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  1. Dr_Ju_ju

    ascom wont connect to mount

    It's effectively the same thing in PHD2
  2. Dr_Ju_ju

    ascom wont connect to mount

    first select Ascom mount selection click on configure, then make sure the correct port is in the box
  3. Dr_Ju_ju

    ascom wont connect to mount

    yep, sounds like you've not configured CDC mount connection....
  4. Dr_Ju_ju

    ascom wont connect to mount

    direction buttons on what ? a hand controller ? or eqmod ascom, after you've connected ?
  5. Dr_Ju_ju

    ascom wont connect to mount

    In device manager, what Port is shown as the mount connection ? then put that port number into Ascom.
  6. Dr_Ju_ju

    JamesF's observatory build

    forget updates here, just get it finished.. you can always catch-up when it's dark etc....
  7. Dr_Ju_ju

    Failed to connect to Camera

    I take it that you've updated the PC at the remote site ? but you didn't install\test before shipping ? I don't have an Atik camera, so can only just theorize, but my first thought is that if the Ascom system is working, is there an Ascom driver for the camera ? it may also be worth trying to install the older USB 1\2 drivers from here https://www.atik-cameras.com/downloads/ (and check the trouble shooting guide, at the bottom of the page)
  8. Dr_Ju_ju

    DIY Allsky Camera Help

    I don't know where you got $450 from, the link is for £75, which equates to approx. $100 (US) plus shipping, but I bought mine for approx. £50, but they have all sold out @ that price... I don't use a 120 for all-sky, as I had some older QHY 5L's not doing anything (mono & colour), so I've used them...
  9. Dr_Ju_ju

    Electrical layout for ROR observatory

    For my garden pier (out in the open air), I've run an armoured cable (buried & marked), from a switched double pole RCD, sat in the kitchen, with a dual 13A weatherproof, earth leakage protected outlet, bolted to the side of the concrete pier, then a short link to inside a weatherproof enclosure, which houses a PC & its power supply, a 5 port GB switch etc.... I have never had any problems with mains power in the garden, its just problems in the rest of the house, necessitating me to replace the main consumer unit (it was old, with wire fuses) with a twin RCD unit with appropriate trips etc.
  10. Dr_Ju_ju

    New Power Distribution Box

    Nice job... now if only you'd had a larger box, to drop a single board computer in there, you could have made a complete control system (for imaging?) with full remote control, if wanted....
  11. Dr_Ju_ju

    DIY Allsky Camera Help

    Bit slow getting back, but as well as the stock lens that came with the camera, I also have a Fujinon DF1.4HB-L1 Fish Eye "C" Mount Lens (from the Bay, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fujinon-1-4mm-f-1-8-Fisheye-lens-CS-Mount-DF1-4HB-L1-Ideal-for-All-Sky-Camera/292593795515?hash=item441ff301bb:g:eV0AAOSwQWxbF5gR:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true) and an Arecont Vision CS-Mount 1.55mm imported from the US (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/872528-REG/Arecont_Vision_mpl1_55_1_55Mm_1_2_F2_0_Fixed.html).
  12. Dr_Ju_ju

    3D Printed Spool Holder (off topic)

    It's not a silly question, & anyone who does a lot of printing will tell you, accuracy is one of our hang-ups.... but yes, I can usually get to 0.1, depending on slicer used, material... Getting to 0.01 or better, is another issue, as it would mean, re-working models in the slicer, changing nozzles, better filament and handling thereof etc.
  13. Dr_Ju_ju

    Auto focuser home made

    If he needs any ideas, then have a look at Rob Brown's offering (https://sourceforge.net/projects/arduinoascomfocuserpro2diy/) I've built a few of these & they all work a treat
  14. Dr_Ju_ju

    DIY Allsky Camera Help

    You can still buy the 120MM (https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/product/asi120mm-s or https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/product/asi120mm-mini-mono) albeit updated versions ...
  15. Dr_Ju_ju

    DIY Refractor

    Hmmm, maybe time for a Volcano https://e3d-online.com/volcano-upgrade-kit

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