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  1. Thanks Martin and Martin!! I'm pleased that you like it I think that the right call was made about keeping it as a bi colour..... nothing to do with my impatience
  2. Iris Nebula (NGC7023) in LRGB

    Nice! This is one hell of a tricky target....... You've done well
  3. KAF8300: RBI real life experiences?

    Never considered this..... I just want to go out there and gather data without any more worries about whether the issue is me or my equipment.
  4. I'm not using darks with the KAF8300...... My calibration in APP uses bias, flats and a BPM.
  5. Ah of course...... that well known article 😆 If nothing else you made my head explode and eyes water with all those equations...... think I'll give that a miss and just hope all goes ok with my darks 😁 Seriously I am sure someone may find that link helpful...... but it's not for me
  6. Is there a general consensus as to how many dark frames are needed to NOT add noise? I ask as I need to take darks in one camera and I don't really want to add noise.
  7. I can't offer any scientific basis..... but I always use 25 darks.
  8. Anybody using APP?

    If you still have an issue with the over correction in calibration, then drop a line on the APP forum..... Mabula is really helpful and will know what to do I'm sure
  9. Anybody using APP?

    If you load in your calibration frames and then your lights..... if you go to the top right of the image screen you can use the drop down menu and check that the calibration frames should be working by clicking on l-calib (or something like that) you could stack in PI for now then merge the mosaic in APP?
  10. You may want yo check with AA that they are still available. When I was looking at one about 2 months ago Nick told me that they weren't being made for the foseeable future..... No one seemed to have any in stock either.
  11. That is an absolute stunner!!! Subtle processing and great colours
  12. M27 with Marcel Vonk.

    Wouldn't your clothes fall off that coathanger?
  13. A guide for astro-images?

    Time is indeed something that one needs a lot of for this in my opinion.
  14. Plate solving

    Plate solving was a revelation when I first used it..... I'd struggle to be without it now
  15. Anybody using APP?

    yes that's what I'd do