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Holy smoke! I did it!

The Warthog

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Not a big deal, but I am glad to be back. I probably have a bit of a learning curve, as I've been away from astronomy for so long, but with that big asteroid sailing by, and a solar eclipse this year (that's a day and a half drive away) I can get back into the hobby fairly quickly, I think.  The sky in my town is dreadful, but I can get nice views of the Moon and planets. When I can get outside of town, particularly to some of the dark areas in Central Ontario, I get some very good views indeed. Anyway, this is me, back. Hoping to reconnect with all of you.


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Not sure why or the reason for your absence, but Im certain  I'm just one of the 111,000+ viewers that has read your eyepiece article, so although you may have been absent for a while, you were not forgotten, and thanks for the article. 

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It's a pleasure to welcome you back Matey.
Hope you are well again, and raring to go, we have missed your presence
on the boards, but I'm sure you will be soon  posting your words of
wisdom again very soon :icon_salut:.





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