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  1. They're a pair of stunning images Olly, I love the close up of NGC1333, it really is a favourite of mine...... Super stuff
  2. Lovely 3D feel...... like the colours and everything about it
  3. I used a TeleGizmo for about 8 months in total.... it withstood wind, rain and especially sun. It was very hard wearing..... I would very much recommend them
  4. I don't think when I was using it PHD2 was in existence...... Unfortunately my experience was a while ago , in the earlier days so to speak, and so I have nothing but brief anecdotal evidence as I didn't do any comparisons in those days with data with / without the AO.
  5. I have found a few books have been useful for processing.......... Steve Richards - Dark Art or Magic Bullet https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/dark-art-or-magic-bullet-steve-richards.html Ron Wodaski - The NewAstro Zone System for Astro Imaging - You'll have to keep an eye out for this second hand. Beyond this, I found that the biggest jump in my processing actually came in sitting with someone who can talk you through what is being done and why. It's a very touchy feely process and what works for one image won't always work the same for another.
  6. I had one of these for a while - I thought it would be the Shangri-la of great data, despite already having a pretty decent mount (Avalon Linear). At the time I was using a long focal length scope...... I think it was when I was playing with a C9.25. At the time the only software that the SXAO used for guiding was Maxim and the recommendation was that you use very short exposures. I could never find a bright enough guide star to get the short exposures that were supposed to make the difference. Then I found that almost every night without fail it would run out of adjustment and so most of the night would be wasted. I found it far more trouble than it was worth. I did my homework and in theory I thought it should make a difference. I was sad to see that there appeared to be no discernible difference in my data quality. I guess it was something that I had to try, but I did not find it worked for me and so gave up with it and moved on.
  7. Very nice indeed....... congratulations
  8. Superb Olly - I am always surprised by how brown this area looks. Very nice and dusty It's got a fantastic 3D feel as well.
  9. swag72

    Hello from Spain!

    Hi Carlos and welcome to SGL - Whereabouts in Spain are you? It's good to have you here, I'm sure you'll really enjoy SGL and all that it offers
  10. I've experienced Ball lightening and it was really weird. My husband and I, both sat in different parts of the room, suddenly saw a light blue circular 'thing' in the front room under a window for a couple of seconds. It then disappeared with a 'crack' and we were searching all around for exploded electrical items....... It was a very surreal experience.
  11. Nice one Francis..... these are great. I'm thrilled to see you back at it
  12. The Kodak 8300 is a very god sensor in my experience. I run two of them, a Moravian G2-8300 and a QSI 683. Both have built in filter wheels which I love (but I am using 1.25" filters - Not sure how it works space wise for 2") If I had to call one out as better, I'd go for the QSI. It has a better feel with regards to build quality and also it holds its temperature better. That's not to say the Moravian is bad...... it goes between +/- 0.1 degree whereas the QSI stays bang on temperature all night. I also like the built in OAG that the QSI has.
  13. Having chanced upon this thread I decided to install Starnet myself and give it a go. I downloaded the zip file, then put all of the individual files from the folder into the PI bin folder. Then go to processes > Modules > Install modules then hit search. Mine installed from there straightaway. Hope that helps
  14. I've got it all sussed now and the Asteroid videos are rolling out! Such fun
  15. I shall probably put it somewhere! I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile I've put a video together and just need to convert it to a decent .avi file.
  16. Thanks Andy - I finally made it work how I wanted changing your r value to 2 But I also did it in Photoshop......... I think PI is quicker now that I have this sorted
  17. Still doesn't work...... I've downloaded the llink that James posted, and then linked to the .exe file in PI and still it doesn't work. Looks like another epic PI fail on my part..... Different problem now though....... Have got an .avi, but not a 0,5s frame length between each frame, It's all in one screen.
  18. Downloaded that and put it somewhere - Pointed PI to it and the same error message.........
  19. And in normal speak that means? LOL!!!!!
  20. Ahh, it looks like I don't have the relevant program or something..... your top line is populated very differently to mine...... I checked the arguments on the PI forum and it should give me a 0.5s clip..... but I guess it won't work with whatever that top line means
  21. But how did you actually create the video? ..... I can't do that bit! I've got the files in 'blink' then the video tab doesn't do anything but produce an error message when I try to run. I've got both Terakado (mag 17.8) and Conrada (mag 15.7) in the same image.
  22. Thanks William. Cheers Gav. I'll take a look - Thanks. I've never used PIPP - Will it auto stretch the fits files too? Thanks!
  23. There is a video tab, but I can't get it to work........ what a surprise!!!
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