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  1. Moon Dial Clock

    A picture, yes please Gina
  2. ... please be gentle, Grant is going to need a few more days to fully recover.
  3. Anyone care to speculate?

    "When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses not zebras". Dr. Theodore Woodward
  4. Hello Boys (and Girls) .. I'm Back!!!!!!!!

    Welcome back Jon
  5. Anyone care to speculate?

    I'm with you, Shane, but can understand somone not wanting to let go of the 'piece of Chinese rocket' idea. So much more cool than a helium ballon
  6. Well done everyone, entrants and judges
  7. Well done to everyone who entered. Some very worthy winners
  8. Returning To The Fold..

    Good to see you again, Greg
  9. Did anyone else struggle to decide....

    You have been seeking advice in this and your other thread for over a month and have received some good detailed responses so I am surprised you have settled on an ETX90. I think you said you are buying from RVO, RVO also stock the Celestron Nexstar 4SE which cost over £100 less than the ETX90 and is significantly better. HTH
  10. Amateur Astronomy Age poll

    It appears to be a poll for CN members. Won't asking members of other forums in other countries skew their results? Also, will the results be available to us?
  11. Eeerrrr.... Yup, that's the Stu we know and love
  12. Oi! There is a rigorous process that ensures only those with complete integrity, strong moral principles, honesty, uprightness, probity, rectitude, honour, nobility, virtue, decency, sincerity, truthfulness and good humour... achieve the position of SGL Mod. So there!
  13. This is an interesting discussion and is similar to one we had at the last SGL Star Party. We were reminiscing about how, when SGL was founded, it was essentially a small group of people with affordable kit sharing their experiences while they climbed the learning curve. Today, SGL is much larger with a more international membership and some members have deep pockets and live under skies much darker than ours. This is good, really good, but we are wondering if it might have a negative affect on beginners wanting to image without taking out a second mortgage. We are not sure a sub-category like the one proposed in this thread is the solution, we already have a Beginners section with a Getting Started With Imaging category and slicing sections into ever thinner slices rarely works. It usually just causes confusion. But the subject is on our mind and we are discussing it
  14. I use a Neodymium filter for observing Jupiter, not for LPR. I can understand how someone saying they can see Jupiter's moons with naked eye might raise an eyebrow (you must have extraordinarily good eyesight). I get the same response when I say I can see nebulosity in Pleiades (most people I suspect can see it around the brightest stars but they think it's dew or flare). I have also seen dust lanes in Andromeda using an Evostar 80ED (the sky was exceptionally dark and clear) but several people have insisted I am mistaken. Regarding colour filters, I rarely use them but my understanding is all colour filters increase contrast to some extent so I can understand their popularity. Please, everyone, let this conversation continue in a friendly manner HTH