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  1. DIY Canon DSLR DC PSU

    As in the picture above, 3 up, you can buy a module, that replaces the battery and you plug your power source into the side... I've made a few of them & they work a treat..
  2. EOS 500D and Powered Hub

    Not all ports on hubs are equal, especially for some hubs that are 'charger' capable, where 1\2 port would be dedicated for charging purposes. The only sure way to get reliability, is to buy a decent named brand e.g. StarTech, but they are always more expensive.
  3. Even with the latest fall update, it is always possible to stop & disable the "windows update service", but there will other 'nags' ....
  4. I may try it, but it works fine under Cygwin....
  5. INDI on the Rocks

    Thanks Wim, I've managed to install everything in a Rock64, but I had other issues installing the web manager, it required the support tools which weren't automatically installed. I've even managed to install XRDP, so can control a desktop from anywhere on the local LAN. Couple of pointers for this board: it's touchy on power supply, it really does need 5v @ 2.5A, so I'll probably drive it off a LM7805T which in turn is driven from the general 12v supply... Every so often it keeps throwing errors with some obscure kernel devices, but hasn't fallen over yet... Now to let it soak test for a few weeks before building it into an enclosure with DC regulators \ USB hubs etc., for deployment on the mount....
  6. DIY large inexpensive flat field panel

    That's what I went with in the end, bought one of these https://elwirecraft.co.uk/product/el-panel-25-x-25cm/, yes they are more expensive, but they are extreemly light and even illumination etc.
  7. Mice!

    Forget the abhorance that are cats !! , how about using a wireless mouse, which you can then take with you\lock away......
  8. Anyone measure a Skywatcher ED80 for me?

    in workshop room, with digital callipers to hand....
  9. Anyone measure a Skywatcher ED80 for me?

    average of 112.5 slight difference back\front due to felting on the inside of the tube
  10. 3D Printer Nozzle Wear

    I agree with Gina, to get the filament build up on the thread, you have a leak between the nozzle & the heater block... What hot end are you using ?? a pucka E3D or a knock off clone ? That's why these days, I forgo the dubious cheaper end and buy the quality\checked items.
  11. Running two SX Filter Wheels from one PC

    They have a Yahoo support group (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/starlightxpress/conversations/messages), that Terry always keeps a beady eye on...
  12. Running two SX Filter Wheels from one PC

    The PC would need to see each wheel as a separate device, and I suspect that the SX wheels are produced with the same identifier, therefore 2 would appear to be identical to the system.... The best approach would be to ask the manufacturer, & see what they say...
  13. Stellarium lock up

    Its by normal design, to put the laptop to sleep on closing the lid. You need to go into the power settings and switch it off (do nothing), and while you are there disable power saving on the USB ports....
  14. Best 80mm refractor

    Sorry, I was referring to the Skywatcher i.e. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/pro-series/skywatcher-evostar-80ed-ds-pro-ota.html
  15. Best 80mm refractor

    As I have one, and as others that come along will tell you, you get a lot of bang for your pound, so I'd recommend the ED80, especially when coupled with its matched reducer (recommended for photography)...