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  1. DIY USB Motor Control for Focuser

    Have a search for TechyDave's focuser on this site, there is also Mr Brown's @ https://sourceforge.net/projects/arduinoascomfocuserpro2diy both will be able to drive the motor....
  2. Speed adjustment on a 12 volt motor

    No, just applying power will make the motor turn in one direction or the other... To vary the rate of movement would require some form of voltage and or current control. This could be done with a PWM (pulse width modulated) circuit, which sends a fast on\off voltage to the motor to make it turn at various speeds, but this relies on the motor being capable of driven this way. It may be better to use a stepper motor, which can then be driven via a pololu drive chip for both direction & speed (think 3D printing)
  3. Another Raspberry all sky camera

    Beware 64GB cards, I have a few that appear ok & bought from reputable sources, but still won't work properly. They need to be guaranteed fast extreme NOT the ultra's....
  4. If you are going to use a tablet, then use Ubuntu on it & run a full INDILib\KStars system (http://indilib.org/), which can then be remotely controlled from an Android device. Instead of a tablet you could use a Pi3 which will also run the mount cameras etc...
  5. Staff

    Welcome to the Lounge, wishing you clear skies..
  6. Newbies 1st Post :)

    Hi Darren, Welcome to the Lounge, wishing you clear skies
  7. Eq3 pro eqdir wiring

    That's because most of the cheap chinese knock offs use dodgy components. Try changeing\updating the driver for an FTDI one, and see if it the device.
  8. Eq3 pro eqdir wiring

    The sourceforge link shows a separate 12 volt regulator, hence a 12v source is needed.... But that link also uses a chip that can have issues, so I'd recommend getting an FTDI device like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hobby-Components-UK-USB-to-serial-port-adapter-FTDI-with-3-3V-and-5V-outputs-/130923180691?epid=1731269752&hash=item1e7ba13293:g:A~oAAOxyi-ZTXiu2 to which you attach an RJ45 network lead (cut off one end), which plugs into the motor control port, i.e. the port the handset would normally plug into.
  9. Star discovery wooden pier** Pics added**

    If possible, why not adapt the concrete post, it will be more resilient than a wooden fence post, which are usually made from cheap timber, even if tanalised, which will warp, shrink etc...
  10. All equipment you wish to connect will have a power supply requirement indication, so just add it all up & add 10% for overheads and you should have a better idea of what you need to supply, I forgot to add that imho use a single over-rated cable from the supply to the mount (minimises voltage drop) & use a local power splitter..
  11. 12v Mains PSU

    Most peeps use a variant of these http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/375w-linear-dc-variable-voltage-bench-power-supply-rp10l
  12. I don't know the fitting on the TAK, but I'm sure it would be possoble to 3D print an adaptor to suit.
  13. Solvents will shift any residual, another thought would be to use a SW tube ring with the finder attached to it, easily removable\adjustable with no marks etc....
  14. obsy cabeling

    Lindy are reasonable quality, so as long as the length is ok (8 Metres isn't far, taking into account up\down etc.), you maybe able to get away with it.
  15. obsy cabeling

    By using a hub, you've cut down the wiring from x to one, so put in a contingency spare... But realistically, you'll be feeding power for mount, cameras, filter wheel, focuser, dew control etc. so a bit more for secure control, will save on the hair pulling...