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  1. kirkster501

    Skywatcher Evostar 80ED DS-Pro OTA

    These are great scopes. Still have mine.
  2. kirkster501

    IC1396 The Elephant Trunk Nebula

    I love it.
  3. kirkster501

    8 Hours Ha on NAN

    Very tricky to extract the background gradient on this, it is so full of nebulosity.
  4. kirkster501

    8 Hours Ha on NAN

    8 Hours of 10min subs. Just done preprocessing, background extraction and a stretch. Will colorise and process further when I get some clear nights data on RGB. This is through Astrodon 3nm filter
  5. kirkster501

    Narrow band filter ratio

    Yes, it is target dependent. That said there are some general rules and of the three Ha is the easiest to collect followed by Oiii. Si ( you mean SII ??? ) is so faint and requires so much data and time that in UK skies it is generally not feasible and hence bicolour narrowband is very popular where you do Blue and Green with OIII and Red with Ha. Other combinations of OIII and Ha can also be used. You may find this thread of interest. Steve https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/551868-signal-sanity-check-sii-vs-oiii-ha/
  6. It's good and very informative. The music is too loud and a bit distracting. But that's my opinion.
  7. kirkster501

    The North American Nebula

    Nice detail and stars. A tad too red for my tastes personally.
  8. kirkster501

    Guiding at 5.47arcsec/PP

    Hi All, further to my thread: I am guiding this rig with OAG - FSQ85 reduced 0.73 with Lodestar X2 guider. This results in 5.47PP on the Lodestar . This set up is a swine to focus and the guide graph can be spikey. Does this sound right with that setup?
  9. kirkster501

    Boxy stars when 2x2 at 2.47arcs/pix

    Thanks Olly, I won't mate.
  10. kirkster501

    Boxy stars when 2x2 at 2.47arcs/pix

    This brings me onto another point I will raise in another thread......
  11. kirkster501

    Boxy stars when 2x2 at 2.47arcs/pix

    Thanks Olly. Yep, I never bin at all any more. One set of bias, darks and flats keeps things simple and there’s still detail in the RGB of course. This refers to a large archived data set of M81 amounting to 12 hours of subs I grabbed in Feb that I don’t want to waste and I was starting to process. Yes of course it will be 4.94PP!
  12. Hi all, I binned 2x2 on my RGB data imaging at 2.47arc/pixel rig (FSQ85 and 8300 sensor). The smaller stars look very boxy or like small cubes and this translates over to the RGB chrominance image. The Lum 1x1 does not suffer this. What do you think i need to do? I have not yet processed this boxy RGB as i wondered what to do? Delete the RGB it and start again at 1x1? Thanks
  13. kirkster501

    Can you use a 4k TV for flats calibration

    So you're bringing your scope in from the outside - undisturbed from the imaging session- to to take flats? Something will move during that manoeuvre making such flats useless. If you're using the ED80 you could use an iPad over the end of it for flats.
  14. kirkster501

    CPC100 GPS

    Yep, you can get the scope back inside in a minute if the weather starts to look threatening.
  15. kirkster501

    CPC100 GPS

    CPC1100 = winner. Great scope. I had one myself, flogged it and miss it if I'm honest. Loved the simplicity of it. I may get another.

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