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  1. No kudos for me - I found this on another thread on SGL a few years ago and thought it was very useful..... Can't remember who posted it originally, but it's nothing that I did beyond cut and paste LOL!!!!
  2. swag72

    M 110 mono

    Really great to see you back Francis a super mono to come back with ☺
  3. Love the colours and detail..... super image
  4. swag72

    Ha CTB1 (Puffball)

    Lovely mono......fantastic image
  5. swag72

    M33 in RGB **added Ha**

    You are the master of beautiful star colours and subtle processing...... this Peter is beautiful
  6. swag72

    The Veil gets its tail!

    I much prefer that second edit........ The background appears more neutral and the dust looks more natural
  7. swag72

    The Veil gets its tail!

    I think it would be interesting to try luminance ....... It's just not quite sitting right for me at this point but I'm finding it hard to pinpoint......
  8. swag72

    The Veil gets its tail!

    This is really interesting to see outside of the more usually presented narrowband image........ I suppose that we get so used to seeing things presented in a certain way that it's odd to see it differently. I have to say that I am finding it quite strange, when I am so used to seeing the dust that you have as red in the usual presentation. What filter did you use for the dust representation? Ha?
  9. swag72

    The Pelican Nebula - In search of HH-555

    A super mono image Steve - What is there not to love? I did an annotated HHH version of this area last year if you'd like me to post it up on the thread or PM it to you
  10. swag72

    Hello from Spain

    Hi Segio and welcome to SGL! Good to meet you .... I also live in Spain
  11. swag72

    hello from Bicester Oxfordshire UK

    Hi and welcome to SGL - Used to hail from around your way myself a few years ago....... Hope you enjoy your time here, it's full of helpful and knowledgeable folks Look forward to seeing you around
  12. swag72

    EQ8 and Focal Length

    Mmm...... I use an EQ8 at a measly 330mm focal length and a imaging resolution of 3.37" pp. This doesn't trouble the EQ8 at all and I am very pleased with it. For me it has been a cheaper entry into a second more premium mount as I already had a Mesu 200. I generally get an RMS of about 0.7 and so for me it works perfectly. Most of the time I run the Mesu and the EQ8 together. The Mesu has a 1200mm 0.63" pp instrument atop of it. When looking at the graphs side by side, the Mesu is better usually guiding at an RMS of 0.3-0.4". I am not about to put the big refractor on the EQ8 to test if it would cope at such a resolution, but my gut feeling tells me that it wouldn't cope as well as the Mesu. Would I recommend the EQ8 for a 0.93" pp (I think that was the scale mentioned further up in the thread) ? Not mine I wouldn't, I don't think it would work...... but that's not to say that there aren't EQ8's out there that wouldn't cope with it. I've heard people happily guide 11" SCT's without hitch.... I just don't think MINE would do it. Am I pleased with my EQ8? You bet!!! I love it!!! I am pleased that my second hand mount that cost considerably less than my Mesu is happily able to guide my dual rig accurately enough for my purposes. I don't tax the EQ8 at all and it is flawless. It works for me and for my situation.
  13. I've got a mixed bag of filters in my QSI...... Baader RGB, Hutech IDAS for luminance and Astrodon narrowband. I can see the difference in focus when I change over filters but it's not so bad that it can't guide. I *think* I probably focussed the OAG with the IDAS filter and was perhaps lucky that the focus isn't too far out for the other filters. I would think the difference in the focus point is the issue..... should be easy enough to get a middle focus point on the OAG that will satisfy PHD.
  14. swag72

    IC1396 The Elephant Trunk Nebula

    Fantastic Peter...... a very inspirational image indeed
  15. swag72

    Pacman (close up)

    I like that - You have some nice depth to an object that can often appear rather flat.... Love the colour scheme too

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