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    Celestron C11, EQ6 Pro Mount, Hyperstar, Neximage 5, i7 Laptop and Cannon 50D unmoded. One day I hope I learn how to use it properly ...until then its just for fun :)
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  1. If I am correct in assuming this is your scope and mount. Balance will be difficult. It could be the camera is too heavy for the motors. Maybe you could try adding a slight counterweight by taping it to the scope.
  2. That's a great image. I think you have done a great job. Love the detail in there. Thanks for the puns too. Very funny
  3. WOW, Thanks for the info and pictures. I am currently doing the same kind of project. The hole is just about dug. I am waiting for the metal circles that will go on top of the pier to help install the mount to arrive. Once that happens, I hope to start with the cement etc. Maybe beginning of June. Its great to see how others have chosen to do the work. I look forward to ,more pics please. Good luck.
  4. Now where did I put that collar with the bearings that fits over that shaft? Good luck. Maybe one day I will be as daring as you. Even though I have a new mount now. My old NEQ6 Pro needs servicing for when I take it camping trips to dark sites later in the year. However, I need to work up some courage to strip it down as you have. I look forward to seeing your hard earned results.
  5. Its such a clear night tonight. Even with short nights I have to take my chances and image something. I'm looking at M13 tonight. Although a few things mentioned in this thread look very interesting, apart from I have never seen before. So, as M13 is quite bright, afterwards I will go check out the Elephant Trunk and others mentioned. Thanks guys
  6. Have a great evening with the stars. I'm sure, with no moon until later, its going to be a clear night and the wonders will keep your attention and prevent you feeling sleepy. Yeah, don't be late to the airport and have a Safe flight.
  7. If one has access to UK TV. Enjoy
  8. SGP give a 45 day FULL Licence for free so you can test it out. I use it I bought it after a couple of days.
  9. I went a couple of years ago. I enjoyed it. I agree the entry price is a bit steep but what you fail to mention is that the entry price gets you a ticket that last the whole year! So, somewhere to go visit on rainy days ...take the kids etc. Effectively for free after the initial outlay. No real benefit to foreigners on a day trip out but good for the locals. Having said this, yes, I agree, its not as big as I expected. It could do with a face lift. But all places will eventually need a facelift. The auditorium does have several different shows, so I suppose its what floats your boat. Bearing in mind, its for families and they have to keep the stories simpler than college grade to keep the youngsters interested.
  10. Half moon tonight. Im tracking it while waiting for it to get dark...Forecast 1 hour clear skies around 11pm tonight Tomorrow should be much better here. I also agree, its weird that we get clear skies as we get full moons. Very annoying but we grab what we can. If it was too easy though, I would have done all I wanted and moved on to something else by now Wishing everyone clear skies.
  11. Thanks Rodd, I did take a image of M51 using the focal reducer at f/6.3 a while back but my wife wanted me to crop it for a picture to frame So, I'm doing it again at f/10. lol I have a feeling though that, in my mind, it will never be finished. I will never be happy with the image, always wanting more data. And yes, the clouds just get in the way ....all the time.
  12. Finally found the reason for my self made woes! My old mount is a NEQ6 Pro. I used a BT2EQ6 Bluetooth adapter to connect the Laptop to the scope mount. Silly me, removed the mount but forgot to do anything with the Bluetooth settings. Bluetooth was hogging the COMS ports I needed to connect my Mesu to SGP on my laptop. Once I turn off Bluetooth EVERYTHING worked as it should I have since reassigned Bluetooth to other COMs ports out the way. Last night I setup SGPro to image 2 minutes on M101, M92, M13, M57 and M56 in the two hour gap in the clouds. WOW, It just did it without a hitch. I'm a very happy man. Last night I slept very well. Thanks for all your help and advice and helping me resolve my silly mistake.
  13. Nice image and nice little fuzz too Have you tried adding BIAS and DARKS to the image? I see some noise. The bias and darks will help reduce the noise. Give you a much smoother image.
  14. I agree with the above on the DEMO required for SkyX please Other programs such as SGPro and Nebulosity supply limited time licenced software. Heck, I even tried PixInsight for a few weeks while being blown away by it..hence purchasing it. Use it every week...Nothing but clouds so why not! Also bought SGPro, great software. ...I've not got around to testing Nebulosity
  15. I use CdC It works for me