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  1. I'd say no, as my mount is fixed, I just need to check Polar alignment every few months, but after that I just instruct SGPro\APT to slew & then plate solve...
  2. As Peter has said OVL (Optical Vision Limited - the Skywatcher importers) but also have a look at AstroBoot (https://www.astroboot.co.uk/AstroBoot/telescope-and-astronomy-stuff.html)
  3. Within the central computer\processing unit, there will be some form of logical command system that sends & receives signal data to & from the mount. If, as you say the device updates ok, then the general communication port & protocols (the link between the synscan & mount\pc) must be working ok, therefore the problem must lie within this command system.
  4. Then that would suggest that there is a hardware failure, as the synscan controllers are just mini\dedicated computers, that direct the mount where to go, and, if as you say it updates ok, then it must be a failure within the logic control system of the controller.
  5. In that case, what errors are you seeing when trying to re-flash the synscan ?
  6. Before trying a downgrade, which I doubt will work, as I believe its different hardware, have\are you able to, control the mount directly via a PC using EQMod and a USB to serial cable\adaptor ? This will at least rule out the synscan & prove its not the mount that is the problem...
  7. Give it a go, but to be on the safe side, but personally, I'd go for the next size up.
  8. Could you have stripped the thread ? If so the solution isn't too bad as long you have access to some taps, i.e. just tap the next size up, and fit the appropriate bolt.
  9. How are you connected to the mount (which is ?), direct or via the handset ? One thing that comes to mind is the existing sync points, force the mount to move. I don't use them & just plate-solve on each target, much easier, as long as you've mastered plate solving.....
  10. If you are using pulse guiding then the ST4 cable isn't required
  11. Have you selected the correct COM port in the configuration, i.e.
  12. Yes, use the "EQMos ASCOM HE5/6"...
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