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  1. Neil27


    Thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciated.
  2. Neil27

    Anyone using an OGEM mount??

    Totally agree, it’s a great time for us amateur astronomers with some of the choice around nowadays. Turn back the clock 10 years and the only people selling high end mounts were Astro physics and their ludicrous wait time and possibly Sortware Bisque and no offical UK importer. Or the tried and trusted Losmandy offering and also Takahashi and the sole UK distributor. Although many moan about its performance and dubious QC the EQ8 went some way in prompting manufactures to look at alternatives and ways to improve performance without increasing relative prices. And a well fettled S/H EQ8 can rival many of today’s mounts. And then there’s Gemini, ioptron, Fornax - one word competition . So I’m hoping the mount succeeds and adds another quality item to the market and further improves the competition and overall increase our choices. I just hope they pull it off in the time frame and at the proposed price point.
  3. The 100 ED is F9 though ...... Yep another vote for the 120 ED it’s on my short list as well, although I just love the portability of the 4 inch as well. Tough choices my friend, tough choices
  4. Hi Paul, I asked a similar question a few weeks ago in the beginners section although mine was a more generic and got some great answers from the guys on here. For myself and answering maybe the portability question as well, I feel something in the 4 to 5 inch zone is the Goldilocks scope I would use the most for visual. Easy to set up and use with an alt/az mount. TS Telescope do some great scopes as do Altair Astro around the F6 to F7 range. I always find the Sky watcher scopes a bit to long in focal length for me at F9 as I’m more of an all round guy, but if planets and the moon are what you like they will be right up your street. Also factor in a decent mount for visual something like a sky watcher 2 or similar which would allow dual mounting 2 scopes at the same time.
  5. Neil27


    Thanks Charic, great info.
  6. Neil27


    Would like to know if binocular users still use Monopods? The main reason I ask is I have acquired one but don't use it myself so am considering selling it. However before I do I just wanted to know if they are popular with binoculars users. Many thanks,
  7. Neil27

    iOptron CEM120 - any opinions?

    More like another £1300, by the time you factor in losmandy saddle and x2 10kg counterweights for the MESU, items that are included with the CEM 120. For me that’s nearly worth an Esprit 100mm in savings, or 500 kg of midget gems which ever tickles your fancy!
  8. If money is no barrier, then the esprit. Cry once buy once! The reviews of the scope are plentiful and the vast majority applaud its Astro photography capabilities. If you buy new, buy from FLO the sponsor of this site and make sure you get it ‘checked and tuned’ and you can’t go wrong. Hope this helps,
  9. I think Mike the OP is looking at using it for AP, from a previous post earlier in the week. You can’t go wrong with either, but the esprit will be the rolls Royce version.
  10. I believe the esprit is a triplet and would have better colour correction for long exposure astrophotophy. The ED version although still used by many for AP would not be so well corrected. Hope this helps,
  11. Neil27

    365Astronomy AZ5 Versatile-Veri Mount

    I have to agree, don’t skimp on the mount with expensive glass I’ll probably go the same way as you, with the extension.
  12. Neil27

    365Astronomy AZ5 Versatile-Veri Mount

    Been following this post for a few days, as I'm in a similar position, looking to get an ED102 around F7 and need a decent alt/az mount. The hercules looks good, just seen it on the website, can't think why they have fitted exposed rubber belts though to drive the 2 axises? Looks a great bit of kit with lovely engineered surfaces. If I had a choice, it would be between this https://www.365astronomy.com/Giant-Alt-Azimuth-Telescope-Mount-with-Stainless-Steel-Tripod.html or this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/skywatcher-skytee-2-alt-azimuth-mount.html The Giant on the 365 website looks great value as for the price of the sky tee 2 you get a good tripod - albeit minus the slow controls. However the weight capacity is a whopping 12kg - that's enough for me! I would also look at getting the extension for the tripod, as without it you could be on your knees or in an uncomfortable position - although I didn't see this as an option anywhere?
  13. You've got to love the deep blue colour of the Meade. Looks great hope to hear your journey with this set up.
  14. Thanks for the reply Vlaiv, unfortunately although very tempting, my budget has to be a lot less than the £900 for the scope only. I have gone from an original budget of £500 to £600, then to £600 for the scope only (if bought new) so I have to put a lid on it somewhere or I may as well get a TEC 140 and be done with it .... I prefer wide field of view EP's if possible but also generous eye relief as I am a spectacle wearer. Good idea about the Hyperion zoom, I had one of those earlier in the year but sold it on after deciding i was stepping back from the hobby, only to reverse that decision ..... oh well makes shopping for astro stuff fun i guess! Thank you for the reply really appreciate everyones times.

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