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  1. I am perhaps not considered in an ideal position to agree with this statement as I live in Spain and have more clear nights in general than in the UK, but bear with me. I imaged with one scope for a number of years and to get sufficient data for an image it was taking me many nights. Then I went to another wider scope, so I could get different data each night and widen my data capture. Hell I thought, I can get a dual set up now on the wide field and get images even quicker. Hey presto! So on an average 8 hour night with three scopes running I was getting in excess of 20 hours data a night. Great! Then I got data overload and frankly it has to date killed any interest in imaging for upwards of a year. I got so much data and it ended up consuming my life to such an extent that I have less than zero interest. Observatory hasn't been opened in over a year, no processing for equally as much time. Will I ever find the mojo again? I really don't know. I tried to tell myself to just go back to one scope and plod on with the data and perhaps get my love of the hobby back again, but it just didn't interest me. I guess what I am saying is that had I not been so greedy and wanting, perhaps I'd still be going with my one scope and enjoying the capture and processing. Had my imaging and data been more limited then I believe I would still have had an interest.
  2. I considered piggy backing the two Taks, but as you rightly said the JTD adjustment saddle can't be used unless it's side by side as the adjustment knobs are lower than the plate.
  3. There's little misalignment to worry about there Gina that's for sure. Well done on getting it all together, your 3D printing stuff is great..... You are inspirational
  4. I love my monocular....... Although I don't use it for astro. I bought the Leica monovid 8x20.... they are stunning
  5. I went for 2 mono camera's. In one camera I have a full set of LRGBHSO filters. The other camera only has a 5 position filter wheel so I thought carefully about what to put in there. I settled on Luminance and Ha to start with. Then realised that an additional O3 filter would help..... and that's where I've stopped. It works well. My scopes and camera's are the same focal length and chip so I use a JTD saddle to align them exactly. It works well.
  6. I use one PC for my dual rig...... The cmaera's are different (QSI and Moravian) so there's no confusion about drivers. I have 2x Lakeside auto focusers, and hey run fine as there's a driver for running two together. I've never had a problem with any type of conflict and everything runs perfectly.
  7. Maybe one last query then if I may......... Thank you for all our help so far, it's been invaluable In this link where I have had to go to the CDS portal as nothing showed in Simbad........ The Aladin screen shows the item of interest in the crosshair, but how do I know what THAT actually is? 2MASX J15100535+0943230 (Galaxy) 2MASX J15104417+0942270 (Galaxy) 2MASX J15100704+0957160 (Seyfert 2 Galaxy) SDSS J151025.65+100414.2 (Quasar) 2MASX J15105281+0955349 (LINER-type Active Galaxy Nucleus) SDSS J151012.48+095722.4 (Brightest galaxy in a Cluster (BCG)) SDSS J150958.95+094939.2 (Quasar)
  8. My next dilemma then is the following..... Using Aladin I have come up with so many pages where I really don't know what I'm looking at. For example this link - What is the 'thing' I am looking at on this linked page? I can't see anywhere a simple 'this is a galaxy' or something else....... I think I'm a bit simple minded to be able to sort all of this out! Scientifically the words, figures etc just mean nothing to me whatsoever.....
  9. I've used Simbad and Aladin on this.... it's quite a manual way of doing it, I was rather hoping that there was a quasar catalogue then that I could download into PI to annotate if there's anything there.
  10. Ooooo..... how exciting. How would I know what were what? I tried a couple of the quasar catalogues that Brendan linked to but nothing came up...... Any ideas? I wouldn't even have considered quasars.... I need to go and do some reading about what they even are LOL!!!!
  11. OMG I don't even know where to start looking in those!! That's a cracking resource though Brendan..... Thanks
  12. In this image then all of the blue PGC designations are galaxies...... No problem, get that! But the yellow ones are all quasars?
  13. Quasars? Really? I thought that they were tiny things that you could hardly see?
  14. I am a little confused and have spent hours on the net trying to cross reference all sorts to try to get the answer..... I hope someone can help. I have taken the following image and annotated it using the Hyperleda catalogue as well as the PGC catalogue. As you can see the PGC catalogue shows the larger galaxies (as did the Hyperleda catalogue). The Hyperleda also shows loads more galaxies with nothing more than a numerical designation. I have tried to find these in the Simbad database, but they don't show up at all. I've also looked at Aladin and some of these have an SDSS designation that has no bearing on the numbers that have come from the annotated image. Can anyone throw some light on this please? How can I find these on Simbad for example when it doesn't give me anything for the numbers alone.
  15. I have a dual rig and I run SGPro with it. You cannot run an OAG in the system as while you are refocusing for example you either need to switch off the guiding or you will have a guiding trace all over the place while the auto focus runs as that will take the guide star in and out of focus. I don't see the issue with not being able to dither either, as I either combine a mixture of the two rigs - rejection algorithms will sort out any issue there in stacking or I use a bad pixel map..... hey presto. I think that trying to synchronise two rigs so that their subs end together so that a dither can take place would waste too much time potentially.
  16. Thanks for that! Gotcha now on the asteroid annotation I was pointing to the downloaded G17 not the MPCORB.DAT. Looks like it's working now!!! Thanks very much for your help. It works! It's a bit off and shows my asteroid to be in a slightly different place
  17. Thanks! I only loaded the G17 file..... I'll go and do the other two then and see if that sorts it BTW where is the asteroid files? I can't see them
  18. Oooo, I'll give that link a go.... many thanks!! ** That's a shame it doesn't work for me....... I'm just downloading the long focal length database but I can't imagine that my scope at 1200mm and my camera would class as a long focal length..... I was really excited at the prospect of this working as well **
  19. All is good down here thanks, especially as we are finally allowed out for a walk and I can cycle outside. Who would have thought such simple things in life would make us so happy that we normally take for granted. I don't know about minor planets. With the asteroids I just put them all into CdC and then plan my imaging run to get them in the frame for 1.5 hrs. I guess if you know the designation of minor planets than you could check in a planetarium software to see if they were in your frame?
  20. Thanks! It's not exactly a pretty picture though that I prefer!! But needs must! Ive got a few set up in the capture software to get.... when the cloud clears for more than a couple of minutes!! Glad you enjoyed it..... I like doing these.... something different to the norm and something that the moon doesn't affect too much, unless it's a really faint one.
  21. I doubt this will interest many, but with a bit of mojo back and lots of moon and cloud about, imaging asteroids seems to be the way to go for me!!! I've documented quite a bit on my website about my asteroid imaging (https://www.swagastro.com/asteroids-and-me.html) Here is a short 1 minute of your life that you won't get back video (!!) of (6) Hebe. Very bright this one is, not surprising based on it's size. Hebe asteroid.mp4
  22. I've always used a LP filter as I have quite a lot of pollution..... never bothered to put the L filter in any wheel, they're both in their boxes never having seen the light of day..... or the dark of night!!
  23. A very kind mention @RayD....... I watch this with interest. I use RGB Chroma filter in one rig and RGB Baader in the other rig. Unfortunately they're not comparable as the rigs are very different in almost all ways! When I was more interested a couple of years ago I did wonder about swapping out the Baaders for a set of Astrodons, but in the end decided that the £500 odd or so was a waste of money. I never bother with the L filter in either set as I use a LP filter for all my luminance.
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