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  1. There will be a lot of people watching this with interest..... myself included as I was wondering about a smaller pixel camera for the TMB.
  2. I just have to add at this point for completeness that I use 1.25" filters with both my KAF8300 filter cameras. If you've got a camera with an internal filter wheel the small filters will ABSOLUTELY work and just need a set of flats to sort out the edges
  3. Have you looked extensively at the FOV calculators out there with your scope and 460 combo? I ask as compared to your DSLR the 460 really is a big size compromise. You won't be getting much wide field with that and a 80mm scope in comparison to your DSLR. I only mention that as it's an expensive mistake to make if you get it wrong. Regarding the filters, I use a Hutech IDAS as luminance, Baader RGB's and Astrodon Narrowbands. Apart from the fact that they will need a refocus (I always refocus between filters) I don't see an issue.
  4. That's looking really nice Jens and you've got great star colour in there too
  5. I really do rate the KAF8300 sensor and I came directly from a Sony sensor (albeit the ICX814) - For me the FOV and the real estate of the KAF8300 chip wins hands down over any other requirement. I guess it's horses for courses - I didn't think that the square sensor would be as much of an advantage to me as the FOV and so I didn't really give it much thought. For sure my biggest consideration would be field of view..... Which one suits you best?
  6. That looks great!!!! I guess that at times we are lucky in our astro lives and get a dream scope!!! Well done
  7. Thanks!!! I think that looks much more striking with the blue in the Iris
  8. The dust and star colour looks great........ I'm surprised when those two factor are playing ball that the Iris has no colour in it. Such a shame..... please do go and get more colour and get that lovely blue of the Iris,,,,
  9. It will be interesting to see if the spacing does indeed solve the colour issue. At least you have a backup plan and I have been looking forward to seeing the Meade and 11000 together
  10. I'm interested in your thoughts on the 2mm spacing..... If the spacing is out then it normally manifests itself in corner elongation in whatever direction....... But surely if this were the case all colours would be elongated equally? Why do you think that the spacing may be affecting your overall colour?
  11. I agree with that Alan.. I had my Tak FSQ85 checked before it was sent out to Spain..... While I don't know if that's something that Ian King does as the norm, we both decided it was worth it as the logistics of getting the scope back to him if there was a problem would be a royal pain in the behind
  12. Yes this was the case - Although the QSI and Moravian use the same KAF8300 chip, the QSI has less visible pixels and so the image from the Moravian is slightly larger... no big deal!
  13. I like M13 - I think it's come out well and after completing M3 earlier, I will be tackling this one on the next full moon I've looked long and hard at the stars in the first shot and I can't help feeling that some of them (not all) are rather off colour with something of the magenta about them..... I think that's what I've settled on as I've looked at it for some while trying to work out what it's saying to me.
  14. Hi Miguel and welcome to SGL - I am visiting Zaragoza in June, I may ask you for some thoughts on where to visit
  15. In my opinion, once you start paying more for scopes, then the increments in improvement are not the same as the price increases. You will start paying 4 times the price for a 10% increase in quality for example. Also, it's not really fair to compare the ED80 and the Esprit as the ED80 is a doublet and not a triplet. Not that there's anything wrong with an ED80, it punches well above it's price point for sure.