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  1. I think anyone looking at these mounts have a pretty good idea of their respective prices, both new and on the used markets. Slightly higher to some people maybe interpreted as significantly higher to others. The OP appeared to understand my original comment which was ‘Significantly’ about the drive systems. Cheers,
  2. See post from Skipper Billy, second hand the Mesu can offer a substantial saving over new.
  3. My 2 cents, if your thinking of dropping 3k down for a mount I would seriously consider friction drive, either Gemini, JTW or Mesu (S/H). Zero backlash and the quality may be slightly higher, reflected in the slightly higher price.
  4. It might be worth contacting JTW directly yourself to get the necessary information if it’s not forthcoming from this forum. The manufacturer may be able to put you into contact with new owners as well to get the relevant first impressions and their own experiences of what is still a very new mount. The load capacity for my own uses is way over what I plan in the future so although I am interested in the Trident, if JTW chose to develop and manufacture a similar design with say 30 to 35 kg load capacity at a competitive price around the new CEM70 price point, that would be of great interest to me.
  5. Lol you can’t leave this post alone can you! Out of curiosity are you still looking for a mount to replace your EQ8? I believe from reviewing the JTW website and Facebook page, JTW have machined and painted several components for the first production run of the Trident several months ago, so like you I would expect deliveries of the mount to be either just starting or possibly well underway. Due to obvious constraints with the current COVID-19 situation it may have impacted delivery of these first mounts possibly, again speculation on my part. I am intrigued by the mount though and often see if they have any further updates on their social media channels. The mounts certainly look well finished, machined and appear similar in design to the MESU, again no bad thing! Another Mount I have my eye on is the Gemini, E-Fric although weight capacity isn’t as much as the Trident again it uses friction drive and appears beautifully machined and solid. An update of the previous Gemini G53 I believe which is no longer available, several good reports from a thread on CN indicate several happy recipients of the mount. It also has the uniqueness of being able to be ordered with either Gemini own controller system or one of a similar design. Back on track, like you I hope to hear of people’s experiences of the new Trident Mount - good times (Hopefully) to be in the market for a good quality Mount at the moment I’m hoping to purchase next year, 55 and pension pot is looming!
  6. I admire your persistence Richard Looking at coming in around 2.3k for the basic version and 2.6k for the guide / usb3 version. I’ll be interested to see first reports of it performance.
  7. Now that would be of enormous interest to me Alain, I was looking at the CEM60 until it sadly had been withdrawn so am very interested in the CEM70 or equivalent mount in that weight capacity. A similar design (friction drive) as the Trident would be very marketable. I believe the Gemini has similar weight capacity, another one I have my eye on. Thanks for the update Alain
  8. I agree 100% with your sentiments Phil. It would seem that certain members on this forum relish bashing the guy and what he is trying to achieve. I think the gestation period and birth of this mount is well documented and we all need to move on from those earlier issues. I retire in 3 or 4 years time and am obviously keen to have as many mounts available to choose from, and along with other mounts on the market, Gemini, Ioptron, Sky Watcher, Mesu and now JTW we are in a great era of affordable high end, high capacity mounts. I for one welcome that state of affairs and wish Mark and JTW every success as I do all the other manufactures. Peace and clear skies everyone.
  9. Sorry Andrew, can’t see anywhere in my post about making a celebration regarding late delivery or poor customer service just posting a fact that popped up on my Facebook feed.
  10. Well put Derek. And just for the naysayers in this thread, here is some evidence at least that the Trident mount (previously OGEM) has been spotted in the wild. At least another mount brought to the market can only benefit us, the end user for having more choice.
  11. James you read my mind, for the price quoted for the CEM70, and the CEM60 now discontinued I feel the CEM120 basic flavor is the sweet spot in the Ioptron range now. Maybe I discredit the CEM70 but for a little gain in payload and a few 'gadgets' it certainly seems a strange move by Ioptron, only time will tell I suppose.
  12. Ummm, CEM60 showing unavailable on the FLO website .....
  13. Looks great, hope you have clear skies. What scope will you be using? Very interested in your thoughts as you use the mount
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