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  1. Jonk

    Another rant at other social media sites

    I have been part of many forums and have even run my own in the past that sadly didn't grow. The 2 things that stand out to me is the general sense of support, for example even when people share really poor images but to them, it's a huge accomplishment...me included, the response is always positive. The other thing is a lot of members know each other personally or have met at star parties etc. It really is a goto (pun intended) site for all aspects of amateur astronomy
  2. Jonk

    Two years today

    I've only been on here for 4 years (still a 'noob' compared to a lot of longer term members), but in that time I've found it to be invaluable. I've also got to thank SGL for making me spend in excess of £10k I reckon in that time! Where does the time go?!
  3. Looks cute - how sturdy is the foot, it would probably suit guide rings better? Should pair nicely with a Star Adventurer.
  4. No worries. Good program, certainly makes me feel smaller every time I see generated images of the local group changing into the filaments! There has to be life out there, we surely can't be alone...! Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away...
  5. Chris Lintott uses the Sky at Night archive to reveal the deepest secrets of galaxies, from their earliest beginnings to their very ends.
  6. Jonk

    Early morning comet (maybe)

    Not unless it had been hit by something! I didn't read what you were describing properly.
  7. Jonk

    This looks interesting

    https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/filters/deep-sky/baader-h-alpha-enforced-narrowband-35nm-filter.html Quote: "The initial production did center on the most necessary sizes (2" / 50.4 mm round and 50x50 mm square - other sizes to follow)"... I'll keep an eye on this as an alternative to Astrodon and Chroma.
  8. Jonk

    Early morning comet (maybe)

  9. Jonk

    Sequence Generator Pro 3

    It does sound like I don't really need an alignment model when plate solving, so yes, I'll reset it and turn it off, see what happens. Could be a while yet though, not much darkness to run 30m subs at the moment! Thanks for the tip, I'm sure it'll help others.
  10. Jonk

    Daystar Quark

    As with a number of products across the world, manufacturing defects that "should not have left the factory" sadly are mainly due to poor QA at the supply chain manufacturer, not the owning company. I doubt Daystar manufacture these things themselves, probably in China, but it still doesn't excuse it. It does appear to be 'on the limit' in terms of design, but hey, I bought one as I couldn't afford / justify a Lunt or PST. They even state that they can't cherry pick 'the best' - http://www.daystarfilters.com/Quark/QuarkUniformity.shtml Due to production processes and scarcity considerations, uniformity above specified SE grade cannot be guaranteed in a production QUARK. Therefore, hand selection of "honey" or "extra good" QUARKS is also not possible. All filters are tested prior to shipping both spectroscopically and visually to meet or exceed the SE grade qualification standard. Those who require true PE grade uniformity should consider the original Daystar Quantum PE line of filters for their application. Note that SE grade filters do not qualify as warranty repairs to upgrade to PE grade filters. Any QUARK may be returned to DayStar for inspection of uniformity standards. If the filter does not pass SE grade uniformity standards, that filter will be replaced under warranty. But to get back to FLO's original question, should they stock them - if it were me, I would do a real world test on small bataches, with an agreement to the importer / supplier that any that fail the test (with proof) can be returned. This may put a small price on each item (ala Es Reid checks) but is it worth it? Probably. Another supplier did the same thing (test each one) I believe, as the used one I bought came with the letter saying so.
  11. Jonk

    Daystar Quark

    I know someone that could have a play with it Dave (not me, I have one as you know!). He has a 5" f7 frac so would be very interested.
  12. Jonk

    Stellarium 0.18.0

    Perfect, seems to work fine, thanks.
  13. Jonk

    Stellarium 0.18.0

    Quick question - I've updated 2 PCs to 0.18, one Win10 64bit and one Win7 64 bit - How do I copy settings from one to the other so they're identical? Is it simply copy the config file located at C:\Users\Jon\AppData\Roaming\Stellarium to the other PC in the same location (equivalent if different OS)?
  14. Jonk

    Sequence Generator Pro 3

    I have SGP and use the built in platesolve2, with astrometry.net as a back up. It has rarely failed to platesolve as long as you set it up correctly with your image scale etc. The 1 issue that does bug me, is sometimes it solves just over the pixel accuracy limit (50px I think in my case), but never seams to overcome it, i.e. it will keep solving time and time again to the same place. This may be something to do with eqascom syncing position every time, but I though it was meant to only append on successful solve - I'll keep looking into it. Bottom line is, once set up it should work really well for you.

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