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  1. Pi3 B's on sale

    If anyone is interested PIHut are doing a flash sale on Pi3B's i.e. https://thepihut.com/products/raspberry-pi-3-model-b?utm_source=The+Pi+Hut+-+Newsletter&utm_campaign=9b94d3c800-The_Pi_Hut_Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a4028431b8-9b94d3c800-78025849&mc_cid=9b94d3c800&mc_eid=2a97aa2b14 for £28 & shipping.....
  2. Go into EQMod control panel, where you can save the sync settings, also view\edit & tell it to load at startup etc.... For completeness - its in (expanded toolbox) \ "Alignment / Sync" \ "Alignment Point List Editor"
  3. if you mean the sync command when the mount has finished a slew, and if you are using EQMod to control your mount, then that info is sent to EQMod, and can be viewed using the EQMod control panel.
  4. INDI Raspberry Pi3 - Any experts?

    If you have all the equipment directly connected to the Pi3, then you will have issues, as it can't cope with the power needs.... I use an external, powered hub that drives all the connected devices (2 cameras, mount, focuser etc.)

    I answered your other post, but they are designed for Cisco equipment, so may not work as expected....
  6. Electronics: quick and cheap EQDIR

    It would depend on the wiring of the RJ45, the voltage of the switching sinal 3v\5v etc. They are designed to be used with Cisco equipment, so even though they have an FTDI chip, they may well not work.
  7. Help. Mount RA Issues (AZEQ6)

    That's why I pointed you to the Yahoo group, as there is a setting in the extended configuration screen to disable them, and there are other worthwhile fixes..... & yes there are some tune-up services available, at a cost.... I just found the doc\videos & did it myself.
  8. Help. Mount RA Issues (AZEQ6)

    Back to basics... Run EQMOD\PHD but disable guiding (and disable the encoders), then see what happens over a period of time. If it still is an issue, I suspect that the mount requires a strip & clean..... To get the latest EQMOD go to https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/EQMOD/files/A EQMOD Release/EQASCOM/ but you will need to register to gain access.
  9. Help. Mount RA Issues (AZEQ6)

    As far as I'm aware there is no such thing as a Summer\Winter re-adjustment... I don't understand by what you mean "back it right off" ?? And I can only re-iterate, that the best way to control the mount is to drive it directly from the PC using a USB to Serial adaptor & in pulse guiding mode.
  10. Help. Mount RA Issues (AZEQ6)

    Hi John, One quick question, why do you use the ST4 cable?, I just use pulse mode (which is the recommended way to drive the mount) with no issues...
  11. shortening dew strip leads

    Mine & the only ones I've seen, are just some enclosed resistance, so yes either polarity will work.
  12. Arduino Ascom focuser Mark2

    Power issues, see: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/09/27/faulty_data_center_takes_out_sourceforge/
  13. Skywatcher mounts

    It would be a false economy to go for the EQ5, as you'll soon realize that you need the bigger mount afterall, to carry OTA,guider etc.... I'd suggest saving for an EQ6Pro\AZ-EQ6Pro, which will cover your needs into the future....
  14. USB to serial adaptor for Win 10

    What I linked to will work, not all 9 pins are used, just 3\4 pins RX\TX & GND
  15. USB to serial adaptor for Win 10

    Confused, why would you want to use a serial adaptor on the guidescope ???? Anyway, I use the appropriate version of these (3.3v or 5v depending on mount requirements) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FTDI-FT232RL-USB-to-TTL-Serial-RS232-Cable-6-Pin-ARM-PIC-Pi-Arduino-UK-Seller-/272677966648?epid=552640894&hash=item3f7cdf9338:g:FYUAAOSwlMFZHse- with and RJ45 connector on the end, (I ususally chop one end off an Ethernet patch cable & wire it into the adaptor) & forgot to add that yes they work flawlessly with Windows 10\Ubuntu Mate etc....