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  1. Hi Huw, On the AstroEq site, there are some recommendations for steppers\pulleys\belts etc. I used Nema 17 motors ,hi-torque, from OMC stepper-online on eBay, then the rest from Belting On-line
  2. Technically, If you are taking a PC with you, there is nothing that you can do with the device that BackyardEOS cannot do, including mirror lock, mount control, focus control etc.. & if you add in Magic Lantern, then you will have access to the 'hidden' functions of the camera. So it will come down to how much kit you are taking etc...
  3. You need to look for an intervalometer, there are loads on Amazon\eBay etc...
  4. Hi Steve, I take it you are following the procedure as outlined at So, after completing mount alignment and polar alignment, if you can see the target star in your capture software e.g. SharpCap (helpful to have a cross reticule enabled) careful adjustment of NSEW controls to centre the star in the reticule, then you hit the Sync button, and repeat for identifiable stars, at various points around the sky, the more the merrier & more accurate will be the pointing.
  5. I use an Asus with no problems... and would you consider using a Linux powered Pi, I'm in the process of moving over to it, & remotely driving from a windows pc\laptop..... (See Gina's excellent guide)
  6. I think the fine thread of the filter would prove unprintable, unless you have a very accurate printer, and able to slice\print at 0.01 mm. The only other way I can think of, would be to print a slightly undersize hole & tap the required thread, but that would require a high quality print with good material.
  7. Well I'll be setting off @ 3 - 4 in the morning, so aiming to get well past Brum by 9..... so all going well, I should be there approx. 13:00, ready to bask in the sun\breeze\rain\sleet\snow (strike out as required) ....
  8. So your new gear has put the kybosh on the chance of some clear skies... clearoutside is showing cloud\rain\cloud.... but at least no snow .
  9. You could also try AstroBoot
  10. Nope, I print it in an upstairs room, with no complaints..
  11. +1 for WeDo3DPrinting, I usually but off flea bay, they are good on the deliveries (1-2 days for filament & they do IGUS bearings etc..) If you'd like to branch out from PLA, I'd recommend trying PETG, I find it easier to control than ABS & sticks to the bed much easier.
  12. Well done !! good luck for the new learning curve.....
  13. download & install 7zip ( it will un-pack the archive
  14. Hi & welcome to the Lounge, wishing you clear skies
  15. A good place to start: