself even with a Bahtinov mask.
  2. Registar and Astroart

    Pixinsight can also do the alignment of images from different systems and scale them with reference to a master.
  3. Astrodon loveliness

    My new 31mm Gen2LRGB and Ha3nm in their wheel. Lets see what these can do (or not depending on the weather curse....). Took the plunge and got the best. Best part of £900 worth of filters. Will look at SII and Oiii at some point in the future. I have enough to be getting on with.
  4. Nothing to do with the height of the pier Ian. Everything to do with the potential of your unique telescope and attached camera assembly to strike it after it tracks past the meridian and keeps going to the West. This tends to happen most when the scope goes past the Meridian and is pointing high in the sky towards the zenith and you have a large filter wheel facing towards the pier. The only way you'd avoid this is if the telescope and camera were short enough that the extended length of the optical system (i.e. scope and camera) was such that it did not extend past the RA access enough to strike the pier that supports it. This was the case with my very short FSQ85 an camera - there is no way it could strike the pier. However, with a longer scope such as my TEC140 it will. Even if the pier was 100m high, it would strike it - the height is irrelevant. Your scope is still mounted atop that pier and if the scope is long enough it will strike the pier at some point west of the Meridian. For these reasons, many scopes know when they are *past* the meridian (within seconds) and give you the option of setting how far past the meridian you need to go before you must do a flip so the scope does not strike the pier.
  5. Guys, I've had a brain stall..... (not uncommon at my advancing years.....😆) So the mantra (and truth) is collecting more subs is better and the more the better. Yep, I'm sold. And I see the results. But I struggle with one question. Why not use *the same* sub and stack that one sub numerous times instead of taking different ones? The same could be said of daytime photos as well, only in terrestrial there is much less advantage in doing so since a 1/1000 exposure is not a big deal. However, collecting 30 x 20 minute subs IS a big deal. Is it all about noise being averaged across *different* subs?
  6. Yes, I connected to it on mine, i don't recall which option it was. I do recall I had to fiddle with the ASCOM settings. I can have a look tomorrow.
  7. No, a single concrete filled pipe as a pier may not be sufficient. It depends on the nature of your equipment. If it hangs to only two or three feet off the floor, the scope - especially a filter wheel or large camera - may strike the peer when past the meridian. I have had this happen many times. Some modern - and more expesnive - mounts can detect the change in torque and stop in the event of a pier strike. Many cannot. Meridian flip is for a very solid reason.
  8. SGP - credit where it is due

    Mods, thannnkyou 4 korecting mi doddgy spelling onn the tytle off thiz thred.
  9. SGP - credit where it is due

    Ray, I am using high grade USB cables, £10 each. The freezes of SGP persist though reinstalls of the software and even complete PC changes. All I have on the capture PC is Ascom/Sitech, ATik and Moravian drivers, Lakeside SW, SGP and that's it. I have deliberately kept it very simple. When it works SGP is brilliant. But it suffers freezes and "SGP has encountered a problem" so many times when setting off first thing on a imaging run. Once it is working, leave well alone and it does its job fine. Whenever you cancel soemthing I run the risk of a freeze. I am thinking of doing what @harry page has done and making a RJ11 cable up for the Mesu to eliminate the USB port.
  10. SGP - credit where it is due

    That is my plan B Gina if SGP freezes much more. I am giving it time though became it is so incredibly powerful and integrated when it works. When I was on EQMOD/APT/Astrotortilla I never had any problems.
  11. SGP - credit where it is due

    *Credit where it its due* is what I meant - apologies for my bad spelling in the title
  12. I know I have made some negative comments about SGP lately. It would be such a superb piece of software if it was a bit more stable. Anyway, that aside, I have had my first series of automated Meridian flips this week now that I have re-rigged my rig and got the mount top PC going and rid myself of the tangle of cables hanging from the scopes/cameras. It is a sight to behold watching SGP take reference frames, pause PHD guiding, perform the flip, plate solve, centre itself, start PHD again, autofocus and then start grabbing subs. Very, very impressive. Just wish it was a bit more stable at times. it owed be 10/10 if it were. Steve @gnomus not forgotten that bottle of gin for helping me mate. It is here and will pop it in at some time.
  13. Astrometry.net local (SGP) doesnt solve ??

    Thanks Mike and Ray, yes that makes sense.
  14. Astrometry.net local (SGP) doesnt solve ??

    Indeed Ray. Rhetorical question but why? Why can't blind solve work with Platesolve 2? Just one solver then for everything? Blind solve first to find where the scope currently is and then another solve to fine tune onto an object.
  15. Astrometry.net local (SGP) doesnt solve ??

    ..when you click on blind settings there is no option to set anything other than either Astrometry.net remote or local ANSVR. There is no Platesolve 2 option for blind solving that I can see.