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  1. Hello Hello !!!

    Greetings and welcome aboard SGL, Jimmy - questions cheerfully encouraged! Starry Skies - Dave
  2. exceedingly cheap refractor

    I'm glad you found it sold. I didn't like how the secondary-mirror was attached. Not too pleased with the mount. And you'd likely have torn your hair out trying to figure out how to operate it - leave alone the frustration-factor in collimating it. Learn more about Newtonians prior to considering a purchase of one. They are excellent telescopes - with a little knowledge attached! Dave
  3. Replacement aluminium focuser knobs?

    There's a few places in the USA, if that's of any help for you: https://www.telescope.com/Orion-Aluminum-and-Brass-Telescope-Focus-Wheels/e/20.uts This above company seems to have the largest selection. And I know they ship international. Good Luck, Dave p.s. - I don't know what's going on with this Orion-link. It may be down. It won't go to what it claims!
  4. Anyone around Stalybridge

    Greetings & Welcome to SGL, Chris - it's good of you to join us! Questions and answers are always encouraged, so no need to be shy with any of yours. Starry Skies - Dave
  5. I've never seen one. But I'd love one as well! Not too many old Russian tanks around the US though. Pity, Dave
  6. There's are very good reasons that the 127mm SW Mak-Cassegrain is the most popular Maksutov over here. The apochromatic-like views, and the 127mm being the maximum size (both physical & aperture-wise) to be considered for a 'grab & go' telescope. A truly powerful instrument in a deceptively small package. Once you've used these, it becomes clear why they were the chosen scope for placement on battle-tanks by the WWII Soviet-Army. Keeping their clarity and collimation through tank-warfare is no mean feat! Starry Skies - Dave
  7. Betelgeuse-Alpha Orionis

    Nicely captured, Roger! And well described, Paul! Betelgeuse is a favorite of a great many of us. And always gives me a sense of the familiar in our Winter skies. Like a favorite, well-worn shirt - Dave
  8. Superheavy stable elements

    Sure it was where they keep Harvard. But that menace may have been Homer. Dave
  9. Where Does Stellarium Get These Names

    Just installed the latest 'beta' (trunk) Everything is running smooth, and a bit faster. And the new topographic and place-name settings are back in the solar-system objects. Thank you, Alex! Great stuff! Dave
  10. Superheavy stable elements

    <Oy Vey!> THUD! As if Astatine wasn't enough to make me lose my Bismuth & neutron source... I had a job-offer from a nuclear-physicist at Harvard who wanted me to act as his janitor and take all of his isotopes off to the incinerator. Not realizing I had an extensive background in nuclear-science, he told be that once his collection of 'hot' materials had reached half-life, they were no longer radiation-emitters. And I should toss em' into the incinerator and burn them up - sending a plume out over the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. "Well Golly!! Jeeze, Gomer - I think I'll just be calling the Cambridge City Council's office and see what THEY think!" I never heard from that <unprintable> again. Dave
  11. Where Does Stellarium Get These Names

    Neil - I never have to check or un-check any boxes during a reinstall or loading a new version/beta. It comes up already with a default to leave all my settings intact. When that happened to me that first (hair-pulling) time, I did suggest the same thing as you just did. Now it's always been set on a default to keep my settings. I have no explanation why you're having a different situation over there. Odd... Alex - All's still running fine now. Here's the latest log: log.txt Good Luck, Dave
  12. just saying hello

    Greetings, Alan, and welcome to SGL - it's nice to have you! Questions are encouraged in these many forums, and cheerfully answered, too. Starry Skies, Dave
  13. LP Filter Advice Needed

    I wouldn't buy a new Lumicon today. They recently sold their business and as the filters they are selling - we don't know if they are any good now as they've changed the formula. If you can find an old Lumicon - used probably - those were/are excellent. But very rare! Currently the best UHC and OIII are from Astronomik in Germany if you buy new. Best Wishes - Dave
  14. Where Does Stellarium Get These Names

    My symptoms were the same as Neil's above. Starts. Then in about 30 seconds, shuts off with Windows unknown problem pop-up. Others having same problem today all over the place. Dave
  15. Where Does Stellarium Get These Names

    Alex - I don't know if this will help as I already had installed the 0.16.1 64-bit Windows after the crashes. But this is what comes up now as the 'Last run log' I'm running ZoneAlarm & Kaspersky anti-virus - as I always have. log.txt All is running fine now with the new 0.16.1 re-installed. Dave