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  1. Jonk

    Hello from near the New Forest

    Welcome - there are a couple of other members over your way. If you know of any quiet, dark, private spots in the forest for observing, please share!
  2. Jonk

    Finder guider, Asi 120 and Asi 120 mm-s

    I have a SW finder that I have used for guiding for 2 or 3 years now. I'm about to replace it with a SW Evoguide when the next batch arrives, so no longer need the original one. It has the finder shoe, and 'eyepiece' end and works very well. I also have an Imaging Source AU618 that was used for guiding if this interests you too? I may also be tempted to part with the adjustable rings if you need them too? Let me know if it takes your fancy and I'll out together some photos.
  3. Jonk

    S@N Moon map

    Mine came yesterday...not opened it yet!
  4. Jonk

    Interstellar travel

    Just found an interesting video on interstellar travel and what it would take.
  5. I love timelsapses and this music really makes the difference on this one. Watch it with the music on then with it off. I still can't find out what it is or who made it, and I want to, no NEED to know!
  6. It is still one of my regular desktop backgrounds! Love it.
  7. I thought I'd share this as I love this kind of thing. If anyone can tell me the author of the music I'd love to know! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeR2omZQF1k
  8. I've owned a used G2-8300 with 5 position filter wheel for nearly 2 years. I have never had any issues with drivers, SGP, cooling (always run at -20degrees) or anything else come to think of it. For what I paid plus filters (albeit used) it was well worth it in my opinion, and I would get a 2nd without question for a dual rig. Just need to save for a new or wait for a used to come up. I can't comment on new prices but they are for sure cheaper than QSI. I did chat with Sara and Olly before buying it so there you go.
  9. It may be my imagination, but already the sky appears darker above, to the naked eye. Too much moon at the moment, but the orange glow is definitely reduced. This does show up other more distant light more prominently, such as floodlights from the local football pitches and university sports ground.
  10. Sometimes lamppost position and height doesn't comply with today's standards, so that might be why. Ours must be relatively modern.
  11. I found that on mine too, and have added a 3rd thumbscrew on the secondary, which makes it much easier. I haven't on the primary yet, because I don't think it's needed if the scope isn't moved about much.
  12. Jonk

    Words fail me

    Unreal. A few years ago, Southampton City Council wanted to have green lasers coming off the top of their Guidhall, to complete with Portsmouth's Spinnaker tower. It was rejected, but I can't find any links on it.
  13. Thanks Mike, I'll take a look.
  14. Here's one of the street now looking very white! The glare from the lighter vehicles is huge. No doubt the visibility is much improved and longer term energy bills for the council will be lower, so win win there. Astronony however, we'll see.
  15. Well, today's the day! I didn't know until I heard someone clobbering something out front this afternoon. I managed to grab these photos through the bedroom window in a rush, so no pixel peeping please! They were there for 10 minutes per post, and literally hammered it until it popped off! You can see what they replaced it with, and I wasn't able to get a night shot of the previous lamp on at night, but have taken a snap of one further away I can see from the back windows.

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