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    Celestron C11, EQ6 Pro Mount, Hyperstar, Neximage 5, i7 Laptop and Cannon 50D unmoded. One day I hope I learn how to use it properly ...until then its just for fun :)
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    Nottingham. UK.
  1. I think it also depends on your reasons to purchase a scope in the first place. I dont know when you started astronomy but for me, its been an OK winter, weather wise. Last winter was worse for me here. Only bad weather is this last 4 weeks for me. Although I was away for two of those weeks to a place where the sun and stars shone brightly I have never felt I have wasted my money on my astronomy gear. Having been viewing since 2010 and imaging since 2016. Purchasing lots of bits and pieces. I find the weather just a obstacle to wait out until it changes for the better. And I do think, personally, if it was clear skies every night then I would probably get bored quickly and sell up lol. I think the weather will improve next week. Hold on in there. It will get better, it always does
  2. Sunflower galaxy

    Lovely image. Thats a great shot. Nice detail too.
  3. This sounds very interesting. I'm looking forward to the results.
  4. New, and Improved LP filter?! :)

    It would be interesting to see a comparison of this new filter along with the Chroma LP filter. As I have bad LP to the west with the new LED street lights I would be very interested in ANY LP filter that could help.
  5. My first deep sky image m42

    Not bad for first attempt. Great image but to me it looks a little on the blue side. I am not sure about processing Olympus e420 images as I use CCD. So I will let someone else comment on that. However, tracking looks not bad. Which is a good start Congratulations. Excellent start on a beautiful image.
  6. Remote imaging experiances

    I took out a subscription to iTelescope some time ago but never really used it as I think it is very expensive. Recently, as my account has built up through lack of use, ( I pay monthly). I was looking at imaging the southern skies during our summer months. Definitely food for thought.
  7. Rosliston Star Party March 2018

    I would have liked to gone to this. However, I will be lost in France by then but wish you all a great weekend. I'm sure it will be much darker than last March's Star Party Good luck and wishing you great clear skies
  8. Connection to house

    I use Devlo Powerline units. One in my shed and one in the house connected to my router. I sit in my warm living room, watching TV and chatting wit my wife while keeping an eye on my laptop screen Teamviewer to see how my images are downloading from my scope to my laptop in the shed. Something similar to this - Powerline Starter kit There are faster units at cost. But they are great. No CAT5 etc. As long as the sheds power comes from your house junction box, you should be OK. I setup this way with my Devlo units : - Inset the main using into a wall power socket next to your router. Put a short CAT5 cable from that unit to your router. Plug the other unit into the power socket in the shed with your computer that controls the scope. Put a Cat5 cable from computer into that second unit, else use WiFi to connect to it. Back in the house, press the little button on the unit to have it search. Then outside to shed, press button on unit in shed within 2 minutes!. Hey presto, We have internet in the shed. Sorted Hope this helps....Also save drilling holes Good luck.
  9. NGC7822 - A 2 pane mosaic

    Looks great to me Sara. Love the colours. As Ray says, glad you didn't throw it away.
  10. First attempt at narrowband with hyperstar

    I agree, the detail appears better on the fist (yellow) image. However, the second (red) image is more pleasing to my eye's. But hey, it's NB. That's one of the great things with NB. One can make pretty pictures or detailed pictures. The choice is yours I also use a OSC camera (Atik 4120EX) with my NB filters and I am impressed with the detail. You have lots of detail here. And to say its your first attempt. That's a great start. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Trying to understand LRGB imaging

    I agree with Spill, But I do use a OSC camera and have used my Astrodon 3nm Ha filter many times to produce great images with the OSC camera. I just remove the R channel and work with that. As was said though. Because of the bayer matrix, only 1/4 of the pixels are used for the "R" Channel ( Ha ) so the resolution is reduced. If, say, you want to use narrowband, again a OSC camera can be used.....But, IMHO, a Mono camera would probably be a better deal.
  12. Atik EFW2 (5x2") and spare 5x2" carousel

    Let me know if sale falls through....I am also interested
  13. Updated ! What they think of us !

    Very funny. Love it.
  14. Live rocket launch

    Yep. Live launch in 100 minutes....that's 20 more 5 minute subs in AP speak
  15. ngc 7686

    Imaging Challenge #9 I was thinking of putting my Orion M42 in for that but just checking...It was taken on 26 Nov lol