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  1. Hi and welcome to SGL - Glad that you found us and hope that you enjoy your time here. Look forward to seeing you around
  2. Welcome to SGL Imanol - Glad that you joined us and hope that you enjoy your time here. Look forward to seeing you around
  3. I'm clearly an old grump when compared to everyone else It's time to take a back seat
  4. Great dust detail and a good core too ...... I guess that ultimately the colours come down to personal preference, even with the more constrictive LRGB!! You asked about what people thought about your 'natural' process ...... I'm rather loathe to say anything as at the moment I am working with a new laptop and I can't be 100% sure that what I am seeing is what is really there What I can see is rather too saturated and too cerise for what I would consider a natural process....... I think that this tends to look more natural in a more pinkish softer colour. But....... I am one voice, you process as you like and .... This damn screen may ultimately be my downfall. My saving grace may be my phone ..... it looks similar to my PC screen on there .... so my future comments may not be quite so useless and worthless after all
  5. Hi and welcome to SGL - This is a great place full of helpful people with friendly advice. Glad that you found us Look forward to seeing you around
  6. I love the mono of this..... At the moment I am battling with a new lappy screen, which seems to be showing stuff overly dark, so I'll refrain from saying much on your colour version as I'm sure that the darkness I am seeing is my screen. The mono is super
  7. I use CS5 for processing and Maxim for calibrating - I VERY occasionally touch Pixinsight. In my opinion there is no one software out there that does it all well. There's no harm in jumping between a number of applications to get you to where you want to be. Will Photoshop be your limiting factor? I would say absolutely not. It has been used by the greats in astro imaging (such as Robert Gendler, Adam Block etc) for years........ Were their images lacking? You decide!! In my opinion if you spent time honing your skills in Photoshop you'd get great images......
  8. Welcome to SGL...... Thus is a great place and you certainly won't be in exile here Look forward to seeing you around
  9. Much better
  10. Flats will really help sot out the gradient you have there - Try them and as long as they are done correctly you'll be impressed at the the difference
  11. I use a Hutec IDAS LP filter as my luminance filter.....its in my wheel in the filter slot, so I don't use it for RGB or NB. My sky conditions aren't great, but I think it helps. It means that my filters are not psrfocal, no where near it with the Hutec and Baaders, but I auto focus, so its no problem.
  12. Like Steve, I have the park set in SGP and it parks when the sequence is finished..... I can't work out why it wouldn't park in SGP.
  13. Great looking detail...... How have you blended these? I find that HOO works well or a synthetic green..... the stars always seem to come out pretty white for me using these methods and I've done a bicolour Heart
  14. I'm going to buck the trend here - I think that the original version is bang on the money... fine processing and super natural colours.... I don't think that this version has surpassed the original if I'm honest .... sorry But I do love that original
  15. That's looking great John - Super colours and detail