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  1. Wow, so many stars. Lovely colours. I love it
  2. Nice nebula colour and detail but the stars are kinda weird with little dark rings around them. Not sure if it's my monitor.
  3. Hi Vlaiv, how do you do take flats on the planets though?
  4. Not answering your question but I am likewise losing the will to continue with astronomy imaging now. It is absolutely hopeless in the UK bar ten or so nights per year. Visual astronomy is not much better but at least you can cloud dodge. When I was in Spain I had 8 out of 10 nights clear.
  5. Been playing with Jupiter imaging with C925/Powermate X2/ADC and then ASi224MC. When I have the Powermate in this totem pole I have a dust bunny slap bang in the middle of the live view image that ruins the videos I take. Move Jupiter slightly to one side and it goes away (and loses focus). I have cleaned the Powermate to within an inch of its life but the bunny remains. Is there anything I can do please regarding this? Any suggestions? Thanks, Steve
  6. I don't think humans will ever land on Mars, not in the next 50 years at any rate and possibly never; it would cost trillions of dollars. I don't think the general population or a US president with an eight year focus will tolerate such profligacy in a time of austerity and environmental concerns here on earth that such an expenditure could partly address.
  7. As I said in the weather section, I've just come back from Spain with glorious views of multiple objects and even the moon was spectacular in the clear sky with crystal clear seeing. I get back here and cloud, cloud and more cloud. Endlessly. It is grey, cold and depressing
  8. Remember that when you use a dew shield you should also leave the shield exactly as is for the flats as well.
  9. Lovely! Well done. Would love to be able to do this too from my OBS but needs better than Bortle 4/5 what I have to contend with. When I tried before there's nothing there.
  10. Fabulous guys, many thanks. First ever run out with the ADC. It definitely looked better on the live view in Firecapture with the small ADC tweaks I had made - it removed a lot of the red and blue fringing. I need to practise more.
  11. Thanks Iainev, it looks better! I'll try that focus method with a bhat mask. Or even on one of the Jovian moons.
  12. That's my thoughts too. You have got to start somewhere. I think there is a lot more data in there than I am able to get out with my skill level. The .ser videos look much better than the output from AS3! There is something suboptimal I am doing in processing.
  13. Nice image Forget mosaics in the UK is my advice. I was on a multi-year, deep image of M31 with 16 panes to create a huge work that would be 15000 pixels wide, but I have now abandoned it as unfeasible in the UK after four panes and three years. Don't throw good time after bad. Get a quality lens and go that route is my counsel to you - from personal experience.
  14. A member on here has very kindly lent me their Redcat (for over a year now with their agreement). Due to terrible imaging conditions this last 12 months allied with other equipment problems I have only used the Redcat with a DSLR. I really want to test it with my QHY268C and this is the very next thing I will do when I get a clear night. My FSQ85 with the 0.73 reducer and QHY268C already gets down to 368mm FL so I want to see the difference the Redcat makes in practise with the same camera to see if the Redcat at 250mm FL is worthy additional FL combination in my kit bag. I think it will be. The Askar 200mm also looks very interesting too. I can testify to the quality of the Redcat. It is beautifully made and machined with a very high build quality.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I don't think my collimation is off that much. I got my ADC nearly there I think. That's amazing what you did with it Neil! I did lot of tweaking and playing but I never got it to that stage. May I ask if you can have a go at the raw .png from Autostakkert please? These are three separate best 7% runs with the aforementioned rig.
  16. Amazing, love it. I struggle to get anything on the sensor at all with Neptune and Uranus.
  17. I've been waiting for the Redcat to come back in stock for over a year. Maybe they have been available in very small batches at FLO but as soon as they arrive they sell out and I miss them.
  18. I have two of them and they are superb. I leave my stuff out in all weather under them. Neil is very approachable and a good guy. EDIT. ...Lee, you need to get a digital certificate for your website mate......
  19. It won't win any prizes but I am working hard at learning planetary. Seeing was absolute pants so this is best 7% of about 80000 frames with C925 with x2 Powermate, ASI224MC and a ZWO ADC. A lot of moving parts to sort out and I am trying to learn. I think the seeing was too poor to be using the Powermate. GRS visible to bottom right and a spot to the north of the equator.
  20. Me mate. Many of them you can't and get washed out. M31 is especially bright and photogenic. Several others too such as M81 and M101 if is is overhead. Narrowband is a different story of course.
  21. FSQ85 reduced and G2-8300 with Astrodon Ha (3nm) and RGB filters. The investment in time in the Ha image shows a nice image in itself. However, the Astrodon red filter is so good that I am not so sure it is worth that time investment if the RGB is done 1x1. Eight hours of 48x600s reveals this image: ...which is nice. And when I combine it with the RGB (RGB is 360 minutes of 1x1) I get the below which is also very nice. However, is the HaRGB that much different considering the vanilla RGB below considering the huge time investment in gathering that Ha? I am not so sure. Yes the above is a bit better, but eight hours worth better?
  22. Super image. Like you, I am learning this too. It is very different from DSO. Some of the planetary images on here are incredible, like being in orbit.
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