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    Celestron C11, EQ6 Pro Mount, Hyperstar, Neximage 5, i7 Laptop and Cannon 50D unmoded. One day I hope I learn how to use it properly ...until then its just for fun :)
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  1. Great images. Thanks for sharing
  2. I will look into this. It looks very interesting.
  3. Very nice. Thats a great camera there. Love the detail. Thanks for sharing.
  4. This question dates back to the times of Plato and probably before. A broom and its handle, a Axe handle and its head. Even a rowing ship and the replacement of its oars. Its fundamentally what it was but with additions or modifications
  5. A very nice image of Jupiter
  6. Lovely images. Impressive I agree, the first has a very moody feel to it.
  7. Thanks for a great thread gnomus. I like the comparison of Ha 3nm and 5nm. Its a personal preference but I do prefer the 3nm as I see less stars but that's all. Its a very close call. Interesting none the less. I would love a dual rig but other projects in the pipeline at the moment (ror shed). I saw Sara's article in a magazine which was very interesting. My issue is I have a C11, not sure if I could fit another scope along side it! Either way, it's something else for me to consider
  8. That's impressive. I love the detail and yeah, the colour too. I know its WIP but still I like as is I look forward to seeing it progress.
  9. Excellent video. Yeah, those skies are amazing. Thanks for brightening up my very dull damp dreary day
  10. Thanks Olly, If its good enough for you then I will leave mine set at 0.5x too
  11. I check Clearoutside, BBC weather, Met Office, Satellite images of clouds and my own visual check and gut feeling. Having been watching the clouds for a couple of years seriously, I have become amazed how I can now look outside, see the sky and almost instinctively know if its going to be a good clear night or not. Its not perfect yet, but its getting better and much better that most of the forecasts given Hope you find a great solution soon
  12. They are both great images. I am so envious. My rig is wrapped up at the moment while I get a pier sorted ( this weekend ). Then a permanent setup with a ROR shed will be set. And your images make me so envious. Thanks for posting. Much appreciated.
  13. Thanks for posting such a great image and the details where we can download the data to "have a go" ourselves. My scope is covered in tarp at the moment as I am literally in the middle of installing a concrete pier. Setting up on such short nights is a pain, especially when rain is forecast early morning. Images like this make me so excited about the near future
  14. Congratulations on the new mount. You wont be disappointed.