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  1. Sold to Newbie Alert. Hope it brings you as much joy as it did me. Kevin.
  2. For sale is my William Optics ZS80-FD Limited anniversary edition. Offered for sale as a package I would prefer to sell the scope first but could break it down. Limited edition WO 80mm Zenithstar with TMB co-designed optics. f/6.9 fl 555mm, with L shaped mounting foot, 1:10 crayford rotating focuser, 2" extension, 1.25" adapter, and WO case. £400 WO P-F6A-GT102 flattner (x0.8 = f/5.52) and EOS T-ring adapter. £110 WO CNC rings, WO long dovetail plate. £90 Complete package £550. (Anything not listed above but shown in the images is not included) Its always nice to pick up (Epsom Surrey) but delivery this will be as you prefer. I have owned the scope from new, bought from Ian King, certificate of authenticity and original receipt will be in the WO Aluminum box. I bought a TAK (in one of the shots) at the beginning of the year and the ZS80-FD hasn't been out of the box since. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
  3. NASA always get the best shots

    I believe the camera is a smart phone sensor and lens they didn't even splash out it was also an after thought.
  4. St80 t

    I think I understand that your saying the gears are not meshing. Check its assembled correctly as per the video.
  5. St80 t

    If it has a Crawford focused then there should be a thumb screw directly under the focuser that when tightened increases the friction between the tube and spindle thus reducing the slipping.
  6. Hyperion vs ES ?

    If you want long eye relief the Hyperion is better value for money. If you want wide FOV the ES is better value for money. Take your pick and enjoy.
  7. which planet killer?

    If you have the mount the refractor. If you don't have the space the mak. If you don't have the time the refractor...... What do you want to see as these will all show the same image differently. I tried them all of different sizes to those you mention but it's all true what people say about them. None of them are planet killers. They all have compromises. The question comes back to what you are prepared to live with physically and optically. You may need to try all three to work it out for yourself. It's the only way to be sure.
  8. Wireless Control

    PC at the mount with an Ethernet cable. Laptops are the best solution they don't need power and everything is self contained. Anything else is a compromise which you will find out from trouble shooting and lost time.
  9. Dave. Did you find out the name of the previous owner? I am sure he would be happy it's been cleaned up and in use by someone like himself with an eye for a good telescope. You might send the seller a picture of it cleaned up. Stories like this fill me with both sadness and joy.
  10. Tonights observations

    I am in the west cost or Ireland at the moment. Last night was pretty clear with a good view of Saturn in an eight inch dob just after sun set. The real treat is the transparency however the sun light tracks around the north to the east during the night which is normal for our latitude. I caught a fireball at about 23:00 and it was to my eyes orange which is jot the normal white green I usually see. So I wondered would the light from sunset over the north illuminate the trail of a meteor at the high alitude of the trail. I was trying to figure out why it appreard orange and I couldn't think of any other reason. All the other meteors later that evening with a stunning backdrop of the milkyway were white as expected. The night skies are stunning this far west.
  11. Show us your travel kit

    Nothing to show. There is already an eight inch dob at my destination!!
  12. 2 eyepieces plus barlow = all I need ?

    An astronomer with to many eyepieces has the same problem as someone with to many clothes. They spend so much time thinking about what to wear they end up missing half the party. I have two and a power mate.
  13. Show us your Frac

    Nothing wrong with looking at clouds in a new scope. It needs a check out.