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  1. Isn't the blinking led used to show a timer (2 seconds or 10 seconds)? In that case, change the setting on the top of the camera to single shot mode and that should do it. On the red display, I think the colour change has been there for a while but good to point it out to others.
  2. You only need to register the calibrated light subs, all it does is line everything up ready to stack. You then register the resultant stacks to each other ready to combine to make a colour image. This should be the same no matter what software you use.
  3. I have 2 x z8300s with win 10, one for a media streamer and one for an allsky camera. I can't remember the exact specs but 2GHz Atom cpu, 2GB ram, 32GB ssd and run off of a 5Vdc supply. Cost about £65 each from memory and would be more than enough to capture images, unless stupid fps are required for lucky imaging. I control both via vnc on a phone, works really well.
  4. I'll have the Lewmar Pro 1000 please David, I'll PM you so I can pay you the delivery.
  5. China's Moon mission sees first seeds sprout http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-46873526 With this news in mind, I would like to formally patent the phrases "moonwear" and "lunapparel"!
  6. Soooo... if you're back at work Skipper, have you had a chance to see what you have?
  7. If you can, put Windows 7 back on and just don't allow it to connect to the internet. I doubt you need Windows 10 just for imaging?
  8. Shame, I've found some useful advice on there in the past, but don't think I signed up. Their loss could be SGL's gain I suppose.
  9. Uninstall then reinstall from fresh - could you save your profiles etc. first?
  10. Try deleting the PC that's registered online and re-registering it - it may be an algorithm that produces a code from your hardware setup, and if any hardware has changed then it means the 'code' is no longer valid. I don't know, it's just a guess without reverse engineering it, which I can't do anyway! Or, can you update the installation, then try again?
  11. https://www.mainsequencesoftware.com/Content/SGPHelp/SequenceGeneratorPro.html?LicenseManagement.html Try here...?
  12. Yes that's right - I didn't know that, so at first tried the x/y from the sensor corner, not the ROI. This was apparent once I found the red circle that I couldn't see at first. I then thought ok, take the x/y from the ROI corner et voila - it was correct. I thought I'd mention it to help anyone else who may have been confused too. Regarding the options I mention I tend to think out loud when I see something I think will be an improvement, and I agree, they may not be as important as other factors (stability, speed etc.) but would be very useful later on. Another thought is flats - is this on your list? Not a great issue to do manually to each saved frame in post processing, but maybe it could be automated in the same way as darks / BPMs?
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