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  1. swag72

    An early Pickering's Triangle

    A great image and a very insightful post with all the additional information... many thanks for that it's extremely useful for everyone
  2. Excellent team up with Lindy These are very good cables and well worth every penny
  3. swag72

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Cheers Kev..... as it stands right now, my observatory roof was completed a week ago and I've been in the UK since then..... I've not even seen it yet
  4. swag72

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    A very nice build indeed.... I do enjoy looking at these despite, sadly, having zero skills of my own. It's really taking shape now
  5. I was in the position last year of needing another mount. As it was for a dual rig I did need a few kilos capacity, so that ruled out any of the EQ6 types and Avalon as well. This meant that I was into premium brand territory I guess.... I already have a Mesu and categorically did not want another. I considered a Paramount, but having a friend who has a number of these running I didn't fancy my chances. In the end I settled for a second hand EQ8. It must be about 4 years old and hasn't been used too much. It does have DEC backlash as this shows itself in the guiding after a meridian flip. But after about 1-2 mins this sorts itself out. I am very pleased with the mount. Generally I'd say I get equal if not better guiding than the Mesu. But I do have a caveat..... I am working at an imaging scale of 3.38" pp. To say this is forgiving is an understatement. Would the EQ8 work as well at 0.63"pp (That is a focal length of 1200mm and smallish camera pixels) I honestly couldn't say as I haven't tried it. So I would say that in my experience the EQ8 is really good, but I've really not given it a difficult task. I would buy new and from a dealer that will take it back without question should it show any issues. Would I take a punt on one? Yes for sure.
  6. swag72

    A quick(ish) M13 to test my new Obs set up

    That's looking very nice indeed
  7. swag72

    Abell 1656 Coma Cluster . . . awesome

    Wowsers!! Love it Barry...... what a sense of perspective of life, the universe and anything else that is left
  8. I've got to put the kit all back together first more polar alignment, cabling and all the rest of the rubbish......
  9. No more room Ray.... this is it Got 2 decent enough mounts..... no more needed
  10. I'm sure that over time I will fill the space
  11. I shall be giving my husband instructions about a few bits and pieces he can do in there while I'm away..... typical though isn't it.....
  12. I can't wait to see it only another week to go
  13. And finally..... the Roof is done and in place.... and I'm in the UK now for a week I've not seen it as Steve has just sent me a couple of photos. Tomorrow he'll paint the floor.
  14. Typically - Nothing ever runs smoothly here. The sandwich for the roof and sides wasn't delivered by the supplier today so no roof...... But the frame is being built in the workshop.

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