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  1. swag72

    Andromeda 2 panels mosaic, city backyard

    Great star colours and super detail..... really natural.processing....
  2. swag72

    LDN 1251

    A real beauty ..... Love it
  3. swag72

    Cephus - Cygnus border (Samyang 135)

    This is a super mono and I am really surprised at how small the Cocoon is In fact I didn't even realise it was there!! What a cracking image and so well processed and stitched. I'd love to see the entire Bat..... but I imagine it's hard to know where to stop or in which direction to go
  4. swag72

    Official first light of my new ROR - M27

    Great image!! Aren't observatories just fab!! I look forward to seeing many more great images
  5. swag72

    SGP - Platesolving nuisance

    I do wonder how many people this affects...... they just think they can't flip and that's that ...... shame no-one felt it was worth looking into it, it's an issue that can affect so many people starting out and they'll struggle to know where to start with it. I only twigged it because I'd changed computers and had uploaded everything new onto it.
  6. swag72

    SGP - Platesolving nuisance

    I'm thrilled that it worked I did mention on the SGP forum that there was a bug in later versions of EQASCOM but it fell on deaf ears.
  7. swag72

    The Telescope That You Never Got On With

    For me it was the Skywatcher ED120...... really didn't like that scope and never felt that it performed properly for imaging...... the focal length was betwix and between leaving me in a no-mans land focal length I felt...... Was jolly pleased to be able to sell that I can tell you
  8. swag72

    AstroParts UK

    Bern at Modern Astronomy has a man that does.... I've had an adapter made through Bern and it was very quick and reasonably priced
  9. swag72

    Hi-resolution Bubble Nebula HaOIIIRGB

    Looks great Peter out of interest, what program do you use for deconvolution?
  10. swag72

    Mesu 200 broke

    What a pain Harry...... was there any indication that it was on the way out? I have such an odd relationship with my Mesu.... we're in a positive place at the moment. I'm sure it won't last
  11. I'm thrilled that its all working well for you
  12. swag72

    M81, M82 and the IFN

    Worked a treat thank you Barry
  13. swag72

    mesu 200 -sgp and phd2

    And finally - The PHD guiding menu in the Brain....... As I said, it all works perfectly for me, so I hope that these screen grabs help and you can get up and running soon.... Let me know how it goes
  14. swag72

    mesu 200 -sgp and phd2

    SGP screens .... I don't have the Flip Calibration date ticked
  15. swag72

    mesu 200 -sgp and phd2

    Here's what I think are the relevant Sitech screen grabs....

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