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  1. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    I can't make it unfortunately due to weather and too much work to do. Hope you all have a good time!
  2. Can it be true?

  3. I work with someone who also used to be a member, but left after similar issues. I won't mention his name on here but he's in his 50s now and still loves the hobby.
  4. Interesting you mention membership, I'm on the waiting list, and looking at 3+ years. I think if the opportunity arises, anyone should go to an observatory, not just to look at objects through big scopes, but to admire and talk about the equipment up close.
  5. I was given 2 tickets for Christmas, for an open evening at the Hants Astro Observatory in Clanfield on Saturday the 24th of February. The largest amateur observatory in the UK. I took my brother along and haven't been there for maybe 15 years. Last time I went, they had a 24" newt in their largest dome, which has since been replaced with a custom 24" RC, at a cost of around £100,000. The mirrors alone were in the region of £40k if I remember correctly. Here's the website photo: As it was an open evening, that they hold regularly, it had a lot of beginners and generally nosey people there, but in our group, I think I was the only one who had a clue about what was going on. I asked some questions about the kit, and one I asked was about the focal length. It's 4.8m at around 610mm diameter, making it around f/7.9. Wow. The didn't have an eyepiece, rather a dslr with live view, which they demonstrated on the trapezium in M42, as it was the obvious object available due to the waxing gibbous moon very close by if I remember. They then showed a couple of NGC galaxies with up to 30 second exposures only just to demonstrate images to the gathered few (around 20 of us in the dome). The above photo doesn't do it justice, it's huge! I tried a couple of photos on the phone but didn't have a wide enough fov. After abnout 20 minutes in here we went into the 2nd dome to swap with another group. to have a look at the 5" long fracs from the end of the 1800s. The details on on their website here -> http://www.hantsastro.org.uk/tour/5inch.php and they were trained on the moon, 1 full disc, the other a bit further in. There was minimal false colour due to the FL and I actually ended up taking 1 woman through the scope and had to apologise to the member in the dome for stealing his thunder! Luckily he didn't mind. Here are my phone images of these 2 large fracs. We then went into the 3rd dome, which houses a 7" Astro Physics frac -> http://www.hantsastro.org.uk/tour/7inch.php This was trained on M42 and then moved to Betelguese to demonstrate star colour. I didn't get a chance to take a photo. After this, there was tea and biscuits in the clubhouse and a basic presentation on the types of objects observed and imaged at the observatory, which was very good for beginners. They also have some very good allsky cameras on the roof and meteor detection running 24/7. One of the members there (a lovely older lady, I forget her name) had a 150mm ED binoscope which gave good views of the moon. I tried to find the Leo Triplet in the moonlight but couldn't, and that's all I had time for. All in all, a good visit, and it's basically the same as I remember, apart from the new 24"RC replacing the newt. When I got home I couldn't help but go into my obsy and feel very deflated looking at a Star 71 sat on an AZ EQ6! Size does matter believe me!! If anyone is fairly local to Clanfield (a few miles north of Portsmouth), or doesn't mind a journey I would recommend a visit as it's only £10, and if cloudy you can visit again for free. Although we had the moon out and many contrails / milkiness, we were lucky to actually see something. Give it a go.
  6. Yet Another AllSkyCamera Build

    There won't be, I had the same question - don't waste your time, he replies to say 'advert was as per the images', although he's used a stock image as well as a photo and the stock image shows the adaptor. You might need a 5-6mm spacer depending on the camera to be used. Go for it, I think it's great and for around £50 or whatever it blows the 'freebie' meteor lenses away.
  7. Is anyone else thinking Quark?! Cos I am...
  8. Hello from New Forest

    Welcome Fredster, another local! I might check out the place Rob mentions above, sounds promising. There may be a chance of us moving to the New Forest this year.... it's on the list to look at if we can find something suitable and within budget!
  9. The Monkey Head Nebula in Hubble Palette

    Great image. Hope you don't mind Steve, but I applied scnr to the png file in pixinsight out of curiosity, and this is the result.
  10. DIY All Sky Camera

    In case anyone wants to know, a 5mm cs adaptor fits, but is not deep enough. The measured distance to get focus for the zwo 290 and 120 (so probably others too) is nearer 6.4mm. So a 5mm thick cs mount adaptor is around £3 on ebay but another 1.4mm needs to be found for focus with the Fujinon lens. Either use washers as spacers or get something made. I think the adaptors come in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-FAST-SHIP-C-CS-Mount-Lens-Adapter-Ring-Extension-Tube-For-CCTV-Camera-5mm/272950505030?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  11. Another allsky camera build

    If it's the lens in the image above, I guessed a 5 mm spacer was required but it's actually more like 6.4mm. To bring it to focus I have a friend with a lathe who is going to make a couple of spacers as he's just bought the same lens for his zwo camera (120 I think). I read a thread on here that said the same thing, a custom spacer was required.
  12. Don't tempt me! Too late.... tempted 😁
  13. Questions to ask an astronaut..?

    Well, very good talk and a great evening, mostly serious with some humour here and there. Finished the show on the guitar playing space oddity. No time for conversations afterwards unfortunately, but literally an in and out meet and photo opportunity.
  14. Questions to ask an astronaut..?

    Front row VIP 😎
  15. I was bought tickets for Christmas to see Chris Hadfield in Southampton tonight, including VIP meet and greet after the show. Although I don't get star struck, I will ask him to sign his book that I also got for Christmas and have a photo taken with him, you know, for the records. This also got me thinking... what can I ask him that no one has ever asked? A question I was going to ask was why do the majority of photos taken and shared are nearly always of the Earth? I heard Tim Peake say once that there's too much light reflecting from earth and the sun to see anything out in space, but surely on the opposite side of the cupola, during hours of darkness and no moon, there must be some absolutely amazing things to see out in the big black just naked eye? Imagine a 20" ota poking out of a porthole (not literally), but I've never read or heard anything like this on the ISS. What say you all? Got any awesome questions to ask an astronaut?