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    Celestron C11, EQ6 Pro Mount, Hyperstar, Neximage 5, i7 Laptop and Cannon 50D unmoded. One day I hope I learn how to use it properly ...until then its just for fun :)
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  1. Ive put them in my car I will bring the 4 port controller and a 3 pin mains power unit with cig lighter so should be ok all night to use it.
  2. I can bring one or two if needed. I have 1 for 11" the others are three are either 3" or 4" Let me know by noon if needed. Dave
  3. I have not packed the car yet. At the moment I have the scope imaging in the garden as its such a clear night here it would be a shame to waste it Looks like I will be packing the car in the morning lol. At least I dont need the tent
  4. Just checked the forecast as I'm sure many of us do. And its looking like its going to be an excellent weekend
  5. I will try to pack tomorrow but its supposed to be a clear sky here!!....Maybe if I pack before dark
  6. I cannot comment on the other programs. However, PixInsight is designed as a Astrophotography tool. Not any old imaging software. Personally I find it amazing, the amount of detail it can bring out in the images of DSO's. PixInsight have ( almost? ) fully functioning Trial Version ...I think it comes with a 3 month licence. Why not give it a try and see for yourself! Good Luck in what ever you chose. Dave.
  7. I've just set up ready. Waiting for some stars to come out in a couple of hours time to get focus sorted and I will be set. Thanks for the info on the GRS. I may give that a shot before I move over to Hyperstar. The Virgo cluster will be around then
  8. I just remember crossing the Greenwich Meridian Plaque when I took a walk in Cleethorpes one sunny day last year. I agree, lovely place for a nice easy stroll along the waters edge Sorry, Not a clue yet where you were. I'm sure it will come to around 4am while Im just going to bed after a night out with the scope.
  9. Cleethorpes ?
  10. Thanks for the info. I will download it as I use CdC quite often when I'm not using SGPro.
  11. M51 is also a nice DSO and will be high around that time. Personally I will be trying to image the 45P Comet If I can find it
  12. Being as I find Astronomy doinated by guys...I cant see much point, myself. Now, has there ever been an abundence of alcohol available at star a different matter and I think folks would would find much more appealing...Especially in the cold nippy winter month of March
  13. Beautiful. Thats a great image nandopg. Thanks for sharing.
  14. On a more sunny note...Take a look at this forcecast from ClearOutside website.
  15. On the "Mothers Day" - Fortunately, both our Mothers are understanding and fair. We will see them some other time and take flowers etc. It doesnt mean we think any less of them. It means we will have something to talk about that is different