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  1. Nice one Francis - What a super colour : ) Looks like there's something odd going on with the stars on the right though? The left hand side look fine.
  2. I had a standard HEQ5 years ago and used a 500mm focal length scope with a smallish pixel camera at 1.87" pp (this is a more important figure than just focal length as you can use camera's with different pixel sizes that will give you all sorts of combinations of imaging scale) - I used to always do 30 minute exposures with this combination.
  3. swag72

    M34 - Not Just An Open Cluster...

    Glad that you are happy with the Mesu Gav Nice image to start with..... as others have said I'm finding a bit of a red cast though.
  4. swag72

    Heart and Soul with widefield set up

    Love the colours on this..... a fantastic FOV..... very nice
  5. How are the corners when looking close? I ask as I know that the imaging circle couldn't cover the 11000 full frame chip...... does it work with this without any issues? Are you using the reducer?
  6. swag72

    The Wizard Nebula Sh2-142

    Loving the mono of this Steve - Great detail and resolution. I look forward to seeing how the full 3 channel NB comes out..... I have done this in wide field this season, but the resolution in the Wizard was pretty bad and so I'm trying to bolster it with the TMB at 1200mm..... a 2 pane mosaic and lots of bad weather is not helping
  7. swag72

    Asi1600 or 8300ccd

    I really rate the 8300 sensor and I use it with the FSQ85 as well as 1.25" filters. I have a QSI683 and also a Moravian G2-8300 (Both have an internal filter wheel). No darks are needed for these camera's, they run all year round at -15 degrees here in Spain. I use bias and flats and they really do calibrate out fine. If you do some internet research then there are folks who say that the 8300 sensor is long in the tooth, but I am very pleased with it. I always use long NB exposures of 30 mins, for luminance I use either 10 or 20 minutes depending on target and RGB I use 5 mins. I use a LP filter as the luminance filter and don't have any type of filter in place for the RGB. People think that I have dark skies here, but I don't .
  8. I think most (myself included) only upgraded from an Avalon to a Mesu due to the weight capacity...... If I could have used the Avalon with a 152/1200mm refractor I most certainly would have done.
  9. swag72

    Who needs meridian flips anyway?

    There's a tick box in PHD to allow the calibration to flip after the meridian...... so no need to recalibrate. In SGP you can tell it to recalibrate on target change, not sure if that works for a flip...... but with the PHD box ticked it all takes care of itself
  10. swag72

    Who needs meridian flips anyway?

    SGP platesolves after the flip then puts the mount in the right place..... it's never in the right place after the flip but the plate solve sorts it.
  11. swag72

    Who needs meridian flips anyway?

    I have my meridian flips automated in SGP...... if I had to do them manually I'd avoid them like the plague
  12. Well it stopped raining for the morning..... Had an interesting conversation with my neighbour yesterday who works for the 112 Emergency services coordination. Apparently we've had the most rain this year in 80 years and since September, we've had 35 days of rain. As it's only the 3rd week of November, that's a lot of cloud for us that we don't normally get
  13. It's not stopped raining since 09:00 this morning and so now the dam looks rather full. The water behind the dam is at least 10 metres deep at this point. 46320483_539194173172851_9150852471839522816_n.mp4
  14. This morning our dried up river bed is flowing freely and the dam towards the village is overflowing (there's normally no water at all and I often walk up over it!) .... Oh and it's still raining

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