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    Celestron C11, EQ6 Pro Mount, Hyperstar, Neximage 5, i7 Laptop and Cannon 50D unmoded. One day I hope I learn how to use it properly ...until then its just for fun :)
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    Nottingham. UK.
  1. Talking of putting the NEQ6 in the car. As my C11 will be laying around more often as the new RC Truss with take pride of place on the Mesu...I will soon have a mobile setup again...NEQ6 and C11....Good enough for Star Parties....Even if its a party of 1 lol.....These days.
  2. I agree Gina. I never found the NEQ6 too heavy...but awkward to carry...very. The Mesu is not easy to carry but easier sometimes than the NEQ6....But its heavy and fragile. The motors can be damaged if not careful. Mine is designed for Obsy use....Where as the NEQ6...chuck it in the car and drive, it will be fine
  3. The Mesu weighs just short of 27Kg. I have to think about it before trying to move it lol. I have just purchased 2 x 10Kg weights. I had no problem picking those up together....The Mesu feels much heavier than 27Kg to me though.
  4. There you go Mark. You made me feel so sorry for the mount I went and blew the dust off of it I replaced the image with a brand new one. It sits there very happy now
  5. The problem with having the rain sensor closing the roof automatically....Its electronics...It can go wrong!! eeekk!!
  6. Changes Hi Mark, I knew when I posted that ...I think...should dust it down, really!! lol Its on a high pier. Its an imaging rig and I very rarely walk around the rig. So don't see the dust And when I do walk around it, its usually very dark The top plate, not shown, is being painted because it never was. And showing signs of rust...Its only bare mild steel. When I built my ROR Shed, I was too eager to get the rig up and working, that I painted everything except the top plate that mount sits on. Now i have a new scope coming and the summer solstice is only weeks away. I thought it about time I get everything spik and span for the new season and the new scope. I need to re-plan my cable management. Too many cables from the floor to the scope. I'm sure I can reduce them to about three and have hubs on the mount or something. And the mount works perfectly. A bit dusty, but it will be cleaned up in the next day or two. Best investment, ever Well, until I get my scope
  7. I think I'm going to have an early night tonight. Forecast was for clouds to thicken.....but its breaking up to be a glorious evening here If I was on holiday I would dig out the NEQ6 lol For now...My rig is out of service.
  8. Just finished taking my rig down. New scope on its way. Should be here in the next two days. Gives me time to strip the old pier down and repaint the black I had some time between allowing layers to dry to process the Tulip from the other night. Not how I was expecting it to turn out but heym, its summer...near enough lol. Tulip from the weekend Stay safe and enjoy clear skies if you have them....Its getting cloudier by the minute here lol.
  9. FUN only :) I tried different combinations of Ha, OIII and SII but my NB skills need a lot of [practice because I could not get the desired effect I was hoping. I settled on this HOS version. I think its pretty and that's what matters :) The nights are short and I'm not yet a serious Astrophotographer lol. 20 x 120s of each Ha,OII and SII. TS65EQ Quad, ASI183MM with Astrodon 3nm NB. Mesu 200. Lodestar X2, PHD2, Pixinsight. Thanks for looking.
  10. Very nice image John. At the moment, I'm playing around with my planetary camera and a barlow to 2x magnify stuff. As a bit of fun I might have a look later to see if I can get something on a Apollo landing site. Who knows John, maybe you have started something
  11. Thats a lovely shot in Ha as is.
  12. I setup to image 10x 300s HaO3S2 on NGC6888 last night. Got 3 x Ha then decided to look at O3 and S2. Deselcted the Ha to make it move the filter. ( Should have told it to rotate instead) First O3 came down and was out of focus. Spent 10 mins refocusing and checking. Finally happy...Selected rotate filters and went to bed. Checked this morning...have 10 x O3, 10x S2 but still only 3 xHa....I forgot to re select the Ha box!! DOH!!! Ah well, its a good thing I dont do this for a living
  13. I need some new Darks but have to wait for the air temp to lower as I cannot get the camera temp below -16C at the moment. I need it to be -20C.
  14. I have to do military planning to get a chance to image M16. It appears between my house and the neighbours for around 20 minutes then disappears behind my neighbours house. I only imaged it once, it was hard work lol ....Maybe if I moved house I might image it again
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