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  1. I've managed to get the bed level, running on the v-rail smoothly, helped by the anti-backlash lead screw nuts (, but the proof of the pudding is yet to come..
  2. I used to have a large Mendel variant but found it was too wobbly, and the D-Bot ticked all the right boxes for strength & rigidity, so I'm re-using the 300x300 bed, motors, Rumba control etc. One thing I'm still not too sure on though, is the slope back to front of the bed & the reliance of the Z lead screws to keep things level (I'm using auto bed levelling, so I want it to start off level).
  3. you only live once..... I've used the Deep Purple on my D-Bot printer ....
  4. I use E3D's version, they call edge Yes it is expensive, especially as the reels are smaller, but as you say, you get what you pay for...
  5. Try PetG, it has the strength of ABS but prints easily @ 80 bed with 240 hot end....
  6. Just check that the cartridge will actually fit the hot-end, I've had some where the diameter was greater than the hole...
  7. While at it, don't forget to make provision for a Pi3, hubs, cables etc....
  8. Brilliant !!
  9. I'm in the process of putting one of these together & I've found that the 'stock' 4 wheel Y & Z printed carriages, wouldn't allow correct alignment correct running etc. So I've tried the 2, 3-wheeled versions & (V2) & these work a treat.... Also a good source of some info is MavericCCIE's build on Openbuilds
  10. Hi welcome to the lounge, I agree with trying to use your scope during the day, but just a word of caution, DON'T pint it anywhere near the Sun, stick to terestial targets..
  11. Welcome to the Lounge, wishing you clear skies..
  12. You need to use\start StellariumScope ( which connects to the mount & then starts Stellaruim
  13. Welcome to the Lounge, wishing you clear skies...
  14. I have a couple of the cheeper EQ3 tripods & instead of filling with sand, I filled each of the legstruts with small rock concrete. Makes them 3 times heavier & much more stable...
  15. I've just seen this on Farnell, which together with an SSD turns the Pi into a full blown PC Maybe of interest to some peeps & would make a very low cost control system....