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  1. Here's a couple of stills from last night's sky cam. 1st one was 18:30 last night, 2nd one was 06:50 this morning. Are they Gemenids or flares? My money's on Gemenids as I saw some belters on Wednesday night.
  2. PHD DEC question

    It did bind in the cold weather too, I'm beginning to think I should wrap a dew heater blanket around it to stop it going sub zero.
  3. PHD DEC question

    No cats or cable dragging, it's a permanent setup in a keter shed with roll off roof. A gust of wind is possible I suppose, and the sticking is certainly something I'd like to sort out, perhaps it's the very low temperature.
  4. PHD DEC question

    See now it appears fine?
  5. This is weird - my PA is pretty good and for weeks now the rig has been mostly behaving, churning our 30 minute NB subs ok, but I've just seen this happen on PHD: Apart from a plane passing (I looked up and didn't see anything), what can cause the DEC guiding to do this randomly?
  6. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Which one? The short one is a William Optics Star 71, and the long one is an Altair Astro Starwave Classic (4") with a Quark Chromosphere on it.
  7. Chances for tonight??

    Didn't take long, and we're off! Sorry to those who can't play tonight, but I have to take what I can get!
  8. Chances for tonight??

    We're nearly clear here too...once the dregs float away the 30 min subs shall commence!
  9. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Haha it does look like a body!!
  10. too windy to image?

    Yep, here it comes! (Bottom left of image)
  11. I have the G2 8300 and yes, the 5 filter wheel is a pain for obvious reasons. Where I am, my light pollution isn't the worst, but I clearly get better results with the NB filters as I climb the imaging learning ladder. If I want to use LRGB then as you, I don't want to keep opening the camera, so I figured a dual set up would be the best option as I already have 2 of the same scope, I just need a 2nd camera. NB in one plus a BB colour, then LRGB in the other plus, I dunno, Ha. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you decide to sell the Moravian on, please let me know!
  12. SGL2017 Picture thread

    My 16" dob was there, not sure it's classed as 'big' but it was certainly popular. Notice the ladder holding it up in the strong wind!
  13. too windy to image?

    If you're sheltered from the wind, behind a fence or something, then you'll only know by trying it as suggested. I started at 17:00 this evening, on my 4th 1800sec OIII sub already as we speak, but worryingly clearoutside says chance of rain between 22:00 and 01:00 with 0% cloud all night?! It also has red wind warning but it's clear and still outside right now. Just set up and get it going, don't worry too much about the wind etc as you will get more data regardless, but none if you don't set up. Plus it's good practice anyway, even if the subs are rubbish due to the conditions.
  14. Another allsky camera build

    I've moved on a bit since I started this thread. I now have a ZWO ASI270MM and 170 degree lens, and it's working very well with a program called AllSkEye. I've set it up to take an image every 30 seconds, with automatic exposure up to 20 seconds based on the previous image levels. It saves to a network location and I've written a small webpage to display the image every 30 seconds automatically. I figured this would be the most lightweight way of doing things, as I plan to put a small PC into the box for a standalone all sky cam. I've also cut down a cheap LP filter and fitted this inside the camera, replacing the original sensor glass. This seems to work really well. This is the view right now.