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  1. Love the lighter touch colours you have here Carole. A resounding success I'd say
  2. No problem for my EQ8 to do an auto meridian flip
  3. swag72

    Hello again

    Great to see you back John ???? I'm glad that you are in a position to return and I look forward to seeing you around ??
  4. Glad that you got it all working well Martin ??????
  5. Hi Miguel and welcome to SGL...... Oooooo, Valladolid is on my list of places to visit
  6. I told my husband that the second hand TMB LZOS 152/1200 that I bought was an investment........ He seemed to believe it ??
  7. Hi and welcome to SGL from jutst down the road near Valencia
  8. This goes a considerable way under the panes you have here so another 'layer' underneath will look fab..... I tried this last year, but as you say, even in Spain it's low and difficult at the best of times.
  9. I've tried a few things thinking it would help and make my life easier!! The AO was an abject failure for me!!
  10. You're not wrong there! I find that with only 1 Tak and the TMB running it's too much data!!!
  11. You said yourself how easy the Tak dual rig is!!! Go on..... you know that you want to .........
  12. I have never used binning - Even when the C9.25 and camera combination (I *think* it was an Atik 460) was giving me about 0.4" pp! I really do get what you say about budget when it comes to mounts, but if the mount is your weak link when it comes down to it then you will be buying twice as you'll never get images you are happy with....... I'd have my eye on an Astro Physics mount if I was in the market right now.... perhaps in a while.
  13. My friend has a food magic cupboard from which she can rustle up all sorts of delights from seeming nothing but bare shelves!! Is this something similar? ? Good luck with this, it sounds very exciting and I am sure that it will work just fine!! Just need to find another 106N now to get back to a dual Tak rig.... I'll keep my eye out like I did for your last one LOL!!!
  14. I've chased the longer focal length Shangri-La and have managed to get through a couple of combinations. Firstly I tried a C9.25 just as a dabble to see if I liked the longer focal length stuff..... Of course I did!!! So sold it and got a 8" RC from GSO. This was a pretty good scope as it goes and I was pleased with it, but always fancied just a little more reach so sold it! Next I bought an ODK10..... that was a great scope and coupled with the 8300 sensor gave me a resolution of about 0.63".... I loved the combination, but after a couple of seasons realised just how problematic I would find an open tube as I have zero confidence in taking it apart to clean the mirrors....... so sold it! Luckily at this time a friend of mine was selling a TMB 152/1200 - I snapped it up and coupled with a Sony sensor in the form of a QSI690 I LOVE the combination. Refractors are just lovely and as easy as you can get. At least when stuff goes wrong it's never the scope!!! In your position therefore I would go for the Esprit 150 in a heartbeat. However........ I have one more point to make. I use a Mesu 200 with the long focal length scope and it works OK. I have an EQ8 for the shorter focal length dual rig and I don't feel that it guides accurately enough for 0.63" pp. I am thrilled with my EQ8 I'd like to add and at 3.38" pp it was a no brainer, but I couldn't put the long focal length on there with any confidence at all. Perhaps it's just my mount as they can be rather variable. I am pleased that I have it don't get me wrong, it works brilliantly for what I use it for....... Also I've never bothered to try tweaking it with software or hardware as it's fine for me.... perhaps it's as simple as my PHD settings not being great, but I don't need to waste the time to find out!!!
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