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  1. I can't help it I'm addicted. I have multiple copies of the same book....
  2. Soooo.. many. Check out your library then WH smiths Then eBay (amazing what you pick up for a pound plus pp) book fairs. You can work out what's interesting to you and what's not. I was rubbish at Englis literature at school. But you should see my astronomy and SF collection! The next thing you know you have a stack of books to read. I have three new books at home. Just read and finished this morning on the bus pale blue dot for the third time and the only reason I am looking at my phone now on the way home. Get to your nearest book shop immediately.......
  3. That makes cough cough wheez cough cough cough wheez.. Regards wheeezy
  4. Wow the 16th of Jan to the 30th of Jan it went from which tak to new scope arriving. I had the flu and missed all the excitement and another thing I had to wait two months for Ian King to ship me my DF. I am hoping for clear skies tomorrow there might be a chance mid evening. Hope you get a break in the clouds.
  5. What an amazing bit of luck, a clear sky on a Friday evening.......
  6. I love it when the ground is snow covered a clear sky and a full moon. Being out in that with my artic coat, gloves and ski pants makes my heart scream for joy. There is simply very few better experience for observing the moon its just such a wonderfully enjoyable thing to do. Competes with the planets in summer evenings any day in my book.
  7. Shame we missed the opportunity to catch up with it, landing a probe on that would have been a real defining moment for the human race. If there was anything on the rock it’s left the solar system with a foot note of nothing interesting here.
  8. Binoculars would not be a good idea for an eight year old. A refractor on an altz mount is the best recommendation. Don’t worry about viewing from inside to start with just explain it would be better from outside they will be out like a shot. Yoy might find a local astronomy club and go along when they have a viewing session there will be lots of telescopes to look through and if the interest persists then invest in a telescope the chances are at that point it might be for life. Most here started at a young age also. Best of luck.
  9. A replacement for my old EQ5 is on my list of things but I have my eye elsewhere at this time.
  10. I looked you up Bristol is a bit out of the way for me. Even though I was there two weeks ago visiting family I am sure it will be gone by Xmas when I am there next.
  11. Sold in less than 24hrs. No kickers here then. I love seeing great scopes get passed about its win win for everyone.
  12. I haven’t seen a clear sky for weeks! So I got my old Amatuer Radio hand helds out and a Yagi antenna and started tracking some satellites down. I forgot how much fun this is and it works with or without clouds even during the day. Handy having a second hobby.
  13. Sold to Newbie Alert. Hope it brings you as much joy as it did me. Kevin.
  14. For sale is my William Optics ZS80-FD Limited anniversary edition. Offered for sale as a package I would prefer to sell the scope first but could break it down. Limited edition WO 80mm Zenithstar with TMB co-designed optics. f/6.9 fl 555mm, with L shaped mounting foot, 1:10 crayford rotating focuser, 2" extension, 1.25" adapter, and WO case. £400 WO P-F6A-GT102 flattner (x0.8 = f/5.52) and EOS T-ring adapter. £110 WO CNC rings, WO long dovetail plate. £90 Complete package £550. (Anything not listed above but shown in the images is not included) Its always n
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