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  1. He wants a GoTo though. The 130P is a very popular 'first-scope' and can work on a great many objects 'out there.' But, perhaps, a 150mm would be even better at around the same price, and maybe an eyepiece or two as well? We'll get you there! And welcome to SGL - it's nice to have you join us here! I'm sure you'll get more answers pretty soon. Starry Skies - Dave
  2. Ah Ha! Moment found! Congratulations! Dave
  3. That sounds like a great place to start from! I don't have one of those myself though. They are terribly expensive. Please let us know if you can locate one! Dave - Filter-Nut
  4. 'Cross-Threading' usually means it wasn't straight-on the threads and was screwed-down with force just to make something hold. It's a sign that whoever worked on the (whatever it is) shouldn't be anywhere near the (whatever it is) again! That they lack even the most basic of mechanical-aptitude. Hope this defines it for you! Dave Meet Our Mechanics For Your Telescope! I Hope You Brought Your Cheque-Book!
  5. Their mirrors are very good. I have an older GSO 200mm F/4 - and it's excellent. If I was in the market, I'd buy that Zhumell on-the-spot. Dave
  6. Mea Culpa - if they are the same critter and are from GSO - then they're even better! GSO over the last couple years has had a serious improvement of their products - both optical and hardware for scopes, etc. Last Analysis: If I was looking for a large Dob, I'd be on TelescopePlus' doorstep! I hope they're in stock for you. As I said, they usually sell-out pretty quick. Lucky! Dave (it even comes with a laser-collimator!)
  7. Hard to say - but I think there's something there aside from just the clouds. But, as I've said about Venus, there must be a way to skin that onion of a world yet! Have you considered seeing what some different types of filters might do? Keep on! Dave
  8. The Zhumell Dobs are made at the same outfit in China as Skywatcher and various other brand-named ones - like a great many other telescopes out there. In other words - they're very fine instruments. The benefit of the Zhumell one's is they are better outfitted with things you'd likely have to pay extra for after purchase - such as a good 8 X 50mm RACI Finder-Scope (last time I looked). And various other goodies. Nothing to complain about with the Zhumell named ones. I'm guessing you're finding these at TelescopesPlus, is it? They have the planetary-eyepieces, too by Zhumell. For 1/2 the price as Orion for the same ones. It's a bargain! And the only complaint I hear is they get bought-out quickly. I don't wonder why! Dave
  9. You'll soon find it works perfectly! As for the bit of wobble in the focus-setting bolt - it's supposed to be adjustable so you can set it to hold a heavy camera at zenith without the pulling the draw-tube out, or just lightly enough to take up any play and be very smooth and stable with little load. Like a Plossl EP. You'll get used to it in no time! And then you'll see people who spent 3X as much £££'s to get a Moonlight (or whatever) in 'GOLD!' - with no added benefit to it's focusing ability! And you'll end up on the ground - laughing! Have fun - Dave
  10. I have a GSO 10:1 Dual-Focus Crayford on my 12" LX90. It's the same animal as the Skywatcher-branded one. I don't have that much of a gap, but it has a little. It's nothing to be concerned about - as long as you're certain you got it squared-on to the threads of the visual-back on your 9.25" Celestron. If it screwed-on nice & easy without binding or force used, you should be gold. Once you've got the main focuser-knob set to a good, rough focus with your new Crayford at the center-point when you do the rough-focus with the regular focus-knob on the SCT, you'll fall head-over-heels in love with the precision you can get from the Crayford! I'm assuming the Skywatcher Crayford you have is a dual-focus model? If so - you'll wonder why everyone doesn't do this! Mirror-flop will effectively be ancient history. Happy Focusing - Dave P.S. - is this what it looks like?
  11. I'm dropping off a Pdf. entitled: "Focal-Reduction for Dummies." While it is written around the MallinCam-line of video-cams, the principles explained in it remain constant regardless of what you intend the use of focal-reducers for. It's well written & illustrated, and I think it may give you (or anyone) a good understanding of how to employ these things. Enjoy! Dave Focal Reduction For Dummies.pdf
  12. And a 'Hello!' to you and a warm welcome to SGL! It's nice to have you aboard! Sounds as though you've down the fieldwork to know how this forum(s) works, so be at ease with asking all the questions you're bound to have, and answering those you can. Starry Skies! Dave
  13. Excellent captures and presentation! A picture truly is worth 1,000 words. Keep going! Dave
  14. Thank you for noting this elusive little creature! I've added it to my list of targets to hunt and tag. I LOVE Cygnus and environs - so many wonderful things around there! Dave
  15. This is a neat, little software-program that will show you the positions of the Moons and the GRS* at anytime you wish: Dave * GRS = Great Red Spot