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    Celestron C11, EQ6 Pro Mount, Hyperstar, Neximage 5, i7 Laptop and Cannon 50D unmoded. One day I hope I learn how to use it properly ...until then its just for fun :)
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    Nottingham. UK.
  1. If you paid via PayPal, talk to PayPal, they are on your side. If you paid by Credit Card, Talk to the credit card company. I made a huge purchase using PayPal, the item arrived broken. The shop, I felt, just delayed and delayed giving me my money back. So, I spoke with PayPal on one Tuesday and had my money back in my account by Friday lunchtime. Good luck. Dave.
  2. As Globular says. Also, you could be in a Bortle 1 area but a street light is just next to your rig. Yet, 200 meters down the road its very dark.
  3. Sorry to hear that Olly. Iv'e been using SGPro for a few years. I'm moving from SGPro V2 having purchased it just before they moved to V3. ( I was not too pleased ) And I waited for SGP to introduce dual rig dithering, which I was informed will be in V4. Then I get a email saying SGPro is going down the never, never a owner, route of annual charge/rent. (From: $149.00 now then $59.00 / year) So, I am checking out the FREE TO USE N.I.N.A. as it does have dual rig support. The only night I have had chance to test it, the Plate Solving, using ASTAP was lightening fast ( were are talking seconds ) compared to SGPros, Planewaves PlateSolve 2's sometimes minutes, when imaging at 2800mm FL. Centering on a object was quick. So far, I am impressed. I have checked for Stellarcat-Argonavis and N.i.N.A. but so far, sadly, found nothing so far.
  4. The in/out of focus is the "seeing" conditions. Usually caused by the jet stream or just poor weather. If the stars are twinkling, so will the planets. Check the weather forecast for the jet stream and winds in general. If possible, try imaging when the winds are minimal and the jet stream is elsewhere. Consider the circumstances, that's not a bad start. I am not a planet imager. Others, who are I'm sure, will have some other suggestions to help improve your imaging. Even on windy nights
  5. I agree, more subs are needed. I have been working on it this morning and no matter what I do it does not improve it any. I just need a few more clear nights and will go back to this. I love the detail but its just not clean enough.
  6. I am experimenting at the moment Olly. But it works with my Mesu 200. Have the ZWO 183MM on the TS65Q, Atik4120EX on C11 with ZWO OAG and Lodestar X2. All on Mesu200. Have the SiTech selected in NINA as the scope mount. Works well so far. Plate solving using ASTAP is very fast, even using the ATIK 4120EX at 2800mm FL. https://nighttime-imaging.eu/docs/master/site/requirements/ I will start a new thread with my setup and any snags if anyone is interested.
  7. Star101


    Very good for 20 x 180s. /channel. You do right to be pleased Well done.
  8. ....................
  9. With N.I.N.A. one can use dual scope and dither. Synchronized Dithering with PHD2
  10. Sorry, xthestreams. The RC arrived broken and the shop had no more of the same at hand to send out so I got my money back. My personal circumstance has since changed and the RC has been put on the back burner for now. Maybe next year
  11. Taken, Sunday 27 Sept 2020. 15 x 300s using Atik 4120ex OSC camera. Celestron C11 on Mesu 200 mount. Guiding using ZWO OAG and Lodestar x2 mono camera. PHD2, Pixinsight, Artemis, Affinity Photo. Mel-15 in the center of The Heart Nebula, IC 1805, Sharpless 2-190. Thanks for looking.
  12. Just a thought! This may help, it may not!! I have the TS65EQ which was giving me worse issues than you have here. Real cone shaped stars similar to pinching. I separated the scope and slackened off the retainer rings around the lenses, then gently shook the casing and lightly tightened the retainer rings back up being extremely careful not to touch the lenses with the fine watch screwdriver. Images look as good as new now. Check out this video from 3mins in - Scope lens Good luck, P.S. Excellent image by the way. Dave.
  13. Thinking positive. If we had clear nights every night, I think, one would soon get blasé about the night sky. The slim chance of a clear slot between the clouds gives us the exciting impetus to stargaze. Also, take these cloudy nights as nights of rest....you will need them for when the sky does clear soon
  14. Recently, I bought a 2" Astrophysics 0.67 Reducer for another scope which got sent back. I kept the 0.67 reducer for sometime in the future. While waiting for the future I was playing with my TS65EQ 420mm f6.5 scope as ya do! I placed the reducer on the front of the ATIK 3 nosepiece and slid it into the scope then wondered if I could find focus. Well, blow me down, I did And I was impressed I could now fit objects in the FOV that would have needed a mosaic before. On closer inspection, I noticed the corners of the image were not that great compared to the perfect flat image of the TS65EQ without any additional optics. The TS65EQ already has a field flattener built in. My question is, are there any focal reducers out there for such a short focal length scope? The ones I can find are for SCT's not APO's. Unprocessed Trunk. Corner edge Trunk from basic TS65EQ no crop.
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