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    Celestron C11, EQ6 Pro Mount, Hyperstar, Neximage 5, i7 Laptop and Cannon 50D unmoded. One day I hope I learn how to use it properly ...until then its just for fun :)
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  1. If you are using EQMOD try clicking on one of the TRACKING RATE Icons near the bottom of the control panel ( Stars, Moon, Sun, Comet symbol ) Failing that I would look at PA. Make sure you have good polar alignment.
  2. With my old setup I would sometimes be lucky if I had 1 sub to show from all night. My mount had too much weight and PHD2 would take over an hour to sort out and get some sort of reasonable performance. I would spend all night fighting with my mount and have no subs to show for it as all were streaky. I was always reluctant to calibrate PHD2 because it took an age but I new nothing would work unless I did it. About as much fun as homework on a Friday night! Now, with my new mount, PHD2 takes no more than 10 minutes to calibrate ( heaven ) sometimes much quicker. Then, if I just point and shoot, I'm off taking 600s subs and back in the house watching TV with my wife while watching the subs roll in on my remote desktop laptop. YES, IT IS THAT GOOD! I have not really had issues with power or cameras etc. It was always the mount. About 18Kg on a 16Kg weighted mount for AP. Oh, and clouds. Imaging and wondering why that 300s sub is much clearer than the newer 600s subs lol. Darn clouds!!
  3. Thats a great shot. Very nice. Also interesting information. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Very nice image. I'm not a great fan of the ASI1600 camera. But this is probably the best image I have seen by one so far. Very clean, good detail and nice contrast. Maybe its the user Very nice. More images please Thanks for sharing.
  5. Interesting. I might order a copy
  6. I check satellite cloud images, Met Office and several other websites. Then I look out the window and judge for myself. I am past relying on any forecast to be 100% correct. I just use them as a guide. I think if you actually £pay£ for a weather foecast, the chances are, it will be more accurate. But hey, I think my eyes are good enough!
  7. I find it a lovely image but now gnomus mentions above and below....I'm more than intrigued about this area of sky Thnaks for sharing.
  8. Thanks for the link. This looks very interesting. I have had a skim through the first few pages and have to say it looks a very good read for those of us interested in Astronomy. Downloading
  9. Yes, a lovely image. Very low in the sky for me ( too many houses in the way lol ) Thanks for sharing.
  10. very nice image. What scope/camera did you use?
  11. Im not sure TBH. I have not had much chance to test the mount since my comments. However, I have been reading the manual. I installed Platesolve 3 in the directory mentioned in the manual. I found, of the three files that should have installed, one failed. So I searched the net for Platesolve 3. Found another source and downloaded. Then copied the required files to the correct directory mentioned in the manual. Since then, SkyView in SiTech.exe shows a star map. Where as before, there was just a blank circle! I am hoping this Friday, when I get home, ( away for work at the moment ). It will be clear skies and I get chance to test again. I have a good feeling this will work. I am starting to think, the platesolve 2 directories were in the wrong place. C:/...../UCAC3PS/UCAC3PS....Instead of just C:/..../UCAC3PS I will know more Friday evening.
  12. Congratulations on the new Mesu. I'm sure you will me very happy with it.
  13. I am also in the process of ror shed building this summer while the nights are short. I will be following this thread with great interest.
  14. I only use OSC camera to image so don't know about LRGB. To me, that image looks like what I would expect when no Bias/Darks/Flats have been applied. The colour gradient looks like light pollution. If you created some Bias ( and Darks if need be). You could use Bias as Darks by renaming the Bias file to something such as Bias as Darks.( Credit to ollypenrice for that idea ). If you want to save time. Then run again with those calibrated in. You would probably get a much better image.
  15. Very nice images. At 620mm f/2.2 That M51 must be heavily cropped!! That image FOV is what I would get at 1700mm with my SCT C11. I look forward to seeing what they look like when no moon is around