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  1. Ooooooo.... that's absolutely lovely Harry I can see how this is an iconic image for so many.
  2. I dont use my Mesu for the dual role...... a simple EQ8 does that
  3. If I had my time again I would have had separate mounts for each scope....... far easier I think.
  4. I avoid an OAG on my dual rig.... Focusing would be a pain with using one.
  5. I did that, and have also bought winter boots...... still no joy
  6. If it ever stops raining here and I can go outside on my bike I'll let you know how these perform...... I really do suffer from cold feet to the extent that the ONLY way I have found any relief so far has been wrapping my feet in tinfoil. The downside was the small cuts I had all over my ankles for days and the mess of trying to get the broken tinfoil put of my socks and off my feet!!!
  7. How about hot socks? I have just got a pair of these to use for cycling as cold feet are the bane of my life.
  8. I like this a lot...... I've tried this one before and it is a faint sucker...... well done on a fantastic capture
  9. With DHL my new QSI did a bit of an EU tour coming from the UK to Spain..... I had the tracking number and watched it go to Belgium, Hungary and Romania...... eventually made it back to the UK and it started again. Journey was much more direct this time...... UK to Spain. It's nerve wracking to watch
  10. I have a dual rig running with SGP..... I basically use one of the scopes / camera's as a slave, so one does all the plate solving etc and the other just takes pictures all night. It can be tricky to try to coordinate the two when it comes to targets and naming them. I've ended up with the slave having wrongly names images as it was still taking them on the previous target, but the main scope had moved by then! You can't dither as it stands at the moment and also for guiding you have to use a separate guide scope other wise you can't auto focus. If I had to do it again, I would actually run two rigs..... it would be a whole lot easier in my mind. There would be no aligning to do between the two scopes (mine are the same FOV). You could chose whether to image one target or different ones. You do lose a couple of subs when the main scope passes the meridian as the slave is merrily clicking away with no idea what the main scope is doing. When they are running I have 2 instances of SGP running on the PC. There's no conflict between them on the same PC. It's a great way to collects loads of data
  11. I don't have a long enough life to try to even begin to use PI
  12. I most certainly don't and can't work it for a moment!!!! There's not much in PI that I do like to be honest.
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