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  1. With some basic walls drawn, this is how it'll look.
  2. I've secured some recycled 4" x 2" battens (96mm x 47mm in today's money), enough for 2 laps of the shed perimeter. Using these measurements, I've drawn up what I think is going to work well, to see if there's anything I haven't thought of. The GSF Promount runners I chose can handle 50kg per pair when fully extended. The roof and wood shouldn't weigh this much in total (a 6' length of wood is less than 4kg), but I'm thinking I may need to bolt down the opposite side of the shed so when it's fully open, it doesn't tip over. This idea should work as long as I can get everything square, and to do that I need to change the base. Currently it is just sat on the patio slabs, but these slope downhill so I am going to lay the shed on a level 4:1 sand:cement base on top of the slabs, of about an inch, with a 6'x4' 10mm thick rubber base (£20 ebay) between that and the shed, to stop damp rising and give the shed base a softer feel underfoot. This way, when I move house, the whole thing can come with me and I can restore the patio to a patio with minimal effort. The base would be broken up and disposed of. This is planned for next week as I'm on leave, so hopefully I can complete this, it works without fuss, and I can get the power installed and start on the computer setup and final polar alignment very soon!
  3. Another satisfied Sumerian Dob owner here (16"). The primary collimation can be a pain but I would seriously advise you do not replace the adjustment thumbscrews with allen bolts. If the allen key slips (and it will), it's only going to land in one place and you don't want that! Another tip to help collimation, if using a laser, is to push the mirror cell underneath gently to see which direction to adjust the primary as you'll see the reflected dot (cross in my case) move on the secondary. Also, do this with the scope pointing low down.
  4. I recently bought an Altair GPCam 2 mono for lunar and solar imaging, and remembered that I had a CS lens somewhere that I bought cheap ages ago to try on an imaging source camera. It fit fine and I put it outside a couple of nights ago to test. Using Altair Capture, I set it to 20s exposures on loop and literally didn't do anything else apart from screw the lens on and set infinite focus. The focus is sprung loaded so can easily tip when pressed, hence the blurred stars on 1 side. The result was ok, and here's a short timelapse at 30fps (1 hour of images in total), no other editing done. One thing is clear is the need to set autoexposure for when the clouds do roll in, to prevent overexposure. Flats and darks will help I suspect. 30fps.mp4 I guess it clouding over was a good thing as it highlighted this straight away. I was hoping to capture a Perseid but nope, just planes, satellites and clouds! I'm going to build an all sky camera with dome, dew heater, light pollution filter and fixed fanless mini PC in the obsy to run it remotely, switching on when required. I may also install a small electronic rotary cover to cover the lens when not in use, to prevent possible solar burn on the chip. The other this I will do is make it 'plug and play' in the sense that I can undo a door underneath and pull the camera out for use on the scopes when required. This should be quite easy until I decide to fit a camera permanently, which I probably will - a. I've ordered a dome and ABS project box and will probably order an Arecont 1.55mm f2 IR corrected fish-eye lens, as suggested here -> http://skyinspector.co.uk/allsky-camera-ii Also, thanks to @steppenwolf for this thread -> and @Gina for her multiple threads and any others I've read. I'll post further updates once I receive the parts and start to put something together.
  5. Well, my measurements were correct, it fits!
  6. AZ-EQ6 update

    It's the hand controller firmware that's updated, not the motors.
  7. My custom pier adaptor is ready! I'm going to test it first, then polish and anodise. I've also bought some sliders for the roof conversion. These are from GSF Promounts and were £93 including VAT and delivery. These are 1200mm long, and extend to 2400mm long, and are able to hold 100kg plus when full extended. The shed is 1200mm wide, so a good fit - just need to measure up for some 2x2 or 3x3 to make a sliding frame. I may also have to secure the shed down to prevent it tipping over, but will test that when I come to it in a couple of weeks.
  8. I did think it was very odd, silly mistake to make if it were me! Must be something to do with the latest update, I suspect the database might have been 'amended' accidentally.
  9. Can this be moved into the Astro lounge please @admin, must have posted in the wrong section by mistake.
  10. focus issue or dodgy lens

    I have one and it's soft on the right hand side wide open. If you're tracking with this lens, try stopping it down and you'll notice the edges and softness vastly improve. For capturing Perseids in a dark location, try 30 second exposures in a tracking mount at f4 or 5.6 at iso 3200.
  11. Some of you may have seen this already, or many other videos like it before. This one's fairly modern and is worth a watch if you like the 'smallest to biggest' comparison videos.
  12. Hmmm... let me think about it
  13. That's what I was thinking, full disc solar observing with the quark?
  14. Does it include a diagonal? It's not shown but don't ask don't get!
  15. Dark frame Hypertuning

    I too have been considering sending mine in to be tuned. I have managed to strip, clean and regrease with teflon lithium grease as the stuff Dave uses isn't available in the shops and is very expensive aerospace grade grease. I know this as he's told me in a previous conversation. I sent him some phd logs and he identified straight away that there was too much dec backlash, which I've since tuned out but yet to test whilst I assemble the obsy and wait for the weather / darkness. I am considering taking my mount to them for a chat / check as luckily they're based in Clanfield which is about 20 minutes away. Everyone is judged on their last job and bad experiences will always be remembered over good. The main thing is it's getting sorted out for Emil.