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  1. swag72

    Tak FSQ 85 advice please

    My FSQ85 doesn't sit upside down - I have the scope rings from Prima Luce and also a rather large weight at the front of my dovetail in order to balance things up. With regards to connecting my Moravian G2-8300 I had to have an adapter made to give me the correct spacing as I use the reducer... but if you avoid that and can use it native then it's easier. What connection do you have at the end of the Moravian? I have a T2 thread so have a T2-M54 adapter that goes into the M54 thread on the reducer.
  2. swag72

    Soul Nebula IC1871 from SE London

    I like the colours you have here Carole...... this is a very pleasing rendition
  3. swag72

    Noisy Headphones...

    Nice one Steve - I probably should be doing the same but things have a way of getting in the way!!!
  4. swag72

    Noisy Headphones...

    Have PM'd you with 3 calibrated Ha image links on dropbox......
  5. swag72

    Under Rated Images

    OK then - I will sign out of this thread if I've missed the point.
  6. swag72

    Under Rated Images

    I will always post my images without ANY expectation of likes........ Why do I post them then? To have them available on the forum and on the internet for searches from others, perhaps my processing will help (or hinder), perhaps something that I have said or found near the image will help others. Some of my posts get few likes and comments and I am fine with that.... I can't force people to comment or like it and neither can I have an expectation of others to do something.
  7. swag72

    Under Rated Images

    And therein lies the issue for me. How can anyone post an image on a forum or AB etc and actually EXPECT likes?
  8. swag72

    Noisy Headphones...

    All is not bad......... the telephone company came round last week and much to our surprise they are going to put in fibre optic...... 100Mbps ..... I won't know what to do with myself LOL!!! Of course we do have an obligatory 4-6 month wait and a degree of uncertainty as is standard with all Spanish works until they are completed!!
  9. swag72

    Noisy Headphones...

    I'll look into that....... It will take me literally an age to get them all to you as I have upload speeds of about a heady 0.2mbps..... I'll get a couple to you probably on Thursday now as I need to get them calibrated first.
  10. swag72

    Noisy Headphones...

    Of course you can....... how do you want them? Already stacked and calibrated so you have the Ha and OIII? Hopefully you don't want them all separately and uncalibrated..... I dont think my internet could deal with that!!
  11. swag72

    Starlight Xpress Active Optics

    I was using Maxim DL at the time, and really struggled to find guide stars that were bright enough to use the AO unit at quick speeds, and as I remember all of the above that you mention was applicable to me!!!
  12. swag72

    Noisy Headphones...

    I haven't got much really - About 12x1800s in Ha and OIII and that's it! Taken with the TMB152 and the QSI 690 at 0.63"pp
  13. swag72

    Noisy Headphones...

    Very nice Gav, and thanks for reminding me that I already have some Ha and OIII from last year and I will start adding to it again this year!!!!
  14. swag72

    Starlight Xpress Active Optics

    I had one of these a few years ago and if I'm honest I didn't really get on with it..... I thought it would be the shangri-la to better images, the panacea to sharper and clearer images. Honestly I didn't get that. I wasted literally loads of nights trying to get it working well and even when it was working I still found that after a night it would run out of adjustment and would have stopped working half way through when I was fast asleep...... I didn't bother carrying on and gave up. It wasn't even correcting for a bad mount as at the time I had my Avalon Linear. Did I gain anything from it? I certainly didn't feel like I did. Did I produce sharper images? No. Was it worth the nights and hours of hassle? Absolutely not. I did quite a bit of research before I got it...... spoke with quite a few folks and the majority really rated it, so perhaps it was just me!!! Take my thoughts with a pinch of salt, but I thought I'd share them for some balance!!!
  15. Ooooo...... I've enjoyed reading this as 2 years ago I had the privilege of getting hold of an original TMB/LZOS 152/1200...... everything you say about the build , focuser etc is bang on the money..... it is a scope I will never ever part with Enjoy yours

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