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  1. I'm after a cheapo OAG for testing OA guiding on a frac I've refurbished - I have plenty of space between the focuser and the camera, so it doesn't need to be super slim. As long as it screws into 2" extension tube threads, all will be well. If it works as I expect, I'll buy a proper one. A few £ notes await.
  2. I wouldn't have thought it was a leak, more like condensation between the layers? I would bring it indoors and let it thouroughly dry out - if it's breathable material, it should be fine. The danger is you may get fungus growing inside, which may be nasty.
  3. I wouldn’t count on a reply! Ultimate fix, wipe the computer and install fresh Windows 10 (latest), followed by latest Ascom followed by SGP, then once this works, install the drivers.
  4. According to this setup, you would need about 20m of PLA, and the print would take <8 hours using a 0.8mm nozzle, no infill (it doesn't need it) and print speed of 45mm/s. The resolution won't be fantasitc, as it's a large nozzle. It also won't be smooth - if you want smooth, the best thing to do is print ABS, then chemical polish the surfce by placing in a sealed container with acetone vapour. The main thing to take into consideration is shrinkage as it cools. This may or may not be an issue, so you can either design it in when modelling (adding 0.2-0.3mm for example) if you know the outcome will be correct, or you can account for this in the slicing software (Cura in this case). Another point is holes - if you know where these holes need to be, draw them in and if you need to reem or drill out when printed to suit, then this will be a lot easier than drilling new holes. Drilling PLA is like any other plastic, it's very easy to get it wrong and melt rather than drill the material. The best way to achieve this part in my opinion is turn down some ABS pipe. A good machinist will have no problem with it.
  5. Try PLA, it’ll be strong and drillable. I’ll check how much material is needed tomorrow at work, and how long the print will take as I may be able to do it for you.
  6. You’re not the first person I’ve heard say that!
  7. I've just seen the SGP forum post, and i think what he means was 6.5 isn't compatible with 3.0.0.xxx I would uninstall all sgp and ascom related things, and start afresh with the latest if both (unless you've already done this). If I remember correctly, installing sgp without ascom won't work, sgp moans ascom isn't installed?
  8. No net yet, I do recall some Ascom issues mentioned on there recently. Are you up to date with Ascom?
  9. 3dhubs was the first one I used. If you send me the dimensions I've drawn the model and created the .stl file for you (attached). 120mm od x 115mm id x 135mm length.stl
  10. If it's stuck on that splash screen, that would suggest the SGP license server isn't responding. How long have you left it before closing manually, or does it close itself?
  11. You're not the only one...! Ok, 3.2.xxx it is then! DId you get the email with a special code regarding changing license servers? I had it on the 21st of September. Just remove everything SGP related, reboot, install latest version and have an active internet connection to activate the license.
  12. Whilst perfectly feasible, can you find a piece of plastic pipe that is close and use that? If you know someone with a lathe, they can make it fit. I have access to an Ultimaker 3 Extended and this can produce amazing parts. I always tell people at work, if you can draw it, we can print it (within size restrictions)!
  13. If it’s running and already registered then you may be able to update to the latest 3.1.xxx. Question is do you need to? If you mean what I think you mean then no, you can’t migrate to another computer, I doubt the licence key will work. It’s probably tied to mac address of the NIC (network adaptor) in the registered computer, so unless you change that and run the same version (effectively cloning the working pc) then you’ll probably be wasting your time. Do you need it on anything but the imaging laptop?
  14. As I understand it, anything below 3.2 cannot be registered now, it will only work if registered prior to their licensing model changing a month or so ago. If you want to use sgp as a new instalation, 3.2 upwards is the only thing you can do. Anyone on less that 3.2 need to prevent updating if it works for them and they don’t want or need to update it. Same with windows, on a dedicated imaging computer, if it works for you, don’t update.
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