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  1. Where did you get the saddle plates from? I also run a Mesu and I am planning a dual setup with FSQ85 and TS130.
  2. I run my new 1600PRO with USB3 with no issues. I upgraded from 1600v2 due to freezing problems. Now just in test period to see if it doesn’t reproduce (I hope not). I set it down to -25°C.
  3. I also upgraded from my Canon 450D (moded) to a cooled camera. I choosed the ASI1600-MMC with 8pos EFW, OAG and Baader filters (31mm LRGB and mounted 1,25" HSO). This camera works just great!
  4. Thanks for sharing Jens. I visited your webpage and it's wonderful to navigate it. I really like how you designed your obsy. Congrats! Splendid images.
  5. It's a paradise, not only for astronomy. You missed the swiming pool just behind the football pitch. It's a place full of nature everywhere, nice weather and the best food and wines of Catalonia available near home (Priorat wines region). During the summertime you can see the Barcelona football team juniors training in this football pitch. They train here for a week every year for obvius reasons and also for the altitude (1000m above sea level). Clear skies wherever you are!!
  6. Thanks so much to you all. I am really excited with the new gear. The Mesu is superb! Right now everything calibrated and taking some images on the Ursa Majoris area for a first light... galaxy season. I'll have to wait for the nebula's a little bit
  7. After a few months waiting for this astro jewel piece of equipment the Mesu 200 arrived a few weeks ago. From then on I designed the new adhoc designed pier. I haven't started calibratring everything yet. The following days I will do so. Right now very excited with the new setup!
  8. Awesome pictures! Seems that the sun has woken up from a long letargy.
  9. Thanks for sharing Olly! Your posts and Sara's ones convinced me a few months ago to go in this direction. I am now waiting for the mount that is expected to come the following weeks. Clear skies Olly!
  10. Amazing M81 Ives!! You take great images!
  11. Thanks so much! I already have the concrete base that is very solid and weights more than 200kg. My question is about the pier design. Some images of It with the sold pier. The base remains the same
  12. I also recieve my Mesu in the following weeks and I will design and get build a new pier. My other pier for the Neq6 was sold with the mount. Any recommendations on the pier?
  13. As I've been researching not yet in the market for 31mm. I hope they realesed it soon together with the NII SII OIII...
  14. That's why I was considering 3nm OIII. Because of the moon effects... is it the same with SII? Worth going to 3nm? How good or bad would be to stay only with Halpha 3nm? Which deep sky objects have important signal in the NII band?
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