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    Celestron C11, EQ6 Pro Mount, Hyperstar, Neximage 5, i7 Laptop and Cannon 50D unmoded. One day I hope I learn how to use it properly ...until then its just for fun :)
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    Nottingham. UK.

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  1. I enjoyed that too. And having people and scopes in view puts the sky in perspective. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I watched S@N the other day on the iPlayer. I really enjoyed it. A very interesting show. Loved seeing the scopes and imaging.
  3. Having ordered the Mesu 200. And since ordering, counting the actual number of nights available with clear skies....Its beginning to look very expensive hobby
  4. Hi Mike and welcome from another Notts guy. And welcome to the rabbit hole AKA Money Pit of AP...Hope your disposable income wallet is healthy!...... Muaaaaahhhh!!!
  5. Thanks Sara, Its nice to know the professionals do same Yesterday it was 10C. I decided to create a new darks/bias library due to noise and streaks on some images. I found that I could not get my ATIK down to -20C. Maybe I didn't give it enough time! I even placed it in a cool box with ice packs from the freezer ( making sure the camera would not get wet from condensation). I got it down to decided -15C which is attainable most of the time, especially in summer, will have to be the norm. So started the sequence.
  6. Here is a link to the 60 second DARK on the ZWO website so you can make your own mind up! And the website itself
  7. As you can see from my avatar, my mount is setup outside preeminently too. I agree with what is said above, the weights on the bar maybe tipping the mount somewhat and putting a strain on the mount. Suggest putting the OTA on or taking the weights off. The damp interferes with my OTA but the mount itself has never had any issues with damp. I am currently planning a shed with a ROR. to house the setup in.
  8. Nice capture Matt. Thanks for sharing. How long did it take to pass over? It looks like its moving at a fair rate in the video...but time laps is good at that
  9. So tempted, but I've ordered a Mesu 200 mount. Good luck in your sale.
  10. It looks a beast. Envious? Me? Nooooo. Not at all
  11. Nice work. That's a good image. You have done well with M82 being so much brighter than M81 keeping the brightness levels even across the image. I have the ATIK 4120EX OSC, It produces excellent images and with limited clear skies in my part of the UK, the OSC camera is probably ( with exceptions) the best option!
  12. Nice images and interesting point about size. Its moving I tell ya
  13. Thanks for this thread. I too have been thinking of getting into NB. And what filter size I need. I have Hyperstar and the adaptor takes a 2" filter. 2" can cost a lot more than 1.25" and was thinking, when imaging the standard way I will have to have 1.25" Having read this thread, I have decided that 2", although more expensive, is the way for someone such as myself who is starting out in NB to go. I will not be happy with 1.25" filters, knowing some issues would not occur if I had purchased 2" filters instead.
  14. Thanks Zakalwe and RayD, Reading this thread I was beginning to wonder if I will be having to PA every night before imaging! Thank heaven its only if I have an earthquake
  15. Once a mount is polar aligned on a static pier does one have to perform a PA often?