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  1. It will not disappoint fr imaging I am sure. While mine was the later SDHF version, it was a real little cracker and I loved it!!!!
  2. The larger the adapter you use the better - so put the 2" in that you linked to in your final photo. Imagine this..... the scope is a female 2" and the item that I linked to gives you a 2" male...... slot the 2" male into the female and use the thumbscrew to secure tightly. That should be that!!!
  3. What size is the adapter you have on the last picture? Is it 2"..... If so this would work ..... https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p6126_TS-Optics-Adapter-von-2--Steckhuelse-auf-Nikon-Bajonett---volle-Oeffnung.html ... if the adapter gives you a 1.25" push fit connector then you could use this https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p7080_TS-Optics-Optics-1-25--Direkt-Adapter-fuer-NIKON-DSLR-Kameras.html
  4. Integrated WiFi - The Future?

    I dread the day that this sort of thing happens...... in my experience it is rarely the hardware that plays up, almost always the software...... whether it be the integration of many different pieces of software talking to each other, or even just one standalone application or program. If technology can go wrong I find it usually does. Sure hardware does go wrong, but damn, even software can mask where the issues are coming from. While I love the ease and functionality that software CAN bring, I also hate it at the same time in equal measure.
  5. Which APO refractor

    Last year I had the luck to get hold of an original TMB LZOS 152/1200....... it's a fantastic scope and one I would recommend. I wouldn't call it portable at all, it weighs almost 20kgs and is cumbersome to move on your own. I would suggest a bigger mount with a beast of this size. as well. The unfortunate thing is that the TMB is no longer made and purely personal thing, I wouldn't touch an APM.
  6. I do this........ I have a P2 IDAS in my filter wheel that I use as a luminance filter......
  7. North America Nebula and the Pelican

    That looks bang on the money..... Nice one James
  8. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    Only one set up is dualled Steve..... the equipment stops here..... no bank of PC screens either, just one laptop !
  9. Bubble to Cave - Extended (27 hours total)

    Very nice Rob...... I love it
  10. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    I am disabling encoders...... really don't need them and certainly not doing any PEC..... hope to get it up and running soon šŸ˜Š
  11. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    Here's my EQMOD settings........... Stupidly I assumed that EQ8 would appear in the top and I really thought I'd seen that on other peoples screen grabs. But it is all working as far as I can test in the day and slews in CdC OK.
  12. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    That's one of the things I have already downloaded..... still no EQ8 option showing.......
  13. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    Thanks Peter..... done that now...... I think that was what I was looking for.
  14. EQ8 confusion with EQMOD

    I have all the latest Carole as I've just installed the stuff on the PC