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  1. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    In the greater scheme of things, we are a small niche market, as as can be seen from the devices I quoted, providing the added functionality, would break the price point, that the Pi3 commands....
  2. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    To me, the Pi3 update is just a small step forward, and is missing out on some absolutely needed updates, i.e. multiple USB3 ports & FULL 1 GBit network, not hanging off the back of the USB2 subsystem. The WiFi updates, don't interest me, as I only use wired gig connections, and the POE module (when it gets released), will require a re-think of any HAT's and will need to run a fan.... If you want reliable operation of INDI\Kstars\ASI cameras etc., like Wim, I'd recommend either the Odroid XU4Q or Rock64. For me the Pi3's are relagated to running specific applications e.g. Octoprint, 3D Scanners etc.
  3. When you have everything connected, and can see stars, from within CDC\Stellarium, slew to a dozen known stars, in various parts of the sky, and when centred , press the Sync button. What this does is send a variance number to EQMod which it can use to build a pointing model giving better accuracy. You find it in Alignment / Sync in EQMod
  4. With Polemaster the mount doesn't need to be switched on, or even have an OTA fitted.... You just manually rotate in RA. When PA is done, I set the mount to 'my' home position, i.e. weights down, OTA pointing in direction of Polaris. I then switch on the mount, & connect CDC\EQMod etc. making sure that location\date time and settings are all correct in all places. As I'm starting from the same position (my home position) all I need to do then is to un-park, slew to target, plate solve, and clouds permitting, I can start imaging. For home, I've also built an eqmod alignment map, which automatically gets loaded on start up, this also aids in pointing accuracy.
  5. Power Options for EQ5 (Non-Goto)

    remember to factor into your calculations, that cold temperatures, reduses the power output of batteries....
  6. Running two SX Filter Wheels from one PC

    From the Oracle: " Hi Anne, Yes, you can, but one needs to be connected by the serial cable. Regards, Terry (Terry Platt) you can, but one needs to be connected by the serial cable. Regards, Terry
  7. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    A week to go & I'm hoping the rain holds off & dries the ground out......but still looking forward to the skies craik etc...
  8. D-Bot 3D Printer

    Can't put my hands on the circuit diagram, at the mo, but I believe all 3 on-board mosfets (bed & 2 heater) are the same, so it should be similar to the bed. Circuit Diagram attached Duet2_Schematic_v1.03.pdf
  9. Skywatcher Wifi Dongle and Home Network

    How far away from your access point to the mount ?? is the dongle "hidden" but the mount ? I suspect that the dongle does not have much of a range....
  10. CCD readout errors

    Came accross this on the Register (https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/02/26/ccd_errors_scrambled_data_from_16_telescopes_boffins_find/) I wonder if the same would hold true for CMOS ??
  11. Eqmod website

    There is a problem with Source Forge, most sites are off-line.... see https://sourceforge.net/error-404.html DDos attack
  12. 3D Printer Advice please

    Hi David, I'm biased, but some of the best thought of open-source printers, currently available, would be those from Prusa (https://shop.prusa3d.com/en/), I have a MK2s. They are reasonably priced, either as a kit (very detailed build instructions) or fully built & tested. Prusa also provides a full software suite to make the creation of objects as painless as possible, I even use the software to create object files for my other printers.
  13. Canon Utilities 3 (Canon 750d) problems

    Try disabling the Canon EOS Utility Launcher, then use Explorer to open the 'Canon EOS xxxD' that the camera presents to the operating system (files are usually in SD\DCIM\100CANON folder).
  14. Why do I keep losing my memory?

    using control panel\device manager, check the power settings for all attached devices, especially any usb bus devices. The power settings don't 'touch' every device. Also check that the SDHC Card is configured for 'quick removal'
  15. D-Bot 3D Printer

    Joseph Prusa uses it on the i3 Mk3, but the Einsy Rambo board uses 2130 drivers, so don't if there would be any differences in action\re-action. I was going to try stall-guard, but DC42(Duet) advises against using it, on repeatability grounds, but after I my extruder get sorted (awaiting bearings), I may well give it a go.