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  1. Dr_Ju_ju

    A dream come true

    The BBC trick is not to use single string, but to use a medium gauge rope loop that goes around two pulleys at the end of the pipes, you can thread from either direction.... It's the first thing I always got my wire-people to install when the main fit-out started...
  2. Dr_Ju_ju

    Large telescope renovation help

    Servos tend to come in standard sizes, nema 14, nema 17 etc. so measure the outside\fixing dimensions to give you rough idea of size, then you can usually find the driver\power required to drive it.
  3. Dr_Ju_ju

    One for any electronics experts

    Buy a scalpel & 10A blades, will make light work of the plastic sheathing over the terminals...
  4. Dr_Ju_ju

    Yet another DIY all sky camera thread

    I like the way the security camera is pointing up.....
  5. Dr_Ju_ju

    One for any electronics experts

    What are you intending to mount this(these?) on ?? as being only 3.5mm square they will be very fiddly to handle, and mount.....
  6. Dr_Ju_ju

    APT connection to QHY FW2

    Does it need a specific driver and\or Ascom driver ?? Have you tried other software e.g. Sharpcap ?
  7. Dr_Ju_ju

    Win 10 Fall Update

    True, on desktop Windows wins, but for server, they are falling behind (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_operating_systems#Market_share_by_category)
  8. Dr_Ju_ju

    Win 10 Fall Update

    hmmm, I wonder what the Linux\Apple world has to say about that..... But I also mod the hosts file on all the OS's I'm running, to ensure no crap gets in...
  9. Dr_Ju_ju

    Win 10 Fall Update

    Nope, not if you know what you are doing.... The simplest & easiest fix is to manipulate the c:\windos\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file (note NO file extension (.txt etc)), by adding in all the Microsoft update IP's, & while your at it, add in all the spammers\advertisers etc....
  10. Dr_Ju_ju

    JamesF's observatory build

    Bribery and\or Extortion, I find usually works best, when help is needed....
  11. Dr_Ju_ju

    Connect DSLR to Celestron Powertank

    You just need a 2 wire cable between your down converter & the plug. But you must make sure that Positive goes to the centre pin and Negative to the outer screen. Below is one of mine, but I use standard buck convertors, which are smaller & lighter & can be adjusted to the exact required voltage (8.4 volts, for my Canons)
  12. Dr_Ju_ju

    USB and other leads required for a pier

    Instead of Gina's slabs, 250mm soil pipe also works & has enough space for additional network cables etc., But you must ensure that both ends are capped to prohibit the ingress of rats, mice, hedgehogs etc.... & even though I live 100m from the M25, we still get grass snakes in the garden, and while not venomous, they emit a powerful odour if cornered...
  13. Dr_Ju_ju

    Connect DSLR to Celestron Powertank

    I use these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-1-1mm-x-3mm-DC-Right-Angle-90-Degree-Male-Power-Plug-Jack-Connector-Laptop/261711828901?hash=item3cef3d97a5:g:EeYAAOSwwTlUmvxX which will plug into the fake battery, but the outer black casing mustn't be used as it will block access. I used heat-shrink tubing to insulate all the parts
  14. Dr_Ju_ju

    SGP with AWR drive system

    Did it ever work ?, if so, what has recently changed ? If it's never worked then a reasonable 1st step would be to un-install, then re-install, but running as administrator to ensure all dll's are registered.
  15. Dr_Ju_ju


    As Wim has said, if you go the raspberry Pi3 route, you can have all that a laptop will give you for a much reduced cost, which could even then be networked\controlled from your PC. BUT, there is also then the steep learning curve of a new OS ? \ system to get your head around, but you'll find plenty of help here....

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