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    Celestron C11, EQ6 Pro Mount, Hyperstar, Neximage 5, i7 Laptop and Cannon 50D unmoded. One day I hope I learn how to use it properly ...until then its just for fun :)
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  1. Trying to understand LRGB imaging

    I agree with Spill, But I do use a OSC camera and have used my Astrodon 3nm Ha filter many times to produce great images with the OSC camera. I just remove the R channel and work with that. As was said though. Because of the bayer matrix, only 1/4 of the pixels are used for the "R" Channel ( Ha ) so the resolution is reduced. If, say, you want to use narrowband, again a OSC camera can be used.....But, IMHO, a Mono camera would probably be a better deal.
  2. Atik EFW2 (5x2") and spare 5x2" carousel

    Let me know if sale falls through....I am also interested
  3. Updated ! What they think of us !

    Very funny. Love it.
  4. Live rocket launch

    Yep. Live launch in 100 minutes....that's 20 more 5 minute subs in AP speak
  5. ngc 7686

    Imaging Challenge #9 I was thinking of putting my Orion M42 in for that but just checking...It was taken on 26 Nov lol
  6. Maybe its the artist in you. Maybe you will never be totally satisfied. Always seeing other ways to improve on your work hehehe
  7. Thats an amazing shot. Very clear. I have done a 9 panel moon, I think last year. It was a huge file of 100Mb. This one, at 52 panels, I expect, would have been a massive file lol. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Very nice. I can see how you have controlled the noise on the second image.
  9. Thanks for that tid bit on the end Olly, I have always wondered why, sometimes, my SCT drops out of focus and other tims stays put! I will remember to do this from now on. Doublescoops, Welcome to the rabbit hole $$$ of Astrophotography.
  10. Quick Dslr light pollition filter test

    Thanks for taking the time to do this. Thats a great compilation. And I also think you have gone aboutthis teh best way....show as is as everyone processes differently. Here, they can process the images themselves to see what suits. One needs to process out the filter to get a corrected image.
  11. New LED street lights

    Yep, as laser_jock99 shows, I too had street lighting replaced for new LED's. I asked the council if they could shield or dim the street light not far from my garden. When I first started astronomy, it was a small street light about 10ft tall. They said they were actually going to replace all the street lights in my area. They changed the lamp post for a much taller one and replaced the sodium for LED's. Now its three times brighter in my garden. Enough said. I dare not talk to the council in fear they will increase the light some more
  12. IC-443 Mono Ha

    Very nice. I love the detail the Ha brings out in this image. Great shot
  13. Worst Astro Image Ever? - SOLVED!

    Looks like you got a snow drift approaching from the left!!
  14. Very nice. A great way to show how much you have improved. My first attempt at AP was Orion. And yeah, similar to yours then. Now, with better equipment and a much better understanding of AP and how to image Orion. The transformation is amazing. I posted my new image yesterday on here. Its in my galery. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Hi, I have left my rig imaging over night. I just take care that I am as sure as possible it isnt going to rain before I do. Since building my Obsy in July I think I have had at leats 10 sessions where I have gone to bed. Woke the next day and closed the roof. Last night was one of those night. Using SGPro, I imaged M33, M31, NGC3344 M87 and the one I posted earlier today, M86 Security, I think best not mention the security measure's. Although I will mention a great free program http://www.yawcam.com/ I use on a cheap laptop. It uses the webcam on the laptop to monitor for any changes. When it senses the changes it takes a picture and emails it you immediately. I just setup a new Gmail account for this one purpose. One can select a specific area of the screen to monitor too. Instead of the whole screen. Here is a picture it emailed to me. Clear skies