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  1. I think of them as complimentary of each other, with small tweeks in both, so in answer to your question, yes it can affect the guiding.
  2. It depends on how your system is configured\used, wherther you are using the ST4 or pulse guiding. If pulse guiding, then you can adjust the pulse duration\width etc. withing EQMOD. Also in the DEV builds you are able to disable the encoders (if your mount has them) etc.
  3. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for....
  4. Hmm, maybe worth a go\try (if you can), but according to this review to get sharp images you'd have to use small apertures, so you have to take longer exposures, also filter fitting is non-standard size and to the rear of the lens.
  5. a good place to start & then there's alway eBay....
  6. +1 for the Takumar's, look for something like this
  7. the EQ6, even if only for the increased payload carrying capacity...
  8. What length of cable would they supply, with what source connector etc.... and if it didn't suit your setup, would you complain ??
  9. I confirm 2.1mm x 5.5mm connectors...
  10. I don't have one, but I'd have thought 11.7 is too low, so, if you can, try a different power supply.
  11. The easiest way to fix the direction issue in RA, is to set it in the configuration utility (7.4 or the 7.5.1 Beta) available from Tom's website. I set mine to side of pier = Ascom & epoch to j2000 & don't worry about side of pier in EQmod
  12. centre pin is positive +
  13. You may be in luck, as you say, there is no apparent damage to U7\8\9\10 which are the actual driver chips, and it would be quite easy to replace C3 as it's a common component.
  14. I don't know if they will ship to you, but the UK importer can supply the required part
  15. Are you reading 12.2 volt AC or DC, it must be DC (Halogen lighting units don't care, they just want low voltages). If it's AC, then you may well have fried the motherboard\drivers, the handset usually has some form of regulation on board, that's why it appears to be working... Most peeps use either a Linear supply or a switched mode supply, both can be obtained from Maplin's i.e. or