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  1. A menacing Clavius!

    Always a pleasure, Avani! Enjoy - Dave
  2. A menacing Clavius!

    A most foreboding and somber Clavius you've snagged, Avani. Thanks You!! Dave
  3. Waaa what a surprise!

    Indeed! I had no idea the Zeta-Reticulans are using 'weather-balloons' as advance scout-ships! Did you go for your shotgun and try to force a landing? Must not allow any illegal-aliens entry, you know... Dave
  4. Hello!

    Greetings and welcome to SGL, PerkyP - it's great to have you join us! Questions and answers are always encouraged. Starry Skies - Dave
  5. Bob's Knobs

    Be sure to swap out the screws for the Bob's Knobs (or equivalent) one-at-a-time. Do NOT remove the screws all-at-once. You'd risk dropping your secondary inside the scope. Practice Zen - Dave
  6. Which upgrade barlow?

    As a Barlow magnifies any flaw in the glass in the optical-pathway itself, I usually suggest the TeleVue® 2X or 3X. I rarely suggest TeleVue® anything due to cost for new people, I make this suggestion as it's for something where you can't really afford to introduce problems - magnified problems! And the TV Barlow's aren't really that much more $$££. IMHO, Dave
  7. SH2-92

    I always find fascinating denizens in that region of space. Which is why it's my favorite place to park my Flying Saucer! Great 'stuff'- Dave
  8. BAA asteroid charts not updated?

    Perhaps this could be of help: http://minorplanetcenter.net/daily-minor-planet Thanks for the update. I was contacted by the BAA recently asking me to subscribe. I was looking for more info on this. Me thinks your report has settled the issue for Yours' Truly. Thank you - Dave
  9. Eyepiece & Diagonal Case

    Not really one that would be in general usage by marketers. To avoid such in the first place, I suppose it could just be called a: "If you took GIANT-PLIERS and twisted your waist around backwards-Pack" to ensure no mistakes would befall the item. But I personally doubt it would a.) Sell. Or b.) Fit on the label. Phaw! Dave Next time I'll aim for a free one that's called, simply, a 'Padded-Case.'
  10. Eyepiece & Diagonal Case

    Oh yes - how remiss on my part! That is a cool little case! I have something similar, called a "[removed word]-Pack," and it was free for renewing my membership in AARP. But yours is nicer! Can't beat 'free' though - Dave p.s. Oh dear! A sanitary word for the place in back of one's front? Hmmm.....
  11. Introduction

    Greetings and welcome aboard, qisback - it's nice of you to join us! If you've been watching, then I guess you know any questions or answers are always encouraged. Starry Skies - Dave PS - oh yeah, I like your glasses!
  12. Eyepiece & Diagonal Case

    I've found that if you have something like a 'Padded-Case' and it's for sale and costs £10.00, and you put the name 'ASTRO' on it, like so: 'Astro Padded-Case' the price will now be: £17.50! Keep this in mind when you need to purchase for your astronomy works. Adjust names accordingly to find whatever you need - but find it - if possible - earmarked for a non-astro purpose. Have fun! Dave
  13. What is this? Can I buy one? Can I make one?

    The Helio-Pod is a well-known solar-finder that mount on a telescope and works on the same principle as the 'Sunspotter' and such: http://www.dynapod.com/dyna-hp1.html Alan Rifkin, who makes these, is a great guy in case you're interested. These are quite inexpensive - which should tell people something: That being that these are very easy to make at home. A little Googling (or whatever) should get you the instructions - even from nothing more than an empty cardboard-box. Happy Project! Dave
  14. Venus in UV 31.8.2017

    It looks like you and I are on the same page here. Especially the possibilities of the 'atmosphere' acting like a new form of substance - not quite acting as a gas, or as a solid. Acting as a hybridized amalgamation of these, and more. Remaining fascinated - Dave
  15. Venus in UV 31.8.2017

    Almost as if on cue - an article or two have just appeared on the subject of the Venusian clouds. First one up I found was in EarthSky News: http://earthsky.org/space/venus-mysterious-night-side-revealed And this was taken out of the ESA Science, though this ESA take has much better & complete data: http://sci.esa.int/venus-express/59498-venus-mysterious-night-side-revealed/ In a nutshell, we still don't have any answers to the questions surrounding these stationary clouds. No surprise there imho. But an excellent article! If anyone wants to read this/these and can't for some techie reason, let me know in this thread & I'll fire-off a Pdf. for you. I would have here, but too busy to get this done. Enjoy - Dave