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  1. I have a set of all 3 baader 1.25” filters if you need them all? Ha, OIII and SII
  2. Why do you say that? I have a couple of hyperions and they are good in my 16” dob?
  3. I've sent you a PM - could you check and send a photo or 2 please? Thanks.
  4. I've had a quick look, and there's an ADM vixen dovetail and vixen saddle bundle, but can't see a losmandy. Do you have a link please?
  5. I'll have a look on ebay, I may have already seen it. I'm sure we could arrange something if it suits!
  6. I'm still in this one too...maybe a small cash adjustment will tempt someone?
  7. I'm still looking if anyone has one / knows of one?
  8. I'm after a losmandy saddle for an experiment, before I shell out on a large expensive new one. Brand not important, although an ADM one would be nice. Thanks.
  9. I have tried all sorts of alignment techniques, and I have found that for me, drift aligning is the easiest to understand and seems to just work. Drift aligning a Mesu e200 mount shouldn’t be any different to any mount apart from the 3 bolts are acting like a primary mirror collimation rather than alt/az adjustments in a typical wedge. It really isn’t scary to do and like anything, a bit of practice and understanding what you’re doing and why is always a good thing.
  10. The best part of that clip is the guy who's filming it.....that laugh!
  11. I know it's not funny, but was this you....?! Streaking goes wrong.mp4
  12. Old Winchester Hill is close, plenty of spots to set up and no one will know you’re there. Pete Lawrence is up there a fair amount for the Sky at Night.
  13. It could be dew, what are you using, looks like a reflector? Check the secondary mirror the next time you notice it, in fact check both mirrors.
  14. Do you see a gradual change over a few hours on different evenings, or is it random? Sometimes, high cloud is not noticeable by eye but can play havoc with imaging. Also, a DSLR image at this time of year is not going to be optimal, due to the sky darkness.
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