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  1. Wow is that really a C14 on a CEM60? The CEM is on my radar I wish you clear skies.
  2. Can someone tell where these are 'quality' wise against the Esprit range? Thanks,
  3. Great looking scopes can I ask where these sit with regards to the SW Esprit range? Similar specs but slightly higher price. As a Yorkshireman I have to enquire ...
  4. That sounds great NovaTJ, hope your friend receives it soon and has many years of enjoyment with it. If it succeeds we have another quality high performance mount to choose from which can only benefit us, the end user. Along with the usual suspects I have a keen eye on this mount to see how they perform in the field, I truly hope it’s a success.
  5. Stunning scope Rob and a great story and write up. I hope you have many clear skies and a long retirement.
  6. I'd rather wait and see what they are like when released to the market. I will be in position to purchase a high quality mount in 18 months or so, so time is in my favour. I personally echo Henrys comments above, another mount with a reasonable gestation period to help iron out any issues is far more preferable to releasing something not ready. I think it is brave of JTW to take that stance. If some people get cold feet, fair enough, we are all different.
  7. Another great value mount can only be a good thing in my mind. I’m looking forward to the early adopters thoughts and experiences of the mount. Certainly at the price they are proposing to sell the mount for and with a Sitech controller now being used it should provide reasonable competition to the ‘other’ mount. I just hope they can maintain a decent level of quality control and provide good back up when things will go south.
  8. If I understand the requirements of EEA you don’t really need an EQ mount at all as the exposures are so short- an alt az mount is adequate I believe - so something like the AZgti or the Ioptron cube may suffice. Obviously if you wish to progress to AP in the near future then future proofing your purchase by going the EQ route may be the best bet, an EQ5 is more than adequate for a 80mm refractor. The rest is a camera, leads, software and possibly a laptop to capture the data and stack your subs. I would think if you go the second hand route this is very doable for under £1000. The key to EEA is shortish focal length to maximise the smallish sensor you will have. I may have missed some points but as I understand EEA that would be my route to take. Good luck and if you have any more questions feel free, SGL are a great bunch of people. HTH
  9. Plenty of SH lenova lappies on Fleabay, been using one for the past 3 years still going strong, cost me £150, i5 SSd drive plenty of Ram and win7.
  10. I'm going new Jon, the AA scope is seriously good value, nice aperture, lovely focal length and a 'do it all scope', imho. Paired with either a sky tee2 or the AZ4, its a win win for me. Good luck shopping, hoping to get mine in the next month.
  11. I'm interested in something along these lines myself Jon. I think it's very similar to this scope from Altair astro - https://www.altairastro.com/ASCENT-102ED-F7-Refractor-Telescope-Geared-Focuser.html I'm sure it would perform as a reasonable 'all rounder' and be quite acceptable on planets even at high(ish) magnifications. Just waiting for my bonus to drop and i'll be getting one or something very similar.
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