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  1. Dr_Ju_ju

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    Try reversing the sensor connector, as that can affect the sensitivity.
  2. Dr_Ju_ju

    Cable for a GX16-7

    You can try, but I'd be worried about crosstalk from the stepper drives, to the temperature sensor, as none of it, is twisted pair (which reduces the crosstalk see transmission line theory)
  3. Dr_Ju_ju

    Computer control of SW EQ3

    Simply put, yes, SGP\CDC\PHD2 etc., will all work as long as windows can reliable see the mount, via a USB to serial adaptor (FTDI based is more reliable). You just need to download & install, Ascom 6.4, EQAscom (EQMod), & hook it all up... yes there are learning curves, but if your used to using CDC\SGPro, then it should be straightforward.
  4. As long as PHD2 can keep track\correct the target in RA, in theory DEC should be constant, which relies on good PA, and so there should be no need for PHD2 to make DEC corrections. A slight E\W imbalance will ensure that any gears are properly meshed, hopefully making the mount drive & any PHD2 corrections, as accurate as possible, to achieve the best guiding possible.... I also use Polemaster, and while I'm reasonable happy with my guiding, I don't doubt there are more accurate methods, e.g. drift alignment, but in the end it comes down to mechanically adjusting some bolts, which depending on size\thread and what they are acting on, stiction etc. will limit how accurate you can get it...
  5. It doesn't have to be, and it doesn't matter if the mount base isn't level. Good polar alignment will take care of any discrepancies.
  6. Dr_Ju_ju

    The parameter (there's only one?) is incorrect

    Yep, me thinks the disk is dead, but you could try one of the recovery\cloning tools. For Clonezilla, you install it onto a usb stick & boot from it, as it runs from a very cut-down Linux.
  7. Dr_Ju_ju

    Synscan DIN cable extension

    I think these are what your after, but maybe too long ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/POWERLINK-8-pin-DIN-MK2-3-Speaker-Cable-FULLY-WIRED-for-BEOLAB-BANG-OLUFSEN-B-O/292241548900?hash=item440af42664:m:mvbOE7V5MJ1A_9IWJrZx5Uw:rk:7:pf:0&var=591154407004 there are shorter ones on the bay.
  8. Dr_Ju_ju

    Cable for a GX16-7

    RS & Farnell, both do 7\8 core cables that will do what you want, at a cost. But as you want to pass heavy current, stepper drive and, at the other end, sensitive temperature data, I'd recommend you look for multi twisted pair cables, to cut down on the cross-talk....
  9. Dr_Ju_ju

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    As promised, a 'homing' video & my current config.g file... Hopefully it will play ok, I've down converted it to an avi file, to fit on here, and tried my best with LED lights to reduce banding, which is difficult as they work @ silly frequencies.... Looking to the right of the E3D logo, you can just see a small red led, which is the PP off led, as it moves to the left (homing X\Y) you'll see it flicker, & can just see the blue led light com on (PP triggered) & note the speed I've set for Z homing, slooowww, but after homing, all speeds run as normal. Config.g.txt Homing.avi
  10. Dr_Ju_ju

    The parameter (there's only one?) is incorrect

    this is the long winded bit, but if you right click the Disk 3 & select properties, then select volumes tab, in the box, select the drive & click the properties that has just lit up. A new window will open, select the tools tab, then perform an error check.... You can also use the in-built tool 'diskpart' (I find, best run from an Administrative, Powershell window) It has an inbuilt help system, and is very powerful, so you have to take care. If none of these work, you can try some of the other tools, but.... How old is the drive ? if more than 3 years & used a lot, then spinning rust will be coming to the end of its life anyway. I've recently had similar problems, but using Clonezilla I was able to clone the disk to a new one, before doing any repairs on the old...
  11. Dr_Ju_ju

    The parameter (there's only one?) is incorrect

    If there's any data you want on the drive, then re-partitioning will wipe it.... There are a number of disk repair tools available, but I find the better ones work under Ubuntu\Linux e.g. CloneZilla, GParted (only for partition repairs), and maybe Diskdrill (Wndows)... What does it say in Disk Management, for the drive? as that will give you more info...
  12. Dr_Ju_ju

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    Yep, looks good, & it was developed by the PP designer.... The device is soo sensitive you can mount it just about anywhere on the extruder assembly. Mine even 'fires' when doing normal moves, but nothing gets upset, and is quite normal. If I get a chance later, I'll take some pictures\movie of mine going, to give you an idea of what happens.
  13. Dr_Ju_ju

    3D printer - Piezo Z probing

    Forget the slamming into the bed, when probing the speeds used are slow and gentle.
  14. I haven't changed my Prusa i3 Mks, as the Pinda probe is working ok, but I have updated my old Wanhao i3, so after initial bed leveling adjustments, the bed is now locked down, & I just let the control board do all the work.
  15. I wouldn't touch that Amazon thing it looks rubbish & I would never want to mount it between the hot end & heater block, to me signal danger\fire... There were 2 links above, one for the board & another for the sensor. The mounting parts you can easily print yourself (I have, after inadvertently melting the supplied part, they are all on Thingiverse) then if you get some of these https://www.precisionpiezo.co.uk/product-page/brass-inserts-for-retaining-m3-screws-pk10 together with a few M3 bolts, you can mount it on any system

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